Full Moon and Muscle


By Texzilla

The blond tried to slowly open one eye to see what time it was, but found he couldn’t. He had to move one of his massive arms up so he could scratch away some of the nighttime grit that was holding his eye shut. As if the pounding in his head wasn’t enough of a clue as to what kind of night he had.

It was still predawn, it would have to have been. He must have only gotten an hour or so of sleep. But he knew he had to get up and get in the shower. Maybe the shower would clear his head enough to remember why he had to get up this early, or even what his name was. Began with an S he thought but, just wasn’t coming to him. Even with his superior build it took him a few minutes of just laying there before he had the strength to push himself up so he was sitting on the end of his bed. And a few more minutes after that till he could push himself up to a standing position. Just moving got his arms and legs feeling better, but thinking was doing nothing to clear his headache.

The blond stooped over to grab his red jock and his favorite denim cut offs from the floor then staggered to the shower in his private bathroom. The blond was fairly sure of the time, but wasn’t sure how long he’d be in the shower, so he’d need something handy to wear after he got out. Sure as hell looked like the jockstrap had as rough a night as he did. As the hot water ran he checked for damage in the mirror. His form filled the bathroom mirror mounted above the sink. He had to bend down slightly to see his face. Couldn’t have been that bad a night, he still looked like the hottest shit around. His long blond hair was a little matted but the curl was still there, like a whirlwind of blond on his head. While he leaned in to see if his eyes were in fact as red as they seemed, the blond started running his right hand over his chest, letting the thick darker blond chest hair ruffle in the motion. A slight whiff of beer let him know he wore some of what he was drinking last night. Scratching his mustache and beard he found it was fairly clean, but washing up would take care of both of these things.

He got into the shower and immediately increased the hot water till it was almost burning. That would clear away the cobwebs. Of course, like the mirror, the shower head was way too low for him to just stand under it and let the water flow, but it didn’t hurt too much to bend down some. The steaming hot water flew off his massive body, splashing it around the small tub and even over the top of the curtain, back into the bathroom. Grabbing the soap he started lathering up his chest, pressing the bar hard into his skin. Getting it into the under hang of the pecs, rubbing it against the huge nipples till they were hard. Then down his hairy stomach. The blond liked how he had that 8 pack going for him but still had that slight bodybuilder gut too. He spent some extra time letting the soap wash and rewash his stiffening cock. The large reddish dick rose slightly but he was way to tired to get a full erection. It just looked like he had one considering the 9 inches that hung from his furry groin. The big man had trouble washing his ass, or at least the area between the bowling ball sized butt checks. They were just too big and too hard, and his arms were too muscle bound to be able to reach back there all too well. Hell, he’d wash it out as best he could but a little man stank was good for you.

The sun was just making it’s way back in the room through the window shade when the blonde leaned against the wall. He knew it was time to relax and let it happen. In the last few moments of his consciousness his name came back to him. That’s right, his name was Sunny. What a joke. His height shrinking back down 5 inches to just below 6 feet. The long curly blond hair pulling into his head till it was a short skull cap, and dark brown. The thick facial hair disappearing to clean, smooth skin, on a more pointed jaw. Now a face that didn’t need to shave every day. Muscles shrank and pulled in till the man was far from the steroid hunk that was in the shower minutes ago. The roid gut he had just turned into a regular gut. And the forest of body hair withdrawn till there was a light dusting here and there, but nothing like before. As the morning sunshine lit the room as much as the lightbulbs did the hairy, tough as shit blond muscle god was completely replaced by a man who the term ‘average’ was created for.

It was Milton who pulled the shower curtain back and looked through the door to his bed room. He didn’t see anyone right off but it was rare that he was alone after he ‘woke up’. Almost afraid to do it, in case he got a response, Milton gave a tentative “Hello?” loud enough that he hoped it could be heard by someone over the running water. No answer. He leaned against the wall again, letting the warm water wash over him, almost crying from the relief of not having to again explain where the blond was to some strange man. And at least this time he woke up in his own apartment, not some stranger’s. Milton didn’t need to immediately remember anything from the night before to know what kind of a night it was. His arms hurt, his legs hurt and his head could just get the fuck off his shoulders and stop pounding away any old time it wanted. The shower was helping. He wished he remembered getting into the shower certainly, but was content enough that he was in it and it was doing a job on the pain. Most of the hot water had been used up so Milton turned off the shower, started drying himself off but quickly made his way to the toilet to sit down. Couldn’t believe how much his legs hurt. His ass felt odd too, hadn’t noticed till he sat down on the toilet seat. So tired.

Looking up he saw the shorts and red jockstrap left on the sink. Reaching over he pulled them off and held the jock in front of him. This thing looked as beat to shit as he felt. How did anyone wear this thing? It was so fucking huge. Jeez and the smell. He tossed it back into the bedroom hoping the semi dry substance that was coated in the pouch area wasn’t what he thought it was. Knowing it had to be.

Milton quickly got dressed, freshened up as best he could, threw a few things into a bag and headed out. It was still fairly early and had every hope of getting out of the house without a confrontation. The old stairs of the place creaked as he made his way down. In the front hallway he found his keys, briefcase but not his cell phone. Milton really needed it today since he was going to be out on a couple of meeting away from the office. It was when he was searching the living room area that he heard the familiar steps from the basement. He knew the pattern of the step, where they were leading. He knew what was going to be said when that downstairs door opened.

“It’s down here. Just loading the pictures from last night.”

Milton shook with the thought of having to face Gato this morning. First night was the worst of the 5, the time he had no control over the blond. Didn’t want to see what he had done. But he needed the phone.

Down the dark steps Milton walked, knowing there was no getting around the humiliation that was coming. He entered the large basement apartment of his…….master would be the best word. There just was no other name for him. After a moment to adjust for the lack of light, Milton’s eyes cleared enough to see Gato across the room. Sitting at his computer and jerking off to the pictures that were displayed.

“Sometimes I don’t know which is more fun. How much I fucked your life up… or how much life you get out of fuckin’”

“I need my phone Gato.” Milton said trying to sound strong.

“It’s right here on the desk, come get it.”

Milton carefully moved across the room to the desk. As he got closer he could see Gato clearer in the light from the computer screen. His muscles were even bigger than the blonde’s. Incredible wide shoulders leading to massive guns on the arms. Now straining to jerk off the 8 or so uncut inches that sprung up of his lap. He was seated with his hips forward in the chair so Milton could se some of his hairy ass between the thick legs that were spread apart. When Gato bent slightly forward to click the mouse to the next picture his huge pecs would have almost appears to be tits if they too weren’t rock solid and covered with hair. Everything about the man was covered with jet black hair, even more than the blond, except for the perfectly smooth bald head.

“You did great work last night. Come look” Gato said in a deep breathless voice as Milton got closer.

“I just need my…”

“I SAID come LOOK!” Gato yelled as he grabbed the arm Milton was using to reach for his cell with the hand he had been jerking off with. Milton could feel the slick precum, sweat and what ever else Gato had used to make his uncut cock that slick smear against his skin when the iron grip got him. He was pulled to the computer and knew better to turn away. Gato continues jerking off with his other hand. “See, look here. Great point of view shots from you. I count, one, two, three and FOUR different guys in these pictures giving you head last night. And watch this, number two came back for seconds. Recognize where he’s on his knees?”

Milton looked closer at the screen. He could see the number of shots he must have taken…no, it was the blond took with his camera phone last night. As Gato had said there were a number of shots of guys wrapping their lips around the end of what had to be the blonde’s cock. Most looked like they were more than willing but a couple of shots almost gave the impression that he guy doing the work was having his head forced down the shaft. After going past the other pictures, shots of clubs, of men dancing, kissing, shots that had to have been taken by other people since they featured the blond, Milton found the picture Gato was talking about. It was the same guy from before but the location was dark. At first he couldn’t make it out, but then he realized it was the alley next to the house. He looked up at the window near the top of the basement apartment’s ceiling subconsciously answering Gato’s question of where the picture was taken.

“Yea, that’s right. Out in our own side alley. Look.” Gato stood up, rising all 6’5’ out of the chair and flipped the curtain open on the rectangular window above them on the wall. Sunlight filled the room. Being a basement apartment the window opened to ground level of the outside world, in this case, the alley between the two houses. Up against the window was the passed out body of the man in the picture.

“You must have been too much for him.”

“Is he alright?” Milton asked

“Like I could give a fuck. Go check him yourself on the way out. If he’s still there in an hour I’m calling the cops.” Gato said sitting back down in the chair. The light from the outside hitting him just light so the reflection off the sweat beads made him glow like he was covered in diamonds instead of a deep brown tan.

“How…..how come you haven’t changed back?” Milton asked.

“Not direct sunlight like it is up in your room. And besides, I’m the Alpha dog in this little pack. Comes with a few perks, like control over both this body…and of you.”

“What ever, I’ve got to go….”

“Sure thing. Just kiss Daddy goodbye.”

“Gato, come on I’ve got to….”

But Milton knew he couldn’t resist when Gato was like this. And he had only changed back a short time before. So some of the blond was still in there. He learned over to the massive Latino muscle man to give him a quick kiss on the lips.

“You know where Daddy likes to be kissed.” Gato said in his low commanding tones.

Milton only hesitated for a second before he changed his target, bent lower and kissed the tip of Gato’s cock, right on it’s lips instead. He hadn’t gotten his mouth out of the way in time to miss the flood of cum that Gato shot at the same instant. Gato started laughing like an idiot when Milton jerked away, shocked look on his face. Milton ran for the door to leave before more could happen to him that morning, hearing “You know what I want to make this all better, Puppy.” Boom from behind him. “Have a nice day at work!”

The words echoed through Milton’s thoughts throughout the entire day. Like being in the throws of the 5 day ordeal didn’t make it hard enough to concentrate at his job. His work had suffered so much since this started that he made every effort to stay on top of things in order to not lose his job. Which he was very close to doing. And the meetings he had on this day were no help.

Milton was all but running down the street to get to the parking garage and to his car. Nothing could stop what was coming, and he couldn’t get to a safe place to let it. The best he could hope for was to get to his car, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to change there. Thank God he took some precautions on this happening. He still cursed the stupid board of directors of the bank that kept him in meetings long past the original time, and well into dusk.

He had made it to the garage elevator, and was thankfully alone, when he felt his skin feel like it was on fire. Some how, past all the panic Milton realized he had to get his suit off. It was expensive and he needed it. Couldn’t let the change ruin it. Milton threw off his coat and was working on the tie when it began.

He could see the skin on his hand crack. The deep cuts up and down the fingers as the body beneath started pushing it’s way through. Why did it have to happen this way? Why not painful but easier as when he changed back. Milton undid his cuffs and unbuttoned the shirt in time to remove them. As he threw the shirt to the floor he could see the rips in the flesh of his chest start. The inner skin starts to push through. Through the cracks he could see the sprouts of dark blond chest hair poke through like seedlings beginning to grow. Suddenly his regular arms swelled and the pumped up arms of the Blond pushed through. Like a snake shedding it’s skin large sections of Milton’s outer layer of arm skin fell to the floor. He could sort of make out in the steel walls of the elevator his normal body now showing massive bodybuilder arms coming out of the shoulders.

The heat was incredible. Milton reached up and started pulling the skin away from his shoulders and chest. As large sections ripped off it revealed the muscles and hair of the Blond pulsating and growing. Ballooning up to their muscle freak proportions. There was nothing he could do about reaching behind him for his back. But the sudden expansion of those muscles broke the outer layer of skin so quickly it sounded like cloth being ripped. . He hadn’t noticed how hard it was to breath till the blonde’s back muscles burst through and released the flap of skin connected to his chest. His arms were ready, the outer layer already dead. With nothing holding it in any longer his upper body grew out and up, allowing his spine to expand to the Blonde’s height while leaving his legs still shorter.

The doors to the elevator opened and Milton made a break for his car. Grabbing his briefcase and the clothes he had been able to remove he ran down the lanes to where he had parked that morning., But that was a big mistake. The movement of his legs allowed those to burst out of the skin, and his pants legs, in almost one move. The only difference between the shreds of clothing and the shreds of skin he was leaving in his wake was the color. Tried to get his shoes off since they were now several sizes and widths too small. They were kicked off and left behind on the route he was running. As his waist expanded to make allowances for the new height and weight of the Blonde’s build, Milton was barely able to remove is belt before it started cutting into the new skin. But it was too late for Milton.

The heat from his face was too much. This was the final part of the transformation. Reaching up he pulled the skin off his head like it was a mask. Even though the skin was tight on the giant’s head, the mass of blond hair fell out the back and tumbled freely. Slightly wet from the sweat of the heat that came with the change, it was even curlier than usual. Sunny stood still breathing in deeply the cool air of the night, letting the last parts of the transformation take over. With most of the old skin now off his body, the new musculature had nothing holding it back. The skin might have had red and raw, but it was also flawless. His ass filling out to mammoth proportions, his long thick cock growing down, even pulling a swatch of skin off his pecs so they would have room to round off and hang off his chest. But most of all he was laughing at the face he was holding in his hands. Such shock, such pain. What the fuck was wrong with this guy? He even tired to mimic the face he held for a second before tearing it up and letting it fall from his hands. It’s wide mouth of pain, the closed creased eyes. What a loser.

Sunny’s skin was cooling down with the transformation over, but that meant the left over skin from Milton was also drying up, and getting itchy. With his huge hands Sunny started brushing himself off, getting the little bits of left over skin out of the forest of darker blond body hair that covered him. He didn’t really care that while it was dark he was still standing completely nude in a public parking facility. But then Sunny didn’t care about a lot of things that most normal people would take as a given. He reached for what was left of the Loser’s pants to search for the car keys. The patches of skin that had fallen to the ground, like the large section of face, were already as dry as autumn leaves and crumbling to dust. Sunny again laughed but now at the idea of how funny it would be it the skin shreds didn’t fall away into dust, but could be traced back to the Loser who’d then have to explain what had happened. It would just be so funny. Getting the keys and opening the trunk he found the rolled up grocery bag and boots that were placed in there as an emergency back up. Opening the bag he pulled out the black work out shorts he had the Loser store. They were made of a thin material and cut just right. There was also the red jock strap, would always have to have that. It’s what started this whole thing. He pulled the jock up his legs, squatted for a second to let the straps and cup get into position underneath and in-between his legs and ass. After adjusting the pouch and the straps around his ass he pulled his shorts up. It was a XXX but even then it wasn’t quite big enough. The waist band hung down lower that it should as it tried to keep the giant uncut cock in, revealing a good portion of Sunny‘s pubic hair. There were no buttons of the shorts, just an elastic waist. Tight enough across his ass and crotch so that if he moved right, the red jock would make brief appearances as he walked. The heavy pouch poking out from the leg openings, and the straps just barely visible as the pulled his hairy ass up. Sunny threw the shit kicker boots on, but no way was he going to be able to bend over enough to tie the laces, just to literally muscle bound. They’d stay on. Last was a loose fitting black cut off tank. It came to just below his pecs. But like the shorts, if he moved right, his nipples would make occasional guest appearance.

In a matter of minutes a corporate banker who was once in the rise in his firm was replaced by a hulking bodybuilder that looked like he was worked construction all day and would work his ass all night. Which was pretty much what he was going to do.

Sunny took a minute to throw the Loser’s briefcase and what little clothing survived the change into the back of the trunk. The cell phone tumbled out of the pants to the relief of Sunny. He had forgotten about it. Gato wanted pictures and Sunny was more than happy to document his nights out for the boss. Checking the setting he turned the camera on himself, gave a shit eating grin and snapped the first photo of the night. He slammed the truck closed down, adjusted the seat in Loser’s BMW and got in. Only a corporate shill would drive a car like this to compensate for his lack of nuts. Fuck, he was going to have to do something about this piece of shit car. Ruining his image. Maybe one night see if there was an open car dealership that would trade it in for a real pickup. Sunny threw car into reverse and tore out of the parking garage, leaving the powered remains of Milton’s skin blowing like dust in the wind.

It was at the third place Sunny hit that night, around 1 in the morning, that the guys working the doors stopped him instead of just letting him pass as usual. Like so many things this confused Sunny. Made him stop and think, which were things he wasn’t used to doing.

“Big man, listen up. That guy you hang out with once in a while, you boss or whatever is in there already.” The doorman said making direct eye contact with Sunny, knowing that was the only way to get his attention. Well, waving a cock at him worked too but this wasn’t the time for that. “So’s I’m gonna lets you in but don’t fuck the place up like you two did the last time, got it!”

“OK” Sunny said like the little child he was being scolded. He honestly didn’t remember much of the last time he and Gato were at this place together, but maybe that was part of the problem. Anyway, Gato was here, which meant this was going to be a great night!!

But Sunny being Sunny all but forgot about his mentor being in the house the second he got to the club entrance, saw the men and heard the music. Within seconds he was on the dance floor working up a sweat that other men would drink from. His hair soon was drenched with perspiration, and his clothes, where there was of them, soaked in sweat. Sunny hadn’t noticed that the couple of guys he was dancing with suddenly backed off and gave him some room. He could have figured out why though the second Gato’s hands came from behind him and cupped his pecs. The leather clad Latin stood a couple of inches above Sunny and was more than a couple of inches wider at the shoulders. No one in the club had ever seen two such gigantic examples of queer men bump and grind with each other so gracefully, like they were part animal.

Eventually they made their way over to a sidewall to make out. Gato pushing Sunny against the wall, going down on his lips and not letting the muscleman come up for air right away. In the dark with the lights from the dance floor in back o him, Sunny couldn’t see Gato’s face that clear, but he could make out those eyes. The odd red tint to them he got when he was really horny. Sunny rusted Gato without question but, at times, he was also as scared of the man as he knew the Loser was.

“Have you been a good boy, puppy?” Gato asked in his low hushed tone. With the voices and the music and sound of people dancing Sunny shouldn’t have been able to hear the low voice. But his mater’s voice was all that he could hear.

“Aren’t I always a good puppy?” Sunny asked, not trying to be cute as much as he wasn’t sure if he was doing the right thing by Gato. It was hard to tell sometimes.

“You’ve the best puppy a man could ask for.” Gato said kissing the hot blond again and grapping his dick through the thin shorts. “Also hard for me, like a good boy.”

“So happy you’re here tonight. It’s always better when we’re together.”

“Too right boy. But that’s what I wanted to talk to you about. We’re a pack aren’t we?”

Sunny thought about the question for a second, not really sure what Gato meant, knowing he was getting deep into their reality with it.

“We need more than just two for a pack.” Gato said not giving Sunny a chance to respond. “I need to convince Milton to gather others for our group. So I can have more than one puppy to play with.”

“You don’t need more puppies!” Sunny said shocked to hear he might not be the only one in his Mater’s life any longer. “And we REALLY don’t need that loser for anything. If ….if you really need others I CAN FIND YOU OTHERS!! Let ME do it!!!”

Gato went in to kiss Sunny again, while running his large hand up the blonde’s body. For a moment Sunny thought Gato was going to start stroking his neck, but instead grabbed it in an almost death grip. “You don’t tell me what I need. And you don’t tell me how to do things, understood?”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry…” Sunny whispered. Gato chuckled at the big muscle bound hunk all but crying like a little boy who broke a window and was being scolded by his father.

“We’re a pack, we need others. Period. Milton has been hiding the others from me. He knows where they are. And I need it to be Milton to get them for this to work right. You want it to be perfect don’t you?” Gato said kissing Sunny, getting him back into his positive side.


“Good boy. Let’s go.”

Gato grabbed Sunny by the wrist and pulled him through the club to the street outside. He didn’t stop till they came to a sleazy 24 hour sex shop down the busy city street. Gato didn’t let go of Sunny till they were inside. He lead the blond up to a counter and pointed to the objects inside.

“Which do you think would hurt the most?” Gato asked.

Tentatively Sunny looked in the case at the selection of dildo’s and butt plugs. Knowing he had to answer with the truth he pointed to a large black plug that looked like it could do some real damage.

“That one.” Gato said to the guy behind the counter while tossing a couple of $20 his way. “You have a place where he can get loaded with this.” Sunny noticed that Gato wasn’t asking, but telling the guy.

As the store clerk handed the object over he motioned to an area behind some beaded curtains.

“Get out the cell.” Gato said to Sunny while unwrapping his purchase. “You can watch if you take pictures.” He said to the clerk. The young man didn’t make eye contact but snapped up the phone the second it was within reach.

As soon as they were behind the beads Gato pushed Sunny up against the wall. With his free hand he yanked the blonde’s shorts down to his knees. “Wearing the jock, perfect.”

“You going to make me wear that?” Sunny asked over his shoulder.

“Yes, but first you’re going to get fucked.” Gato said running the zipped down on his tight leather pants. “We need to teach Milton a lesson.”

“Then why don’t you wait till tomorrow and fuck Milton. You know I haven’t…”

Gato pushed Sunny’s head against the wall stopping him from speaking. “Because it’s going to have more of an effect if I fuck YOU. Tomorrow morning Milton’s going to find a number of horrible things have been done to him overnight. Things he had no control over. Funny thing is, we all know that things Milton would consider ‘horrible’ are the same things my little puppy lives for. Ain’t that right?”

“I’ve wanted you to fuck me for all this time, and you said no one else but you could ever, so I haven’t…”

“I also said to shut up…”

Holding his engorged cock in his hand Gato moved forwards to let it ride between Sunny’s ass globes. The fun off the butt moved back and forth with the cock, but the flesh being so solid didn’t give an inch. Sunny groaned and moved his hips back, as that his ass as in the air more and his belly rounded to the ground. Gato took a half step forward and inserted his dick in-between the round butt cheeks. It took a second for him to find the mark but his dick was quickly pushing against the willing hole. And feeling it there, Sunny pushed back to get it.

“That’s my puppy.” Gato said before grabbing the blond by the hip and pulling him completely back till his ass was touching Gato’s bush. Sunny let out a cry and a groan at the same time, both from pain and pleasure. He lived for Gato but this was like nothing he had ever felt in his short life. The incredible feeling of the large cock being pushed in the small hole. He had no way of knowing this was going to happen tonight, wasn’t expecting it at all. But since the first time he came into the world, he knew it was why he was here. To give Gato his ass. He already had the Blonde’s soul.

After hearing the click once or twice of the camera phone did Gato remember that the clerk was there taking pictures. He turned to see the young guy entranced by the action, his own dick getting big underneath the pants he wore. Gato gave a smile, then motioned to Sunny’s head. The kid took a couple of close up of Sunny’s face. The pleasure and pain continuing. No doubt left as to what was going on from the spaced out ecstasy he was in. As much as his hair had been matted to his back thanks to dancing, now the long blonde curls were pressed against his face with perspiration.

Gato’s rhythm increased and Sunny almost lost his footing. Somehow able to right himself he moved slightly again as he shot his load from deep within his red jock strap. Didn’t even have to touch himself to cum. The jizz dripped out of the pouch half on the floor, half in the shorts around Sunny’s knees. Gato wasn’t done yet. He continued to ride Sunny till the Blonde was hard again. His own forehead, devoid of hair, gleamed even in the soft dull lighting of the back area of the store. His breathing got deeper as he flung his head back and shot everything he had into Sunny’s ass. If there was anyone left in the store who had no idea what was going on beyond the beads, hey knew now.

Breathing heavily Gato leaned to whisper into Sunny’s ear. “Clench your ass, puppy. Do it! I want to feel that asshole close tightly around my dick. Yea, that’s it. Going to pull out baby, but I want you to keep clenching. Don’t let a drop out. YOU HEAR ME!”

Gato carefully removed his dick from Sunny’s ass almost to immediately shove the butt plug in. This time there was no pleasure or ecstasy in the yell Sunny gave out, only pain. But the plug went in, all the way to the grip used to keep it in. Gato gave Sunny a couple of minutes to let him get used to it. He loved his puppy enough to give him that.

“You understand, that’s not something you’re allowed to remove. You’re not allowed to even mention it being there. You’re only allowed to enjoy it while you can. It’s going to be left there for Milton to find in the morning. That’s lesson one.”

“Thank you sir.” Sunny whispered.

“Good boy.” Gato said as he pulled Sunny’s shorts up and patted his ass. This caused Sunny to yelp again. “Get used to it. We’re going.”

Gato grabbed the phone from the clerk and lead Sunny out of the store. He gave the blond only slight seconds to get used to walking with the huge ass plug in place, but expected the kid to getting the rhythm of things without needed a break.

Sunny thought they might go back to the club or even back to the house after that, but Gato had mentioned this being only lesson one. He soon found out that lesson two was going to be made at a tattoo and piercing parlor a few doors down.

“Am I getting a tattoo Gato?” Sunny asked actually getting excited about the idea. He had seen them on so many other guys and loved the look of them. “That would be pretty humiliating to the loser if you found some huge fucking tat on his body when he woke up.”

“Yes but unfortunately, it would only last till tomorrow night. When he changes back into you, off the tat would come with his skin.”

“Oh man, does that mean I never get to get one.”

“Such a good boy, not only going along with this but eager to do what Gato says.” Gato said wrapping his arm around Sunny’s head and pulling him in close. “Then you get an extra gift tonight.” He motioned to the guy off in the corner. “Hey! We need to hook this stud up with a couple of nipple rings and your heaviest PA. How long a wait?”

“Bring him in!!”

Sunny’s eyes grew big as saucers at the words Gato said. He had never thought of getting any piercing, not even the trendy earrings he saw so many guys get. But for some reason, as much as the reason behind the jewelry was to upset the Loser, the mere thought was even more exciting than getting fucked by Gato.

The piercer showed them to a back room and had Sunny take a seat in the chair. It was a large padded chair, almost like a dentist’s. Once he got settled the piercer moved it back so Sunny was slightly more horizontal. Gato was shown the rings that were going to be used, the piercer knowing who was in charge.

“I recommend doing the PA first. It’s a single step, and while it’s painful, there are those who feel getting the nipple rings hurts more. So doing the PA first sort of gets it out of the way. And gives it some time to heal up while the nipples are done. Also recommend a light gauge for a first timer. Something this big is going to take some getting used to. But I’m guessing…”

Gato shot him a look that told the guy the bigger the better was how this was going down. Sunny’s shorts and jock were pulled down to reveal his cock, still slightly hard due to the recent fuck session. It was quickly clean off and made ready. Never the question of a pain killer ever came up. A long needle was brought out, sterilized and positioned at the end of Sunny’s dick. Giving Sunny just enough time to grab Gato’s hand, the needle was pushed in, and through. Sunny leaned back in the chair with the piercing, arching his back but not enough so the guy lost his grip. In that position the piercer caught a glimpse of the butt plug’s end sticking out of Sunny’s ass, but of course said nothing. While he didn’t usually have talent like these two in the place, it wasn’t the first time he’d seen something like that. Quickly the needle was pulled out and an incredible heavy gauge ring threaded though the holes and secured in place. The blood wiped off and some gauze wrapped around.

Lifting up Sunny’s shirt they moved onto the nipple rings. Certainly not as heavy as the PA but thick and gold. Would look spectacular on the big man’s chest. The big nipples drawn down slightly due to their weight. The gold rings intertwining with the long dark blonde hairs around the nipples themselves. With the half shirt down the rings would defiantly show from just beneath the edges. The thought of it started making Sunny hard again, reminding him of the trauma his dick had just gone through. The guy was right though. As painful as the dick piercing was, the two nipples were miles worst. But it was done at a better angle and a done quicker.

Again the area was wiped clean, some gauze put in place for a minute while the tech and Gato walked to the front to settle the bill. Before leaving the room Sunny was handed a bottle of Jack to down for the pain. It was almost gone by the time the two men came back.

Gato was nice to Sunny for the rest of the evening. He’d been through a lot, gone thorough without question and pleased his master very much. Because while these were major steps for the big blond to go through, they weren’t being done necessarily for him. As Gato had said, it was all being done for Milton to learn a lesson.

Of course Milton had to stop screaming in total panic to even begin learning the lesson. The next morning he had woke up in incredible pain. At first he thought he must just be waking up through the end of the transformation back to his real self. But the more he woke up the more pain he found himself in. For while the large gage ring used on Sunny’s cock only look slightly large in comparison to the giant bodybuilder, on the much smaller Milton, it was like someone had attached an anchor to his dick. He quickly found the nipple rings too, not looking quite as fashionable on his flat hairless chest as they did on Sunny’s.

Milton got out of bed and tried to move to the bathroom to I see what was really going on when he felt the plug in his ass. His mind reeling from the shear insanity of the situation Milton reached behind him and found the end. And screamed some more. It took all his strength to grab the end of the plug and pull it out. Losing his grip a couple of times which allowed the plug to shoot back inside him, rubbing the prostate like it was designed to. Giving Milton a slight pang of pleasure along with the panic. But he eventually got the plug out which hit the floor with a thump. Cum and a bit of blood soon began to drip down his legs.

He was sobbing almost uncontrollably in the bathroom trying to get the PA out when Gato entered the room.

“Wouldn’t do that. Only going to make matters worse. Going to cause a tear and besides, I’ll just have it put back tonight anyway.”

‘Stop this please STOP THIS!!” He pleaded, his eyes red from crying. “What I did wasn’t this bad. How much do I have to pay back!!!!”

“You know what it’ll take to stop this.” Gato said quietly, not even beginning to react to Milton’s suffering. “Are you willing now to bring them to me?”

Milton couldn’t. he promised himself when this started that no matter what happened, he would go through it alone. He couldn’t turn the others in just to make things easier on himself. But he never conceived it would go this far…..

“Who do you want first…..?” •

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