Missing Zeus

Becoming Demi


By Leminnes

“What?” Lute asks himself as he feels his cock swinging back and forth from his crotch. In total shock, he runs to the bathroom but stops midway.

“I can… run?” He stands still for a second to catch his breath but realizes he doesn’t need to. He’s still breathing normally even from running. “But… how?”

Still in shock, he makes his way to the bathroom with his cock slapping against his thighs. He stops in front of the mirror and looks at himself, and what he sees is nothing short of a miracle.

The body in the mirror looks like a normal 15-year-old’s. He isn’t heavily muscled, but he does look somewhat more mature. The skin is still pale, but he gets around that as he looks at the rest of his body. His hair is now dark brown, almost black, with blond highlights spiking up on his head. His face is squarish, showing that early sign of maturity, and his arms and legs are thick and healthy. There’s no outright muscle definition, but it’s definitely there. The most amazing thing is his cock that’s at least five inches soft now, which isn’t much but much more than what he had before. He pretty much looks the same except for being a healthy version of himself.

“Lute, get ready for school. Please hurry up, I’m going to be late for work!” his mom yells through the door, “I’d help you down the stairs, but I think you are healthy enough to do that.”

Healthy… enough? Does she think I look like this now? Lute thinks to himself.

He walks to his dresser and looks inside the drawers. Instead of tighty-whities, he sees boxer briefs and some extra-short skater socks. He pulls out a pair of black boxers and pulls them on. He looks down to see a small bulge in his pants. “This keeps on getting better and better.” Just then he realizes his voice has changed too. It’s much deeper and masculine. It sounded somewhat pubescent but a lot different from his boyish voice last night.

“Hurry up Lute!” He hears his mom yelling again from downstairs. He opens up another drawer and sees some folded shirts, most of them large, button down shirts. He goes through a few and finds a green shirt with small pale orange stripes on it. Next, he opens the drawer below it and picks out an orange undershirt that has a grungy looking symbol. He then pulls out a pair of green khaki skater pants, puts them on, and lets it sag a bit past the waistband of his boxers. He puts on the shirts and his skating shoes, and Lute is amazed at how naturally this all is coming to him, like he’s done it before.

Back at the bathroom, he uses some gel to further spike up his hair. He checks himself out in the mirror and sees a skater punk who fills up everything nicely from head to toe. His shoulders are broader, his frame is much thicker, and he can see some peach fuzz on his chin.

Upon leaving his bedroom, he expects to see his mother to be waiting outside, but all there is is an empty hallway. He turns towards the stairs and notices the missing Stair-Buddy. Just for the heck of it, he runs down the stairs at lightning speed and almost crashes into his mother just when he reaches the bottom.

“Oh, there you are,” she says, “We have to go in a few minutes. I wish you’d set your alarm a bit earlier.”

“Sorry about that, Mom.”

He goes over to the couch and sees his book-bag that now has a bunch of pins and stickers on it he vaguely recognizes, and attached to the back of his book-back is a large skateboard.

“Lute, I’d take you to school today, but you took too long so you’ll have to take the bus. C’mon, we can leave at the same time so I can lock the door.”

Lute takes the skateboard off the backpack, puts it under his arms and flings his book-bag over his shoulder. After hugging and saying good-bye to his mom, Lute runs out of the door, jumps naturally on his skateboard and expertly skates down the street.


“Hera,” Apollo calls out as he walks up to the goddess, “I have some news for you.”

“Yes, Apollo, what might it be?” she asks turning around to look at the God of the Sun.

“I have a prophecy of which I should speak,” he says.

“So speak, Sun God,” she rushes him.

“There is a boy on Earth of whom I have had bad visions about. They are not as clear as they usually are, but I have a bad feeling about him.”

“What is the child’s name?”


“Lute? Hmm, maybe we could end this now. Call in the Fates.”

A few seconds later, the three Fates appear in a puff of smoke. “You call-sss-es us, Hera-sss?” they hiss in unison.

“Yes, I have a favor to ask. There is a boy on Earth whom Apollo has a bad feeling about. Is there a way you could tell me about his future or better yet, destroy him?” she asks in a somewhat malicious tone.

“You know-sss-es well enough-sss, Hera. We can not tell-sss-es you the future or destoy-sss-es it.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes-sss-es, all we can tell-sss-es is that his life turned silver-sss just a moon ago-sss-es.”

“A… demigod? But how?” She bids the Fates to leave; they have helped her enough. How can this boy turn into a Demigod in just one moon?


As soon as Lute steps on the bus, he hears someone yelling at him: “Hey! Lute! My main man!”

Lute turns to his left and sees Ty. At Lute’s school, there were many groups of kids with labels, and Ty was labeled a skater just like Lute is now.

Ty exclaims, “Hey, you have been working out? You look great! Especially your arms!”

“Huh? What?” Lute looked down at his arm to see that they were about a fourth of a size bigger than they were before, filling up his sleeves to the brim.

“And look at your body, almost looks like your shirt doesn’t fit!”

Sure enough, Lute looks down and sees that his shirt is taut against his pecs, the grungy logo stretched out and looking out of proportion.

“Let’s take a look at those abs,” Ty says as he pulls up the bottom of Lute’s shirt. “Wow! Look at that four-pack! I can almost see the six-pack coming in. Nice man, even some veins going across it. Not as good as mine though.”

Ty lets go of Lute’s shirt, lifts up his own brown and yellow striped polo and shows off the most cut eight-pack Lute has ever seen. It isn’t really muscled, but it’s amazingly deep and tan with a small trail of hair crawling up the middle. “Looks like puberty just hit you, man, but it hit me years ago and has been treating me like a god.”

For some reason Lute flinches at this. He feels a small tingle down his spine as he shifts in his seat. It spreads all over his body and causes him to shiver a bit. His undershirt starts to rip down the side then abruptly bursts and disappears off his body which now has his unbuttoned polo shirt covering it.

“What the hell? Ty, did you see that?” he cries out to Ty who is looking outside the window and obviously not paying attention.

“See what?” he says in somewhat of a daze as he turns around looks at his friend. “You know, Lute, I know your body is amazing, but you should really button up that shirt. I remember just a few months ago when your abs were just a soft four-pack.”

“What?” Lute looks down at his exposed torso to see an amazing six-pack staring right at him. Not quite as ripped as a football player’s, but it’s a thousand times better than what he had before. He can even see a small trail of hairs climbing from his under his jeans and up through the middle of his ripped abs.

Suddenly he feels hair falling in front of his face. He raises his head up to see if anyone has been leaning over him, but the hair just covers more of his mouth and nose. He reaches for and runs the soft hair through his fingers. From what he can see, it is thick and curly with blond what looked like natural highlights.

Finally the bus arrives at the school, and everyone starts getting off to go inside. The whole day at school is completely different from yesterday. He seems to be much more popular now. His classes have also changed. Whereas yesterday he had all honors classes, he has now struggling with just regular classes. It’s as though his mind has been changing as well as his body.

On his way to his last class, P.E., he bumps into a girl he could’ve sworn he had never met before but whose name, upon seeing her face, immediately comes to him.

“Oh, hey, Rosa,” he says.

“Hey Lute,” she coos as she affectionately rubs up against him. “What’s going on?”

“Just going to my last class.”

“Oh, really? I have study hall next.”

“All right, I have to go now. See ya, Rosa.” He blows a kiss at her as he starts to walk away.


After getting home from school, Lute runs up to his room to check if he has changed at all since the beginning of the day. He looks at himself in the mirror and sees an amazing sight. He can tell that he hasn’t changed from the bus ride, but he hasn’t seen himself completely until now.

Except from his height, everything else has changed. His now-curly brown hair has small highlights going through out it. His face has become much more masculine, his chin square, and his nose small but sharp and angular. His deep set green eyes are arched by thin brown eyebrows. His lips are full but not too big.

He removes his shirt to expose the rest of his incredibly hot body. It doesn’t have any fat on it and not much muscle either, but what muscle is there is as ripped as humanly possible. His chest is incredibly defined as are his six-pack abs. His arms are thin but astonishingly defined. This pretty much describes the rest of his body, including his penis which has been tensing up since he dropped his pants. Even semi-hard, it has to be at least 7 inches long and an inch and half thick.

He takes off the rest of his clothes (his socks really), lies down on his bed and masturbates his incredible penis until he falls asleep from exhaustion.


The next day his alarm goes off again to wake him up. Lutes slaps it off and feels a bit dizzy and very tired as he walks groggily over to the bathroom. He rubs his eyes and looks at the mirror. He gasps and falls flat on his butt. He gets back up to more closely examine his reflection.

Lute zooms onto his face where he sees a small rough stubble coming out of his chin. Next, his sideburns grow down his cheeks and slowly converge around his lips and thicken to a couple of day’s worth of growth. There has been no tingling, aching or itching. It just seemed to be happening.

He then watches subtle changes happening over rest of his body starting with his arms putting on at least ten pounds of muscle on each of them giving his arms an amazing definition and making them three times bigger. He also sees very thick hair spreading from his wrists up to his mid-bicep. Hair can now be seen peeking out from his armpits.

The changes shift to his abdomen where his pecs are lifting up from his chest and his nipples are becoming larger and darker. Lute looks a little lower ands sees the fourth set of abs coming in and the rest of them tripling in size. The small trail of hair in-between his abs spreads all over his stomach. He can also see hair appearing around his nipples and giving a light pepper over his pecs.

The transformation then moves to his legs, which don’t change as much as the rest of his body adding about twenty pounds each. His feet, however, become a huge hair-covered, size 13s. The thickening hair around his ankles crawl up his calves and his thighs and connect to his thick, curly pubic hair where his cock has grown to 8 inches soft and is now hanging down to mid-thigh. If he had to guess, Lute put himself to be at least 17-years-old now.

Suddenly his libido explodes as his balls enlarge to 3 inches in diameter releasing adrenaline into his bloodstream. He runs back to his bed, takes his 8-inch cock and pumps it like a machine gun until it reaches its full length of 11 inches. It only takes a couple minutes for his cock to explode and drench his whole upper body in cum from his curly hair down to his rock-solid abs.

After recuperating for his massive orgasm, Lute gets up and walks back into the bathroom to take a shower where he is amused by his wet body hair shifting in the running water. His sex drive suddenly kicks in again with his penis getting hard from the visual stimulation, but at that moment he hears a knock on his bathroom door.

“What do you want?” he yells in his now deep, bass voice which resonates with his stiffening rod.

“Lute, time to get your ass out of the shower. You’re going to be late for school!”

“Just wait!” Man, he hates it when his mom talks to him like that.

He turns off the shower and steps out. He avoids his cock as much as possible while drying himself so he won’t cum accidentally. Once he finishes, he leaves the bathroom only to find a completely different bedroom waiting for him. He quickly realizes this is the way it has always been, with posters of hot girls and football players everywhere and trophies and medals from his sports achievements. Other than his now queen-sized bed with a puddle of cum on it, his room is completely clean. His dresser is smaller, but when he opens up his closet, he sees hundreds of shirts and pairs of pants.

He goes back to the dresser and picks out an XXL jockstrap that’s just big enough to cover his monster of a cock. From another drawer, he pulls out and puts on a white undershirt and from his closet a stripped red, white, and yellow shirt. Even with both shirts on, his pecs and abs are still completely evident. He completes his look with a pair of bleached jeans and a pair of red flip-flops before walking out the door.

Rather than be late for school, he just leaves the house without saying goodbye to his mom. He goes off to the bus corner and along the way sees a kid riding a skateboard. Lute isn’t sure, but the kid looks strangely familiar.

“Hey faggot, do I know your short ass from somewhere?” Lute asks the kid skating by. “Isn’t your name Ty or something?”

The kid stops. “Uh yeah, but I don’t know you…” Suddenly the kid freezes and falls on the ground. “OH GOD! IT HURTS!”

“Hey man, you okay?” Lute runs up to the kid and starts tearing the kid’s clothes off and thinking it may be heat stroke, but just as he gets everything but the underwear off, the kid pushes him away. “Are you some kind of pervert or some--GOD! WHAT IS THAT?!?”

The kid doubles over in pain again, and things start to change about him. His short, 4’10” body explodes to 5’10”. His hair shortens to a military haircut, and a small pencil-line thin beard emerges on his face. His eight-pack expands as his pecs grow to twice their size. His arms balloon enormously, and his legs do the same. His boxers seem to burst off his body with his penis stretching to at least 7 inches soft.

Ty has completely changed into a fleshed-out jock who is just a little bit shorter and smaller than Lute. From nowhere, a red wife beater appears on his upper body, and a pair of tight black gym pants covers his thighs. His large cock’s contour can be easily seen through the fabric. Lute’s memories reorient a bit before he remembers who the kid, no, hot young teen, is.

“Ty! How the hell are you?”

“Fuckin’ tired. Fucked all night.”

“All night, huh?”

Just then the bus pulls up. They both get on passing by everyone to go sit in the back, the place where all the jocks sit.


“Hera! Hera!” Apollo yells as he runs through a large crowd towards the Queen of the Gods who is getting strange looks from all the gods.

“What is it Apollo?” she hushes, quietly trying to make all the stares go away.

“Another boy turned into a Demigod. Actually, more like a Semi-Demigod. It’s like he’s in between the in between.”

“How is this happening?”

“I have no idea. I just know it has something to do with this Lute boy.”

“Well, do something about it!”

“I shall!” Apollo runs off towards the Earth and changes himself into a young boy to investigate.

Off unseen in a corner, Eris smiles. “It’s all going so perfectly, better than I ever expected.” •

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