Jekyll Genes: Labrat Addiction/Gymrat Withdrawl


By Texzilla

George had risked just about everything heading back before he had fully reverted to his original self. Skin was still too dark, hair, what was slowly growing back, too blonde. And he didn’t have ‘normal’ clothes for his alternate personalities that would fit a work situation. While at the same time his ‘real’ clothes still didn’t fit him too well.

But he had to get into the office, go to his computer and get another vial sent to him. He waited till the busiest time in the afternoon when people were leaving to head in. If he went in the middle of the night, Security would give his ID too much attention. Going when they would be too busy to give it a second look, and being able to blend I with the crowds somewhat was his best bet. He could just wait it out in a meeting room for a few hours till he was sure the place was empty enough.

The place wasn’t as 100% empty as he’d like it, but George had no other choice. At least in his mind he didn’t. The obsession to get the vial, to change once again, to have one of those bodies was overwhelming his entire thought process. As much as his actions were to get the test drugs from the competition, it was also to have that power again. Those muscles. The experience took him places he never knew existed. And he wasn’t ready to come home just yet.

Unlike his concerns about people he worked with seeing him in transition form, George really didn’t care what others in his apartment building thought when they saw him. So he was heading down to the mail boxes several times a day to check if his shipment had arrived. But also unlike the options he had when ordering clothes and accessories for his new personas on line, there was no option of overnight him the Jekyll Gene solution he came up with.

George actually thought his heart skipped a beat when he opened his mailbox on the third day and found the package. Snatched it out and ran back up the stairs to his apartment. Not only were his clothes off within seconds of the door slamming shut, he already had sprung a hard on in anticipation. He took two seconds to get his dick going, plunged the needle into his ass, tossed it aside and went back to jagging off.

The pain was even more intense than the last two times. But wrapped up in the act of pleasuring himself, he hardly noticed it. Even bit of pain meant a return to muscle. He had to go smaller this time. The other transformations showed that reducing the height gave more mass to the muscles. And George was going for mass this time, so down to below 5’3”. The exchange paid off immediately The shoulders shot out first, rounder than the first two times. Then the chest bulged out, farther and farther till gravity took over and caused the massive pecs to hang off his chest, the nipples almost pointing towards the floor. George’s arms got shorter to fit his new body size, with the biceps, triceps and forearms taking on extra mass with each inch loss. Lifting his arms up to check out the pump George found his back muscles, he had learned they were called lats by the pros, flared out from behind, like solid muscle wings. As much as he had lost height due to his spine compressing, it wasn’t till his legs shrank down that George started noticing how much bigger everything in the room was. The legs became solid trunks to support the built up upper body. He had to take a couple of steps to the side to make room for the muscles on his inner thighs rubbing up against each other. He wasn’t sure if his ass was actually that much bigger of if his much smaller hands had less room to feel things. Which made him then think about his hard dick again. How could he have forgotten about his dick? Not only had he been continually pumping it all this time, he had remembered to add a little, a well, a lot to it’s size and girth for this run. Even taking into consideration that he knew his hands were getting smaller, he knew this was one big dick. At least 4 inches length from his original and a good three in circumference. 20 minutes had been spent on the computer trying to figure out how to add the foreskin back, which now enveloped the plumb sized head of his cock. In the mirror was a little muscle guy with a huge cock. He was over a foot shorter now when the secondary transformation kicked in.

George hoped he got this right. He was running his hands down the bumpy hard six pack that was his stomach now, down the smooth trail to his bush when the hair thinned a bit then smoothed out straight. Didn’t even try to recall Georgie or Joe, went with someone new. What other little body hair that had grown back in fell out, except for that small patch left above his crotch. Leaving it looking even bigger. The hair on his head stayed, turning a deep black, while the stubble on his face left like his chest hair. Maybe a little indication that something might grow along the sides of his mouth and his chin. George’s skin had gone from the deep black mostly back to it’s original white, but now swirled with tones till it was an almost golden brown. His face had continued to change, becoming slightly rounder, good cheek bones and lastly the eyes, taking the Asian characteristic he had hoped for.

When all was done George saw a 5 foot nothing muscle bound Chinese man grinning the same grin he had the last two times this shit worked. He looked young again, younger than ‘Joe’, maybe even younger than ‘Georgie.” Late teens, or someone in his mid teens trying to look older. Just the thought of being a teen muscle kid got his cock as hard as it would go. Didn’t even need to keep stroking himself for another second before his darker almost brown cock shot off. So long and hard now it pushed his hips back some when the tip exploded with cum. He wondered if it was George sperm or this Chinese guy’s sperm that his is bedroom mirror. George didn’t want to perpetuate any stereotypes but at the same time, knew he wanted to go smaller, so he figured an Asian persona might blend in better. He just knew he wanted muscles this time, big ones, not only because it would assure him a place in the trails but, he just needed them one last time.

After an hour or so trying on both new and old clothes on his new body George dug out the info he had gotten about joining the test group for the Costello Pharmaceutical new line of sports supplementals. Nothing on the info was specific for the persona of “Joe” who he had been when he let the CEO of the company fuck him raw for hours on end in order to get the invite. George panicked a little because while he had thought most things out, he hadn’t thought about a name, and he needed to give the receptionist one. Spur of the moment he came up with Lee Chen. Sounded authentic yet innocuous enough. Making the phone call was also the first time he used his new voice. It was much higher than his ‘real’ one, a bit more nasal but, he had to admit, kind of cute. While waiting on the phone to give and get his info George found that Lee’s legs weren’t long enough to reach the floor. As he continued to wait and go through the steps he found himself swinging his feet back and forth off the ground like he had done as a kid. Lots to get used to in this new body.

The woman on the phone let him know he was signed up and gave him the address to report to in the morning. Turned out they were starting a new batch of test cases and he had called at the perfect time to be involved. By the time he was all done it was too late to hit the gym to see if Vlad was there, and he was finding himself too drained from the change to have a work out session or a night at the club. So it was a dinner of more burgers than he thought his new smaller body could possibly have eaten. George noticed that while ordering his food he was still hesitant in talking due to his new higher voice. Which for some reason lead the woman behind the counter to believe that his English wasn’t as good as it really was. He had seen the same thing when hanging out with Vlad as both Georgie and Joe. And it was this incorrect presumption from others that gave George the idea how to play this.

George got up early the next morning and delved deep into being Lee. He buzzed his hair down a little, leaving a short, almost shadow only length on hair left. Made the cuteness a little more edgy without going for the complete head shave like Joe. Didn’t need to shave, not enough hair grew in on his face to make a difference. While standing at his bathroom mirror getting ready, and getting used to Lee, George started wishing he had a box or something to stand on. Lastly he outfitted Lee in a head to toe white outfit, it went well with the golden skin tone. White stretch work out shorts, longer board shorts over them to start with. He hoped the stretch fabric would help contain the beast that hung between his legs and the larger shorts over would conceal the bulge that just wouldn’t go away. Wanted to save the surprise till it was needed. On top he dug out a sleeveless half shirt topped off with a sleeveless hoodie sweat. Let the guns and the calves showing for all their massive glory. Threw a few more things, along with a towel or two just in case , into his gym bag and headed out.

It took a while for Lee to drive out to the address he was given on the phone the night before. Turned out to be a rented training facility out in the ‘burbs. There were a few other cars already out in the parking lot, including, much to his delight, Vlad’s beat to shit Chevy.

Lee’s heart stopped racing with excitement once he entered the facility and started in on the program. Turned out to be 6 guys in the session for the day, none of them were Vlad though. Most of them were hot. Big old Latino kid kept giving Lee the eye from the start and it’s meaning was not missed. He had seen that look back when he was playing Joe, on stage, stripping for hungry guys. That was a “Let’s find a quite place and fuck” look if he ever saw one.

The test subjects were separated though, each lead off on their own, but with their own trainer from the company for the day. Lee was happy to find his watch dog was a good looking light skinned black guy named Perry.

“So you’re Lee? Lee Chen?” Perry said checking his notes on the pad he was holding.

“Yes, Ia Lee Chen.” Lee said smiling, checking out the guy’s nice arms and trying for an accent he hoped sounded authentic.

“I see you’re here on an invite from Mr. Jeffers our CEO. Interesting.” Perry looked up from his notes and gave Lee a knowing look. “Why don’t you follow me and we’ll get started."

Perry walked away down, heading down the hall but Lee stood where he was. After a few seconds Perry noticed he was alone.

“Lee, you follow me……follow….me….” Perry said politely, but loudly.

Lee smiled, made a head nod he hoped gave the impression that he now understood and headed off. The idea was to give the impression that his grasp of English as not as good as it could be. That people would on one hand have to speak precisely in order to be understood. Which of course was not needed since Lee fully understood them. But he had seen enough people interact with Vlad enough to know that people also tended to let their guard down if they thought what they were saying and doing would not be fully understood. Which is what he wanted. He could stay three steps ahead of everyone while they were treating him as if he was five steps behind.

“Ned to get some statistics on you, like weight and measurements.” Perry said leading Lee into a private room that almost looked like a Doctor’s office. “If you can take your shirt and shoes off that would be great."

“Take clothes off?”

“Yea, just your shirt and shoes, leave the skivvies.”

Lee decided to show the guy what happens when you use a word like ‘skivvies’ to someone who’s not up on American idioms. And maybe show the guy something else. He quickly discarded his shoes and the shirts he was wearing but waited till Perry turned around to see him yank down his pants.

“No you don’t have to WHOA………yea just place those off to the side.”

Perry took a nice long time measuring Lee. Getting all the details, filling up a couple of pages full of numbers that Lee was sure would never be used for anything. But it gave the young black man a chance to run his hands along the Chinese teen’s body. Fit the measuring tape in the underarms and straighten it out down along his body to his thighs. It was when Perry went into a squat to take the hip measurements that Lee got creative with the appendage hanging at his waist.

“Oh, sorry Perry. Didn’t mean to hit you with penis.” Lee said after ‘accidentally’ shifting his hips enough to hit Perry in the chin with his dick.

“Well that’s OK, there are due to be accidents when..”

“Oh sorry again.” Lee said laughing in a way he hoped sounded a little embarrassed. “I hit you once more.”

“It’s just that I’m so close and it’s so..”

“Maybe Perry should take dick in mouth, it stay out of way then.”

Perry hesitated for a moment like he was going to protest or correct Lee on what was gong on, but it was only for a moment before he had his lips wrapped around the thick head of the cock in front of him. When living as Georgie and Joe George had gotten to really experience the pleasure of a good blow job for the first time, but now with the Lee’s bigger cock, it was like learning about them all over again. Perry was good. Lee was sure this wasn’t the first time Perry had used this room for this part of the ‘orientation.’

With little lead up or priming Perry suddenly got all of Lee’s 8+ hard inches down his throat. Till his full lips were hitting Lee’s dick hair and his chin was knocking his balls. And then really surprised Lee by picking up the pace. Even as a stripper Joe wasn’t able to practice enough on all the dicks that paid for his mouth to go as fast as Perry was on Lee’s dick now. Lee was playing with his nipples till he found that twinge starting deep within his groin telling him he was close to shooting. Lee reached forward and grabbed Perry’s head, letting it rock back and forth for a minute. He liked the feeling of the black man’s hair, soft but textured at the same time. Wished he hadn’t goofed and allowed Joe to have a head of hair like this. The floodgates popped and Lee shot his load down Perry’s throat, who didn’t let a drop out.

“Warmed up now, we get to work?”

“Yea…….let…uhhh………get to work….” Perry said getting himself together and on his feet.

“You good at that.” Lee said pulling his stretch shorts over his still fairly hard cock.

“And you’re just awesome guy. Let’s start you on the treadmill and get some stats.”

Lee was still smiling over the situation when they left the room. Perry checking the way to make sure not too many people saw them leaving the room so long, and so flushed, after they went in.

They made their way through the facility to the training area, passing others in the test group and their handlers. At the far end of one of the corridors the doors opened for 5 or 6 handlers and in the middle of the group, Vlad.

He looked good, he looked big and he looked like he was loving the attention. Perry motioned for Lee to stand aside with him as they passed. The group passed by, both seeing and not seeing the black man and his Chinese charge standing against the hall. In the commotion Vlad looked over at the two men standing off to the side. Maybe to make sure they were seeing how much more important he was than them. When their eyes met, lee could feel it. There was the connection. He had told Vlad to watch for someone to make eye contact with him. Lee mouthed the word “Vlad” before he was rushed off. Lee wasn’t sure if the same connection he felt was made by Vlad. Had he not been dragged off by Perry Lee would have Vlad straining his neck from the middle of the crowd to get another look at the Chinese man who just said his name.

“Who that?” Lee asked as Perry started hooking up heart and repertory pads to Lee’s chest.

“Who? The guy in the hall. Prize pupil. Been on the stuff for awhile, with hope of him becoming a professional bodybuilder who’ll plug our new product line. His first contest is at the end of the week so he’s in for last minute testing and work.” Perry said finishing and turning on the treadmill. “Got this on slow since I know this isn’t the type of workout you muscle studs get to grow those. Just to get some basic stats. By the way, if this turns out even half way decent I’m putting you up for the same program as big man Vlad.”

Lee took a moment to adjust walking on the treadmill. Before all his changes it was usually only piece of equipment he used in the gym. Now he had trouble walking around his own thighs to keep up the pace. “What you give him? You not give…..steroids.” Lee whispered.

“Nah just supplements. Things to bulk him up and tone at the same time. Something special so that by the end of the week his skin should be paper thin against his muscles.”

“I don’t……hard to know, yes?” Less said pretending again not to understand.

“Ummm, hard to…..look, just keep walking. I’ll go get some of the stuff to show you,”

Lee got a smile on his face that was just about as wide as when he first transformed. His pace of walking picked up just at the thought of Perry coming back with even a little of the stuff he came here to get. A door across the room opened but instead of Perry returning it was the Latino guy from orientation with his handler. The young guys eyes lit up when he was Lee, shirtless and sweaty walking on the treadmill.

“Hey fella, how much longer you got on there?” the handler asked. This time Lee didn’t have to pretend he didn’t understand, he just didn’t know. “Where’s your handler?”

“I’m here.” Perry said returning with a large bag. Lee tried to not get his heart rate too high when he saw that it was obviously filled with product. ‘Went to go get my man Lee some of the good stuff.”

“Why’s that?” the other handler asked.

“Why? Look at this guy! We get him using our product, he’ll be catching up on the Russian so fast, guy’ll think he’s his shadow.”

“Where can I get that for my guy?”

“Come on, I’ll show you. They’re not giving these to just anyone. You’re going to have to make a pretty good case.” Perry said turning off the treadmill. “Be back for you in a bit. Wait here OK?” He handed Lee the bag of goodies and headed off.

Lee could feel the attraction/tension between himself and the young Latino start to spike even before the two handlers left the room. As he pulled the pad and wires off his chest Luis sauntered over to lean against the treadmill.

“Looks like you worked up a good sweat.”

“Oh yes? Perry set machine very fast. Oh, what happened to arm?” He said noticing the small bandage on Luis’ arm. Something about wanting to make sure I wasn’t juicing. They didn’t for you.”

“No.” Lee said shooting the guy a double bicep.

“Very nice. You know…..they took the blood in one of these rooms down the hall….which had a lock on it…….”

Lee stepped off the treadmill, grabbed Luis by the back of the head in order to lay a kiss on his lips like he had never felt, then lead him out of the room. As soon as the door was locked the two young muscle men were all over each other. The kiss they shared in the workout room was nothing like the passion they had now. One good thing about skimpy workout clothes was that they could be thrown off and into a pile within seconds.

With his clothes off Lee could see that Luis had a good build, not as strong as his, but getting there. Sort of like what Georgie had looked like. Of course he was taller, by a good 4 inches, shoulders wide and a rock solid ass. His skin was at least as brown as Lee’s, but had a deeper undertone to it. Luis had a fairly good layer of hair from the neck down. Not enough to hide his musculature but, enough that it would get nice and matted down when sweaty. Lee thought that maybe next time he’d try out a Latino genetic make up for the Jekyll Gene solution but then remembered, he had the stuff, he wouldn’t have to go through this again. He had the stuff he came for, a full bag of it. Well, if he wasn’t going to go through this again, he was going to get every bit of action out of his last trip.

“Holy shit look at that cock.”

“Is nice, yes? You like cock?”

“Guess I do.”

“I like ass. Let see Luis’ ass.”

The Latino turned around and bent over the examination table. His bubble butt parted so the Lee could get his hand between the round globes to message. It was hard and soft at the same time. Just enough fat to make the outer layer silky, but hard and solid just underneath. Lee was happy to find that Luis’ treasure trail continued from navel to crotch to between his legs and around his asshole. Lee stuck a finger in and started playing all the more.

“How ‘bout it.” He said dropping all pretext of an accent or lack of English verbal skills.

“Well I’ve never…”

“You’ll never forget it, I can promise you that.” Lee whispered in his ear before aiming his growing cock head at the hairy brown hole.

From Joe’s days as a paid sex object Lee knew that a first fuck could be tough on the receiving end. And with this cock from hell it was going to be one this Luis was going to remember.

“Bend at your knees, too tall” Lee said after a few seconds of straining to fully reach Luis’ ass. His dick might be thicker and longer than average, but his legs were too. So reaching the full target was more of an effort. Luis bent just enough so that Lee could easily fit the head of his dick against the hole. As he pressed the head in Luis reacted by groaning then starting to move, straightening up and even pushing forward as to move the table a bit. Lee pushed him back down and grabbed him by the hips in order to keep him still and in place. He was almost going to ask if Luis wanted to stop when the big Latino grabbed the side of the table harder and muttered “Go on.”

Lee pushed all the way in, getting a few more groans from Luis. After a few easy pumps Lee picked up the pace, only to find Luis matching his moves with as much enthusiasm as he was getting. Lee wasn’t sure if any of the guys he’d been with in his other incarnation ever gave up their cherry’s to him. Just hoped the guy didn’t expect to get it in the ass with a cock as big as the one Lee currently sported. As a steady seam of sweat made a small river down Lee’s body, between the cleavage of his pecs and down to his cock, he could feel himself close to cumming. Grabbing onto Luis’s hips even more securely he pulled the guy back till his entire dick was engulfed in the guy’s ass, and shot off.

Lee pulled out and was shaking off the fuck when he noticed that Luis was in fact still shaking. At first he thought the kid just might be having a reaction to getting fucked at first when the guy lets out a groan from deep within.

Shaking like an earthquake was going through him Luis continued to hold onto the table. Another groan came out as Lee was shocked to see the guy’s back suddenly expand and flair with more muscles. From there the muscle growth spread like a fire across the guy. Legs that were fairly well defined were now massive and thick, more than Lee’s. Shoulders ballooned out, his ass lost all it’s fat and just became solid rock. Luis turned around, a shocked and painful look on his face that Lee would never forget. His chest hung down almost to the bottom of his rib cage, all solid muscles. What had started out as a fair dusting of body hair was soon a forest. The bare ass of the boy was now the covered butt of a man. The hair swirling around the lowered back like a whirlpool. His chest and stomach was now blocked from sight due to the thick rug that continued to grow out. Long enough that it would have to be combed like the deep black hair on his head. Not even Luis’ hands and the top of his feet were free from the hair growth. He might have shaved before coming to the location but his face sported more than your average 5 o’clock shadow by what was now late morning. After a few more minutes of slower growth Luis had gone from being fairly musculature to far beyond what Lee had reach….when he had used….

“Oh my god, oh my god, who are you?!?!” He yelled at Luis. “You’re on the shit too aren’t you?!?! You’re on the Jekyll Gene too!!!”

“What, how do you…”Luis asked in a deeper voice than before.

“I know, I know, I’m on it. Who are you?!?!”

“I’m….I’m……Peter Moberg……” the new muscle man said as he felt his body, checking the arm, cupping his chest.

“Pete? From down in quality control? Oh my god, Pete, I’m George Gordon. We’ve worked together on…”

“George? You can’t….George?”


“Jesus. Then we both had the same idea. Use the stuff, get into the competitor’s camp and submit their stuff as ours…..”

“Yea, this is my third go at this.”

“Only my first I just….yesterday….” Luis’ eyes suddenly all but burst from his head in shock. “Oh holy crap this is it isn’t it!!! The secondary mutation!!! It only happens when two people on the shit fuck around and fluids are exchanged!! Which mean…..THIS IS PERMANENT!!!!!”

“As far as they know it’s..”

“I have a wife and kids!!!! I can’t go through life like this!! What the fuck am I going to do?!?!”

“Got no idea man. It’s permanent. Your wife might like the idea of having a young Mexican stud for a husband but from what I understand the whole gay bit’s just as permanent. Going to take a lot to explain to the kids..”

“Don’t joke about this you fuck head!!”

“Hey, don’t blame me! I’m not the one who spread his ass at the first chance he got. That could just as easily been……me….”

“I couldn't help it, it was this body....this person I became took over, not me!!! What am I going to do?!?!”

“Like I said, don’t know, don’t blame me!!” Lee said pushing Luis on his shoulder. “If I had been the one I’d be in the same boat. Just too the stuff yesterday. less than 18 hours ago so I’m just as susceptible as you are.”

“Oh yea?” Luis said getting angry now at Lee instead of just the situation. “You want to be stuck like this? Maybe I shouldn’t be the only one going through this. You want your life ruined?”

“Don’t happen to see it as ruined man.” Less said suddenly dropping to his knees and taking Luis’s cock into his mouth. He worked fast. He knew Luis hadn’t come when he got fucked. And the change from level one to level two infection of the Jekyll Gene, despite the pain, had not taken his cock down that far. He had to work fast. Had to get Luis’ cum down his throat before one of them came to their senses….

And it wasn’t more than a half minute before the new Luis shot more cum down the small Chinese man’s throat than he had ever taken before.

The changes started almost immediately. Lee’s musculature was already far beyond any normal person’s. Well into bodybuilding levels. So the extra mass that suddenly sprouted out all across his body was to a level of freakish nature. Chest so big and wide that he had trouble lowering his head very much, I was in the way. Arms swelled to such huge size that he had trouble holding them to his side. They were left resting on the over swollen lats and pecs that had grown so large they almost touched. The pain in his legs was incredible as they too took size far more than a normal person would even be able to gain.

The look on Luis’ face was sick. He was shocked and disgusted at the growth he was seeing. This wasn’t bodybuilder hot, this was steroid insanity. And the guy had asked for it.

But as Lee himself started to panic about the muscle size he had gained, a new wave of changes took over. Suddenly he started seeing Luis eye to eye, then started looking down at Luis. He had gained back not only the height of George, but a few more inches to 6’7”. Legs stretched out, arms too. His hands became gigantic as compared to the small Lee. He could feel his spine elongating some, making his torso longer than before. From what he could feel his cock was keeping up with the changes too. Adding inches both in length and width to stay in proportion to the new height. Not just making a larger version of Lee, but adapting the basic body to hold all the muscle growth in a pattern that made more sense. But even with the size and the symmetry being worked out, Lee was still larger than any bodybuilder Luis had ever seen.

A third wave struck Lee, not as totally drastic at the first two, this one more cosmetic. His skin darkened some, a shade or two. His nose flattened a bit and his lips swelled. Nothing too extreme like his muscles, but definite changes. When it all ended Luis couldn’t help think that he now looked like he was partially black as well as still being Chinese.

“Can’t thank you enough buddy.” This new bodybuilding monster said patting the much smaller, in comparison Luis on the shoulder.

“You know that’s permanent!!??”

“I said thank you.” this new Lee said picking his stretch short up off the floor. “Let’s hope this really is one size fit’s all.” He carefully pulled the fabric up over his legs, over the still monumental cock and carefully flipped it up over the mountain that was his ass. “I think I can get to my car if I’m careful.”

“But…..what…what are we going to do?!??!?”

“I still got no idea man. I got the stuff I came for, I got the body I wanted. Look, get out of here, go back to work and tell them what happened to you. Maybe they can reverse it, maybe find a way to minimize it at least. Keep me out of it OK? I’ve got some stuff to think out…” He carefully places one arm through the hoody he wore to the place, the opening where the sleeves had been tore even more to make way for his massive biceps and triceps. Lee didn’t care at that moment if anything he had fit. He had his bag of the competitor’s supplements in his hands like a death grip. “I just know that I don’t want to explain all this to the guys form the competition. So I’m getting the fuck out of here.”

Luis looked like he wanted to stand there and cry for a bit more but understood that the giant was right. This had gone sick fast and they needed to get out before it got worse. Lee was nice enough to give his co-muscleman a few seconds to get dressed as best he could before they opened the door and made it out of the building. A security guard almost made it to Lee’s car but he got his seat somewhat adjusted well enough that he could drive and left them place in a cloud of dust.

Epilogue One:

“Which means our new Mr. New Your City is……Vladimir Moskvin!!!” The announcer yelled into his mike as the crowd went nuts. The huge Russian actually had a real look of surprise as the announcement went out. He cupped his face in his hands for a second before lowering them to start waving to the crowd. He gave a quick consolatory hand shake, then a quick hug to his bigger competitor who took second place before walking forward and taking the big trophy.

The next half hour was crazy for the big Russian. All the cameras, all the magazine press, not to mention his sponsors, the Costello Pharisaical reps congratulating him and getting their product into his hands for all the photos and press coverage. But he was finally able to get away for a minute to talk to the monster who came in second.

“I thought you beat me, that for sure. You insanely big. You lose top place today but crowd love you."

“Yea, I get that ‘insanely big’ a lot. But my posing routine in fairly lame. Didn’t have time to really put one together.”

“If Vlad can ask, what your background? Vlad is Russian but I can’t place…”

“Oh, I’m what happens when you use the same pot to mix a lot of stuff together but don't clean it out well enough inbetween. Apparently I’m a little bit white guy, a little California surfer, a bit African and a whole lot of Chinese. Guess from that melting pot it makes me… American.”

“Vlad not really understand.”

“That’s OK, we’ll talk later. I would like to meet up with you, if you don’t mind helping the competition some, Get some posing tips, training idea. Interested in a training partner? Just sort of fell into doing this last week."

“Really? Most guys train for year before entering contest? You not do this for contest?” Vlad said reaching over and feeling the giant’s massive pecs.

“Did this for a lot of reasons. Mostly to get my former employers off my back. Going to be pushing their line of nutritional supplements just like you are for Costello. I’m George by the way, George Gordon.”

“Yea, I hear, George. I meet lots of Georges there days.”

“Yea, like little Georgie?” George said reaching into his gym bag and pulling out the pair of black shorts he had stolen weeks ago. “Remember these?”

Vlad took the shorts then looked at George again. Like he was seeing the giant for the first time, or maybe seeing a friend that he thought he’d never see again. “but Joe had these… maybe……who are you? Is Joe? But also is maybe Georgie? You look like…both…?”

“How about I buy the new Mr. New York a drink or two and we can talk……”

Epilogue Two:

It was late on a Friday night in the labs of Costello Pharmaceuticals. Lab Tech Mike North was going over some printout and checking a sample under the microscope when his supervisor walked over.

“What are you still doing here? What’s got you so fascinated?”

“It’s this blood sample we got last week. From one of the guys in the test group. There’s something weird going on. Something in his blood stream I’ve never seen before.”

“Which guy……oh wait, don’t waste your time. This is one of those guys that disappeared on us. In the commotion when those freaks ran out of the building. He must have gotten scared and left. He’s not in the group so just toss it.”

“Yea well, I’m going to check it out for a bit more. Got to figure out what this is. Maybe I can retro engineer it to see what it does. Maybe it’s something he got from the competition we can steal and market for ourselves….” •

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