By Ultrabeef

Ethan went down the freeway entrance ramp and started the 3 hour ride home. His car windows were wide open letting in the heat of the beautiful fall Sunday afternoon. His big beefy 22”-arm rested on the open window sill, the breeze blowing through the blonde hairs on his monstrous, vein covered forearm. He glanced down over his shelf-like pecs being barely contained by his size large t-shirt. He has ripped the sleeves off his old shirt to allow his arms room, but he liked the feeling of the tight fabric on his sensitive nipples and brick-like abs. Ethan’s thick 12-inch cock stirred in his tight jeans and a cocky grin spread across his perfect face.

Ethan reflected on the unbelievable events of the past two days at the M/M Frat house. When he had arrived to visit his brother Erik at college he was just a geeky high school senior, now he was a huge muscle god. The old Ethan would have worried about what his parents would think about their brainy little boy becoming a musclebound stud, but the new Ethan didn’t care. Ethan was on strict order from Nate, the head of the frat, to go home and get his personal things and return to the frat the following weekend. Ethan was also under Nate’s orders to bring a new initiate back with him to join the fraternity. Ethan didn’t care about not finishing high school; he only cared about working out, getting bigger muscles, and fucking his new boyfriend and frat brother Ben.

As he pulled in the driveway of his house he couldn’t wait to show his parents just what their son had become. He rang the doorbell and his mom came to the door. “Can I help you?” she asked the big bodybuilder standing on her porch.

“Mom, what the fuck, it’s me,” Ethan grunted.

There was a short pause as she stared at him then realization came over her face “E…Ethan, is that you?”

“Sure is mom, whaddya think?” Ethan grinned and flexed his 22” gun is his mom’s face as he pushed past her into the house, his big bubble butt brushing against her as he entered.

“But Ethan… wh…” his mom stammered, tears running down her face. Ethan didn’t care he ran to his room grabbed some stuff and headed to the door.

His dad was waiting for him by the front door. “Listen to me young man,” his face was red with anger, “I don’t know what the hell happened to you this weekend but I demand an explanation.”

“Did you take some steroids dear?” Ethan’s mom asked blankly through her tears.

“Look, guys, it’s been ‘real’, but Erik and I are different now, ok?”

His dad’s eyes widened “Erik too?”

“Yeah”, Ethan continued, “Anyway, we’ll talk later. Love ya”. Ethan jumped into his car and sped off. He had more important things to think about, like finding new recruits.

Ethan knew exactly who he would bring back to Nate to join his brothers in the M/M frat, his best friend Ryan. He was starting to change his mind though. “Where is that dumb fucker?” Ethan mumbled to himself as he waited on the porch of Ryan’s house. Ethan and Ryan had been inseparable since kindergarten, and both loved playing computer games (well, Ethan used to).

The door slowly opened, and Ryan stood in the doorway. He was so tiny compared to Ethan. Ryan had always been shorter than Ethan, but at only 5’7” he really seemed small. His skinny pale arms and legs hung from his black t-shirt and green camo shorts. His dark brown hair fell over his bright green eyes and his silver hoop earring was illuminated from the computer screen in the room behind him. “Y…Yes?” Ryan stammered.

“Fuck dude, it’s me, Ethan.”

“Wh…what happened to you?” Ryan stared at the huge college stud standing in front of him, his eyes wide with both awe and fear at the sheer size of this huge dude.

“Look bro, can I come in?” Ethan flashed his beautiful smile. Ryan followed Ethan’s huge tight ass down the hall to his bedroom and shut the door. When he turned around he gasped. Ethan had taken his skin tight muscle shirt and jeans off and was standing in Ryan’s bedroom in just a tiny red thong that did nothing to conceal his massive dick. Ryan’s own dick grew achingly hard in his camo shorts.

“Oh, shit dude” Ryan whispered, “But… how?”

Ethan grinned at his little buddy. “I joined Erik’s frat. He’s huge now too, and I get to invite someone to join, so…”

“Holy shit Ethan, do you mean me? I don’t know, I mean…” Ryan stammered.

“Just shut up and feel this” Ethan flexed his massive arm in Ryan’s face. Ryan tentatively reached out and touched Ethan’s warm rock hard bicep and his dick throbbed.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck,” Ryan moaned. Something came over Ryan. He wasn’t gay, he had a girlfriend whom he adored, but seeming all this hard teen muscle in his bedroom was just too much. Ryan started licking Ethan’s bicep.

“Oh yeah dude, I knew you’d like this beef,” Ethan purred. Ryan then proceeded to feel and lick every inch of Ethan’s rock hard body. Ethan’s huge dick flopped out of his thong, “Suck my meat, fucker”.

Ryan immediately went down on Ethan, and the two childhood friends went at it. An hour later, Ethan grabbed a familiar looking camera and said to the sweat-drenched, naked, exausted Ryan “Smile pretty, bitch.” A bright flash followed and Ryan collapsed.

Laurie, Ryan’s girlfriend, had just arrived to watch a DVD when she heard someone coming. See jumped into the bushes to see who it was. From the bushes outside Ryan’s girlfriend could see a giant hulking man could be seen carrying Ryan’s limp body to the car and then speeding off.

Ryan woke up cold and naked in the dank smelling basement of the M/M Fraternity house. He was strapped to a steel surgical table and could vaguely see the room was full of naked men, all insanely muscular, who were chanting as some giant guy leading the meeting was holding a glowing staff over his head. Ryan could see Ethan frenching some huge dude with a brown fauxhawk and a silver hoop in each ear. Just then the big dude spoke, “Brothers in Muscle, we have gathered here tonight to increase our ranks and expand our numbers. The Mega-Muscle fraternity has brought forth a candidate for change. Step forward petitioner and state your desire.”

Ethan then stepped forward and fell to his knees before Nate. “Your grace, I desire that my best friend Ryan be inducted into M/M. I want him to feel firsthand the power and glory of being a stud and become a member of the brotherhood.”

“Who will join Ethan tonight in confirming this candidate,” Nate boomed on.

“I will,” Ben stepped forward and knelt beside Ethan squeezing his ass as he did so.

“Brothers, do you wish Ryan to join us?”

The rest of the men shouted “We do.”

“Very well.” Nate nodded and the three hunks rose and returned to their seats, then he turned to Ryan. “Ryan, you have been accepted by the brotherhood. Are you ready to become one with us?”

Without a second thought Ryan yelled, “Hell, yeah make me a huge fucking stud like my buddy Ethan over there!”

The room erupted into thunderous applause. Nate roared above the applause, “Above All, Muscle,” pointed the glowing crystal staff at Ryan, and shot him with a brilliant blue light.

Ryan had never felt such bliss. Waves of pleasure washed over him as if he was orgasming again and again. His body glistened with sweat as his body began to change. Ryan’s dick began to swell growing thicker and thicker, longer and longer. Veins snaking over it. It must have been 16 inches long and 10 inches around. This magnificent cock sat atop two apple sized balls. His thighs began to bulge freakishly and his calves thickened to 20” around. Ryan could feel his ass swelling and pushing his body up and away from the table. His back was thickening and growing wider his lats forcing his arms to extreme right angles. Ryan could feel his arms and forearms growing thicker until he was barely able to move them. They had to be at least 23 inches. His chest swelled with rock-hard muscle like two giant pillows. His neck grew thicker and his shoulders looked like a couple of bowling balls. At last the growth stopped and Ryan stood up from the table. He was a mountain of muscle. His brown hair still hung over his brilliant green eyes and his face was total perfection. He had not grown in height from his original 5’7” but he had certainly grown in width. He looked like a human fireplug.

“Oh, fuck yeah, Mega-Muscle rules!” Ryan’s deep voice rumbled. All the guys cheered. Ethan couldn’t believe the transformation in his buddy. “Bro… you’re fucking gorgeous,” Ethan smiled shoving his tongue into his friend’s throat.

“Let’s all have a turn,” Nate purred.

Ryan just smiled and waddled into the crowd of his new brothers. “I think I’m gonna love it here.”

None of the guys noticed Ryan’s girlfriend Laurie peering though the basement window. •

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