Destiny Rewound


By Clarence591

About two months had passed since Bryan started working out with Marc and the other jocks. He was also spending more time with the jocks after work. Peter saw less and less of him outside of the office. He would skip workouts and only took his supplements when he remembered, which wasn�t often. But that didn�t slow his physical progress, the additional muscle he had put on his frame was quite noticeable. He was now far more muscular than even back in his high school football days. On the other hand, Peter continued to follow his program exactly. But he was becoming disheartened. He had only lost a few more pounds and his upper body was just slightly more muscular, but no one would ever mistake him for an athlete.

�You wouldn�t believe who I just met� Bryan said as he entered the cubicle. His hair was slicked back and his too tight shirt clung to his body. The narrow tie he wore looked comical on such a broad, powerful man.

�Who?� Peter asked.

�Veronica Terby� Bryan replied excitedly.

�The tennis player? Is she a new client of ours?� Peter asked again.

�I don�t know. I was trying to get here before Simmons made his regular morning check-in. I got into another lifting contest with Marc and forgot about the time again. I didn�t even take a shower�, Bryan said as he sat down at his desk and ran his fingers through his wet hair.

�Oh don�t worry he hasn�t been here yet. I know how you enjoy him fawning all over you�, Peter said in a mocking tone.

�Hey, wasn�t one of the reasons we decided to work out was the possibility it might help us get a promotion. Anyway as I was sneaking my way up here, I ran into Veronica and Simmons in the hallway. Simmons stopped me to introduce Veronica. I�m trying to keep a safe distance from the both of them since I stink to high heaven. But as I�m shaking Veronica�s hand, she moves closer to me, and I swear she sniffed me. It was the strangest thing. I was so embarrassed, but she just looked up at me and smiled. Isn�t that weird?

�Pheromones�, Peter said in a reassuring tone.

�What?� Bryan asked.

�Pheromones. It�s a proven fact that men�s sweat contains pheromones to attract other people. And the more attractive a man is physically, the more alluring his pheromones are. It just shows that an man�s attractiveness is embedded right in his very core of existence, his DNA� Peter said while deep in thought.

�Where do you come up with this stuff?� Bryan inquired with a smile.

�It�s true; I saw it on the science channel. This university did a study on sexuality. They showed a group of 40 women photos of twelve different men and asked them to pick the most attractive one. All but two women picked the same man as being the most attractive. Then they asked women to sniff some t-shirts the men had worn while working out. Even though they didn�t know which shirt was worn by which man, all the women picked the same shirt as having the most appealing odor. It was the shirt worn by the guy the vast majority picked as the best looking. Hardly a coincidence.� Peter stated while waiting for Bryan�s comeback.

�Well I don�t see how any of that relates to me. You know how I feel about the importance of a person�s looks. But I won�t say anything because I know it gets you upset�, Bryan said while getting his desk organized. �I�m just a bummed that I get to meet someone as famous and beautiful as Veronica Terby and I reek.� Bryan lifted his arm and sniffs his pit. �As soon as Simmons leaves, I�ll head back to the gym to take a shower. That way you won�t have to suffer with my B.O. all day�

�If it doesn�t bother you, it doesn�t bother me�, Peter said with a smile. He actually enjoyed Bryan�s scent. That�s one reason why he always volunteered to do the laundry at home.

�Hello, men� Simmons walked in with a smile on his face. �Bryan you made quite an impression on Ms. Terby earlier. I thought maybe you could wine and dine her tonight; show her all that the windy city has to offer.�

�I don�t know sir. I don�t think the impression I made was very good. Did you ask her about it?� Bryan asked sheepishly.

�It was her idea. She�s looking for a new P.R. firm and having her in our stable would be a very good thing. I�m thinking about expanding our sports division. If you can convince her to sign with us, the promotion could be yours� Simmons said. �So big guy, will you take her out?� Simmons put his hand on Bryan�s solid shoulder and then slowly ran his hand down to Bryan�s bicep. Bryan had his elbows on his desk his hands in front of him. He looked at Peter, who was sitting in the same position. Peter raised his arm to rest his chin on his clenched fist and indicated Bryan to do the same. Bryan followed Peter�s movement. Peter watched as Bryan bicep inflated forcing the boss�s hand to open wider to accommodate the massive muscle underneath. Simmon�s eyes widened and his jaw dropped open. He didn�t move his hand but instead squeezed Bryan�s arm to test its hardness.

�Sure, sounds like fun. Just let me know the time and the place to pick her up�, Bryan said. Simmons didn�t respond, but continued to test Bryan�s muscle. Bryan pretended not to notice the man feeling him up. �Mr. Simmons, did you hear me?�

�Sure, thank you Bryan. I�ll have my secretary e-mail you with all the details.� Simmons said as he backed away towards the door. He turned to leave, but hesitated for a moment. �I like your cologne Bryan, it�s very earthy�.

Bryan turned to Peter, �pheromones you say?�

�Pheromones�, Peter replied. ---------------------

The next morning Peter awoke before dawn to get in his morning run. He started running at the nearby high school track instead of using the treadmills at the gym. He only went to the gym twice a week to use the weight machines. He tried to avoid Marc since the shower incident. As Peter walked by Bryan�s room the door was open, he stopped and peered into the room. There was Bryan sound asleep, naked and spread out on the bed without any covers His body was flawless, even asleep he looked strong and invincible. Peter felt an erotic urge sweep over him. He had to fight the impulse to touch Bryan�s physique that naturally radiated intense sensuality.

Peter was suddenly back in time. It was the last night of their first semester together. Peter was sound asleep when suddenly his dorm room door flung open. He sat up startled by the intrusion. It was Boone Stevenson, the all-star receiver from the football team stumbling around while supporting the weight of a semi-conscience Bryan. Boone walked to Bryan�s empty bed and tossed his limp burden onto the mattress. Boone then turned and walked out of the room without saying a word. Peter sat in his bed for a minute not sure what to do. Bryan didn�t move, the only sound was his deep breathing. Peter got out of bed to close the door, Boone had left open. Peter returned to his bed sitting on the edge in the darkness listening to Bryan�s rhythmic breathes. As he eyes adjusted to the dim light spilling in from outside, he saw that Bryan was still completely dressed. Peter hesitantly crossed the room to where Bryan lied. Peter knelt down before his sleeping room mate and began to remove his sneakers and socks. Peter thought he could stop there but didn�t want to. He reached for the few remaining buttons that held Bryan�s short-sleeved dress shirt closed. He opened Bryan�s shirt revealing his muscular torso. Peter ran his hands over Bryan�s sculpted abdominals and pecs, pushing the shirt over his broad shoulders. Peter then straddled the sleeping hunk and pulled Bryan�s massive upper body toward his own. He rested Bryan�s head on his chest. Peter pushed the shirt down Bryan�s back. He needed to tug at the sleeves forcibly to get them past Bryan�s huge upper arms. Bryan�s arms were easily his best body part. Peter often had wet dreams thinking of being held in those god-like appendages. Once Bryan�s body was free of his shirt, Peter slowly lowered him to the bed. The two men�s faces where inches away from each other. Peter wanted so much to kiss Bryan but fought the temptation mostly out of fear of the stronger man�s reaction if he woke. Peter returned to the floor in front of Bryan. He reached for Bryan�s jeans and released the metal closure before slowly unzipping the fly. Peter put his hands under Bryan�s lower back and pulled the waist band down to his thighs. Peter ran his hands up Bryan�s muscular ass, slightly kneading the round globes. Bryan�s breathing hesitated momentarily and he mumbled something in his sleep. Peter froze. After waiting a moment, Peter pulled his hands out from under Bryan and stood up quickly. He took the cuff of a pant leg in each hand and stepped backwards, pulling the jeans off of his room mate. Before him was his ideal man, completely nude and exposed. He knelt before him again and ran his hands lightly up Bryan�s hard thighs. Peter was overwhelmed by this opportunity and without thinking pressed his face into Bryan�s crotch. He took a deep breath inhaling the alluring scent of pure testosterone and beer. He took his right hand and gently stroked Bryan�s exposed manhood. He couldn�t believe the size of it. He never knew any man could be that big, when hard Bryan�s cock had to be easily twice as long and thick as his own tool. He cupped Bryan�s balls in his hand amazed by their size and weight. Bryan�s cock twitched and started to respond to Peter�s attention. Peter knew he should stop, but couldn�t. He was in too deep to quit now. Peter spit in his hand and grabbed the object of his desire for the past four months. Peter gently massaged Bryan�s expanding manhood, the steel hard meat forcing Peter�s hand to open wider with each stroke. Precum started to ooze from the large mushroom shaped head. It aided Peter�s saliva in lubricating the increasing speed of the hand job he was performing. Peter noticed Bryan�s breathing was keeping pace with his strokes. Bryan�s balls started to inflate, then spasm. Peter put his lips around Bryan�s pole in time to swallow his thick seed. He lustfully ingested every drop, licking the tip, savoring the taste of his idol. As Bryan�s cock started to deflate, he became restless and repositioned his body on the bed. Peter crawled back to his own bed and waited to see if Bryan would wake up. Once Peter heard Bryan�s rhythmic breathing return, he started to think bout his own pleasure. He started to jerk off thinking about what just happened. He started to moan softly. He came quickly and ferociously, spewing forth a large about of cum onto his smooth stomach. He was covered in sweat and cum, breathing deeply. Tonight was the most satisfying sexual encounter of his life, a dream fulfilled. He was saddened that he would be the only one to remember it and his sexual relationship with Bryan was still a fantasy.

�Excuse me�. The strange voice pulled Peter from his recollection. He looked up to see Veronica Terby dressed only in one of Bryan�s t-shirts. His tight fitting shirt draped loosely on her athetic figure like a sundress.

Peter thought to say something quickly, �Hi. I�m Peter, Bryan�s room mate. I didn�t realize Bryan had company. I was just��

�It�s obvious what you were doing� Veronica said looking down at Peter�s hand still inside his running shorts; the outline of his engorged cock very noticeable through the thin material.

�No, I just wanted to know if Bryan wanted to work-out with me this morning� Peter said as his cock quickly deflated, the blood rushing to his face which was turning red from embarrassment.

�I don�t think he�s UP for it. He worked out with me, a lot, last night� Veronica said as she got back into bed and maneuvered herself on top of the still sleeping jock. She ran her hand all over his muscular form. �I agree with you though, he is one extraordinarily beautiful man�.

Peter turned and left the house immediately. He did several extra laps around the track hoping that Veronica would be gone when he got back. Then he started to wonder what would Bryan do if Veronica told him what happened. He could deny it, but would Bryan believe him over Veronica. Would it be the end of their friendship, would Bryan move out? When Peter returned to the house he entered through the kitchen back door hoping to go unnoticed. But instead found Bryan cooking breakfast wearing only in a bath towel.

�Hey there Pete. I thought I would cook breakfast this morning. I had a guest spend the night�, Bryan said with a joyous tone in his voice. Just then Veronica entered the kitchen from the dining room. �Pete this is Veronica Terby. Veronica this is my room mate Peter Kolowski�.

Veronica smiled at Peter and said, �We already met this morning. Didn�t we Pete?�

�Yes�, Peter said looking around the room nervously. �Well, I leave the two of you alone. I have to get ready for work.�

�You don�t have to leave Peter. Please join us for breakfast. I made enough for everyone. There�s coffee, toast, eggs, and bacon� Bryan said warmly.

�Thanks, but I�m not very hungry right now�, Peter said rubbing his stomach trying to relieve the nauseam he was feeling from his nerves being on edge.

�Niether am I�, Veronica stated as she walked up to Bryan and started to caress his hulking body. She pulled at the towel around Bryan�s waist leaving him naked. She fondled his thick cock with her thin fingers. �The only meat I want this morning is this huge Italian sausage of yours Mr. Copelli�.

�Veronica, we�re not alone�, Bryan said between deep breaths as he body started to react to the pleasure of her touch.

�Don�t worry, you don�t have anything he hasn�t ogled before. Isn�t that right Peter�, Veronica said without taking her eyes off of Bryan�s strong body. She got a strong grip on Bryan�s expanding rod and pulled him out of the room, as if dragging a pet dog by a leash.

Peter ran to his room and put his work clothes into a bag. He could hear Veronica�s erotic moans echoing down the hall from Bryan�s room. Peter raced out of the house and sped away in his car. He�ll shower and change at work. He would rather take his chances with Marc than deal with someone as scary as Veronica. •

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