Destiny Rewound


By Clarence591

Bryan and Peter arrived at the crowded diner just after dark. The middle-aged hostess seemed uninterested in her job until she looked up and saw Bryan. Suddenly her face lit up and she became extremely gracious. As she guided them to their booth Peter noticed how everyone was staring at him, or more exactly staring through him to see Bryan who followed behind. The hostess gave the two men menus and told Bryan a waitress would be right there to take their order. She put her hand on Bryan’s forearm as she spoke. Peter noticed anyone who spoke to Bryan had to make physical contact with him. Maybe they had to prove to themselves he was real, not just a fantasy.

“This was an interesting choice for dinner, Pete. You certainly are a cheap date.” Bryan said looking around the dining room. “At least I know I’m not underdressed”. Bryan was still wearing his tight t-shirt and jeans from the game. He left his cap in the car. He ran his strong fingers through his thick hair to remove all traces of hat head.

“I’m not very hungry.” Peter answered softly, still solemn from the conversation he overheard earlier.

The waitress, a pretty young blond, came over to the table with two glasses of water. She was giggling as she set them down and asked Bryan if he was ready to order. Bryan ordered a twelve ounce T-bone steak and a baked pot with extra butter and sour cream. The waitress asked Peter want he wanted without taking her eyes off of Bryan. Peter ordered a Greek salad with oil and vinegar on the side. “Is that all your eating? You need some protein to help build muscle to make you big and strong like bull” Bryan said half jokingly as he raised his right arm to flex his bicep. The waitress put her hand on Bryan’s mountain of muscle and caressed it gently catching Bryan by surprise.

“Are all your bulges this impressive?” she asked seductively.

Bryan leaned back in the booth putting his arms along the top of the seat giving the waitress a clear view of his crotch. “You tell me” was all he said with a smile. The waitress looked down at the prominent bulge in his jeans. She just giggled and blushed as she scurried off to the kitchen. Bryan laughed as he watched her leave and then looked at Peter. Peter was not amused. Bryan put a somber expression on his face and grabbed the menu, “She never asked us what we wanted to drink. I can go for a cold beer right now”.

“You said there was something you wanted to talk about” Peter said with his hands clasped tightly on the table in front of him. He knew what was coming and braced himself for the words.

“There’s no hurry. Let’s enjoy our meal first. We hardly see each other any more. I miss talking to my best friend. Tell me what you’ve been up to. How is your training going? And Raymond, your new work-out partner, he seems like a good guy.” Bryan said putting down the menu and leaning in closer to Peter.

Peter looked into Bryan’s beautiful eyes. He looked so sweet and his words seemed sincere. He felt the dread dissipate. “I missed talking to you too. I know I’ve been acting weird lately and I wanted to tell you…” Peter stopped talking when a professionally dressed woman approached the table along with a small boy who looked about 7 or 8 years old.

“I’m sorry to interrupt” the attractive woman said in a soft voice looking at Peter before setting her gaze on Bryan. “But my son wanted to meet you.”

“Me?” Bryan asked.

“Yes, he saw the waitress touching your arm and he wanted to know if he could do the same.” The woman explained with some embarrassment. “He thinks you’re Superman. I tired to explain to him you weren’t but he’s got a real stubborn streak”.

“Can I feel your muscle, Superman?” the little boy asked excitedly.

Bryan looked down at the little boy and smiled. He slid out of the booth and knelt down on one knee to be closer to the little boy’s height. “Sorry, I’m not Superman. I’m just a regular guy like you. But when I was your age I ate all my vegetables and that’s why I’m so big and strong today.” Bryan raised his arm and flexed it for the child. The boy’s mouth and eyes widened. He put both of his small hands on Bryan’s arm and tried to squeeze it, but couldn’t even dent the steel hard muscle.

“It’s so big and hard, just like Superman’s arm” the little boy said as he started to push against Bryan’s arm his entire body weight.

Bryan started to laugh at the sight. “Go easy there, slugger. You don’t want to hurt me. Now it’s my turn. Let me feel your muscle”. The little boy flexed his arm just like he saw Bryan do. Bryan put his thumb and forefinger on each side of the thin limb and pressed it slightly. “Wow that’s harder than mine. You’re going to be even stronger than me when you grow up.” The little boy growled and tired to flex his arm harder. Bryan laughed and stood to his full height in front of the boy’s mother. Like the little boy, her eyes were filled with amazement as Bryan’s massive physique towered over her.

“Thank you so much. I worry about my little Sam sometimes. I’m divorced and he doesn’t get to see his father very often. I know every boy needs a strong, male figure in his life and right now he doesn’t have one.” Sam was now punching Bryan in the stomach as he yelled, “pow” and “bam”. Bryan didn’t react to the soft punches, his arms hung loosely by his side and he stayed focused on the young mother’s pretty face.

“Look mommy, even his tummy has muscles” the little boy said pulling up Bryan’s shirt.

“Sammy, stop that. You’re being very rude.” The mother pulled her son away from Bryan. Then she slowly ran her hand over Bryan’s abdominals and pulled his shirt down. Bryan instinctually flexed his abs as she touched them.

“How about you? Do you need a strong, male figure in your life?” Bryan asked.

The woman blushed as she started to stroke her hair. She looked briefly at Peter than said, “I don’t think your father would approve of you dating an older woman”.

Bryan looked at Peter than back at the attractive brunette, “That’s not my father, he’s a colleague. I’m 26 and I can’t imagine you’re much older than me, if at all.”

The woman looked shocked, “I’m sorry. I thought you were still in college. I assumed that someone with your build was an athlete.” She put her old hand over her mouth. “Oh my God, you’re not a famous professional athlete are you? I apologize I didn’t recognize you, I just don’t follow sports at all.”

Bryan laughed, “No, we work downtown at Simmons’ Public Relations.”

“Really, I work at DKV Marketing. Our office buildings are on the same block”, the woman finished her sentence then just stared into Bryan’s eyes. The waitress approached with Bryan and Peter’s food.

The waitress looked at the other woman and asked sharply. “I gave you your check. Is there something else you needed at your table, ma’am?” The waitress then turned to Bryan, wrote something on her pad and folded the paper in half before stuffing it in one of Bryan’s back pockets. She wanted the other woman to know she was claiming this hunk hers. “That’s my number. If I can do anything, and I mean anything for you, just call me.” She turned and gave the business woman a defiant look before walking away.

“She’s very aggressive isn’t she?” the dark haired beauty asked.

“Yes, but sometimes that’s a good thing” Bryan said calmly, enjoying the two women fighting for his attention.

“In that case, why don’t you call me sometime and we can have lunch”, she reached inside her designer hand bag and pulled out a business card. Bryan held out his hand. The woman reached behind Bryan and pushed the card into Bryan’s other back pocket, then softly caressed his ass cheek while staring into Bryan’s eyes. “I’ll gladly do anything for you too”. She grabbed hold of her son, who had been punching away harmlessly at Bryan’s thigh for the last few moments, and left the restaurant.

Bryan sat down with a huge smile on his face. “I don’t know if it’s the pheromones or the jeans, but I just got the digits of two beautiful women in less than ten minutes. I can’t believe it.” Bryan started to eagerly devour his steak.

“I can’t believe that women thought I was your father” Peter said between mouthfuls of salad.

“Well, Pete you have been looking tired and worn out lately. Maybe you need to eat more substantial food or cut back on your work-outs. I heard that people can over exercise, causing more damage than good. Maybe that’s why you’re not seeing the gains you want” Bryan said before taken another big piece of beef.

“I eat a very well balanced diet based on the recommendations of nutritional experts.” Peter replied without looking up at Bryan. “And working out 6 days a week on various body parts is what all the professional bodybuilders do, some even work out twice a day. So I’m not over exercising.”

“All I know is I eat anything I want; lift just two or three times a week and I don’t look or feel tired. And little Sammy thinks I look like Superman” Bryan said trying to make his point with humor.

Peter didn’t see the humor. “Well, we all can’t be freaks whose huge, mutant balls constantly pump out mega doses of testosterone around the clock” Peter said the anger building in him again.

“What did you say?” Bryan said putting down his fork.

“It’s a proven fact that the amount of testosterone a man’s body produces impacts his physical development. It’s the testosterone that allows you to build muscle so easily, quickens your recovery from injuries, gives you enormous strength and energy, and speeds up your metabolism to burn fat faster. It’s just a genetic glitch that gives you all those advantages and impacts your appearance. Not your diet or exercise routines. I’m normal; I actually have to put a little effort in improving my body.” Peter said calmly trying to hold back his anger

“I’ve had enough of your condescending attitude and your fucking proven facts” Bryan said fighting to hold back his growing anger less effectively. “Isn’t testosterone the male hormone? Aren’t men supposed to be strong, athletic and muscular? I tired of you making me feel guilty for looking like a man. I have worked hard to get back into shape despite all my so called advantages.” Bryan stopped himself from saying anymore. He promised himself he wouldn’t get into a fight with Peter tonight. He picked up his fork and took another bite of steak. Peter said nothing. Bryan saw Peter hunched over his salad and felt sorry for him. “You know Peter; it’s not just physical appearance that women respond to. It’s attitude also. They want a man who is confident; a man who stands and sits tall with his chest out and his chin up.” To emphasize the point, Bryan lifted his chest higher making his pecs bounce without thinking.” Both man’s attentions were drawn to a table of 8 women who were staring and giggling at Bryan. Bryan just smiled at them and flexed his pecs once more.

“Yeah it’s your bulging confidence they’re responding to”, Peter said sarcastically, “just like the waitress was responding to your sense of humor when she felt up your arm and ass, and the brunette was thinking how you love children when she caressed your abs, and when we entered the restaurant everyone was staring at your ass wondering about your socio-political views on the war in Iraq. I’m getting fucking tired of this ah shucks, I ain’t that darn good looking Kansas farm boy attitude of yours. I don’t know if you are really that naive or just delusional if you think those women are attracted to you for any other reason than your physical appearance. They see you and see a great lay and nothing more”.

Bryan sat back in his seat and wiped his mouth with a napkin before he spoke, “When did you become so bitter? You were never like this before. There is so much more to life than our outer shell; stuff that’s really important. A person’s looks don’t matter..”

“STOP SAYING THAT”, Peter screamed, slamming his clenched fist onto the table top with such force it caused the flatware to rattle. Everyone in the restaurant stopped talking and stared at Peter. He finally had everyone’s attention even if he didn’t want it now. Bryan said nothing and in the silence returned to eating his dinner. Not another word was spoken at their table while they finished their meal.

“Can I get you anything else tonight? Coffee? Desert? No charge” The waitress asked with a smile.

“Not for me. I’m not a desert person. But do you have anything chocolate for my friend here?” Bryan said in an attempt to start a more civil conversation with Peter again.

“The chocolate crème pie is good” the young woman responded looking at Peter.

“No, thank you” Peter said politely.

“Are you sure?” Bryan asked. Peter looked at Bryan sternly saying nothing. “Just the check please”. The waitress silently mouthed the words “call me” to Bryan before clearing the dishes and leaving the check on the table. “Peter I asked you to dinner to talk to you about work. On Monday, I’m going to accept a promotion to the sports department, so I’ll be getting a new office. I think it’s a good thing that we get some space between us now. It seems like we are going in two different directions. You have your new friends and I have mine.”

“Is that what you call Marc, a friend? Wouldn’t lover be a more suitable term?” Peter spewed.

“Is this where all your anger is coming from? Are you jealous of Marc?” Bryan asked.

“That arrogant moron. And put your ego in neutral, big guy. Not everyone on the planet finds you irresistible” Peter answered looking away to keep Bryan from telling he was lying.

“No, but not everyone is found in my bedroom jerking off while watching me sleep” Bryan snapped back.

“What are you talking about?” Peter said as panic took over.

“Veronica told me she found you in my room, Peter” Bryan said emphatically.

“That lying bitch. She would say anything to get you all to herself.” Peter replied defensively, fidgeting in his seat.

“We both know it wasn’t the first time you jerked off while I slept” Bryan said stone faced.

“I don’t know what you are talking about”, Peter said with a smirk, fidgeting even more.

Bryan lowered his voice, “freshman year, after the Delta party.” Peter’s stomach tightened. His pulse increased. He thought he might faint. “I was really drunk; Boone Stevenson brought me up our room and dumped me on my bed. You removed my clothes, and then started to touch me.” Peter wanted Bryan to stop talking but Bryan continued. “I only pretended to be asleep. I really liked you as a friend, but I could see that your attraction to me was getting in the way of our friendship. I thought maybe if you were able to be with me without you thinking I knew, our relationship could move forward. It seemed to work until I got back into shape again. I’m not willing to play any games this time. This is something you have to work through, it’s your issue not mine.”

Peter’s head was swimming. All these years, Bryan knew how he felt about him and said nothing. Peter was humiliated and ashamed. He couldn’t let Bryan get away with his deception. “At least I’ve been honest. I’ve told you many times I thought you were attractive. I’m not a hypocrite like you. Telling everyone a person’s looks don’t matter then fucking Marc. Why you are with Marc? Is it for his perfect personality or his perfect ass?

Bryan didn’t want to have this conversation. He knew Peter was right about his attraction to Marc, it was solely physical. “According to you, I’m a hypocritical freak, Veronica’s a lying bitch, and Marc’s an arrogant moron. Does it make you feel better about yourself when you put others down? I can’t and I won’t live like this anymore. I’m tired of the fighting and the name calling. I think it may be best if I find somewhere else to live. I just hope you find happiness with someone soon. I hate to think of you wasting your life trying to get something you just can’t have.” Bryan flipped over the check and reached for his wallet. Peter went for his wallet. “I invited you to dinner, I’ll pay for it.”, Bryan said calm while putting money on top of the check.

“I don’t want to be obligated to you in any way after tonight”, Peter said nastily while searching is wallet for cash. He only had two dollars in the bill fold; he hoped that he had stashed an emergency twenty in one of the card slots. He looked in every pocket to no avail, but he did find something he had long forgotten about. It was the card he won at the carnival six months ago from The Great Destino.

Bryan saw Peter staring at the card. Bryan remembered it too, the night at the carnival seemed like a million years ago. “Are you going to wish for a million dollars? If you can’t have big muscles maybe a big bank account will make you happy.” He got up and stood at the end of the table. “Don’t worry I’ll pay the bill. Isn’t that what we testosterone laden men are expected to do? Be the leader, kill the wooly mammoth fulfilling our role as the great provider. I’ve got to use the restroom.”

Peter watched Bryan walk to the restroom, every one else’s eyes were on him too. A cute, younger man was leaving the restroom as Bryan approached. He held the door open for Bryan and then followed Bryan back inside. Peter saw the door close before returning his gaze to the card. The waitress picked up the check and Peter mumbled “keep the change” while continuing to stare at his prize. Peter squeezed his hand, crushing the card. His world was crashing in all around him. Every emotion was at the breaking point. He wanted to scream, laugh and cry all at once; but not in front of Bryan. Bryan was so smug and superior. Peter wondered how smug he would be if all his physical gifts were taken away. Peter wished he was the superior man with all of Bryan’s advantages. That would make Bryan realize that looks do matter. “That’s my deepest, darkest desire”, Peter said out loud. Suddenly Peter lungs opened wide demanding oxygen. He inhaled deeply. He felt every muscle in his body tighten. His shoulders lifted and his chest expanded forcing him into proper posture. A rush of energy filled his body, making him feel agile and strong. He opened his hand to look for the card and it was gone.


Bryan walked to the restroom thinking about what had just happened with Peter. It wasn’t what he wanted. Somehow in one night he lost an office mate, a house mate and a best friend. He went to the urinal and fought to bring his huge cock through the fly of his tight jeans. “Has anyone ever told you, you look like Zeb Atlas?” a lilting voice asked. Bryan looked down to see the good-looking, younger man that held the door open for him.

“Who?” Bryan asked.

“It’s not important. You’re actually much better looking than he is anyway” the man said with a smile.

“Thanks, I guess” Bryan answered. He noticed the man was staring at his cock as he urinated.

“And you’re much bigger down there too”, the man came closer to Bryan and put one hand on Bryan’s ass and with the other reached for Bryan’s cock. “Did you need some help holding that? It looks like a two man job.”

“Get out”, Bryan growled in his deepest voice.

“Sorry, gorgeous; but an opportunity like this doesn’t happen every day. You can’t blame a guy for trying”, the young man walked away and left the restroom.

Bryan suddenly got dizzy, he held on to the flusher to steady himself and let out a deep breath. It felt like every muscle in his body had just relaxed at once. He finished pissing and shook his cock dry, he looked down and it seemed smaller. He was able to easily put it back into his jeans. He noticed it didn’t fill out the entire length of the deeply embossed imprint like usual. Even his balls no longer filled out his well worn jeans. He went to the sink’s mirror and stood sideways, his crotch no longer bulged out from his body. He titled his pelvis forward in an attempt to push his package out to no avail. He put his hands on his ass and it felt softer, he tried to flex his ass cheeks, but they still felt soft. His stomach was no longer flat but slightly extended and rounded. His shoulders were hunched forward. It took too much effort to keep the correct posture, so he let his upper body slouch, it seemed more comfortable for some reason. He lifted his shirt and the deep lines dividing his abs where almost gone. His pecs seem to sag slightly too. Usually his chest was rock hard, but now even flexed he was able to jiggle his tits. The distinct veins in his arms had disappeared. He examined his face and saw dark circles under his eyes. He looked and felt very tired. He thought he must be coming down with some kind of virus. He went to leave the restroom and hesitated. He didn’t want to walk back into the restaurant. What if everybody would stare at him? He was suddenly filled with insecurities about the way he looked; his hair, his face, his body and his clothes. He just wanted to go home. He forced himself to open the door and walked quickly back to his table keeping his head down toward the floor.

When Bryan arrived, Peter was looking under the table for his prize card, “Let’s go Peter. I’m not feeling very well. I want to go home.” Bryan said meekly.

“In a minute, I’m trying to find my card from the carnival” Peter said without looking at Bryan as he started to search between the booth’s seat cushion.

Bryan looked around the room and thought as if everyone was staring at him. “Please Peter. I want to leave”.

“Stop your whining. I said in a minute.” Peter couldn’t find the card anywhere, “I guess it’s gone. It was only a simple piece of paper anyway”, Peter stood up next to Bryan and turned to look at him. It caught Peter by surprise, it appeared that Bryan was shorter than he was and he didn’t look well. “You don’t look so good. Maybe we better get you home; if you still consider it your home?”

“Let’s just go, please” Bryan said as he shuffled toward the door. Once they got outside, Peter took a deep breath, pulled up his pants which were very loose on him now and commented on what a beautiful, balmy night is was. “I think it’s turned a little chilly” Bryan replied. Peter got in Bryan’s car on the passenger side, while Bryan struggled momentarily to open the driver’s door. “That door must be getting worse, I could hardly open it” Bryan commented as he started the engine.

“That door handle has been broken for months. I always have trouble opening it” Peter said.

“Yeah, but that’s you. I’ve never had a problem before” Bryan replied as he adjusted the seat and mirrors slightly. Peter punched Bryan in the shoulder. Peter yelped in pain. “What was that for?”

“That’s for insinuating I am weak”, Peter said and then punched Bryan again in the same spot. “And that’s for all the nasty things you said to me during dinner.”

“Okay. I’m sorry. Just stop hitting me. It really hurts”, Bryan said rubbing his shoulder. Peter moved quickly as if he was going to punch Bryan again but stopped. Bryan instinctively recoiled back against the driver’s door to avoid the hit.

“Oh, you flinched”, Peter says with a smile and pounded Bryan’s shoulder twice more.

“Enough you’re hurting me. I’m going to have a huge bruise tomorrow” Bryan said sorrowfully.

“Stop whining, you sound like a little girl. I hardly put any weight behind the punches.” Peter said in an attempt to apologize. He wasn’t sorry, for some reason it felt good hurting Bryan. It made him feel powerful and virile.

Bryan pulled out of the diner’s parking lot and headed toward home. After a few minutes, he came to a stop light and undid the button to his jeans. “These jeans are cutting off my circulation. I guess I ate too much tonight. I feel bloated.” After a few seconds he added. “I have a craving for something sweet. Why don’t we stop at Dippy’s and get a hot fudge sundae?”

“I thought you said you were bloated”, Peter commented as he squirmed in his seat and pulled at his pants around his thighs.

“Yeah, but I’m not satisfied. I need some chocolate. It will make me feel better and I know Dippy’s is your favorite.” Bryan said with a gleeful tone. He noticed Peter’s tugging at his pants. “Did you eat too much too? Are your pants feeling tight?”

“Yeah, but not around my waist. I think my underwear rode up on me, my balls feel like they’re being crushed” Peter said has he massaged his crotch looking for relief. He was surprised by how large his package felt in his hand.

“How about that sundae?” Bryan asked again.

“Not for me. The only craving I’m having right now is for a steak. I can’t get the image of that t-bone you had out of my head. Maybe you were right about one thing tonight. I should be getting more protein in my diet.” Peter lamented.

Bryan was regretting the things he said earlier more and more with each passing moment. “I am sorry for what I said, I really didn’t mean…” There was a loud bang and Bryan lost control of the car. He panicked and let go of the wheel screaming. Peter tried to grab the wheel but it was too late, the car went off the road down an embankment and struck a containment wall. Both men lay unconscious, their faces covered in blood. •

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