Jekyll Genes: Labrat Addiction/Gymrat Withdrawl


By Texzilla

George didn’t know which was going to make him crack first. The basic pressure of returning to work and finding that after all he had gone through, he came up far short of his goal. Of his trying to duplicate his alter ego Georgie when he didn’t pay all that much attention to what he was doing the first time. Or all the constant interruptions keeping him from concentrating on either of the first two things driving him crazy. He was pretty sure it was the last one since every two minutes he had to close down the Jekyll Gene template he was filling in so no one would catch him doing it.

He just hadn’t taken notes and the system wasn’t set to retain what he did the first time. So trying to guess what he needed to formulate another syringe full of Georgie was not going well. George made sure he got the blonde hair again, that was fairly easy. Seemed to remember what he picked for facial features. But those kept having to be reset every time he had to start over after being interrupted. Height, that was one thing he wanted to fiddle with. He had gone down to 6 feet to use the extra mass as muscles. Figuring no one would really notice and hoping going smaller would have the same effect, he set the height to 5’8”. His clothes should still fit, the ones that Georgie wore. The other thing he wanted to work on was body hair. Wanted to get rid of all of it. Vlad seemed to like it and in the few days he lived in the shaved body, George REALLY liked it. So getting rid of all of it seemed the right thing to do.

But these constant interruptions. One person after another coming in and asking the most inane questions. Not like when he was working out at the gym. There all anyone would ask was if we was done with the machine and what part was he working today. And the questions people were asking him, who gave a shit? He didn’t have to deal with them for two week, the world didn’t end, so were they really that important? Had a career to save.

With two more interruptions and one more attempt to generate the formula George subbed the request and crossed his fingers. Now all he had to do was make it through the next few days till the package was again delivered to his apartment. Maybe some more clothes shopping on line would help with his frustrations. Georgie would have to look good for his return to the gym. He even worked up an explanation for Vlad as to where he’s been. That he was freaked a getting fucked for the first time, needed some time to think and now was ready face the guy who took his cherry again. Which was strangely more of a negative reaction than the currently straight George was having when he thought of turning queer again. George wouldn’t go so far as to say he was looking forward to getting fucked again, but at moments, when he thought of all the attention the monster muscle beast Vlad gave him that night, those were the times that the package couldn’t get to him quick enough.

As for the pills he stole, George even came up with an excuse that helped him with his plan. He’d tell Vlad he stole the stuff hoping he could get as big as the Russian, but he couldn’t find the stuff on the market. If the guy wasn’t too pissed maybe he’d put Georgie in touch with the Costello rep who’s name was on the card to make him part of the test group. Yea, it was all going to work out. From panic to eager anticipation in less than a week. George felt he was back on track.

The clothes arrived in the next day or so, thank heavens for overnight delivery options. George kept wanting to try them on but, in his ‘real’ body it would resemble a scarecrow wearing a lycra tents. Not everything he ordered was lycra, but that’s what he was the most eager to pull up the smooth hard legs of the blonde California muscle dude he was going to be again by the end of the week.

Thankfully the package with the formula and fresh hypo came on Thursday, so he could inject himself and get back into Vlad’s good side by the weekend. Maybe since he knew what was coming by way of pain the change wouldn’t be so bad this time, and after a bit of a rest, he could head out to the gym that night.

Where with the first batch George has hesitated for a while before injecting himself, this time he ran up the stairs to his apartment, threw off his clothes and ripped oven the package. The first time he had forgotten to use the antiseptic cleaning cloth on his but cheek first before injecting himself. This time he remembered but didn’t care. A brief pinch was the needle went in and some warm fluid spreading though his ass and if was done.

There’s a chance that the pain took longer to hit this time, since George for a second convinced himself that since it hadn’t hit yet, there might not be any. He would come to find who foolish that thought was second or two later. The smile he had on his face reflected in the mirror changed to extreme anguish and even a bit of fear as the searing pain rocked his abdomen. This was nothing like the last time. George bent over, hoping the spasm would pass, only to find himself dropping to his knees and bending over to support himself on his hands. Sweat began pouring off his body as the changes took place. Not that George was able to see many of this at first with his eyes pressed shut from the pain. It was a minute of so, till racked with pain when George heard his back defiantly snap this time.

The scream he let out wasn’t Georgie’s rather higher pitched yell. His voice was that of an adult, if maybe a little deeper. Opening his eyes George saw his arms had already ballooned bigger than they were before, his forearms much more defined. Hands were bigger too. Still not able to stand up he lowered his head to first face a pair of pecs so heavy they hung down from his cheat like cow utters. But these weren’t flabby bags of liquid, it was only gravity and mass that had them hanging so low. And behind them, he wasn’t sure at first, but then he saw his balls swells some and drop a bit, followed by his cock thickening and getting longer. Shit, that wasn’t supposed to happen. He could get away with a bigger build by telling people he had been working out harder but a bigger cock? Vlad had gotten up close and personal with the original. There was a sudden pressure on his ass, or maybe coming from inside his ass. Like either he had to take a big shit or maybe was growing a tail. Something was going on back there that was more than before. George’s thoughts on this would have continued had his chest hair not suddenly broken free and fell to the floor, soon followed by his arm hair and from what he could tell his crotch hair. At least that worked. From the corner of his eye he could see the hair on his head turn a familiar white blonde….then hit the floor in a large lump too. Followed by a fluttering of his eyebrows.

George was still in major pain when he forced himself to stand up and look in his full length bedroom mirror again. This was not Georgie looking back. Shape of the head was all wrong, nose too flat, lips too large…how could he have gotten this wrong? A warmth spread through out his body again as his skin changed from his dull pink to a luster deep black. The face that looked odd on a Caucasian was now one of the best looking black men he had ever seen. Completely hairless from the top of his head down to his feet. Which only made the advanced musculature all the more defined and erotic. Where Georgie had a hunky body of a teen living to work out, this was more of a mature muscle man, not older than say 22/23 but he had lived with this body for a lot longer than Georgie. Still had room for growth, no where near Vlad’s category of bodybuilder, but going down two more inches added a whole lot of what made this new guy a real man, not a boy working his way there.

But it was wrong!!! It wasn’t Georgie!! And that was the whole point of all this. Turn back into Georgie, get in good with Vlad and get some more stuff to test. Now he was…. this… black guy!!!!! Not that he wasn’t hot and not that this wasn’t an awesome body, but this was wrong!!! What could have happened? Could changing one of the factors like getting rid of the body hair reset the entire structure and George didn’t notice? He knew those interruptions were going to fuck him over. And why when he was freaking out this much did he have such a big fucking hard on?!?!

Precum was already dripping out of the dark brown almost black head. Drops would break off, fall down and get absorbed into his carpet. That was never going to come out completely. So much bigger than before. Never thought of adding size to his dick since he needed Georgie to return as he was. But if he was going to change, this was a great change to have. His hand reached forward and started stroking himself like he did as Georgie. His ass tensed some, like a solid rock attached back there. Turning slightly George saw what the pressure was during the transformation. A perfect round chocolate ass jutting from his backside. Just the sight of it made him all that harder. With his free hand he started playing with his nipples like he did as Georgie, but found a whole lot ore to play with. These nipples were darker than the rest of him, rounder too. About the size of a silver dollar, and stood off from his hanging pecs about as thick as a silver dollar too. The lack of hair made them so incredibly sensitive to touch. No way was anything he bought would be able to conceal these tits of steel. It was just seconds before he shot a load of cum from his new dick all over his old mirror.

Falling back on his bed George stared up at the ceiling, trying to figure out what to do. Once again, he was in a place of no going back. Couldn’t stay in doors for two weeks waiting for all this to go away. Even if he did, it’s not like he could then just recreate Georgie correctly. Obviously that was a lost cause. So here he was. A black bodybuilder, early 20’s, not a hair on his body, just over 5 foot 7, body to die for, a dick of death and an ass of the gods. Pretty sure the clothes he bought would fit all this. Bought them with a blonde in mind but they should still work. Why did he keep thinking some black leather, like leather pants, no, shorts would be perfect.

George made it to the gym where he had hooked up with Vlad. It was a few hours before closing. He was right about the clothes he bought, both new and the ones he wore as Georgie. It was a tight fit but they worked OK. At least the shoes weren’t a problem this time. The important thing was the trunk he wore under the cotton shorts. He would have to wear those each and every time he went to the gym till he could run into Vlad.

The big Russian wasn’t there that night, but George stuck around to work out some. He found himself really working out, hard and straining like Vlad did. The DVDs he had bought and some of the magazines he had been picking did show him the basic moves needed, but George liked the way that Vlad did it. Throwing himself into the workout. Not letting up or slowing down. And George wasn’t just concentrating on his chest as before but worked the solid legs he now had. And if you work your legs you’ve got to throw in a few for the ass. The release was even greater than before. George had heard about these endorphins that come from working out, and the added pleasure they can give a body. Fuck, he had studied them under a microscope but who the hell ever thought he would be able to put them to use.

George had worked out so long at the gym that he almost forgot why he went there by the end of the night. He was checking himself out on the mirror when the crew started making noises that they were shutting down for the night. Not wanting to overstay his welcome, so to speak, he rushed through his shower and headed out. Only to stopping the front entrance for a minute. They weren’t quite ready to toss him out. By the front doors was a gym bulletin board. Maybe there was a notice about the product testing, George thought as he scanned the notes. Most were offers to sell best up cars cheap or looking for a roommate. Nothing about testing nutritional products. George was again about to leave when he kept going back to the few club posters. Surprisingly most were for gay clubs, he hadn’t thought the gym was that gay centric.

Well he was a gay man now, fucking body to die for and, easily admitted to himself that eve when he reverted back to being straight, the experience of getting blown and fucked by the Russian monster was pretty awesome. Maybe he should check these places out, maybe Vlad hung out at some of these. Maybe the add for the club ‘Roughriders’ and it’s notice that it was looking for dancers shouldn’t have pinged with George as much as it did. But it did.

George had taken the bus across town to the club the next day, trying to time himself so he’d be there when auditions started. Wished he had taken his car after all. Not only because he was beginning to experience what it was like being a black man in the city, but if he had taken his car he could have just turned around and driven home. The culture shock of gong from almost completely anonymous and thus ignorable white man in his 30’s to an obviously well muscled, bald headed dark skinned black man in his early 20’s was undeniable. Not that anyone made him uncomfortable, but it was obvious that several people were uncomfortable with him. Before he could lose any more of his never George pushed away from the bus stop and headed for the club entrance.

After explaining why he was there, George was shown into the main club area and told to talk to Gianni. As his eyes adjusted to the lower lights he heard some noise from over by the bar area. Walking over he saw a lone man working behind the bar. A large guy, looked like he worked out quite a himself. The tight white t-shirt he work left little to the imagination, including how hairy the guy was. And here George though Vlad had been bad. This guy’s guns looked like an apes. A guy this Italian had to be the Gianni he was looking for.

“Hey there.” The bartender said looking up when he saw George walking over. “You here for the dancer job?”

“Sure am.” George said trying to sound confident.

“Take your shirt off.”

Without missing a beat or a step George lifted his shirt but before he could get in all the way off he heard, “Dude, you are SO hired.”

“Just that easy” George said kind of laughing. “Don’t you want to see if I can dance?”

“We advertise for ‘Dancers’ but we need hot guys who can stand of stage and move their asses back and forth to the music. I’m guessing you can do that part but it don’t really matter since you’re the hottest guy to walk through those doors for the job in weeks.”

“And here I thought he size of my dick might be the deciding factor.”

“Well let’s see. Take it out.”

George wasn’t too sure what to do for a second. He had just been told he got the job but the guy was the boss and if he wanted to see it…. He reached down, unsnapped the fly of his jeans, tugged down his jock and whipped out the growing black cock he found hanging between his legs these days. George could feel a drop of precum sneak out and drop, but there was nothing he could do about it.

“Do I still have the job?”

“Oh man, his has nothing to do with the job. I just figured you wanted to show your dick so why stand in your way. And if that 6 pack and those incredible tits of yours hadn’t been good enough….you would NOW have the job anyway. I’m Gianni by the way and you are….?”

“Joe……..Joe…Detroit.” George said shaking hands with Gianni, forgetting it was the one he just had wrapped around his dick.

Gianni obviously noticed the same thing as he took a moment to sniff his fingers. “ Very nice. Joe Detroit huh? Any chance that being your real name?”

“I’ll fill in my ‘real name’ on all the tax forms you give me.”

“HAH!! Good one. Ok, Mr. Detroit, follow me.” Gianni said leading George, now Joe, through a doorway next to the bar. “You get paid $30 a night, but you keep all the tips from the crowd you can get. 12 show sessions a night, the more you work the more tips there are. What you do in between your time on stage is also your business.”

“And by that you mean?”

“Let me show you. Round here is the bathroom. You’ll notice something. No urinals. That’s because back when this place opened, the only people they thought would be going on stage from this dressing room were women. All stall. And here’s what you can do on you off time in a bathroom stall.” The large Italian said grabbing the muscular black man, locking their lips together. Without breaking the two men made their way into the last stall of the row. “Damn, you shave everything don’t you?” Gianni said as Joe dropped his pants to him knees.

“All natural smoothness.” Joe said grapping Gianni large reddened cock and giving it a few strokes.

“Shit. Got someone to introduce you too.”

“When we’re done man. Not enough room for the two of us in here right now.” Joe said dropping to his knees and taking Gianni’s dick head into his mouth. He had remembered who Vlad had given him had and was more than eager to return the trick to another. He wished hit had been Vlad but this hot hairy Italian would more than make up for the loss. As Joe went down farther and farther onto his new boss’s cock deep inside his mind George was freaking out just a little. Sure he was in ecstasy again having man on man sex but where was all this coming from? Where are this primal lust generating? Would it stop and did he even want it too.

And to be in a bathroom making out with a guy. Not like Vlad who was a monster of muscles. Who wouldn’t give in to the smooth hard muscles? Gianni was built but he was a man not a muscle god like Vlad. His chest was big and his arms huge but not defined like Vlad. And as hairy as Vlad’s back had been, Gianni’s chest was twice as much. Could barely make out where his nipples were suppose to be. Still, the rug the spread down to his crotch couldn’t hide a decent 6 pack, with a swirl of black hair going down into his navel. Georgie had gotten to know Vlad too, Joe just met this guy 15 minutes ago and already he’s sucking him like no tomorrow. Maybe…maybe he hadn’t given it enough time between doses….

“Come on. Stand up and turn around.”

While his mind had been playing with the possibilities as to why he accepted turning queer so easily, Joe didn’t hesitate to follow Gianni’s suggestions. Off the floor, bent forward so he had to brace himself against the wall with his hand, his big ass pointing in his new fuck buddy’s direction.

“That’s what I’m talking about.”

Different from the fucking he got from Vlad, this time Gianni took a few minutes to play with Joe’s asshole. Fingering the brown opening, inserting a finger just a bit then pulling it out, messaging the area between his hole and his dick. A dick that was now harder than it had ever been no mater what persona he was in. Gianni’s own dick felt monstrous as compared to the dick that had fucked him a few weeks ago, but that might have been because the guy was taking it slow, while Vlad had just shoved it in. A slow rhythm started to Gianni’s humping, in and out with the out just slightly slower. He hit something inside of the black man’s body that got his dick to uncontrollably shoot off all over the toilet he was bent over. That allowed Gianni to just take over, increase the fuck and got to town. Grabbing Joe just above the hips the Italian started pulling his partner down on his dick. Not that he needed to since Joe was shifting his hips back with each movement. He could feel his larger ass slap the groin of Gianni, wondered if they were shaking as much as they felt. After a couple more minutes of deep hard fucking Gianni lent forward, hugging Joe tight to him as he shot off into the black man’s ass.

Gianni’s dick had gotten fairly soft when he pulled out, a slight dribble of cum coming from both it and Joe’s ass. The two men embraced for another kiss that was far more personal than the one they shared at the beginning of this session. While getting dressed again Joe took a quick look at his watch. Had he been George today he would have spent the last half hour in the weekly status meeting. And here he was getting fucked by a\\ study Italian in a toilet stall instead. He had much less trepidation about it than a fe minutes earlier.

“I did mention you had the job right?” Gianni said with a wicked smile.

“I think you did, yea.”

“And by the way, not that I keep tabs on these things for the guys, but that was worth a couple of Benjamins right there. You get anything less on show nights, you’re cheating yourself.”

The two men were kind of chuckling at the idea when they opened the stall door to be met by one of the bar’s bouncers leaning against the wall. He wore a dark black skin tight t-shirt over his incredibly muscular chest. His arms were folded across them, lighting the pecs ever higher. His black denim shorts barely contained his massive legs, which were also crossed. The bodybuilder stranger looked like he might have been as hairy as Gianni if his hair wasn’t growing back in from a recent shave.

“Jesus Vlad you scared the shit out of me. How long you been sanding there?”

“Long enough for pit stains from the heat you making in there.” The Russian said lifting his arms up to show the darker stain in the underarm area.

Joe’s heart was racing a mile a minute, faster than when he was getting fucked. Vlad!!! Vlad worked here. He must have been the one who put the notice up at the gym!! Holy shit what a way to run into the guy again. But Joe had to start claming down. He couldn’t let Vlad know he already had a piece of his ass a couple of weeks ago. Hell, piece of hall, he had taken George’s cherry. He was again a new person to Vlad and had to get to know him again. But the thought came that maybe there was a way to make a connection faster.

“I was just breaking in our new dancer. Joe this is Vlad, one of our bouncers and security. You ever have a problem with one of the customers you let Vlad know.”

“This guy looks like he not have any trouble with anyone.” Vlad said reaching out to shake Joe’s hand.

“Holy shit they grow them big in…is that a Russian accent?” Joe asked, pretending not to know and then pretending to ‘accidentally’ drop his pants revealing the sorts he had stolen from Vlad when he was Georgie. Wearing them today might be better luck that he had imagined.

“Yea, good ear, is Russian. You are one kick ass looking guy, the cus…those shorts….wh…… where you get those sorts?” Vlad said reaching out and tugging at the waist.

“Oh these. Yea, I was seeing this kid for a while. Big dumb blonde white guy, but sweet as hell. He gave them to me, then disappeared on me. Without a word…”

“This kid? Was Georgie? Blonde boy, good build?”

“Yea, he told me to call him Georgie.”

“Those my shorts!!!” Vlad said bursting out laughing. “I see rip on side and think, can’t be two pair like those. I…hook up too with Georgie. Then he go. Thought he might have taken these. Boy was nice, tight if you know what I mean.”

“He said something about going back home, facing his father. Wasn’t really seeing the guy to get involved with his personal life so I didn’t pay that much attention. But kind of miss his ‘tight’. And I DO know what you mean.”

With that Vlad let out another great laugh. “Yea, but other asses other there, fuck the kid.”

“Sounds like you both did.” Gianni said

That got all three men laughing again. George was in heaven not only getting his plan to work, but getting close to Vlad again. “You want these back man?” He said pulling them down exposing his new long black hairless dick.

“Nah, you keep. They were too tight on Vlad. Looks good with jock strap. Black and white and black. You dance in jock?”

“Yea, I guess. Hadn’t thought about it too much. Do I need a like thong or g-string?”

“Eventually you might want to get something else.” Gianni said “But trust me, once those queers see that black body in that white jock….. well I’ve shown you how much I appreciated it…”

The next few days were a whirlwind of new experiences for George living as Joe. Working out all day, he hooked up with Vlad as a training partner when Vlad learned they just ‘happened’ to work out at the same gym. And then dancing his ass off at night. Gianni was right, all Joe had to do was show up, move his hips back and forth to the music and he was getting 10’s and 20’s shoved into his strap every hour on the hour. The hook ups betweens shows were OK, nothing to matched the impromptu fuck session he had with his bass in the John. Then again, the money he got for those sessions was even more than he got on stage.

The attention h got in the club was just incredible. First, just being on stage, the heat, the music, the crowds…. It was like going on the biggest high of his life 12 times a night. And moving in this new body. The way the muscles would flex and relax. The way he could firm up his abs. Flex his ass from a booty to rock hard. Just standing still and swaying to the music, letting his legs do the work, it was incredible. The lights reflecting off his black skin. How at the start of the night it might be a little hard to see the details of his body. But by the end of even the first session, the hot lights reflected like mirrors off the black that covered him from head to toe.

George did think it was strange that he was the only black dancer in the joint. Began thinking maybe he wasn’t pulling of the whole black thing that well. He tried to pull off the hip urban vibe but figured there was still too much white guy at his core. Then he started noticing something interesting. While he wasn’t being that, for a lack of better word, ghetto, a lot of people just assumed he was. Like they saw this big ass black dude and just figured he was street cred. Maybe….as if they wanted him to be so bad they didn’t notice that he wasn’t. So George stopped trying and let Joe enjoy himself.

And he was enjoying himself so much he all but forgot not only his mission, along with that Joe would soon be reverting to George. So into his new life and the pleasure he was getting from it, he’d forgotten that the several dozen g-strings he bought on line and paid a fortune to be shipped to him overnight would no longer fit in another two weeks. He had been dropping hints, well been hints like sledge hammers, to Vlad that he wanted to get bigger and was looking for any ‘help’ he could get.

Deciding it was time to just go for it, tell Vlad he knew he was part of a test group and Joe wanted in. Figuring the gym would be the best place for the conversation he got there early to work out and wait for the Russian. Vlad eventually showed up, and was shockingly smooth from the neck down again. George was a little jealous of who ever helped the massive bodybuilder shave down the body hair. Seeing that Joe was visually locked onto his, Vlad gave a head nod to meet him in the locker room.

“Hey, hey buddy.” Vlad said in a lower almost hushed tone. He walked them to the back of the locker room. “You….you need to work tonight? Want to join Vlad at party?”

“A party? What is it, your birthday?” Joe said laughing a bit at Vlad secretiveness.

“No, no, is party given by… guy who come into club. Big spender. He gives big parties. Likes big guys like you, big and smooth. Now Vlad big and smooth too.” He said with a wicked grin, lifting up his shirt to reveal his shaved smooth chest.

“Look at you, you big Russian smoothie. Christ, one of these puppies could feed a family for a week” Joe said jokingly cupping Vlad giant smooth pec and playing with his silver dollar sized dark pink almost brown nipple.

“Go with Vlad. We have fun. Lots of fucking. Lots to drink. Guys are cool. LOTS of money.”

“As if I’m not enough of a whore already."

“Sorry Joe, just thought…”

“Hey Vlad, didn’t say I minded being a cock whore. Where and when?”

“I take you and now.” Vlad said suddenly kissing Joe on the lips. “Vlad knew Joe be cool with this. Hey, this guy, you know, he work for big drug company. ALWAYS have stuff for big guys like us to train with. You get some stuff and can grow bigger like me.”

“You mean like training supplements and vitamins?”

“Yea, all good stuff and free.”

George was in heaven. It had all worked out in the end. Just go to this so called ‘party’, fill up his gym bag with shit and when he returned to the office he would be set. All the insanity he had put himself through, becoming a sex driven piece of meat would be worth it. And having one last fling as Joe wouldn’t be bad either. If the rest of the talent was along the lines of Vlad….. George suddenly noticed that he was as thrilled at the thought that the masquerade would soon be over as he was thrilled that he was going to spend at least the night fucking his brains out. Well regardless it’s time to have all this pay off one way or another.

Vlad connived him that a quick shower would be OK but there was no reason for him to head home and change clothing. The work out shorts and sleeveless hoodie Joe was wearing was not only fine, but its sweaty condition would be more than appreciated.

It wasn’t long before they arrived at one of the finer hotels in the heart of the down town district. Vlad had obviously done this so many times that he knew right where to park and which elevator to take to the top floor. Something again that relived George’s mind a bit. Hopefully having the party based at a posh 5 star hotel signaled that nothing too dangerous would go on, and using the back service elevator meant he did not have to stroll through the lobby looking this whorish.

The elevator doors opened on what appeared to be a back hallway. Vlad lead the way, shucking his clothes along the short route down to what appeared to be some posing trunks he would normally wear in a competition. And his body was just that, competition ready. Skin was thin on his form, pressed next to his swollen muscles so tightly it might burst. Veins appearing over the biceps and arms, even across his chest. They entered the main room, Vlad tossed his clothes to the side, turned around the pulled down the zipper to George’s hoodie.

“Won’t be needing this.” The Russian said tossing it on the pile of clothes. “I’ll introduce you but understand, ya Joe, you meet people here but you don’t know who they are, understand?”


“I show you.”

There were already 7 or 8 guys in the huge room already. Some were making out on the couches, some just milling around. George knew several of them from the club, including Gianni looking not quite as comfortable in a shaved down body as Vlad. A couple were guys from other clubs who were recruited like he was. And then there were the two linebackers from the city’s football team, wearing their colors proudly in jersey half shirts that barely reached to the end of their massive pecs. Which was all they were wearing. George suddenly understood, he knew who they were, but….he wasn’t going to ever tell anyone they met or how. Vlad explained that the host must be off in one of the bedrooms with another party guest, then saunter into the small crowd to start his evening’s fun.

Taking Vlad’s suggestion to “hang loose and have fun” George went over to fix himself a drink before talking to anyone, only to have one of the footballers met him at the wet bar.

The guy was gigantic, not bodybuilder big like Vlad but huge animal of a man. Arms were bigger than the back legs of any hog George had ever seen, etched with cheap black ink tattoos. The guy’s stomach was muscular but hung out and sagged a little. He was a black man like George was, well, as George was as Joe, but lighter in skin tone. His head of dreads were his trademark, as they always hung out the back of his helmet when playing. And at a foot or more taller than Joe, he was a giant.

“Hey man, ain’t seen you here before."

“Came in with Vlad.” George said trying to make Joe sound as cool as possible. “Name’s Joe.”

“You cool with all this, right Bro’?”

Shit, Bro, can’t get over that he’s a black man in this body. “Ya, it’s cool”

“No I mean, what’ll it take to keep you from letting all your buddies know you saw us here?”

“Nothing man, it’s….”

“You’re not getting it.” The giant footballer said leaning in. “What do you want? From me?”

Thinking that this was a chance of a lifetime, and that if he was going to get killed it might as well be in a penthouse hotel room, George went for it. “I want that ass of yours over that couch and spread. Got that? Bro?”

The big man’s eyes got a little hazier than they were already. The kiss they suddenly shared told George just how much the athlete already had to drink, his mouth tasting like beer and scotch. But his big lips on Joe’s were nothing he had felt before, like velvet pressing against velvet. In all his experiences he hadn’t fucked around with a black guy yet. Or should he say, another black guy.

Without really noticing that they had moved George found they were already at the couch. Those party goers who were making out on his moved to get out of their way, even though the two men were going to be using the back mainly. Without hesitation the big man turned to face the back of the couch, bent over, using his arms to support himself. Then in a move that just came too natural for it to be the first time he’d ever done it, spread his legs enough so his ass split open and bent at the knees low enough for Joe to have an easy entry. Also gave an easy view to the guy’s cock, pressed down between his legs against the back of the couch, already dripping with anticipation.

George just felt a mental switch go off. As much as he had experienced, as much as he had gone through in the last week or so, this wasn’t George who was pumping up his dick for the fuck, it was Joe. Joe had taken over. The black smooth club dancers with a ebony black body was the one who held the massive ass cheek just a little more to the side and glided his thick cock into the brown hole. It was a first for Joe to do the fucking and he was going to make it last as long as he could. The feeling of the athlete’s ass ring snapping down around his shaft after Joe got the head of his dick all the way in was incredible. The tightness was nothing that he had ever experienced before, along with the heat. The guy’s insides felt like they were on fire.

Taking the experiences of getting fucked each and every day for the last week, Joe used that to make this one fuck the footballer wasn’t going to forget anytime soon. He started just slow enough to let the guy’s ass get used to the feeling of his cock. But once he had taken it to the hilt, there was no letting down or back out. The rhythm started picked up and continued till Joe was pounding the guy’s ass like a piston. After a few seconds he wasn’t sure who was breathing heavier, him or his fuck mate. Certainly the millionaire pro player skewered on his dick was grunting more, even letting out a whelp once in a while. A slap on his ass got it shaking more than it should and the grunting to stop.

Feeling he was near his breaking point Joe pulled out and gave a stroke or two till he shot off all over the giant’s huge broad back. The cum sprayed out, shooting up towards the neck, getting tangled up in the guy’s dreads. Joe was still pumping some last bits out when the jizz slowly started to drip down and pool in the small of his back.

Still breathing hard the player turned around, leaned up against the couch and shot too, hitting Joe in the chest. Dazed a little from the workout Joe stumbled back a bit and bumped into someone. His back hitting this person’s chest. A huge arm reached around and cupped Joe’s pec.

“Vlad knew bringing you here was good idea.” Joe heard whispered into his ear.

“Joe’s pretty happy Vlad bring him here too…” He sighed.

“Let’s go meet host."

Joe made quick eye contact with his recent partner to make sure all was good. The thumbs up he got before the guy left to be served by his teammate let Joe know he succeeded. Vlad led him across the room to the window where someone he knew of even better than the two footballers stood. Cabot Jeffers, the CEO of Costello pharmaceuticals, 50 year old man naked as the day he was born. A legend in the business and the last Joe expected to be here. He had figured it was going to be one of the lower rungs of the corporate ladder, not the head guy paying for a dozen or so studs to service himself and each other for the weekend.

“Great performance. Told Vlad to bring some new blood, just didn’t expect this much talent.” The older man said reaching out for what Joe thought would be a hand shake, but turned out the grey haired corporate exec just wanted to play with his dark black nipples. “For that performance alone you earned a red goodie bag. Vlad will explain where they are, make sure you get one before you go. Along with monetary…. You know that mean money right…well, along with money for the weekend’s enjoyment you’ll find some other things, supplements my company puts out that should help make you even…”

“I want to be part of your test group for your new product line. Any of that in these ‘goodie’ bags?”

“Wow, well, interesting. Not going to be breaking my rules of these being ‘no questions’ weekends by asking how you know about it. Yes, I think you’d make a good candidate. But that offer goes to the boys who earn the gold goodie bags. You think you’re up to that?”

Joe dropped to his knees and took the CEO’s withered old dick into his mouth. He was going to be up for what ever it too to earn that bag.

Was it hours later, maybe into the next evening that Joe stumbled out of the bedroom with the duffle bag sized ‘gold goodie’ bag slung over his shoulder. Every muscle ached and his ass burned. But he got what he came for. Most of the guys were either sleep or watching the 72 inch plasma. Vlad was still there, but was also one of the guy’s asleep. Joe wandered over to the bathroom and locked the door. He needed to be cleaned up before he went any further.

While in the shower the hot water started waking him up some, His eyes were able to focus better and his head cleared. Looking through the glass door he could see the gold duffle bag sitting on the sink. He hoped the George was happy with what he would find in there since Joe paid a pretty high price for it.

As he soaped himself up some he noticed something. It almost looked like his skin was not as dark as before. Not the deep black he had gotten used to seeing over the last week. Quickly shutting off the water he toweled off and ran to the mirror. The Jekyll Gene was wearing off. Across his head he could see blond hair breaking through the surface of his skin. Shit that’s was what happened. He picked blond but then picked no hair. So now that it was reversing, he was going to be a blond haired black man till both his skin tone and hair color revert to normal. Looking at his face he saw that he still resembled Joe enough to be able to get out in the dark room without worry he just had one thing he had to take care of.

He found his clothes and quickly got dressed again, never letting go of the gold bag. Crossing the room in the darkness he found the sleeping Russian and started shaking him to wake him up.

“Vlad……. Vlad come on wake up…… just for a minute…..”

“What…. Joe, no, too tired. Let me sleep for while then we fuck again.”

“No Vlad I’ve got to go. I’ll grab a cab.”

“No, Joe, stay here. We still have fun.”

“No, I’ve really got to go. Look Vlad…… I might not be able to see you again. Might have to go away but……it’s like what happened with Georgie.”

“Joe come on, what are you talking about. What about Georgie?”

“Look Vlad I can’t go into detail but, Vlad, look me in the eyes.”


“Just look.”

Joe made sure they had eye contact, and that it was deeper than just the usual. “In a week or so someone might seek you out and look you in the eyes like this. You might not think you know who it is….but you do. Just remember.” And with that he took the Russian face I his hands and gave him the most passionate kiss he had ever given. Vlad fell back into the cushions where he was sleeping. In his drowsy state he was able to just get to consciousness enough to see the service elevator doors shut on Joe.

The switch back to his old George self took longer this time than when he changed balk from being Georgie. Maybe it was the height which hurt like hell this time. Maybe it was the skin tone. Certainly his hair didn’t grow all the way back in, but enough that he could explain that he buzzed it down for the summer.

Checking the ‘gold goodie bag’ when he got home George found only a few supplements were included, and none were the test brands. Shit. But there was the info he needed as to who to call and what to say to get into the program. Which meant going though this all over at least one more time. Find the money folder with enough in it to equal 4 months salary won’t bad. Almost worth going though what happened in that bedroom.

It was still a few days before he could head back into the office looking enough like his ‘real’ self for there to be no questions asked, Except for maybe his hair. While his appearance was taking shape, George’s mind was far from quite. Night’s dreaming of the club, the music, the men. Thinking about Vlad all the more.

But he only had to wait and brew up another solution to inject himself in order to go through this one more time. Only one more time would he have to deal with the muscles. The change. The exhilaration. The pain. Only one more time and he would never feel it ever again…… •

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