Jekyll Gene HM: The Bottle Blond Contagion

By Texzilla

Orum Love scrolled through the data, eyeing the info as best he could. “That.” He said stopping on a line. “You’re going to want that.”

“OK, put it in the bucket.” Martin September said looking over his lab partner’s shoulder. “And with that, I think we’re done.”

“The system is sending a message that we’re at the threshold. Let’s start cooking. Should take about 15 minutes for the system to deliver our request.”

“Getting excited?” Martin said pulling his chair over to the dispenser that will fill the prescriptions they just placed.

“Getting scared. I’m beginning to think we should run some tests on this stuff first. Or at least wait till we can crack a few more barriers and get more details on the effects.” Orum said taking one of the longer dreadlock that hung off his head and began twirling it in his fingers. Martin knew well enough that is was one of Orum’s nervous habits. “I just don’t know how safe…”

“Come on. You’ve seen him walking around. That 6 foot something tower of black muscle used to be more than average white Ben Shapiro. Does he look like he’s in pain? Does he look sick? Does he not look like he’s going to be beating the girls off with a stick to leave him alone?” Martin said paying more attention to the dispenser than his lab partner.

“From what I hear it’s not the girls he’s got to…..seriously, we just don’t know the full details.”

“But we know enough. We’ve found out what this stuff is that he used. We found out it’s not permanent. We traced his production logs to find out what he used and cracked the codes. Yea it would be great to talk to the guy and get some off the record details, but no one can get near him when he’s in the office. Now we’ve got our own solutions percolating and it’s going to be a blast!!”

“Shouldn’t he have changed back now if it’s not permanent? We started seeing him in the halls 6 weeks ago. I mean, yea it sounds cool but, at least 6 weeks? First bottle just popped out.” Orum said motioning behind Martin to the automatic dispenser. Usually the tool was used just for tests and reports. Tonight the men had decided to break a few rules.

“Cool, and that one is….yours” Martin said handing over the bottle to Orum. “Look, maybe he’s reshooting himself up. The info we found said two weeks max, right? Regardless of what he’s doing, we’ll be back to ourselves in two weeks.” A grin that Orum could only consider naughty crossed Martin’s face. “But for those two weeks…this is going to be great!! Don’t back out on me now. Mine’s ready!

“Don’t back out on me? What is this third grade?”

“Let’s bump the maturity of the conversation up to high school then. We are going to get SO much pussy if this gives us HALF the muscles it gave Shapiro.”

“Yea, well, that would be worth all this….. You want to do this at your place? Or separately?” Orum said holding his small bottle of blue-ish liquid up to the light. “I thought the specs said it was yellow.” He mumbled to himself

“No man, we’re doing it right here and now. You’re worried about something happening then what better place for us to do this. Something goes wrong AND IT’S NOT, we’re in the right place. But when it goes right, it’s Friday night at 10 and we’ve only got to get past a couple of rent a cops who won’t give us a second look. Taking my shirt and pants off at least. I think, if I did this right I SHOULD be able to get back in them, but just in case…”

“Makes sense..” Orum said standing up and pulling his polo shirt over his head.

“Then you’re joining me?” Martin asked taking a couple of hypodermic needles from the supply the labs always had.

“Yea, it just….it sounds insane but we’ve got all this proof that it works…. and it does sound so cool if it works.”

The two men stood side by side as they stuck the end of the needles into the tops of the bottles and drained the liquid. “Want to do the honors?” Martin said yanking down his tightie whities and offering the needle to Orum.

“Trade you. As long as this is the last time I’ll have to see your sorry pasty white ass.” Orum said jabbing the needle home into the flesh of Martin’s butt. “Nice undies by the way.”

“If this works right, the only pasty white ass you’ll have to look at will be the one in the mirror.” Martin said returning the favor of a needle injection. He patted Orum on the ass and flipped the elastic of his boxer briefs back up to cover. “Can’t wait to get a ghetto booty of my own. And you know what my Momma said, always wear clean underwear in case you change races and become a…………..urrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.”

Orum would have been bringing up that the info they broke into had mentioned there was some pain in the initial transformations, but he also was doubled over straining not scream. The small office lab they were in was build for just two people and had no windows. So the two men’s groans and occasional scream echoed off the walls some.

Being under 6 feet each the men had both decided that they wanted to be taller once the DNA alterations known as the Jekyll Gene took over. It began overriding their original DNA with the options they picked out of the computer’s vast database. But neither thought of how much pain would be involved in the growth of 7 inches to their back, their legs. Martin felt his hip bones actually widen some while there was no mistaking that Orum was getting a thinner waist. Orum ass shrunk in some to a large but undeniable bubble butt, then took on a couple of dimples on the sides. Martin’s though, later, had he not loved it so, would have kicked himself for making the ghetto booty joke. And it would have been easy given the size of his new booty. Both men’s shoulder widened some, but Martin’s continued until an almost bizarre width was obtained. On Martin is gave a solid, square torso from the shoulder down, but on Orum, the wide shoulders and thinning waist was remarkable. Heavy pecs swelled on the black man’s chest making the difference between his shoulder width and his hip size all the more dramatic. Like a high school quarterback done in wet dream.

“Sorry man, but I’ve got to get these panties off. Too fuckin’ tight now.” Martin said rolling down the strained white briefs over his giant ass and legs. His voice was now a deep baritone and slightly slurred since he wasn’t used to talking with his ever increasing lips.

“With you man.” Orum said in his equally low yet slightly nasal voice. He started pulling down on the boxer briefs only to have them rip at the seams with the slightest tug. “Well damn…WELL DAMN!!!” He shouted at the sight of his now exposed cock. It had grown in length just a little but its width was unreal. Thicker than a soda can and about a long as one and a half. The head was actually just that much slammer than the shaft, giving it the appearance of a snake almost.

Martin was too busy getting over the massive head ache that started when his facial features began to shift. The lips he could fell fill in, and the jaw line expand. His breathing felt different as his nose flattened to almost become flush with his face. The eyebrow budged out some but made a perfect line with his new cheekbones. Martin’s hair has been a fairly short light brown, but it quickly turned true black and curled into a shorter, tight afro fuzz. His eyes started turning a deep chocolate brown, as did is skin.

Swirling through his body the darker completion began to get deeper and deeper. Places like joints and, he would find later, his ass would turn darker. So would his nipples which grew huge on the expanded chest. Martin was thinking that he had dated chicks with smaller nipples when he was what the Jekyll Gene and the coloring had done to his dick. Not as thick as Orum’s, how could have it been, but thick and long. He’s never seen anything like the veins that now snaked around it. Wouldn’t need the ribbed condoms with this literal fucker.

The pain was letting down as Martin looked up to show Orum his dick when Martin saw an amazing sight. Unlike the slow smooth transition to dark brown skin, Orum’s own current brown skin flashed, flashed again then suddenly was the healthy light tan, almost pink of a white person’s. It went perfectly with his new face. The jaw was still strong as ever but the nose was, not perky, more pug. Gave his features a slight tough edge on top of a way too sweet face. Like a dopy farm boy of something. The dick was a cool deep pink with a darker head. It was then that Martin saw that Orum’s pubic hair, the only hair left below his nose, was now a curly white blonde. As was his eyebrows. But his head hear was still a mass of black dreadlocks. Unless.

“Ya damn phony.” Martin said reaching out his giant hand with its longer fingers to run it through Orum hair. “I knew those were extensions!!” His voice boomed in the little lab all the more.

“Aw shit I never thought of that.” He said taking the edge to see the long black ‘lock lead down to a pure blonde white base. “Besides that how do I look?”

“You look great man. Like a college quarterback or something. Very sweet, man. You’re….you’re lips didn’t go down that much, but it looks good. Look at these pecs, they’re prefect.” Martin reached forward and cupped Orum’s chest in his hands. “Like tits if they weren’t so huge and round. Can’t get over this color.” Martin said holding his hand up to se them better. “Hey how to I look?”

“I’ve seen better looking Brothers, got a tuff ass edge to you. Think you must look more manly than me. But young. Why do we look like we’re in our…early 20’s at the oldest? I though we’d still look like 30 year olds.” Orum reached over and played with Martin’s curly chest hair. “Like your ‘fro? That bush is pretty dense man. Can you believe these cocks?”

“They’re the best.” Both men took a minute to star playing with themselves. Drips of precum started oozing form the tips of their new cocks when reality began to set in some. “Ummm, we better start thinking how we’re going to get out of here. We got big. Not as big as Shapiro that’s for sure but, you’re shorts are shreds and I don’t think your pants would survive.”

“Good point. Wasn’t there….” Orum said going over to the door and peeking out. “Empty. Wasn’t there a utility store room down the hall? I seem to remember going in there once to get some paper towel and seeing some of those coveralls the cleaning crew wear handing in there. They always look like they’re three times bigger than the guys wearing them.”

“So they might fit us. Since I can still fit in my shorts, I’ll run down and check.”

“And I’ll start de-extension my hair. Those scissors still on your desk?”

Orum started tracing the hair with his fingers and clipping where the extension ended and the blonde hair started. He looked over to see that Martin was still having trouble pulling up his shorts. Putting the scissors down for a second he took the back of the briefs and helped pull them up. His fingers running along the top of Martin’s ass, feeling the hard solid glutes. Just for a second he saw the valley between the massive globes and found it very enticing. Orum found his hand reaching and, catching what he was doing, instead smoothed the fabric down the ass and underneath. Which made him think why he did that too.

“Thanks.” Martin said not really giving a hint if he minded. “Going to snag your ID just in case. Don’t think the Mensa candidates the company hires for security will check if I’m actually the black man in the picture, but at least I’ll have something to show them. Be back.”

Martin left Orum cutting out his extensions and quickly made it down the gleaming while hall way to the maintenance room Orum had mention. Along the way he caught that he could almost see his reflection in the white walls. His new brown body standing out so clearly. With a big smile on his face that he also could almost see in the wall, he made it to the maintenance room without anyone seeing him. Martin did have a sudden jolt of fear when he realized that the guys who used the room usually worked at night and might have been in there, but it was clear.

Orum had been right. There were a bunch of orange coverall hung on the wall for the workers to use. A few had people’s names on them but most looked like they were just available for the group. Martin looked through and found two of the biggest, but wasn’t sure they were big enough. After taking another quick look out the door to make sure no one was coming, he began to slip one of the coveralls on. It was tight but it sort of fit, barely. He could feel the back hem stitch riding up his ass. And there was no mistaking just which side he ‘dressed’ on with that massive cock of his now. The zipper made it up to just past his navel before starting to fight back. It snapped down a few times to the base, about an inch below where is dick started. Not bothering to check a third time if the coast was clear, Martin pulled out the cock and began stroking it. The veins the roped around it felt awesome in his hand. The longer fingers were able to warp around the shaft, and the larger muscles in his arms help give it a squeeze with never before. Martin had never before been so into his dick as he was at this moment. Somewhere in the back of his mind Martin was thinking that his sex drive had been boosted a notch or two or 30 since this change, but told himself it was just the excitement of the change. Something about getting back to Orum too but, not just for the clothes or to help with his hair…but he should be getting back.

Barely able to stuff everything back where it belonged, Martin took a deep breath and zipped up the suit as best he could. Just short of his pecs would have to do. Martin tried to move quickly back down the hall but found the coveralls too binding for any real speed. They only had to get them out of the building, so he didn’t have to worry long.

“I think I found just the stuff.” He said heading back into the lab. “How’s your….” He stopped when he saw the new Orum, head now a spiky mass of white blonde, a lone curl rested against his forehead like Superman’s. What drew most of Martin’s attention was that Orum was leaning back in his chair, busily stroking off the giant dick he’d gained. It was a deep red from the original pink, not much thinker, it couldn’t have been and a bit longer. But it was hard. As hard as steel as Orum pumped it up and down, jutting form his groin, the only place it was giving was just at the base.

“Sorry, I couldn’t help….” Orum said breathing heavily.

“Been doing the same thing...” Martin said dropping the coveralls in the doorway so it left the door slight ajar, and then shucking his own off. His dick was already harder than it had been in the maintenance room. “Just been felling so…” Martin crossed the room, still stroking his own meat and then reached out and took Orum’s in his hand. At first the blonde looked a little shocked but, within seconds was standing up and grabbing Martin by the back of his head to pull him in for a kiss.

“Don’t know what the fuck is happening…and I don’t really give a fuck.” Orum said as they went in again, their mouths pressed against each other. Martin’s new thicker lips along with Orum which were still plump and sweet tasting. Hands left their cocks and roamed up to chests and reached back to asses.

“Thing is, I think I need you to give a fuck…” Martin said turning around and bracing himself against the deck. “Do it man, got to know what that monster feels like…”

“Something tells me….you’re going to feel it. Spread wider man, it’s big but I need to get it past this ass. Or as my Daddy used to call it, rump.”

The smile that had been on Martin’s face since the transformation, and got slightly broader at the ‘rump’ comment, went to a wince of pain as Orum slowly pushed the head of his cock into Martin’s ass. His first reaction was to clench down but, finding that more painful than the transformation, Martin loosened up and let Orum slide in. “Oh my god…” Martin whispered.

“Tighter than any pussy I ever had.” Orum said picking up speed.

“What’s a pussy?”

Orum picked up speed, his groin beginning to slap against Martin’s ass with every fuck. Sweat poured down Martin’s back, draining into the valley of his ass cheek’s, making it’s was down till hit helped lubricate. Martin arched is back just as Orum felt he was going to unload. Orum wrapped his arms as best he could around Martin’s torso and pulled him in for the jerking cum release into his ass. Surprising to Martin, Orum pulled out almost immediately and started walking backwards to his desk.

“Now….” Orum gasped out of breath. “Now me.” The new white boy used his grown bicep muscles to push all his papers and equipment off his desk. He hoped up, used the wall to support his back and threw his legs part, ready for Martin.

The black man turned around, his dick already at full mast. An odd trickle of cum leaked from his ass and began making its way down his leg. He found he had to gingerly start taking steps due to having his ass fucked for the first time, but nothing was going to keep him from returning the favor. Orum’s ass was at just the perfect height. His legs apart revealed the pink hole waiting for him. The wispy trail of hair went from the base of Orum’s balls down to just above the ass hole. A little darker and it would look like an arrow pointing at the target, Martin thought. Orum didn’t wince the way that Martin did when the dick entered his ass. He was too busy reaching out and bringing Martin in for a kiss. The black cock slid in the white ass and began pumping away while the two men again tasted each other’s lips, necks…..

“What is going on man?” Martin mumbled, almost like he was having trouble even getting the words out. “We were doing this for chicks…we were going to…”

“I think women are no longer in the formula big guy.” Orum said feeling Martin’s dick grow even more inside him. But the growing didn’t stop there.

With a thunderous shake, that happened at the same time he came in Orum’s ass, Martin began to expand. Biceps that already were larger than he’s even seen on a man in person swelled and began to drop slightly from the weight. Like his dick, a thick vein sprouted on the top. Martin had to move his arms out a little to make room for the larger triceps he now had too. His chest ballooned and dipped but was still solid. Martin couldn’t look down and see himself fucking Orum any longer. Too much chest in the way. He didn’t want to pull out of Orum just yet, hell he never did, but Martin could tell he was sprouting a bigger cock now too. And just from the feel of it, his legs, back and ass were also undergoing a second increase of pure muscle mass. Leaving the formally healthy white lab tech one of the largest black bodybuilders on the coast. One with a smile on his face that excited his fuck buddy to no end.

Because Orum could feel himself start to shake to. A warm feeling deep inside his began to spread, and it wasn’t Martin’s cum. Legs that was thick and muscular before now were massive and cut as if by diamonds. An impressive 6 pack became a solid 8 pack, with a stomach so flat that his innie belly button became on outie. No place to go in any longer. Orum’s pecs also swelled to new building size, rounder than Martins. Slight stretch marks appeared on his shoulder as the skin was not able to keep up with the change from his biceps and chest to his shoulders and back. What was a broad set of shoulders on a thin waist was solid trunk supporting a massive upper body topped off by shoulder broader than a broom. Orum could even feel his neck swell some from all the muscles that wee being added. And the dick of death that had left Martin’s hole reeling in pain and leaving him wanting more, got longer by several inches. And thicker. Continued to get thick enough so that, somehow the incredible length was still not enough draw attention away from the baseball bat thick tool that suddenly shot all over Orum’s chest, face and hit the wall.

Tests later on would reveal that it was not Orum’s cum that had dripped down Martin’s leg that set off the Level 5 Contagion Warning. It was Orum’s cum that hit the wall. That would be important in the investigation that would follow.

“Level 5 Contagion Detected.” A calm yet robotic female voice said from every speaker in the building.

“Run.” Martin yelled pulling out of Orum and making for the door. They heard the door bolt click to locked position, but the coverall Martin dropped was still blocking the door. The two men quickly grabbed the jumpsuits and their pants and flew out of the room. They headed for the front entrance, running down the halls stark naked. Living for the adrenaline rush.

“Initiating Facility Lock Down Procedures.” The voice chimed in again. “Remain Calm.”

Red and white warning lights started flashing down each hall. The men were still two halls ways from the exit. Great metal walls began to lower from different sections of the halls. Slow enough not to trap anyone underneath, quick enough to keep anyone from getting out. In theory. The men dove under the lowering doors. One after another. Designers had not counted on newly created leg muscles of gods propelling employees to the exit. They had the exit in sight. The door was 2 3rds down. And the security guards, looking like they had already shit their pants, drew their guns as the men approached.

Somewhere, deep inside him, Martin knew what to do. Spreading his arms and screaming, the giant running naked black man confused the two security guards so much, it gave the two men the time they needed to slide under the door just as it shut. Martin’s pants were half way on the outside, half way still in the facility.

“What the fuck was that all about?” Orum said helping Martin up.

“Must have been in one of the other labs. Can’t get sick from doing some fuckin’. I mean, like I said about Shapiro, do we look sick?” Martin said popping a bicep bigger than his head. “We better get out of here. You got your car keys?”

“Let’s check. Yea, I got that, my ID and my wallet.”

“S’cool. Mine didn’t make it.” Martin said tugging the pant leg till it ripped. “We’re going to need clothes.” He said wrapping the coverall around his waist. There was no way it would fit now. “We’re going to need a few drinks. We’re going to need a few…”

“More of this, Buddy.” Orum said grabbing the inch of so of Martin’s cock that was dangling below the coverall he had tied around his waist. “Let’s go. Tonight is what no spending limits Am Ex Platinums are for.”

Security cameras would show Orum Love’s car driving off the lot 15 minutes before the first Emergency response team arrived. 20 minutes before the first HasMat. The significance would not be made for hours later.

Several hours later Jose Bedolla staggered out of the private dressing area of the sports wear store he managed. An hour or so before the best story he ever had to tell the girlfriend afterwork walked in. Two gigantic bodybuilders, white guy and a black guy, came in 99% nude and looking for clothes. He’d keep to himself the part where the joking around and male bonding turned into actual …male …bonding. Jose just had no idea what came over him. Just, they were so hot looking. He ran a sports gear store, sure, he had amateurs in here night and day. He had people he considered ‘real’ athletes in once a week or so. Once in a while, someone famous or at least looking like they could be famous. He never made out with them. He never watched two bodybuilders from the gym he goes to start to fuck each other, then, when offered a chance, suck off the one getting fucked.

It wasn’t really queer, Jose thought as the store got hotter. Those guys weren’t really guys, they were gods. Muscles lords from fucking Mars of something. No one has a dick as thick as the white guy’s dick. So then it was OK that he wrapped his lips around the head, keeping it nice and slick till the blonde shot his load down Jose’s throat. What a rush.

“Jose?” his clerk Ray Wallace said heading back in the store wondering what happened to his boss. The young thin but muscular, had to be to work in the store, black man found his boss leaning up against a display near the infamous dressing room. “Jose, what the hell happened? Those guys bought a shit load of clothes and then told me that I should check on you. Did they do something to you? You OK?”

“They’re gone?”

“Yea, just strode out like the own the place. Did you ring their purchases up? They had 5 bags of stuff each. Did they hurt you? Should I call the cops?”

“No, no, don’t…..nothing happened but, shit those were big guys.”

“No fuck, man. Seriously like to know what happened to their clothes. Did they leave those jump suits?” Ray said heading into the dressing area. “Guess we should toss these. What’s this…JOSE what the hell??? If I didn’t know better I’d say that was cum all over the floor?!?”

When Ray returned to the store area where he left Jose, he found someone who wasn’t exactly going to be Jose much longer. The pain had almost blinded him but hanging onto the display case for dear life worked keeping Jose vertical. His back felt like it shattered as he swore he shank down a few inches to 5’5”, and that was at the most. While he shrank in height, he swelled up in muscle. The faux track suits the staff wore were fairly loose, even though Jose had his altered slightly to show off his pecs. But instead of getting even more loose, it started to get tighter in places. Like his pecs. And his ass. And the legs. The formerly loose track suit was now being filled up with enough muscles to look like the skin of a sausage.

“I’ll call 911.” Ray said snapping out of the shock of what was going on.

“No” Jose said in a much higher voice. “Don’t leave me.”

Knowing he should still head for the phone, Ray stayed and tried to support Jose. He quickly grabbed one of the benches from the shoe department for Jose to sit on, but his boss had a death grip on the display and wasn’t moving. Ray was worried, among all the things that were freaking him out at the moment, about how pale Jose was getting. After a few minutes he realized, it wasn’t that he was going pale, he was going Caucasian.

Jose’s skin which up to minutes ago was almost as brown as Ray’s was now a light tan. His full jaw pulled in some giving his face a more angular shape than the rounder features he had before. It was his nose that made the biggest change. Big was the word. Sprouting off his face the average nose grew out, thin but long, like a sail. It didn’t get round or bulbous on the end, just a fine nose that added lots of character to his face. His eyes turned a sparkling blue as the last of the changes hit. Jose’s long blonde hair he kept back in a pony tail drained of color to a rich golden blonde. Dark undertones were left, along with some lighter highlights, but the boy was now a blonde, no mistaking. From head to foot. For Jose found when he pulled the top of his track suit off that his new mass of muscles were hidden almost completely by a thick rug of golden hair. Jose tried to check for the tribal tattoo he had on his left pec, but while he could feel the incredible new size and hardness of his chest, the ink was completely obscured.

“Anyone in here?” the man who looked like the farthest thing from someone named Jose asked.

“What did you say? What just…”

“Close the store…” Jose said running over to one of the full length mirror’s on the wall.

Ray checked the store out. It was late on a Saturday night and no one was looking for sports clothing tonight. He ran back to check on Jose to find the short blonde stud had pulled down his pants and was playing with his equally short but uncut cock.

“It’s smaller too but fuck man, it feel so good.” Jose said turning back to the mirror to watch himself jerk off.

“WHAT THE FUCK IT GOING ON!?!?!” Ray yelled, not even sure if this was even really Jose any longer. What he had just seen could not possibly have happened. Jose paid no attention though. His eyes were locked on the mirror. He removed a smaller hand with almost stubby fingers from his little stiff cock only to start rubbing the fur on his chest.

“I don’t know Ray.” Jose’s voice was high. Not like a girl’s but, but like a man who went through puberty but his voice didn’t so much join him. “It’s like…I’m not scared. I feel too alive to be scared. Christ Ray look at me!! I couldn’t get this build after 10 years of solid gym work.”

“But you’re short. And white. And blonde and……. I can’t even see your skin any longer to tell what muscles talking about.”

With the hand he had been stroking his cock, Jose grabbed Ray’s hand and held it to his pec. It was burning hot, solid and soft at the same time. Ray hesitated for a minute felling up Jose’s fur covered tit. His fingers brushed against the nipple, somewhere under all that, and made Jose take a deep breath.

“I think my nuts got the tiny treatment too so don’t do too much of that. I don’t think I can keep from coming as well as before.”

“You feel so solid” Ray said, shaking his hand. Most of the precum that had seeped out of Jose tiny dick transferred to Ray’s hand. He was trying to get it off as his boss went back to stroking his little dick.

“That’s not the only thing that’s solid. You want some of this before I blow?”

“What are you fucking gay now too? No I don’t want to suck your dick.” Ray protested as he crossed over to Jose, kneeled down in front of him and grabbed the short blonde by his solid hips. “I have no idea what I’m doing.”

“Yea you do.” Jose said taking the back of Ray’s head and moving him forward.

Ray wasn’t sure he even needed the prompting. His lips wrapped around the dark red head and started licking away. Using his tongue he was able to push most of the curly blonde pubic hair out of the way, but there was just so much of it. He had gone down on previous girlfriends and, shit, already he liked cock better than pussy. Tasted hot, clean and spiced all at the same time. It moved and reacted to his advances, didn’t like lay there and taste like a cunt. Jose was stroking his head, the small but strong hand running over his hair, caressing his face. Ray struggled to pull his own track suit uniform down since he’s popped a fairly good sized boner himself. Maybe it was because he was so used to his own cock that he could tell when Jose was going to blow. But this had gone on far enough. Playing around once wasn’t queer, it just that this was so strange that he was going with the moment. That didn’t mean he had to swallow any cum. He did though. As much as he could. A dick that little shouldn’t have had that much cum in it. Ray didn’t want it to stop no matter how much came out. When Jose was done, and is little dick got slightly smaller as it got softer, Ray removed his mouth and fell back.

He had started to prop himself up so he could get on his feet again, but a wave of pain shook his body. Before his mind locked due to the agony he thought that had he not seen Jose go through this, he might be having an epileptic seizure. His body ached and muscles flared like they have been set of fire. Jose quickly moved in back of the writhing black man and held him close from behind. He would have found it more comforting it he wasn’t so enthralled with what he was seeing. Ray too was shrinking. He could see his legs pull up the floor, the pants legs getting longer but at the same time tighter. His leg muscles swelled to a stockier hardness than what Jose had gotten. His hip also widened more, and he could feel himself being lifted slightly off the floor and his ass filled out even bigger than it was. He held his arm out in front of him and was not that shocked to see them also shorten, hand small but thick. Then the forearms burst with muscles, followed by his biceps and triceps. His chest swelled to the point that he though for a moment he might be getting a woman’s tits instead of pecs. But his dick was still there, not much smaller than before, thicker though. And then it hit him, It was also lighter. His dark brown skin began to lighten, not as much as Jose’s did, but stopped at a shape many times lighter than before. A rich honey caramel. Almost….almost just a little darker than Jose had been. That’s when it hit him.

Jose was still holding onto Ray as he began to struggle to get up. The blonde let go when it was clear that this wasn’t more convulsions but a need to see himself in the mirror. Tripping of the far to big clothes and tripping around the far too big leg muscles, Ray made it to the mirror to see the last of the changes take place. The face was rounder with cheekbones from hell. Eyebrows thicker bushier. The hair was still black but longer due to being perfectly straight now and thick. Damn thick. Lips still full but the same caramel color was the rest of him. His eyes almost looked Asian but hat wasn’t it.

“You look like on of my uncles.” Jose said coming up behind the shorter Hispanic man and pulling at his clothes. “My family came from deep in the jungles of South America. You look just like one of my uncles who still lives there.”

“Dio Mios.” He said as he looked as his naked body in the mirror. Not a hair beneath his nose. Not even around his dick. Heavy pecs, shoulder far too wide for a man this short, six pack that could crack a walnut in them.

“Now you’re getting it.” Jose said reaching around and aiming the new Latino’s dick at the mirror as he shot the first of his new body’s loads.

“Don’t you worry about my getting anything Blondie.” Ray said wrapping his mouth against Jose’s.

Outside the store two figures dressed in black reported what they had seen to their superiors. They were advised the contagion has reached the second level of infection. If the victim was able to pass the infection to another without deep tissue contact, as they were then able to pass it onto another. The news of an alternate race change of the second generation victim startled their superiors. They had no answer, only orders to find the two men and bring them in before it reached the third level, or god forbid, the final 4th level. These two latest victims were contained enough and evidence showed they would remain…..preoccupied till they were no longer infectious.

Down the street “Bowser” McMahon was having a good night and a lousy night. Good night because the two giant queer bodybuilders who came in and overtook the place for over an hour dented the blonde’s Am Ex. Bad because that wasn’t the type of guys he typically wanted in his bar. He didn’t want the gays out but he didn’t want the driving some of his regulars away either. But those were big queers in here tonight. From the size of the packages they were sportin’, they had the balls to hold their liquor. Thank god because he ran out of beer glasses part way through their visit.

Bowser ducked back through the service hallway to the kitchen/cleanup area to see how his guys were doing on the clean up. Usually Ryo and Jun were quick on the wash up but the glasses he sent back 30 minutes ago had not yet made their way to the front. He was still having some translation issues with the guys. Wasn’t sure it they were legal. Most of the legal immigrants wouldn’t want to work a job like washing dishes at a bar for cash in they were legal. Meant they could get something better. Since this was all they wanted to do, he had to guess it was all they were able to do. Their English was still better than his Japanese, but then it still wasn’t good enough some times.

‘Guys, Glasses!” Bowser said blowing past the swinging door to the clean up room. The music the guys usually had blaring was still going strong. There was the usual humid aroma in the room due to the bad ventilation. And there were two 6 foot plus blonde bodybuilders, wearing shreds of clothes, leaning up against the sink and jacking off. The big smiles on their faces when they saw Bowser worried him more than the thoughts he had about losing customers. These guys looked like they wanted him to lose something else.

“Who are….what is with it with the blonde bodybuilders tonight! Where are my…”

His screaming sentence was cut short by one of the blondes shooting his load and hitting him in the face. Bowser didn’t even have time to protest as the made a grab for him and started tearing off his clothes. Somewhere, in the back of his mind, he wanted to protest. Just less than a minute before he was worried these guys might try something like this. Now…now was different.

Bowser had to admit, these guys were magnificent. Not exactly up tot eh talent that was in the bar earlier, but they were getting there. Flowing blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes. Noses like the guys he used to box with, sort of turned up. Tough looking but on them, kind of cute. Shit why was he thinking these two guys were cute. Well, because they were. Smiles from ear to ear. Once they got his shirt all the way off their hands were allover him. Big strong hands but incredibly soft. His wife had hands this soft. His wife…. Now his pants were off and there was no thinking of the past any longer. Both bodybuilders had kept their hard ons going, even the one that already shot. Did guys really have legs that thick? 8 packs that perfect. They smelled great. Like guys who had been working all day. Why did the aroma of two men get his so set off like this? Bowser kept taking deep breaths to get it all in.

“Bowser, we’ll make….happy.” One of them said. Shit that sounded familiar. Not the voice but the hesitancy in how the words were said. Like English wasn’t their first…

His thought was interpreted by the blonde who had yet to come pushing him forward into the other bodybuilder. Hands went between his ass cheeks and spread them apart. Even got a kick to each inner leg to spread them more. With his arms all but wrapped around the one bodybuilder Bowser for an instant thought of pushing away and getting out of there. Then his ass met cock.

“Yea, we make happy.”

“No Ryo, we make….gay. We make boss gay.”

Did he say Ryo? Did he say GAY? These were the thoughts that tried to start going though Bowser’s brain but it was all just too much. The feeling of the long prick passing into him more and more. His arms wrapped around the mid section of the giant blonde beast. His head resting against the muscle man’s heavy pecs. The nipples hung down, low almost underneath like his wife’s tits. His wife. Suddenly the man from behind leaned in pushing Bowser into the other bodybuilder even more. The guy even staggered back a little but soon righted himself in time for Bowser to feel the full load shot into his ass.

Literally without waiting his ass was clear of cock and he was being forced on his knees. Never having been ass fucked before Bowser wasn’t sure what these muscle spasms he was having were from. Figured it was from that. Always heard that it hurt. Didn’t hurt that bad. Felt pretty awesome really. Like this cock he was already sucking like a pro, it tasted great.

The pains up and down his body continued to spike and surge. Bowser was too busy servicing his first cock to notice. His body hair fell out completely except for a small patch above his crotch and in each arm pit. The balding head soon filled in with thick black hair. His build gained 75 pounds of muscles, mainly in the legs and ass. Although his pecs and arms were growing impressively. His nose also got smaller, very petite. Almost the same wording you could use for his hard cock. That was where the most pain was. Having a raging hard on and having the cock that was hard shrink by 2 inches. His nuts also drew up into a nice little package as the skin tone tuned a smoky brown/ black. The rest of his skin tones darkened to a light brown, with the nipples being as dark as his cock. His face rounded slightly with impressive cheekbones. His eyes were the last to change, taking an Asian slant to complete the transformation as he and the bodybuilder he was sucking off came at the same time.

The 5’2” muscle bound Japanese hunk that had once been Bowser McMahon fell back till his hard bubble ass hit the floor.

“Oh!!! Now you Japanese!!” One of the blonde’s yelled.

“Yes, We change!! Ryo and I now American and you Japanese. You Japanese Bowser!!” the blonde giant bodybuilder that had once been short Jun Kitamura said helping his much shorter boss off the floor.

“This is…so great.” Bowser said running his hands over the pumped up pecs.

“Oh good, he like Japanese.”

“Maybe we help him with Japanese and he help us with American more now?”

“Yes but, Japanese Bowser only Japanese in room. You see anyone else Japanese in here Ryo?”

“No?” Ryo answered not sure where Jun was going with this.

“Well, only Japanese do dishes in bar. So maybe Japanese Bowser better get to work.”

“YES!” Ryo replied, picking the one apron that didn’t shred when they changed off the floor. “You wash, we watch. You do good job. We give you raise again.” Ryo said stroking his cock that was already getting hard.

Bowser was in shock enough already that putting on the apron and standing at the sink seemed right. The guys wanted hi to do it. And tying the apron behind his back with no other clothes on meant his ass was still hanging out. For some reason, even though it was washing dishes, Bowser was more than happy to do what ever these two wanted him to do.

Passing by the bar the two men had no idea of the transformations that were going on inside. They were in contact with their bosses who uploaded all the results they had been able to gather so far. The two men had a good idea now as how to avoid the contamination. Contact with the semen set the contagion in motion, but it was the direct passing of the semen from host to victim that caused the transformation. So all they had to do was bring the two guys in and avoid the semen and they’d be fine. Except changes were the infection had progressed to the final stage, and there was no telling how easy it would be to spread the initial stages at that point.

Making their way down the street the tracking device lead them to a large gym. It seem fairly normal if a little empty. The device lead them through the building to the back lockers where the building pass of one Orum Love was found. This was what they were using to hoe in on the guys. At least they had been here recently enough to leave their clothes. And if they carried this with them this far, they probably wouldn’t have gone on without it. They checked the workout room, the hallways, the bathrooms, the lounge area with the only place left being the sauna. If they were in the building, they would be in there.

Carefully they entered the room and took a moment to adjust their eyes through all the steam. Across the way were two me, lying back on the seating slabs. Towels around their waists. Checking the stills they were given from the surveillance videos they were sure these were the guys.

“Woa guys, are those guns or are you just happy to be here.” The black man asked sitting up but not looking scared.

“Overdressed aren’t you?” the blonde said shifting over till the black man could put his arm around his shoulder.

“Orum Love and Martin September?”

“No man, my name’s Sunny and this is my man Montsho.” The blonde said slipping his hands under the towel around the black man.

‘Hold it right there. We know who you are. Look, were from security back at the offices. You probably don’t know this but you’re both highly contagious. You used some off limits drugs to...”

“We know what we did. Hey I know you guys. You’re that Angelo twins. Rudy and Gary right? Yea, I’ve seen you in the halls. Shit guys, we didn’t use anything that hasn’t been used before. You know about Ben Shapiro right? You’ve seen him. Used the exact same stuff, different recipe. And if he’s not contagious...”

“You didn’t use the same stuff that Shapiro used. You got into a section of an earlier attempt at what ever this shit was suppose to do. Instead of just altering DNA it altered you minds. Giving you the traits of whoever’s DNA you used. It was the HM strain. They said to tell you it’s for a Hive Memory or a Race Memory, you’d know what that meant.”

“Yea a Race memory is a theory where generations of basic habits are passed down from one person to the next, without actually having to teach someone. Along the lines of how a dolphin knows how to swim when it’s born and go us for air. Or any mammal knows to suck on its Momma’s nipple before it’s even shown how. More than instinct, less than actual thought. You guys like sucking on nipples?” the man who called himself Sunny asked playing with one of his.

“Don’t fucking start man. From what they told us all it takes is coming into contact with your bodily fluids to start step one, turning people queer and wanting to be queer. Step two comes after you fuck them, that’s only you that’s doing it.” the twin Gary said pointing his tranquilizer gun at Sunny. “But then after they also turn into a blonde queer body builder, they need to pass their DNA onto someone else. So who ever the victim fucks first, changes into what ever race the victim once was.”

“That is one screwed up infection. But I think we’re over it now boys, you can drop your guns.”

“Not a chance.”

“No seriously. Where’s that guy, Hector you still in here?” Sunny called out.

From deep within the steam a voice called out. “Yea I’m here.” And a large Hispanic man made his way over to the two seated musclemen.

“I fucked Hector here 5 minutes ago and he’s still Latino. Ain’t ya?”

“Oh yea.”

“How do we know…”

“You don’t have to know. I KNOW. I now I got fucked by this monster and I’m not going to forget it for days.” He said chuckling.

“That still doesn’t prove anything.”

“No I guess it doesn’t. To me if does, I know I’m clean now. But you said bodily fluids….you just talking cum?”

“Mostly, although they said as the infection progressed it might even be something as simple as saliva on a glass you drank from….or sweat….”

“Oh you boys are slow but cute.”

The guys tried to run but were stopped not only by the two large blonde bodybuilders who appeared out of the fog, but by something deep inside that was making the yearn to join these men.

“Kind of still know something about diseases and how they spread. Kind of been in here for about 45 minutes, which means so much of my sweat is still floating around in here, you didn’t have a chance once you walked in. And those stylish yet oh so very nicely tight sweaters you’re wearing made for the perfect delivery system. You just soaked it all up.”

Rudy was still trying to fight it but looking over and seeing his bother as naked as the day he was born and getting ready to take it in the ass, his will power disappeared. The inevitable was going to happen and luckily he was being set up to enjoy it.

“While I did Hector recently without him changing, and I am being honest about that, these two have been waiting for a bit. Been doing so much fucking in the last few hours. I thought the stereotype was that black guys had the endless buckets of cum.” Sunny said turning to his lover and getting a deep kiss.

“And you’re only going to be getting MY cum from now on bitch. See the trouble you caused?” Montsho said pointing over to Gary. His legs in the air were turning thick, longer and very dark black. They could just make out his arms that were stretched out to his side, biceps filled like giant water balloons and getting blacker still. “What are we suppose to do with all these guys?”

Sunny was going to answer but the heavy groans coming from Rudy interrupted him. Bent over and supported by the different level seating he was shorter than before, stocky frame with a giant ass. Also turning dark but not nearly as dark as his brother. He did have a good 50 pounds of muscles on his brother, who wasn’t exactly the smallest of the transformees of the night either.

“Well it’s not like I knew my dick was going to do all this. I WAS your idea after all. Guess we’ll just have to go back and face the music.” He said kissing Montsho. “Hey HEY. Knock off the heavy petting, you’re still brothers!!” He yelled at the Angelo twins.

Rudy was now a 5’5” light skinned black man. A shade years ago someone ight ahve been able to 'pass' as white. but the feautres were obviously African. He was more heavily muscled than someone his size would have been. Ass almost bigger than his hips. Shoulders wide to support a magnificent back and huge pecs. Rudy's stomach had taht almost beer belly quality some bodybuilders got. The was a solid 8 pack, that's for sure, but it buldged out soe, hung a little low. Still hotter than hell. Like a real man, not just a pumped up muscle machine. His dick was black, uncut and due to his short size, hung almost to his knees.

Gary was taller, 6’3” and almost as dark as Montsho. All the hair on his body had fallen out. His skin gleamed from the layer of sweat. His build was more defined, more balanced. Legs long and heavy. Chest wide but rode high. Not sagging from the weight like Rudy’s. His dick was a beautiful chocolate brown, and was the one thing he still had in common with his brother, its incredible length. Everything about Gary was really beautiful now. Not pretty but that edge of masculine that made even straight men think twice.

Of course they weren’t straight men any longer. They weren’t even twins.

“If you want to go back to the lab and be treated like a test animal we could do that. Or….HEY” Montsho yelled into the room. “Who wants to go get some cheap ass sports wear that’ll make us look like sluts and see what kind of jobs these bodies will get us in Vegas?!?!”

Out of the steam 12 bodybuilders, half blonde, have of various races cheered. It was going to be one hell of a road trip. •

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