Destiny Rewound


By Clarence591

Bryan got his last minute instructions from Marc before heading to the dugout. Simmons stood by the short set of stairs that led into the deserted structure. As Bryan approached the stairs he saw his boss scanning his body. Bryan felt confident in his appearance today because he was wearing a tight, white tank style undershirt, a ball cap, and his “pussy” jeans. Even though he hadn’t worn them in years, the jeans were still his favorite article of clothing. They got their name because whenever he wore them he never went home alone. The well worn denim seemed custom fitted to his body. It hugged every muscle, even more so now with his increased mass. In the seat, the back center seam went deep between his ass cheeks showcasing their roundness and movement when he walked. The faded material was more worn at the crotch from countless hands groping and rubbing his package over the years. The distinct outline of each large nut was visible. And the length of his cock was more apparent as it ran down his right leg. The fabric was so embossed from being worn so often and so tightly that the image of his cock and balls was present even when he didn’t have them on. Bryan smiled at Simmons as he passed him and ducked into the dugout. Simmons followed him as Marc had predicted. Simmons stared at Bryan’s ass as he bent down to pick up a baseball bat. Bryan turned around and moved closer to Simmons. He stood directly in front of him and rested the bat between his legs, the top resting just below his impressive bulge. Bryan pulled a batting glove that was hanging from his back pocket and put it on his left hand. Bryan waited for Simmons’ eyes to make their way up to his before he spoke, “Looks like we are going to have a great team this year”.

“I want to thank you and Marc for agreeing to be the team captains. It’s apparent to everyone that the two of you are our best athletes”, Simmons said as his eyes quickly darted back and forth between Bryan’s body and his face.

“It’s our pleasure. We enjoy providing our company and its leader with the best service possible.” Bryan put his hands on his hips. “Could you hand me the bat?”

Simmons’ eyes dropped to the bat between Bryan’s legs. Simmons looked back up to Bryan’s eyes as if to ask if he meant that bat. Bryan nodded yes. Simmons slowly moved his hand to the center of bat’s handle.

“Make sure to grab it from the very top, it’s bad luck otherwise”, Simmons raised his hand higher, looking up at Bryan again for permission. Bryan just smiled. “Nothing feels as good as a piece of young, hard wood. Don’t you agree?” Simmons just nodded without saying a word, keeping his eyes on the prize. He put the tip of his fingers on the very top of the bat. He slowly moved his hand farther under the deep, denim overhang created by Bryan’s package, forcing Bryan’s meat to lift upward. Simmons could feel the weight and heat of Bryan’s manhood on the back of his hand. His heart raced faster. Bryan could see his flirting was working. He asked, “Do you have a preference when it comes to the balls you play with?”

“The bigger the better” Simmons said while lifting the bat slowly pushing Bryan’s package higher. Beads of sweat started to form on his forehead. He pulled the bat away from Bryan’s body and watched his cock and balls fall back into place before handing the bat to the hunk.

“Thank you, boss” Bryan said as he took the bat in both hands holding it at chest level. Bryan gripped it tightly making his thick pecs bounce. The thick slabs of chest muscle creating a bulge in his shirt just as impressive as the package in his jeans. Bryan than took the bat and laid it across his shoulders behind his nick. His hands holding on to each end of the bat, trying his best to imitate a famous poster of Bucky Dent he saw long ago. “You mentioned a couple weeks ago about an opening in the sports department. Now that Veronica has signed with us, I was just wondering about my promotion.”

“Absolutely, I can’t imagine any one more qualified than you for the job. You’ve proven that with Ms. Terby. Please come to my office tomorrow morning and we can finalize everything.” Simmons turned to walk away wiping the sweat from his forehead; he stopped as if he had just remembered something. He looked back at Bryan. “I forgot I’m leaving town in the morning. We’ll have to meet on Monday. Thanks again for everything”. Simmons said in a monotone.

“I’ll see you Monday morning. Have a good night” Bryan said with a sexy smile still holding his seductive poise.

After a few moments, Marc came bounding into the dugout. “How did it go?”

“Great, he wants to see me in his office on Monday to discuss the details” Bryan said with big grin.

“I knew you could do it. In that outfit you could ask him for a kidney and he would gladly give it to you.” Marc said running his eyes up and down Bryan’s physique. “Imagine you and me junior executives together. You’ll get your own office. And we can play golf during the summer and charge the company for a business meeting.” Bryan laughed but he noticed that the smile was gone from Bryan’s face. “What’s wrong?”

“My own office. I forgot I wouldn’t be sharing an office with Pete any longer” Bryan said sitting down on the bench. “We’ve shared an office for two years now.”

Marc sat down next to Bryan. “What are you two joined at the hip? Isn’t it enough you share a house together”, Marc said jealousy. “I swear you two are fucking each other.”

“Pete’s my friend, my best friend, nothing more.” Bryan said.

“So let me understand what you are saying. You would never have sex with Peter.” Marc asked knowing their conversation was being overheard.

“No, of course not. Don’t be gross. I don’t even see him as a sexual being. He’s just Pete. Like a piece of furniture or a little puppy”, Bryan answered. “But I’m worried about him. He seems so angry all the time; I know there’s something bothering him, but he won’t tell me what it is.”

“Maybe this is just what you both need, some space. Put some distance between the two of you and get a new perspective”, Marc said as he put his hand on Bryan’s thigh; then slowly moved his hand up to his crotch. Bryan pushed Marc’s hand away. “I think Pete is holding you back. You need to move on; you’re not in college anymore. Cut the cord, man. Lose the loser.”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about. Peter is not a loser” Bryan said as he stood up.

“Whatever. But if Pathetic Pete is a real friend, he would want you to have this promotion, to be successful. Not whine to you about having to wait to take a shower like a little boy” Marc said coldly as he stood next to the larger man.

“Let’s not mention Pete again”, Bryan said in frustration.

“Finally, we agree on something. Usually I’m the one you says that to you. Every time we have a conversation, somehow Petey ends up the topic. When there are so many other things on my mind when I look at you in those jeans”, Marc said softly while getting closer to Bryan. Bryan backed away from Marc until he was up against the dug out wall. Marc put his hands on the back of Bryan’s thighs and moved them up to his ass, gently kneading the hard orbs. “I have never been so turned on as I was in the locker room this morning. I’ve never been man handled like that. You were so strong and dominating. No man has ever intimidated me before. I wanted you to fuck me so bad I’m about to explode again just thinking about it”.

“Stop, not here. Someone will see us”, Bryan said softly.

“Who cares? Every person in the company wants to either fuck or be fucked by you or me. Most would pay a fortune to watch the two of us go at it. They’ll be grateful for the free show” Marc moved closer, pressing his swollen crotch into Bryan, pulling Bryan’s ass forward. “All those squats have certainly paid off. Your ass is so strong, hard, and round; almost as perfect as mine.”

“My ass is definitely stronger, but no one’s ass is as perfect as yours” Bryan commented with a slight laugh.

“I bet if Pete had an ass like mine you wouldn’t leave the office we shared no matter what Simmons offered you”, Marc said before kissing Bryan softly on the lips.

“If Pete had an ass like yours, I wouldn’t ever leave the house” Bryan answered before pushing Marc away from him. “Cool down. There’s time for this later when I say it’s okay. We have a softball team to create.” Bryan walked out onto the field. Marc watched Bryan climb the stairs, the sight only making his cock ache more for the new alpha male.


Peter decided to go to the softball team try-outs, as a way of apologizing to Bryan more than getting on the team. He arrived at the field and saw Bryan walking toward the dug out. Was he wearing his pussy jeans? Peter hadn’t seen him wear those in years. They still made him look irresistible. He watched Simmons follow Bryan into the dug out. Because of deep shade inside he couldn’t see what was happening. He decided to head over there to wait for Bryan to emerge. Peter was standing on the back side of the dug out when he dropped his car keys. He reached down to pick them up and heard voices. The pitched roof of the dug out was raised above the wall several inches for ventilation. The large gap made is possible to hear the conversation taking place inside. Peter bent down, his body no longer visible from the field.

Marc was watching Peter since he arrived. He saw peter bend down and disappear behind the dug out. He walked around the cage surrounding home plate and saw Peter sitting on the ground intently listening to Bryan and Simmons. When Simmons left, Marc entered the field through the opening in the cage and went into the dug out. He was going to use Peter’s ease dropping to his advantage.

Peter was getting up when he heard Simmons leave, but sat down quickly at the sound of Marc’s voice. Peter listened to the two hunks converse. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Bryan thought of him as a pet or worse a piece of furniture, an asexual object. Bryan was filled with anger and then incredible sadness. He knew his six year fantasy would never become reality. Despite all his efforts to improve his physical appearance, Bryan wasn’t attracted to him in the least. He wanted Marc instead. Peter felt ugly and unwanted. All his insecurities welled up in him. He fought back tears and tried to control his emotions. He heard the conservation ending and ran up to the top of the bleachers. Peter watched Bryan walk onto the field and head to home plate. Bryan was looking around the field scouting out the players, when he noticed Peter sitting in the bleachers alone.

“Hey there, dude. I’m glad you’re here. I think we have to talk about things. Why don’t we go out to dinner after the try-outs? You name the place” Bryan said standing at the bottom of the bleachers.

Peter nodded his head, “Sounds like a good idea”.

“Are you okay?” Bryan asked noticing Peter’s red, watery eyes.

“Yeah, I think it may be allergies. I’m not going to try out for the team after all”, Peter answered.

“I’ll see you in a little while”, Bryan said as he walked back to the field.

Marc came out of the dug out and saw Bryan walking away from where Peter was sitting. Peter was wiping tears from his eyes. Marc just smiled. •

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