Jekyll Genes: Labrat Addiction/Gymrat Withdrawl


By Texzilla

George Gordon has just about exhausted his files, both computer and paper by the end of the week. He had gone though all his notes he had jotted down on idea for a new pharmaceutical lines over the past year and come up with….nothing. Shit.

The company has a major push on for new idea, new avenues to go down. And all George had was the same old same old. It just wasn’t his thing to come up with new ideas. He was great at testing things, great as deconstruction, everything that was needed in the lab AFTER they got the product to him. Not coming up with the product in the first place.

But he was one of the people being looked to for ideas. Not just ‘Let’s try a new type packaging on the cough syrup.” They wanted brand new stuff.

Like he had heard what was being tested over at Costello Pharmaceuticals. Suppose to be this major push to some type of supplements for athletes. Big talk and big rumors starting to come around. Why couldn’t he come up with something like that? Hell at 6 foot 3 but weighing a good Buck Fifty, it’s not like George knew anything about athletics. The most work out he got was climbing the three flights of stairs a day instead of taking the elevator. Sure his legs looks OK but what was he going to suggest to counter their offering, some type of leg balm?

If he could get his hands on some of the stuff from Costello he might be able to back engineer it, to deconstruct it to find out what they were making. Then with a few changes, submit it to his own bosses as his creation. But how to get his hands on it? Not exactly capable of pulling off a Mission Impossible type spy assault on their offices. Rumors were they had scouts at the gyms across the city asking people if they wanted to take part in testing, but there’s not way they’d ask him if he just suddenly went and started hanging out in gyms. The wanted athletes, not want to be posers. He could try to talk one of the guy into taking part in the testing and sneaking the stuff to him, but there was a name for a guy who would offer a bodybuilder money in exchange for a person service. Deadmeat.

There weren’t any guys at work he could talk to about this. Either as fellow scientist and chemists to come up with an idea to submit. It was clear that everyone was on their own. And no one really fit the athletic type who he could conspire to join the test group. No one but us skinny lab rats here. Except for Shapiro but that was….

No these are not good thoughts, George kept reminding himself over and over again. Shapiro had tried out that Jekyll Gene stuff on himself and sure, it turned him into a mountain of muscle, but he’s stuck that way. Skinny white chemist to big mountain of black muscle. George had worked with him a few times both before and after the transformation on the Jekyll stuff and knew all the dangers.

Then the voices started asking, what were the dangers? Sure Shapiro was stuck that way, but only because he had sex with someone who was also infected. If George did this, it’s not like he’d be having sex with anyone. And even if he did, no chance it would be with another infected person. There was that whole ‘gay’ thing though. They still hadn’t gotten around from removing that from the base standard of each and every solution made.

And that was really all George could come up with as the negatives. Which meant, to get around those he just wouldn’t have to have sex if he used this stuff. I mean, shit, just because he turned gay wouldn’t mean he’s had to jump the bones of each and every guy he ran into.

And if he did use this stuff, the pattern was that it accelerated muscle growth to a great degree in the basic stages. It lasted about two weeks. And he could add in a few extra changes to really make himself prime material for these Costello scientists looking for guys to try their new products out.

Main problem would be getting the stuff. While he had access to it, being one of the top chemists, the incident a month or so back really had the screws tight on use these days. They never did find the guys who used it and made it out of the building.

With a little digging and some manipulation George had his answer. He cold have the stuff formulated here, and mailed out to him. He was allowed to send it out for further blind lab testing, and could substitute his apartment address instead of one of the back up labs.

An afternoon was spent coming up with the concoction he hoped would draw the attention of the Costello lab scouts. Was really no way of 100% telling how he would look when it was done muscle wise. That was the real wildcard. The body reacted to the DNA shift by ballooning up the musculature, but it varied from subject to subject. George was just hoping that the psychical changes he made would make him both unrecognizable to anyone who might know him and maybe guess what he was up to, and be gym loving workout freak needed to get the job done.

As George found though, he still was better and taking what he was given apart than putting it together,. Lots of choices and options on the selection grid for the formula he fully didn’t grasp but since he was able to override them, he was sure there wasn’t anything needed with them. It would take a fee days for the bottle to get to him, which was fine. Another hour or two was spent on Amazon ordering some workout DVDs so he could learn the movies needed, and some clothes he hoped would fit.

It was a tough couple of days for George. The stuff from Amazon came first. Gave him time to checkout the work out cloths he bought. Felt like a fool just looking at them. Way too big for his now, way too tight and way to revealing. Guys besides whores actually wore this stuff? And the workout videos. MAN did these guys strain and sweat to look like they do. Well, he’d be able to bypass all that but he still had to be able to pull off looking like he knew what he was doing when he got to the gym, so he studied their every move. Even mimicked some of their positions and movements while just sitting on his couch after work.

The end of the week came and there it was sitting in his mailbox. It was now or never time. Or at least in the morning or never time. The few days from when George placed the order for the formula to when it came gave him plenty of time to talk himself into and out of this several times over. It was just as crazy and insane as the best idea he could come up with. If it worked, he had little if anything to lose and SO much to gain. Not gain muscles, which he would for a short time, but career wise, this would take him to the next level and beyond.

It was now, not never.

George had taken off his clothes, filled up the hypo he was able to swipe from work and now all he had to do was inject himself. Just stick the needle in his ass and push down. Not like going for a vein. Which he had never done either. George did what he remembered his Mom telling him to do as a kid getting a shot. Took a deep breath, closed his eyes and jabbed it in. Didn’t hurt that much although the injection part was harder than it looked. When he was sure it was all in he pulled the needle out and started breathing again. Except for a slight lump on his ass and a faint trickle of blood there it was perfect.

For about a minute and a half before the pain took over. Shapiro had, in the few times he talked about his experience, mentioned how painful it was. The guy’s threshold was obviously much higher than George’s. Searing pain took over his entire body. A scream of pain echoed off the walls, startling George more than anything else. Knowing the paper thin walls of the building he made his way to the bed room. On the way he could already see the effects taking place. His legs were ballooning up, hard to walk with the upper parts getting so large. As he reached for the pillow he saw that his arms were increasing, the muscles underneath getting so large that it seemed to stretch the skin to paper thinness. Falling face down on the bed another scream, this time, as planned, into his pillows helped relieve some of the tension. But he knew the changes were still taking place. His back for one thing started killing him. Could have sworn he heard some bone crack as they reshaped themselves. Well he thought going shorted might be a good idea and it had to happen somehow. George let out a moan instead of a scream and noticed his voice was higher. Much higher. Must be another side effect of going shorter. Just as that pain started to fade his ass felt…..strange. Like someone had a vacuum pump on it and was pulling it out, or blowing it up or something, Just felt SO much bigger. George rolled over to lay on his back only to find he couldn’t see his feet over his huge pecs. Growing feet were only just stretching up to come into view again. George thought something was moving across his chest but it was his hair shifting color to a light blonde. Very light blonde. He had thought surfer boy would be a good look to go for but he didn’t expect the blonde to be this white blonde. Well it’s not like he really knew the limits to set. Which kind of started to scare him, so with the pain going down he moved off the bed.

Looking in the full length mirror that was on the back of his bedroom door George jumped and looked around to se if he could catch his reflection behind that of the white blonde teenage newbie bodybuilder standing in front of him. But then the teen made the same moves as George. Moving his hand to his face was the last thing he needed to convince himself that the guy in the mirror was him after all. And the smile that broke out showed how pleased he was.

It had worked so fucking well. Certainly not as big as Shapiro was, but bigger than he ever could have been normally. Blonde kid, how did he look younger? It was like looking at a kid who maybe played football in high school but then instead of going away to college and gaining the Freshman 20, he stayed in the gym and added to his physique. Hair was a bit longer then before, must have been from the shirking down to 6 feet. He had hoped that by lowering his size the mass would be converted even more into muscle, and it was. His skin had a more pinkish tome than before, but it looked good, healthy. The shoulders weren’t quite as quite as he would have liked, and the waist not quite as thin but hell and damn, this kid had it going on. Turning side was to get a good look as his legs George saw the super bubble that was taking the place of his ass. Guess some of the mass went there too. Taking a deep breath he popped his biceps, and the grin got wider. Too cool! And hey, even the hair in his pits was this white blonde. His chest was certainly the target of most of the muscle. Large pecs, not too heavy but far beyond the average gym rat’s. George found himself almost hoping the shirts he bought were too small so these puppies would be shown off to the max. Looking down he found the carpet matched the ceiling. He hadn’t really thought about his dick when he made the changes. Of course he made sure he was still going to have one. Guess he could have gotten a bigger one but this was fine. Like his old dick but slightly lighter, with a set of balls nestled in a pink sack covered in curly white hair.

Getting a closer look at his hair George got a closer look at his new face. New indeed. Didn’t see anything of the old George here. Old being the operative word. Maybe because the skin was stretched so thin across his entire musculature is why he looked like a kid again? The nose was a bit pointier, as was the chin. His cheek bones stuck out a lot more. Lips a little on the thin side. Feeling his jaw there was no stubble or slight beard growth. Could this kid even grow a beard yet? Well the body hair certainly showed he had the potential. Not a heavy coating but a good amount on his arms, lower legs but it was his chest that George kept running his fingers over. From the thin wisps of hair that started swirling round his nipples that gathered force to a thicker matt. With a good tan this would even be more awesome. He tired a few words in his new voice and found himself giggling at the sound and sight of it. Not that it was funny, just sort of sweet hearing that higher lighter voice that matched the face it was coming out of, but seemed out of place on this body. He was going to be able to pull off dumb ass surfer boy SO well.

Taking a couple of steps back George made a little hop back onto his bed. This time it wasn’t his longer feet that he could see when he looked down. A could of spits in his hand and he was trying out his slightly new dick, but that wasn’t where the real pleasure in the solo sex came from. It wasn’t the feeling of his cock in his hand, it was the feeling of the muscles in his hand move, which effected the muscles in his forearms. This made his biceps bulge, that was the coolest part at first, swelling that mountain of muscle between the crook in his elbow and the round head of his shoulder bulge, go down, then bulge again in rhythm of his stroking. The beads of sweat that started breaking out. Then his chest started in too. The squeeze of the pecs, then the release, then the squeeze again. After a few automatic reactions George found he could actually up the squeeze with each stroke himself. The ripples across his chest, the veins becoming more and more defined across his arms, it wasn’t long before he shot a load unlike he had done since…well since he looked as young as he did now.

The next few hours were spent trying out the new body and getting ready for the next day. He had to start searching out gyms on the web in the area that would be good prospects. A mixture of not only the large chains but a few smaller independents too. No telling where the scouts would be looking. He had tried to, as off the cuff as he could pull it, ask the gyms who did this type of recruiting for his company where they might look and got a few prospects. As George searched the web at his desk he absentmindedly kept rubbing one hairy pecs, then switching hands when his nipples got hard and sore from all the attention.

The next day was interesting, and expensive. The night of tit play had left George’s nipples a little on the tender side. So his choice of an old grey t-shirt he tore so that it only reached to a inch or so below his pecs was not the brightest. But it looked great though. Loose on his old self, almost a second skin on his new. And the fabric rubbing against those sensitive nipples made them stand out all the more. Along with some shorts and a jock George checked himself out again. Dumb ass gym rat not smart enough to know how cheap he looked, perfect. He wasn’t sure about the jock strap. Didn’t look like the ones he wore back in school gym class but it was really the only thing he could find on line. Like the rest of his gear it was thin and tight. One last check and he figured he was set for his attempted infiltration of the city’s gyms. Major problem came with shoes. Hadn’t at all factored in his feet being bigger. Another rummage through his old stuff turned up a pair of cheap flip flops. Those would work. They never fit anyone anyway and it was summer so they wouldn’t be out of place.

The expensive part came when he checked into the cost of working out at the gyms. Sure they had a price break if you signed up for months but he would be back to his old self in a couple of weeks. He used the excuses that he was new in town and wanted to try out a few places before picking one gym to join full time. But that only worked a couple of times to get the fees down in hopes that would help make up his mind to join their gym. George might have been a hunked out blonde, but he was still thinking like a brunette when he carefully stored each and every receipt to be repaid by the company once this was all over with.

Then there was the whole gym mentality and culture he had to get used to and get into if he was going to succeed. George had studied the DVDs he bought well enough to get him through the first few days, and paying attention to what the other guys were doing helped too. Of course when asked at each new gym he told them it was his day to work his chest. That seemed the easiest part and hell, no drawback in maybe making these puppies a little bigger by the end of the experiment. By the end of the third day he had gotten a few leads and figured out that the drug company reps were hitting a couple of the gyms he went to pretty heavy. So he started concentrating on just one, hoping to get in good with the staff so that when the reps came back for another recruiting trip, they’d keep him in mind.

George also had to keep checking into work from his apartment every once in a while too. They bought his story that he would be away dong some independent study for the new product line he was working on, but mainly he didn’t want to get caught using the Jekyll Gene in an unauthorized manner. At least, that’s what he reasoning was at the start of the week. After a few days he really found himself getting into this new life, and the people that went with it. None of then had ever had to fill in a G134 Docform to get the proper supplies to run a batch test, or even know what the hell he was talking about. George had spent so much of his life from high school through college till today in pursuit of the next level his skills as a chemist could take him, he had forgotten what it was like to hang around with people and shoot the shit. These people didn’t 100% life for the gym but they also didn’t obsess about their jobs either. Hell, even the bigger guys who made the gym life more of a calling than a hobby still were more fun to talk to than the people he worked with. And it wasn’t like he hung out with the people he worked with, or anyone that matter. Sitting in the lunch room with 90 other employees and still eating alone. Finishing up his sets and being asked by a couple of the regulars if he wanted to go grab a bite with them. Didn’t need his education to know which he enjoyed more.

Time was clicking away though. George knew he was past the initial stages of the infection. He was no longer in the early days and his immune system would start fighting off the changes soon. Probably had another week but, he had spent most of this week just getting the lay of the land and getting to know people. He needed to get in touch with the Costello pharm guys to get into their trials.

His best prospect he figured was Vlad, a Russian immigrant, been here a few years, getting ready for his first big bodybuilding contest. George had to admit there was a bit of a puppy dog instinct that kept coming out of him whenever Vlad was around. Once in a while George had one of those queer panic attacks. Thinking that maybe his attraction to Vlad was more than just him being a good guy, but George wanting something more. But he assured himself it was just good old fashioned male bonding, things guys who work out do with each other. Plenty of reasons why George picked Vlad But the guy was just so fucking impressive, easy to talk to and really took a liking to George too. Although he, like most people at the gym had taken to calling him, “Georgie”. Sort of made him giggle the first few times people did it. At the end of the week they had gotten so close that Vlad had invited George over to his apartment to hang out . George was excited at the invite not only because he just never got to hang out wioth people in his ‘real’ life, but it would give him a better opportunity to sound Vlad out if he had heard anything about the Costello tests.

Arriving at Vlad’s apartment a little ahead of time, George quickly ran up the stairs and knocked on his buddy’s door. After hearing some movement inside the apartment the door opened to reveal Vlad sort of wet, half his chest missing it’s hair and the only thing he was wearing was a far too small wash clothe covering his way too big dick.

“Come in, come in, is cold.” George trying not to be too shocked came in the small apartment, that really smelled like a lone male bodybuilder lived there, and follow his friend to the bathroom. This is how he wanted to hang out tonight. “ Sorry buddy but I get job offer for tonight. He likes me smooth.”

“If you’re busy I should just go and we can.”

“No no, stay. You help yes? You can help shave?”

It was Vlad’s turn to have the puppy dog look in his eyes. George didn’t think someone this big could achieve that. Well he did want to hang out with the guy and while it was strange, George knew these guys had to shave for contests, maybe he had to shave for what ever this job was. Vlad entered the bathroom first, tossing the washcloth into the sink and getting back into the tub/shower. He soaped up his chest again and started shaving on his own. George figured he could at least sit on the closed toilet till he was needed. But crossing the bathroom, George saw something on the sink that made his heart start racing. Three large plastic bottles with Costello Pharmaceutical labels on them. But these weren’t the ones you could find in the stores, they were plain and basic. They were what he was looking for.

“Alright chest done. Looks OK.” Vlad said breaking George’s concentration, He turned to see the large Russian whipping the last bits of hair and shaving cream off. Yea it looked good, looked awesome The guy wasn’t near completion size or shape yet but his definition was incredible. No way was he going to lose that upcoming contest.

“Do back yea?”

Vlad handed George the shaving cream and razor and turned around to reveal the forest he had growing on his back.

“Shit Vlad.”

“I know, I know. In Russia we need fur to keep warm.” He said with a chuckle.

George filled his hand with shaving cream and started rubbing into the hair on his buddy’s back. He was amazed at the feeling of all that muscle. Even with the foamy cream between his hand and the flesh, it was still rock hard. Yet gave at times as he rubbed it in. Getting the cream covering everything from his neck down to just above his ass, George went to work.

And for someone doing his first job of shaving someone else, he was pretty happy a his style and how quick he got it going. A few swipes, clear the razor, then a few more. He had to move or even ask Vlad to move some of his muscles to get them a little flatter so he wouldn’t knick him, but he didn’t do too bad a job. A could of times he found he had to steady his hands on Vlad’s ass to get the real lower back, but took them off quick when he realized where they were. The heat form his solid butt was twice as strong as from the back. George took a quick look as still saw a few stray hairs here and there. Rubbing the slick skin with his hands he reworked his way do. Finishing up with a good strong body stroke from top to litteral bottom feeling for any last hairs.

"Ah, we do legs now.” Vlad said turning around and taking the shaving cream from George. Also showing he had sprung a major hard on while his back was turned to him, Not that George didn’t’ have a good stiff one gaining on his friend’s size. Vlad didn’t seem to acknowledge it though, just kept rubbing the shaving cream on the upper parts of his legs.

“You do from knee down all right? We got done twice as fast. Hot in here, take off shirt.”

“No it’s alright. No worse than the…”

“No come on, don’t want to get shirt all sweaty.” Vlad reached over and started pulling the t-shirt off of George, who found himself not resisting in the slightest. “That’s good. Yea, maybe we do you when we’re done?” Vlad asked, not so jokingly, to George and rubbing his hand through the light blonde hair on his chest.

“Let’s concentrate on you right now OK big guy?”

“I think my big guy is concentrating pretty good.” Vlad said taking the shaving cream from his hand and started stroking his dick. George again tried to ignore this and started shaving the hair off of Vlad’s calves. He eventually stopped and started in shaving the upper parts of his legs. The bathroom was getting really hot at now and in a way, George was happy he had taken his shirt off. The legs got clean much faster than his back. George guessed that Vlad must shave them on a more regular basis since they were earlier to get to.

“Now watch magic.” Vlad said taking holding the razor just above his dick. In four quick swipes he removed all the hair from his crotch till it was a smooth as the rest of him. “Vlad go from man to boy in two seconds. My friend tonight I see likes big men who look like little boys.” He said briefly stroking the denuded groin, stretching the skin up so his cock bobbed a little from the action.

“Yea, I look at this body and I see a child alright.” George said sarcastically, wanting to say that no child could possible spring a hard on as continually solid as the Russian’s.

“Now we do you.”

“No common Vlad. Don’t you have an appointment?

“Not for a while. Come on Let’s see how well you follow Vlad’s instructions this week. For fun, yes?”

Surprised at how quickly he gave in, George stood up, shucked his pants and underwear and changed places with Vlad in the shower. After a minute or two soaking in the water, he turned off the spray and they went to work on his chest. Well at least George started to, Vlad pushed his hands away and continued on his own. Pulling the skin taunt with one hand and scarring off the hair is short strokes with the other. Moving from one section to the next. Getting in close, close enough that it seemed to George that Vlad was almost smelling him. He didn’t have nearly as much hair as the Russian so it shouldn’t have taken him that long, but it seemed like a heavenly eternity. The big man’s hands on his pecs, lifting the up to get the hair underneath, doing a cute circle around each nipple, and concentrating most on the valley between his pecs.

After taking the light fuzz off his belly Vlad quickly rubbed some left over shaving cream into George’s pubes. “Now we both be little boys.” And even quicker than he did his own removed the hair from George’s pubes. Then leaned in a took the full semi soft shaft in his mouth and started sucking the blonde off.

George didn’t even have to think about this. He just reached forward, grabbed the back of the bug man’s head and pulled him onto his cock even farther. So much for not having to have sex with guys just because he was gay now. The heat in the bathroom was incredible now. The Russian’s head felt like it was on fire. His calloused hands reaching behind George and felling up his ass. George’s hands going down the Vlad’s shoulders and helped drive him in closer. The feeling of the mouth on his cock was nothing he had ever thought of before. None of the women he had dated ever gave him oral sex. Shit, that’s why he was doing this, he wasn’t the guy who dated women. Georgie was queer and this is what good queer’s did. No, this is what good queer’s did for great sex.

It was just seconds after Vlad reached in and cupped George’s balls in his hand that the blonde shot his load down his partner’s throat. And he got each and every last drop. Vlad stood up and took George by the wrist, leading him out into the bedroom area of the single room apartment. He laid George down on his back and straddled him on his waist.

The image that George got through sex blurry eyes was one he would never forget. Back lit from the bathroom light the mountain of muscle sitting on him was the most sexually explosive sight he had even seen. Domineering yet he knew he was safe with this man. The shoulder’s twice as broad as George’s, the shoulders like islands of rock just above arms that couldn’t have biceps that large and round. The legs the held him down were like vices of smooth stone, tensing now and then, sending a shock wave of excitement through George. Vlad leaned down and kissed George on the lips, hard and for longer than he ever remembered being kissed. Then started moving down the young gym rat’s body. Paying attention to the freshly shaved nipples on the way. He moved down, positioning himself further and further back on George’s body till he was in a place that he could move the legs out from under him, hold them in the air and spread them. George even left the one left that Vlad leg go of in place as the Russian started fingering his hole.

“Vlad I’m not sure I’m ready to...”

Vlad didn’t even respond to the weak statement as he pulled the blonde forward onto his hard cock. And George again heard the higher pitched groan once again come out of his mouth, but this time there was more of a lustful undertone to it. A moan of pain and pleasure that kept his mind off the fact that for the first time in his life he was getting fucked. Vlad leaned in and placed his hands on either side of George’s chest, then leaned in further to deep h=kiss him again, all the while pounding a rhythm in his ass that George could feel in his skull. Sweat dripped off the Russian’s head hitting George on the lips, which he licked up so none would escape. Both men breathing deeper and deeper. George reached up and grabbed part of the headboard as Vlad gave one last push, shooting his load deep within the virgin ass of the blonde gym rat. George also came a second time, shooting so hard it hit himself in the face. Sweat pouring off his body Vlad collapsed on top of the relatively smaller man.

After a few minutes to gather their strength again, the two body worshiping men spent time worshiping the other’s body in a dark hot apartment, on sweat soaked sheets.

George only knew that some time had passed before he gained enough conscious to know Vlad was shaking his shoulder. In the minutes before he had heard the shower going again and Vlad moving around the room getting dressed.

“Hey buddy, hey. Yea, you awake? I go now. You wait, that’s OK. You go, that’s OK too. But I hope you wait.” He said giving the drowsy blonde a kiss on the cheek before leaving.

George waited only a couple of minutes before getting up and moving into action. Checking Vlad’s small kitchen he found some sandwich size zip lock bags. Heading into the bathroom the took a good supply from each of the Costello Pharmaceutical bottles, taking notes of what was listed on the labels. Not much info but he could probably figure out what they were for back in the lab. He didn’t feel too bad taking them, figured Vlad would never miss them.

Next, carefully he checked around Vlad’s bed and makeshift desk, finally finding what he was looking for thumb tacked to a cork bulletin board next to the phone. The business card of Vlad’s contact with the company. He slipped that into the bag also. Wrote a quick note and used the thumbtack to leave Vlad a “Had to leave, see you at the gym” note. Hoping the switch would conceal his taking the card with him.

Sitting on the edge of the bed to tie his shoes on George noticed a pile of odd looking clothes on the floor. They were Vlad’s posing trunks. Different colors, textures and cuts. A couple of thongs that he was sure the big guy didn’t wear on stage. Could they be for this ‘job’ he had tonight, never really said what it was he was going to do. Hell, shaving himself down before heading off to meet someone he only referred to as a guy? Not hard to figure out. The clock was after 1 Am when he grabbed a sheer black trunk that smelt the ripest, shoved it in his pocket and left.

There was no going back to the gym now. Vlad might have been a bodybuilding god but he wasn’t dumb. Well, George had what he wanted from this whole experiment anyway. No real reason to go back to the gym. If the Jekyll Gene ran it’s course, it should start wearing off by the end of the weekend anyway. So he couldn’t go back. Couldn’t relive the feeling of the iron in his hands. Couldn’t relax in the shower after a hard workout, the hot water running down his back for a half hour relaxing his muscles. Wouldn’t be able to hang with the other bodybuilders and share workout tips, not that he had any to really share anyway. Not get fucked by a Russian beast with a 7 inch cock that owned him tonight

But George was right, the drug started wearing off and by late Monday it was clear that he was reverting to his old self. The next couple of days passed and his hair returned to it’s darker tone. His built up body slowly vanished. The trunks he has stole from Vlad originally fit a little loose, but by Thursday hung off his body like a joke. For some reason even though he was sure he was straight again, George couldn't help taking a deep wiff of the hsorts, breathing in Vlad's lingering scent. Speaking of jokes, his body hair didn’t really grow backing with the reversion. He had stubble coming in, dark stubble, but the shaved chest and groin that looked so raw and California beach boy perfect on Georgie made George look like a fool. He tried not to look at himself in the mirror that much, it was too depressing. And jagging off wasn’t much better, couldn’t get that muscled squeeze from his arms and chest. Just a semi hard dick that shot off for no reason.

George had hoped that at least returning to work and getting the samples analyzed would help him get over losing all he had gained in his brief new life. Maybe by presenting this to his bosses he could go onto a new life for George that was so great he wouldn’t miss all that Georgie took with him. Yea, right.

Then the real reality hit. His findings were not good. Only one of the pills he brought back was the real thing. Appeared to be some nutritional supplement that on it’s own was pretty impressive. But the other ones were placebos. Nothing more than sugar pills given to members of the test group to use as a balance to what the real stuff would do.

Shit. While the bosses liked the results he gave them, tweaked just enough to avoid any patent issues from his stealing it out from under the competition, the object of the push for the company was to come up with a complete line. They liked what he had with this first bit, but where was the rest?

Leaving George back where he was two weeks before, needing idea but not able to come up with them. And knowing the only solution was for a return to the life of a certain blonde muscle beach boy for another try at the golden ring. All he had to do was just try to remember what he had programmed the system to generate his blonde alter ego in first time… •

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