Friday Night Freaks

By Ultrabeef

“Just take it Smash. It’ll make a real winner outta ya.” Buddy opened is hand to reveal a small vial of black liquid.

“Gee, Mr. Garrity, I just don’t know… I mean Coach would kill me if he ever found out,” Smash sheepishly replied.

“Nonsense boy.” Buddy flashed his winning car salesman smile and continued, “Besides, I’ve got enough for the whole team.”

Smash didn’t know what to do. He was from a poor side of town, and being black, he thought he had few options for a successful future. Only a few weeks ago he had been caught taking steroids to improve his performance on the football field and impress the college scouts. Coach had made him swear to clean up his act or he was off the team. Now here was Buddy Garrity, one of the richest guys in town and one of the biggest supporters of the Dillon Panthers, offering him some kind of experimental performance enhancement drug he had gotten his hands on.

“Well, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to try,” Smash mumbled. “States are next week, and we need any edge we can get.”

“Now that’s the right spirit,” Buddy gleamed. “You see that the rest of the boys get their dose too now, ya hear?” Buddy handed Smash a duffel bag filled with vials of the black liquid for the rest of the team. The two parted the school parking lot in different directions, and the deal was made.

At home that night as Smash struggled through the second hour of his Geometry homework, he glanced more and more frequently at the black duffel bag hanging from his bed post. Smash knew he needed to get scouted by a good college and be offered a full scholarship or he would spend the rest of his life as a nobody in Dillon. Ever since his mom caught him using steroids and turned him over to Coach Taylor he had watched his performance on the field drop off considerably. Smash took a vial of the black inky liquid out of the bag and rolled it between his fingers.

Oh what the hell, Smash thought to himself as he filled a syringe with the liquid. Smash winced as he jabbed the hypo into his thigh and emptied the vial into his body. Smash then returned to his desk and his Geometry homework. A few minutes later Smash started to feel sick. Waves of intense heat and chilling cold washed over his body. Drops of sweat fell from his forehead onto his homework.

“Oh, shit, feel like I’m gonna puke…” Smash grabbed his stomach and rocked back and forth in his desk chair as the pain in his abdomen grew more and more intense. Smash ran into the bathroom and shut the door. Grabbing the toilet bowl he began to heave as thick black puke gushed from his mouth.

What was this shit Buddy gave me? Smash wondered through his pain, And how stupid was I to take it? As he clutched the bowl Smash noticed that his hands seemed bigger than before. As he lifted his right hand to look at it he realized his forearm was thicker too.

“What the fuck… is happening… to me…” Smash moaned. The pain intensified as Smash’s body suddenly went wild with growth. His biceps and triceps swelled with power as the veins in his arms snaked over his ebony skin. Smash’s cobra-like back and boulder shoulders tore through his t-shirt as it expanded to over 4 feet across. He reached to touch his stomach and felt the bricks of a six-pack instead. His hand ventured further up and grabbed the thick beef of his now massive protruding pecs.

“Oh yeaaah…” Smash moaned as his body continued to expand. His quads were tearing through his jeans as they filled with power and muscle. Just then he heard his mom calling up the stair to him.

“Smash honey, Tim Riggins is here to help you with your homework. Should I send him up?”

“Yeah,” Smash grunted in his newly deepened voice.

“Thanks Ma’am,” Tim smiled as he headed up the stairs to Smash’s room. Always hanging out with a new chick every week, Riggins was an awesome player like Smash and one of the hottest guys on the team. Tim pushed open the door to Smash’s room and gasped at what he saw.

Riggins pushed his sandy shoulder length hair away from his bright green eyes for a better look. A huge black guy stood with his back to the door flexing in a full length mirror on the wall. This guy was a beast. He was completely naked, and Tim could see his thick powerhouse legs that led into two massive glutes that hung off his body like a shelf. His tiny waist seemed barely able to support his freaky back that looked like wings. His beefy arms jutted out from his sides as they were forced away from his body by his lats. The guy turned around to reveal a ripped six pack and pecs that looked like two boulders. Tim could see the guy’s dick was on par with the rest of him, at least 12 inches and thick as a beer can, not even hard.

“Yo, Riggins whatz up?” the guy smiled, and Tim realized that he looked familiar.

“Smash, is that you?” Tim stammered.

You better fuckin’ believe it,” Smash raised his arms into a freaky double bicep pose.

“What the hell did you do to yourself?” Tim yelled, his dick becoming achingly hard in his jeans.

“Why don’t you just shut up and and worship this black muscle stud?” Smash purred.

Tim didn’t have to be asked twice. He was sucking Smash’s monster cock within seconds and feeling the thick massive legs and ass that surrounded it. Exhausted, Tim collapsed on the bed and smiled.

“Shit, Smash. I never knew you could be so hot.”

“I never knew you could be such a muscle fag,” Smash grinned.

“What are you gonna tell Coach?”

“Who the hell cares?” Smash arrogantly continued. “I could go to college tight now. Fuck, I could play in the NFL with the body like this.”

“I wish I could feel what it’s like to be that big and hung,” Tim purred rolling Smash’s nipple around his tongue.

“Wanna see?” Smash threw a vial at Tim. “Go on pretty boy, put some bulk on that skinny ass frame of yours,” Smash encouraged.

“That hurt like a bitch,” Tim grumbled as he pulled the empty syringe out of his abdomen.

The next day at school Dillon quarterback Matt Saracen was making out with his girlfriend (and Coach Taylor’s daughter) Julie at his locker when he heard a commotion behind him. “What the heck?” he muttered as he pulled away from Julie and turned around. Coming down the hall were two of the biggest guys Matt had ever seen. One was a big black guy wearing a skintight Panthers jersey that barely contained his freakish back and thick vascular arms. The guy was wearing spandex shorts that were stretched to the max over his huge bubble butt and snug around what looked like a summer sausage in his crotch. The other guy was equally as huge. He was white with shoulder length brown hair. He was wearing no shirt and had huge thick pecs and arms that sat atop a perfect 8-pack. His spandex shorts also barely contained an obviously huge dick.

“Hey Saracen, see you at practice,” the white guy said as Matt, wide-eyed, watched them pass.

“Was that Tim Riggins and Smash?” Julie wondered longingly as she watched the two hunks walk past her their huge asses and mighty legs rolling around each other as they walked.

“Holy crap… what happened to them… they’re huge!” Matt exclaimed.

“Well, they must have taken steroids or something,” Julie matter of factly replied.

“I gotta tell Coach, we’re gonna get disqualified from States if they took drugs.” Matt rushed off toward the locker room as Julie followed Tim and Smash with her eyes.

“Coach, can I talk to you a sec?” Matt asked as he walked into Coach Taylor’s office.

“Sure Matt, shut the door,” Coach replied. He was sitting in his big leather chair with his back to Matt watching tape from last Friday’s game. Matt could see the top of his head as he continued.

“Sir… I don’t know how to say this, and I don’t want to be a tattletale, but…”

“Go on,” Coach encouraged.

“Sir, I think some guys on the team are taking drugs.”

“Really?” Coach replied.

“Yes sir, and I just though you should know”.

“Well, thanks Matt, but if you mean Riggins and Smash, well, I already know.”

“You… you do?” Matt stammered.

Coach Taylor turned around in his chair and faced Matt. Coach Taylor was huge. His huge chest stretched the letters on his Dillon Panther’s t-shirt, and his thick neck and boulder shoulders caused the fabric to ride up on his massive arms covered with thick black hair. Coach was holding his thick cock in his hands stroking it as he talked.

Matt’s eyes widened, “Oh shit, Coach… they got to you too?”

“Stop being such a pussy and just take it like a man, Matt.”

“I… I don’t do drugs sir,” Matt stammered.

“Well, you’re gonna have to now,” Coach smiled.

Matt ran out of Coach’s office and into the locker room. The rest of the team began to walk out from the shadows; they were all hugely muscular like Smash and Tim had been.

“Come on Saracen,” Tim taunted, “We need a big strong leader to throw the ball.”

“Leave me alone!” Matt screamed and ran out of the locker room and into the hallway where he crashed into Julie.

“Matt, what’s wrong?” Julie asked.

“Smash, Riggins… everyone,” he panted.

“Calm down, what is it?” Julie tried to calm Matt down. “Come with me.” Julie led Matt to the empty school library. “OK, you’re safe. Now what’s going on Matt?”

“The team… your dad… everyone… they’ve been turned into giant muscle-bound freaks!” Matt moaned. “They wanted to make me into a freak too, but I got away from them, I don’t know what to do… we’ve gotta go to the police!”

“You’re all right now, just relax,” Julie purred as she hugged Matt tightly brushing her fingers through his hair. Suddenly Matt felt a sharp pain in his ass.

“Ow!” He pulled away from Julie and grabbed an empty syringe from his rear. Matt looked at the empty syringe in his hand and then at Julie, his eyes wide. “Wh… why?” Matt moaned.

“Because I want a stud for a boyfriend, and my dad asked me to,” Julie smiled.

Matt crouched on the floor of the darkened library his breathing heavy and labored. He started to giggle under his breath. “Oh fuck… heeee… shit… heee.” His voice began to get deeper and deeper. “Oh fuck yeah… he he he…” the evil laugh reverberated through the empty library.

“Matt, you ok?” Julie asked into the darkness.

Out of the shadows stepped Matt Saracen. Gone was the scared little boy that had been Julie’s boyfriend. Instead there stood a cocky, hulking, muscle stud.

“I’m just fine,” the stud grinned and massaged his massive pec. Julie eyed his huge dick with lust in her eyes.


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