By Ultrabeef

Ethan couldn’t wait to see his big brother Erik. Erik had left for college only 2 months ago, but it had seemed like an eternity to Ethan who was now the sole focus of his parents' attention. Erik was 19 years old and majoring in psychology (mainly to meet hot chicks). Erik had been an honor roll student in high school and a member of the track team. Erik loved to run, even in the off-season, and had a lean runner’s body. His angular features, blue eyes, and blond shoulder length hair had made him very popular with the girls in his high school and Erik hoped that the same popularity would follow him to college.

Ethan was a contrast to his brother in many ways. Ethan was only 17 and did well in school. Unlike Erik however, Ethan had no athletic ability whatsoever. Ethan was a little overweight and preferred playing his computer games to outdoor activity. He had short blond hair and Erik’s bright blue eyes. Erik had e-mailed a few times to say that college life was awesome and that he was like a new man since he had joined a cool fraternity strangely named M/M. Ethan, who was a junior in high school, couldn’t wait to be shown around campus by his brother. Ethan was especially interested in attending one of his brother’s frat parties.

The 3-hour drive flew by as Ethan blasted the car stereo and thought about how awesome it would be to go to a college party and hang with some college chicks. When Ethan arrived on campus, classes were still in session so the streets were packed. After finding a place to park his beat up blue Focus, Ethan grabbed his duffel bag and headed toward the M/M house. The house was at the edge of town and looked like a real dump. As Ethan climbed the steep crumbling steps of the gothic mansion, he wished he had taken his parents up on their offer to pay for a hotel room for the weekend, but Ethan had said he wanted the “authentic college experience”, and he guessed he was going to get his wish.

Ethan rang the cobweb covered doorbell and waited. Slowly the heavy door swung open, and Ethan was greeted by the biggest guy he had ever seen. This guy couldn’t have been a college kid. He had sandy brown hair spiked up into a fauxhawk and a big silver hoop in each ear. His tank top looked like it was about to burst as wide shoulders and thick vein draped arms struggled for room. He peered at Ethan over the deep cleavage of his huge pecs, his erect nipples straining the fabric. Ethan’s eyes ventured lower to see that this stud was wearing only black thong that barely contained what had to be a 14-inch cock. His huge quads and diamond calves were ripped and vascular.

“Yeah dude, whadyah want?” the guy rumbled in a deep bass voice, his piercing green eyes sizing Ethan up.

“I… I’m Ethan. Um… My brother Erik is supposed to live here. Um… Uh… Is this Megas Myos frat?”

The big guy’s stare broke into a beaming smile showing all of his perfect white teeth. “So, You’re Erik’s bro ?”

“Um… yeah,” Ethan replied weakly.

“Well, come on in.” The guy moved out of the way and opened the door wide. Ethan found himself standing in the two-story foyer of the gothic mansion. The house was even more creepy inside, but somewhat cleaner. “My name’s Ben,” the huge guy said as he shook Ethan’s hand with his massive paw. “Erik’s still at class, but you’re welcome to hang out in the study lounge if you like.” Ben continued, “Follow me.”

“Um… thanks.” Ethan replied. Ethan followed Ben’s massive bare bubble butt that looked like two basketballs struggling for space down a hallway into the frat’s lounge. ‘This guy is a freak,’ Ethan thought to himself, and ‘where are his clothes?’.

“Help yourself to a protein shake from the fridge if you like.” Ben motioned toward a dirty old refrigerator rattling away in the corner. “I’ll send Erik in when he gets back”.

“Thanks,” Ethan muttered.

“It’s nice meeting you,” Ben smiled. “We’ve been expecting you for a long time”.

Ethan could swear that Ben’s dick was getting hard as he again sized him up. The stud then turned and sauntered out of the room shutting the door behind him. Ethan dropped his duffel bag on the floor and began to explore the dingy room. On the way wall painted in large black letters were the words “Above all, Muscle”. The other dirty walls were covered with framed photos of huge bodybuilders all in tiny posers, thongs, and jocks. All of the guys in the pictures looked perfect in every way. Perfect faces, perfect bodies, and huge dicks. They all looked a lot like Ben did. ‘What the hell kind of queer frat is this anyway?’ Ethan muttered to himself. Ethan ventured over the the fridge and opened the door. Inside it was stocked with all kinds of protein shakes and energy drinks. A nearby bookshelf was stocked with even more containers of protein powders and nutritional supplements. Ethan sat down on a beat-up sofa and started to look through the magazines on the coffee table in front of him. They were all bodybuilding and fitness magazines. Now Ethan was getting really freaked out. Something wasn’t right with this place.

Just then the door of the lounge swung open and a huge blond bodybuilder swaggered in. This guy was just as big as Ben. He was wearing tattered jeans and a skin-tight grey t-shirt with maroon letters “M/M” across the chest. And what a chest it was, the fabric strained across the guys’ big thick pecs and his nipples could clearly be seen pointing toward the floor. His shoulders and lats were impossibly wide, and his neck was thick and corded with muscle. The stud’s trendy jeans did the best they could to contain his massive legs and ass. The denim looked like it was painted on, and the bulge in the guy’s crotch was almost obscene.

“Hey dude, you’re here!” the blond hunk smiled his gleaming white teeth offset by his angular jaw and shoulder length blond hair pulled back into a pony tail that gave him the look of some mythic Viking warrior.

Ethan just stared at the guy for minute taking it all in then he spoke, “E…Erik, is that you?”

“Sure is little bro, whaddya think?” Erik raised his arms up into an amazing double bicep pose splitting the sleeves of his shirt and causing a tear up the back. “Shit, ripped right outta my shirt,” Erik grinned and pulled the remaining fabric off to reveal the full glory of his massive chiseled torso.

“Wha…what the fuck happened to you? What have you done to yourself?!” Ethan stammered, near tears.

“Dude, calm down” Erik rushed over to Ethan and put his big beefy arm around him.

“Don’t touch me, you… you freak!” Ethan pushed away from him.

“Ethan… stop being such a pussy, let me explain” Erik’s deep voice wavered as he advanced on Ethan. It was just too much for Ethan to take in, and he blacked out.

When Ethan came to, he was in a darkened bedroom of the frat house. He looked around and recognized some of Erik’s stuff. Just then the door opened, and the doorway was filled with Erik’s massive frame. Ethan could see that his brother was only wearing a white jock that barely contained what looked to be a huge salami and a couple of lemons.

“Hey bro, you’re up. How ya feelin’?” Erik asked as he crossed to Ethan and gave him a glass of water, “Here, drink this, it’ll make you feel better.”

“Erik… what have you done to yourself? How is this possible? You only left for college two months ago.” Ethan whined.

“Listen bro, I told you in my e-mails that I joined a frat,” Erik explained. “This is the Mega-Muscle frat dude, you gotta be big to be a brother here.”

“But… but” Ethan stammered.

“Shhh, just relax bro – all will be explained soon.” Erik’s deep voice was so comforting and soothing.

“But what are Mom and Dad gonna say when they see you?” Ethan wondered.

“Fuck, man who gives a shit. Look at me, I’m a fucking god. You really think I’m worried about Mom and Dad? Besides it’s too late to change anything now anyway.”

Ethan just rested his head in his hands and cried, ‘I want my big brother back.”

“Fuck, dude. I’m right here,” Erik replied as he massaged his massive nipple and pec causing his dick to swell even bigger in his jock.

“The Erik I know isn’t an overgrown, cocky muscle-head,” Ethan snapped.

Erik paused for a moment and stared directly into Ethan’s eyes. “I’m gonna let that pass bro. Come on, let me show you around the house.” Erik got up and reluctantly Ethan followed his hulking brother out into the hallway. Ethan noticed that on the outside of Erik’s door was his name and a photo of him the way he used to look. Erik looked nothing like the skinny track star in the old photo. He was easily the size of a pro bodybuilder and was loving it. Erik saw Ethan staring and said, “That’s so we never forget what worthless, weak, ugly shits we used to be”. As they walked Ethan noticed each door listed a different guy’s name and had a similar photo of a average guy. They even passed a door with Ben’s name on it and sure enough there was a picture of a normal looking guy with sandy brown hair. Nothing at all like the hunk that had greeted Ethan earlier that day.

They brothers descended the old oaken staircase and found themselves on the first floor outside two huge wooden doors. Each door was carved with the figures of a massive bodybuilder with a maroon M/M emblazoned on their chest. The sounds of grunts and yells could be heard through the heavy doors. “Welcome to the heart of the frat, bro.”

Erik swung open the doors to reveal a massive room that must have been the mansion’s old ballroom. Crystal chandeliers hung from the ceiling, and the walls were painted a deep blue. The floor was covered with every kind of fitness equipment imaginable, and there were three massive bodybuilders working out as they entered the room. The guys were all wearing tiny posers and jocks and they all looked to be at least the size of Erik. The room stunk of sweat and cum, and as they entered, Ethan noticed that one of them was Ben. He was curling what looked to be a lot of weight. The guys all stopped working out and came over to Erik and Ethan.

“Hey Er, this the little bro you been tellin’ us about?” a big bald black guy with pierced nipples asked.

“Sure is Trey, whaddya think?”

“Looks like a winner to me,” a Mexican guy with a black mowhawk smiled as he looked at Ethan.

“I told you dudes he would work when I met him,” Ben grinned. All three guys and Erik were sporting raging hard-ons.

Erik said to the Mexican guy, “Hey Matt, should I take him to see Nate?”

“Oh definitely,” Matt answered.

Ethan didn’t know what these three freaks were talking about but he was getting scared. “Maybe I should just get a hotel room for the night,” Ethan stammered.

“No way bro, we’ve got a room all ready for you,” Erik quickly answered.

“Besides, we’re having a big welcome party for you tonight,” Trey jumped in.

“Come on, I’ll take you to your room.” Erik escorted Ethan out of the gym. Ben patted Ethan on the rear as he passed and said “Can’t wait to see you later, dude.” Ethan followed Erik back up the stairs to the long hallway of bedrooms. “Wh… what were you and those guys talking about?” Ethan asked.

“Oh, just frat brother stuff,” Erik answered. They stopped outside a door that said “NATE” in big maroon letters. There was a picture of a skinny guy with curly brown hair pasted on the beat-up door. Erik knocked six times of the door.

“Come in.” An insanely deep voice rumbled from inside. Erik told Ethan to open the door.

“Hell, no,” Ethan protested.

“Do it,” Erik’s eyes glared fire.

Timidly Ethan opened the door and was greeted by the biggest guy he had ever seen. The guy had long curly brown hair and looked a little like the skinny guy pictured on the door, but he was anything but skinny. This guy was at least twice as big as Erik. Massive slabs of rock hard muscle covered his body. He didn’t even look real; he looked more like a cartoon superhero than a person.

“Hi dude, I’m Nate.” The guy’s voice shook the walls of the tiny room. “Welcome to the M/M Frat. I hope Erik’s been takin real good care of you.”

“Um… yeah, sure,” Ethan mumbled.

“I hear you wanna join our frat, that right?” Nate looked into Ethan’s eyes.

“Uh… what, no… what, Erik,” Ethan turned around, and Erik was gone.

“Smile pretty” Nate purred and as Ethan turned around he was blinded by a bright flash. He felt himself getting dizzy and blacking out. Nate picked up his phone and spoke, “Assemble the brotherhood. It is time”. There was another knock at the door, and Matt and Trey entered. They scooped up Ethan and carefully carried him out of Nate’s room. Matt and Trey carried Ethan’s limp body past the many doors. On one of the doors Ben was finishing painting “ETHAN” as Erik taped the photo Nate had just taken to the door.

Ethan came to with a massive headache. His head was swimming. As he tried to remember the day, his eyes began to focus, and he realized that he was in the basement of the frat house. The room was dark and dank and smelled like old gym shoes. In the dim light Ethan could see that the room was filled with at least 50 guys, all of them huge bodybuilders. He could see Ben, Trey, and Matt all sitting next to each other. All of the guys were naked except for a silver M/M pendant that they wore around their necks. All of the guys were chanting something in low whispered voices. Ethan then wondered why he couldn’t move. He realized that he was strapped to a sort of hospital bed. Thick leather straps crossed his chest and legs. The bed was slanted into an upright position which allowed him to see the room. The chanting suddenly began to get louder and louder. It was some language that Ethan had never head before. It sounded like nonsense words. The guys seemed to be really into it, and they began to get aroused by what they were saying. As the chanting began reached a fever pitch and various guys began to to shoot cum across the room. Suddenly there was the sound of a huge drum beat and the room fell silent.

Out of the darkness came Nate wearing nothing but a long black flowing cape, in his hand he held a long clear crystal. His dick must have been 36 inches long flaccid. Behind Nate was Erik, naked like the rest of the men. Nate turned and addressed the gathering in a priestly tone, “Brothers in Muscle, we have gathered here tonight to increase our ranks and expand our numbers. The Mega-Muscle fraternity has been petitioned by a candidate for change. Step forward petitioner and state your desire.”

Erik then stepped forward and fell to his knees before Nate. “Your grace, I desire that my brother Ethan be inducted into M/M. I want him to understand the power and glory of the brotherhood and become more than just my brother. I wish him to become a brother to everyone here.”

“Who will join Erik tonight in confirming this candidate?” Nate droned.

“I will,” Ben stepped forward and knelt beside Erik.

“Brothers, do you wish Ethan to join us?”

The rest of the men shouted, “We do.”

“Very well,” Nate nodded, and the two men rose and returned to their seats, then he turned to Ethan. “Ethan, you have been accepted by the brotherhood. Are you ready to become one with us?”

Ethan, whose head had finally cleared, turned to Nate and spat directly into his face. “Fuck you, asshole!” he shouted, “Fuck you all!”

Nate slowly wiped the spit from his face and smiled. “Oh, you will,” he replied. All of the guys began to laugh maniacally. Erik laughed and high-fived Trey and Matt. Nate then reclined the stretcher putting Ethan in the prone position looking up at the ceiling. Nate then threw his head back and began to chant in more nonsense language. The rest of the men began to chant as well. Nate picked up the crystal staff and lifted it high above his head. As he chanted the staff began to glow a bright electric blue.

As Ethan struggled to free himself he began to cry. Why was Erik allowing these freaks to do this? What was going to happen to him? The crystal was now brightly illuminating the entire room. Nate shouted the frat motto “Above all, Muscle”, and pointed the crystal at Ethan. A bold of electricity shot out of the staff and hit Ethan directly in the chest. The blast was so powerful that it blew Ethan and the stretcher he was strapped to against the opposite wall. Ethan’s body felt like it was on fire. Blue sparks shot across his arms and legs and a deep burning feeling began to develop in his chest. Ethan’s head was spinning; he was starting to feel energized and powerful. He had an overwhelming feeling of fullness, a sensation of heaviness.

Through the pain Ethan looked down and saw that he was growing. Ethan’s weight was increasing as pound after pound of muscle was being added to his once puny frame. Ethan could see his chest expanding under the leather straps. His sweat soaked t-shirt was starting to feel tight across his chest and arms. Ethan could feel his legs getting tight in his jeans, and his expanding dick was starting to press against his fly. His glutes began to swell with hard muscle pushing his body up and away from the table. Ethan could see his biceps and triceps swelling and his forearms expanding with mass. He could hear and feel his shirt and jeans tearing as his muscle could no longer be contained by the flimsy fabric. Ethan had never felt such pain and pleasure in his life.

“Fuuuuuucccckkk!” Ethan roared, his voice dropping three octaves as he did. He flexed his massive chest and snapped the leather straps off of the table. His powerhouse quads easily broke the straps across his legs.

“Arise, brother Ethan,” Nate’s voice said behind him. Ethan sat up on the stretcher as it creaked under his weight. He then stood up and turned around to face the frat brothers. Ethan was enormous. A deep valley formed between his massive shelf like pecs that jutted out at least a foot from his body, and his half dollar sized nipples pointed to the floor. A perfect eight-pack supported his new mass. His shoulders looked like bowling balls were wedged under his skin. His huge arms were propped wide by the flare of his wide lats. It must be five feet across he thought to himself. Ethan’s arms were thick and vascular. No one had ever seen guns like these. Ethan had a massive bubble butt that hung out from his body like a pick-up truck. His quads were so big that they brushed against each other and fought for room causing Ethan to adjust his stance. His calves were perfect diamonds and looked powerful enough to support all his muscle. Ethan’s dick must have been at least two feet long and as thick around as a beer can. His face was beautiful, blemish free and his bright blue eyes sparkled. Ethan’s blond hair hung low over his eyes giving him a mysterious look.

“Holy shit, look at you bro! I can’t believe it!” Erik said as he rushed over.

“This what you wanted dude?” Ethan growled as he raised his arms into a mighty double bicep pose. “How do ya like your little bro now fucker?” Gone was nervous, wimpy Ethan. In his place was a cocky bastard who was built like a house. The room erupted into cheers, and Ethan flexed pose after pose showing his new brothers the gift they had bestowed upon him. “Fuck, I can’t believe I didn’t want this” Ethan murmured.

Ben came over the Ethan and grabbed his huge ass. “Hey Eth… how about going to your coming out party upstairs?”

Ethan hefted his huge cock in his hands and smiled as Ben. “Sounds good to me bro”. •

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