Destiny Rewound


By Clarence591

Bryan stumbled into the kitchen, dressed only in his boxers, following the scent of freshly brewed coffee. He didn’t notice Peter sitting at the breakfast bar when he entered. Peter couldn’t understand how any man could look so good just rolling out of bed. Even with his messy hair and half-closed eyes, he was unbelievably handsome. The thick beard that grew every night made Bryan’s dimpled chin and strong jaw line even more appealing. Bryan’s powerful physique and light coating of dark hair radiated masculinity, despite his slightly extended gut. The head of his long, thick cock was peeking through the fly of his underwear. The garment was designed for the average man, not for someone with superior equipment like Bryan. Peter watched Bryan’s triceps bulge as he poured the coffee into his favorite mug and took several swallows. After a few moments, the black elixir did its job and Bryan opened his eyes fully. He looked around the room and focused on Peter who was staring at him. “Good morning. Why are you dressed so early on a Sunday?”

“The health food store” Peter answered showing a little frustration, “Last night you agreed to go with me to the health food store to get our work-out supplements”.

“Did I?”, Bryan said trying to recall. He had a way of tuning Peter out sometimes when he went on one of his talking jags. “Aren’t they open until like 5:00 today? What’s the hurry? Plus I think a lot of that stuff is a waste of money. I was in pretty good shape in high school and didn’t need to take anything”. Bryan felt a familiar draft and realized his manhood was showing again. He reached down and shoved his limp rod over toward his right hip, before taking another swig of his coffee.

“Yes, we both know the supplements are more for me than you, big guy. But they can help you too by getting you in better shape than you were in high school and maybe a little quicker. Plus I thought after the health food store, we would go to the farmer’s market to get some fresh vegetables. I’ve already gone through the cabinets and fridge to get rid of bad stuff.”

“You didn’t touch the beer did you?” Bryan asked while opening the refrigerator door.

“No, the two Coronas that were left from the case are still there. But I don’t think we should get any more beer for awhile. I threw out all the cakes, ice cream, and chocolate. All the stuff with empty calories” Peter replied proudly.

“That was all your stuff anyway. You’re the one with the sweet tooth”, Bryan said closing the door.

“Well, I also threw out the cheese puffs and barbeque corn chips” Peter replied a little more meekly.

Bryan looked at Peter and saw he was dreading his reaction. “No big deal. If you can live without the sugary stuff, I can live without the salty snacks. We both have to make sacrifices if we want to be buff hunks right?” Bryan said with a smile and raised his arms into a double bicep poise while sucking in his stomach. Even though he hadn’t been inside a gym for many years, rounded muscles bulged outward from his upper arms.

A pang of jealousy swept over Peter for a moment. They hadn’t even started working out yet and already Bryan was twice the man he was. Peter knew Bryan’s poise didn’t intend to make him feel bad. Peter smiled, “Okay, Hercules, go get dressed so we can get this day started.”

Bryan dropped his arms and headed back to his bedroom. Peter watched him leave admiring the natural V-shape of Bryan’s back. The pang of jealousy returned.


Monday morning, Bryan and Peter arrived at work 2 hours early to work out. Their company had a gym in the lobby of their building. Simmons hoped the employees would use it to help keep health insurance costs down, plus the benefit of having an office filled with hot bodies wasn’t bad either. Peter had planned each day’s routine, diet and supplements for the both of them. Both men followed the plan religiously. First they would lift weights focusing on different muscle groups each day, and then do a half hour of cardio work. Both men started lifting with the same amount of weight. Bryan found the weight light, but agreed with Peter it’s better to start light to avoid injuries. Peter on the other hand found the weights more challenging right from the beginning. After three months, Bryan was lifting more than double the weight from when they started, while Peter was only able to handle about 25% more. The constant changing of the plates made using free weights too time consuming, so Bryan reluctantly agreed to switch the machines with his work-out partner. While this made changing the amount of weight easier, Bryan missed the feel of lifting what he called “real weight”.

In addition to strength, Bryan had surpassed Peter in fat loss too. The extra pounds were melting off of Bryan at a remarkable rate, and the more muscle mass he gained the more fat he lost. The balanced meals and supplement doses that Peter recommended were working perfectly. Bryan had lost over six inches in his waist and his overall body fat was noticeable lower. New veins appeared daily on his more muscular arms and legs. While Peter’s upper body did look more toned, the fat stored in thighs and hips was more stubborn. His body shape was still strange looking and unattractive.

Peter was sitting on the bench in front of his locker feeling exhausted from their work out session. He looked around the room noticing the other men. At one end were the jocks, led by Marc. They were talking loudly and laughing. Even after working out they were energized and confident as if they had won a great war. They would hit and push each other testing their strength against one another. At the other end were the geeks. They were either scrawny looking or soft with spare tires around their waist. They sat in silence as if they had lost the battle with the weights. All looked tired and defeated. Peter knew what side he belonged, but didn’t want to admit it.

“Hey, look Peter. I think I’m getting a six-pack.” Bryan said excitedly turning to face his friend, whose locker was four down from his own. Peter looked at Bryan’s stomach with no reaction. Bryan started to rub his hand over his flat waist, “I know it’s not very obvious, but I can feel the muscles under my skin. Maybe if I crunch them a little?”. Bryan leaned forward slightly and crunched his abdominals and sucked in his waist at the same time. Six distinct muscles appeared through his skin. Peter’s eyes widened. Bryan laughed at loud, “I just have to loss a little more weight and I’ll be ripped”

“Looking good, Copelli. You’ve come along way in a short time.” Marc said calling Bryan by his last name, something he did to all his male friends. As he approached the two men, he purposely flexed his own abs to show the two amateurs what a real six-pack looks like.

“Thanks. But I owe it all to my personal trainer, Peter.” Bryan said relaxing his abs and lowering his shirt. Embarrassed that Marc saw him flexing his inferior muscles.

“Is that right? Well I guess it’s true what they say, those that can, do and those that can’t, teach”, Marc commented smiling down at the beleaguered Peter.

“Is there something we can do for you, Marc?” Bryan said crossing his arms over his chest trying to look threatening to defend his friend.

“Its more of what I can do for you. I’ve been noticing you in the gym and wanted to invite you to join my group. I think someone with your physique will find working out with other strong men, instead of your trainer here, more beneficial. You should be lifting real iron not using those sissy machines.” Bryan said still flexing.

“Thanks, but I already have a work-out partner. And we’re doing just fine together. And the machines are…great, just the same as lifting free weights”. Bryan answered trying to reassure Peter. But Peter saw Bryan’s expression when he talked about the machines. He knew he was lying. “Come on Pete, we don’t want to be late to our desks. Let’s go get showers.”

“In a minute, I’m just waiting for my second wind to kick-in. You go ahead and I’ll catch up with you” Peter said wiping the sweat from his forehead.

“Are you sure?” Bryan asked. Peter nodded and Bryan walked toward the shower stalls after giving Marc one last defiant look.

“You never will you know” Marc said out loud while watching Bryan walk away.

“I never will what?” Peter asked.

“Catch up with Bryan.” March answered before looking down at Peter. “He’s one of us; a superior man. He’s meant to be tall, muscular, handsome, athletic and strong. Everything you are not and never will be. So stop fantasizing about him. You’re never going to be with him. He’s too good for you, out of your league. He belongs with me and you belong with them.” Marc said looking at the geeks on the other side of the room, “It looks like they’re waiting for their second wind too”. Marc snickered then walked toward the showers.

Peter sat in silence for some time. How did Marc know that he fantasized about Bryan? Marc was right about Bryan being too good for him. Bryan was a superior man and Peter was a geek. He was fooling himself thinking that popping a few pills and working out would make him a hunk. He’d fallen victim to all those ads in muscle magazines and makeover shows. Those guys did look better, but never as good as a man who was naturally attractive. He was what he was and would never be anything more. Peter let out a big sigh and stood up to open his locker. He pulled on the handle but the door didn’t open. “I’m even too weak to open my fucking locker”, Peter mumbled to himself in frustration, tears forming in his eyes. He pulled harder on the door and it swung open violently, Peter’s wallet fell from the top shelve, its contents spilling out everywhere as it hit the floor. •

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