Men of the Manor


By RedKage

Jesse opened his refrigerator ten times that afternoon, and ten times he found the same thing: nothing. His fridge was completely empty of anything edible. Sure, there were take out boxes, but the stench coming out of them made Jesse afraid to look and see what was inside. Hell, he even thought he heard one of those boxes snarl at him when he accidentally bumped his hand into it while reaching for a jar of pickles.

Jesse’s fridge wasn’t the only thing that needed to be cleaned up. His entire apartment was a wreck. The tiled kitchen floor had about twenty layers of grime on it, the carpet, which was once a nice cream color was now a color that Jesse couldn’t even identify. Piles of clothes, pizza boxes and other garbage were spread around all over the tiny, cramped apartment. The only place that was relatively clean was in front of the ten inch TV. Since Jesse couldn’t afford a chair or a table, he instead had to sit on the floor and set his food on top of a cardboard box.

But now he didn’t even have any food to put on that box! No matter how he looked at it, however it was probably his own fault he was in this predicament. Last week he had celebrated his birthday and decided to give himself a treat. He went to a fancy restaurant and indulged himself on a steak dinner. Everything went pretty well and under control up to that point. He remembered going to a bar afterwards, but the rest was blank. The next morning he woke up in the bushes in a park on the other end of town, wearing nothing but a pink thong. As luck would have it, the money from his latest paychecks had been in his wallet which was now being ripped apart by greedy muggers. Even with his two jobs, one at the supermarket by day and another at a fast food place by night, he was unable to make up for his loss and pay for everything without severely cutting his spending money until he was living off of three packets of ketchup and a very over ripe banana.

Jesse wasn’t always like this. He had a nice home with his parents, in a warm bed and food on the table. Then he made a mistake of telling his parents he was gay when he was seventeen. His parents threw him out of the house within the hour, and now his home was now a leaky apartment room with a very bad draft. Because of his situation, he was forced to drop out of high school. A lot of job opportunities shut their doors in his face because of this, so he was forced to do with minimum wages. However, minimum wage wasn’t enough to pay the bills.

“God, I’d do anything for something to eat right now.” Jesse said as he close the fridge door. A small squeak caught his attention. He turned and looked down against the wall, where one of his ‘roommates’ were running along the wall. Judging from the fat behind, it was probably Mickey. A sudden though occurred to Jesse as he looked at that plump behind. A rat is an animal. Animals have meat. Meat meant food. “I wouldn’t…” He said as he tried to imagine what a rat burger tasted like. Luckily for Mickey the phone rang. Giving up on the rat burger idea, Jesse went over and picked up the receiver. “Hello?”

“Hello.” A suave, polite voice answered back. “Is this Mr. Jesse Butler?”

“Yea, that’s me.” Jesse answered.

“I apologize if I have come at an inconvenient time, but I am afraid to report that two weeks ago your uncle, Master William Regal, has past away.”

Jesse hadn’t thought of his Uncle Will for years. Like Jesse, Uncle Will was disowned by the family because of his sexuality. Jesse had met him only once when he was ten and liked him immediately. Uncle Will was in his late sixties or so, but he was still very handsome. He had a nice muscular build despite his age, and he was very light and easy going. Jesse always felt it was a crime that he wasn’t allowed to stay in touch with Uncle Will, but his parents forbade it.

Now that Jesse thought about it, he should have suspected the same result when he came out of the closet with him parents!

“Stupid stupid stupid!” Jesse whacked his forehead several times. How could he have missed it? He could have saved himself from starvation if he had just paid attention!

“I beg your pardon?” The voice on the other end asked rather calmly.

“Oh no, I didn’t mean you!” Jesse said quickly. Shit, he just called his Uncle Will’s death stupid! “I was just, uh, talking to myself.”

“According to Master Regal’s last will, all property and lands belonging to him will now be placed under your care.” The man on the other end told Jesse.

“…Huh?” Jesse blinked.

“I have already arranged a plane to be prepared to transport you to the mansion by tomorrow afternoon. Your limousine should be arriving shortly to convey you to the air hanger where a private jet shall fly you out to the manor.”

“Huh?” Jesse blinked again.

* * *

“[b]HUH!?[/b]” Jesse’s mouth dropped open as he stood in front of a very large mansion. It had marble. It had a fountain. It had a two mile front yard for Christ’s sake! And this all belonged to his Uncle Will? No. Fucking. WAY!

Jesse stared at the mansion at stunned silence. Uncle Will had been holding out on everyone! Silently, Jesse wondered what his parents would say about Uncle Will if they knew what a fortune he had. Perhaps his parents would have changed their views on homosexuality if they knew they were related to a gay millionaire.

Finally, Jesse started to climb up the steps of the manor and towards the front double doors. Before he could reach for the handle, the doors opened up for him.

“Welcome Master Butler.” A chorus of voices said as Jesse entered the main hallway. The interior was much more beautiful and grander then the outside was. The entrance hallway was very high and ornate. The floor was made out of polished tiles of white marble, with an outer ring of tiles of pink and lines of gold, causing the entire floor to resemble a giant picture frame. Large, tall columns rose from the ground and reached the ceiling high above, where a delicate crystal chandelier was hanging. On the far end, stairwell rose, then split into two paths when it reaches the wall. Tall, glass windows allowed the dying sunlight to illuminate the ballroom, emphasizing its grandeur.

Jesse was greeted by two rows of butlers, three lined up along either side of the door. Each of them wore a crisp white dress shirt, a bowtie and a black vest and pants. Each of them were neat and their uniforms were fine and kept freshly pressed. They all ranged in nationality, it appeared, but that wasn’t really what stuck in Jesse’s mind at that time. They were HOT! Each man had drop dead gorgeous faces, and they filled their clothes nicely with very large muscular builds. None of them seemed to be under two hundred fifty pounds.

“Uh, hi.” Jesse said after he had collected his wits.

“May I take your things sir?” One man asked. He was tall with nutmeg colored skin and dark long hair tied in a single braid in the back.

“Uh, sure…” Jesse said, handing the man his suitcase. Jesse was rather amazed by how easily the man lifted his suitcase with one hand as if it didn’t weight a thing.

“Shall I take your coat sir?” Another butler stepped up. This man was similar to the other man. He was just as tall and big, but his skin was closer to cinnamon and his long dark hair was hung loosely down his back.

“Ah, sure thing.” Jesse said as he peeled off his old, worn out jacket and handed it to the man. Jesse was kind of embarrassed by his lack of finery, but these were the best he could get under his tight budget. As Jesse handed over his jacket, he thought he saw the butler shoot a sly look at the first butler, who returned an equally sly look before one headed for the stairway and the other towards the left hallway.

“Greetings, Master Butler.” One man stepped out in front of Jesse and bowed. “I am Alfred, the head of your personal.” Jesse immediately recognized the voice and manner of the person he had spoke to on the phone. The man was, like the others, tall and well built, but he managed to achieve a certain grace and poise that the others could never imitate. “You must be tired from your voyage. We have prepared a bath for you upstairs and supper is waiting for you in the dining hall.”

“Supper?” Jesse’s ears twitched. “As in food?”

“Of course.” Alfred said. “We would not be proper servants if we did not feed our master. Now, if you’ll follow me I will show you to the bath.”

“Uh, is it alright if I skip the bath and go straight to the food?” Jesse asked quickly, eager for a decent meal. Hell, he’d settle for any meal!.

“There is no need to ask us for our permission.” Alfred bowed. “If it is a craving, a desire to travel or even if you wish for us to act like lowly dogs, we shall heed your every order. Whatever your desire is, we shall see that it is satisfied to meet your standards.”

“Uh, no need to break out the leashes, ha ha ha….” Jesse laughed a bit nervously, wondering if this serious looking butler was just joking. “Right now I’m willing to lower my standard for something to eat!” Jesse laughed. “Now where’s the grub? I’m starving to death here!”

“Right this way sir.” Alfred bowed once more, and then led Jesse towards the hallway to the right. Behind Jesse the other three men trailed behind them in single file. As Jesse walked down the hallway, he couldn’t help but take in his surroundings. Crystal lamps lit up the hall rather well, providing more then enough light to see everything. The carpet was lush with a complex pattern. There were stands where pottery or antiques were displayed openly, and along the walls hung various paintings that took Jesse’s breath away.

Finally they reached the dining hall. As Jesse had expected, it was just as big and magnificent as the entrance ballroom. Unlike the other room, however, this room was not made out of marble and soft colors. Instead, the walls were gold colored, with a lighter colored pattern on top of it. Banners of deep red hung at regular intervals along the walls, and the marble floor was now a nice light tan color. The long table was made out of deep mahogany with intricately carved legs. The table had eight chairs in total, one at either end and three on the sides, yet it looked like it could seat up to over twice the amount of people if you were willing to squeeze in a few more chairs.

The butler, Alfred, went to the chair at the head of the table and pulled it out. Taking a hint, Jesse went over to the chair and sat down in it. When Jesse sat down, the other three bowed and headed for a doorway, most likely heading for the kitchen. “Dinner will be served in but a moment Master Butler.” Alfred bowed.

“Excuse me,” Jesse said, “But do you have to bow? I mean, you don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

“That is very kind of you Master Butler,” Alfred said. “But as the household servants, we must not act as if we are of equal station. Now, with your permission, I will go see to the matter of your living quarters. If you require anything, please do not hesitate to ask either any of your servants or contact me via intercom panels.” Alfred waved his beefy arm towards a panel on the wall near the hallway entrance.

“I see.” Jesse said. Alfred bowed once more and then left. Jesse leaned forward to get a better view of those round buttocks that filled the seat of Alfred’s pants so well until Alfred rounded the corner and out of sight. True, the thought of being surrounded by musclemen aroused him, but somehow, after living at virtually rock bottom for so many years, this sudden lavishness made Jesse uneasy.

One of the butlers, a rather short man of what appeared to be Hispanic origins, entered the dining room carrying a tray that had a small basket of bread and a wine bottle. “Your appetizer, sir.” The man said as he set the basket onto the table. “Freshly baked botards and a bottle of white wine.” The butler popped the cork off of the wine bottle and poured some into Jesse’s glass.

“Thank you, er…” Jesse shifted uncomfortably in his seat.

“Eduardo.” He smiled. “But you may call me Ed for short.”

“It’s nice to meet you Ed.” Jesse nodded. Jesse then made a quick look at Ed. Ed was short, shorter then Jesse’s 5’9”, but he was very wide and soundly built. Although all of the other butlers’ clothes were well fitting, Ed’s clothes seemed exceptionally tight, showing off his large muscles and emphasizing their shape. Jesse guessed that if Ed flexed those arms, those guns would bust the seams easily.

Ed seemed to have noticed Jesse’s staring and returned a warm smile. All of a sudden he flexed his pectorals, causing the front of his dress shirt to creak and stretch dangerously. “Well, I am looking forward to ‘serving’ you in the future, Master Butler.”

Jesse wanted to protest about being called ‘Master Butler’ again, but it died in his throat. All he could do was watch Ed’s rippling back as he walked back towards the kitchen. All Jesse could think about was that brief image of Ed’s chest flexing, nearly ripping out of the front of his shirt. God, did his Uncle Will have a muscle fetish as well? If he did, it would explain why he surrounded himself with hulking musclemen.

While Jesse was thinking about this, another butler appeared from the kitchen, carrying two trays with something that looked absolutely delicious. This butler was half a foot taller then Eduardo, but not as built. From the almond shaped eyes and olive skin, Jesse guessed that he was probably Chinese. But what surprised Jesse was the fact that this butler was so…young! This kid’s face was younger looking then Jesse’s, and yet his muscles were very nicely developed, big enough for the pro leagues.

“Here ya go, Jesse.” The boy said enthusiastically. “Bouillabaisse, beef stroganoff made with kobe beef, tornedouts with foie grais and alfredo pasta with white truffles.” The boy laid down the trays, revealing food that looked like something out of a fancy food magazine. Every dish looked perfect, down to the last spring of parsley.

“Thanks, er…”

“The name’s Yung.” He answered with a bright smile. “That’s why-you-en-gee. Got it memorized Jesse?”

“Yea, I have.” Jesse laughed. He liked Yung’s carefree attitude instantly. For the first time since arriving, he felt comfortable. And, unlike the other butlers, Yung doesn’t seem to care about calling Jesse ‘Master.’ “So, how long have you been working here Yung?” He asked, trying to make pleasant conversation. He raised his wine glass and took a sip, taking note how fine it tasted.

“Oh, about sixty years.”

And Jesse spitted the wine out. “Wh-what!?”

“Just kidding.” Yung laughed, causing his chest to heave. “Man, you’re really funny, you know that?”

“Ah ha ha, I guess I fell into that one.” Jesse said as he wiped his mouth. “So, can you tell me more about the others?”

“Let’s see…” Yung pressed his finger to his chin, making a thinking face that made him look even more childish. “Eddy you already talked to earlier, he’s a bit of a show off. The two that took your stuff are Blue and Spice, they’re the main cook and cleaner and fight like cats and dogs. Then there’s Ally, he’s the head guy around here.”

“Yea, I noticed.” Jesse began to chuckle. It seemed that Yung preferred to call the others by nicknames, and it was so much of a relief to hear someone speak so informally and relaxed. And what’s better was that Yung was treating Jesse like an equal. Perhaps living in this house won’t be as stuffy as he imagined it would be.

“You should hurry up and eat before your food gets cold, you know.” Yung pointed out.

“Ah, right.” Jesse said and reached for a fork, but paused when he saw two of them sitting by the plate. “Um, which one do I use?” He asked, unsure of the proper etiquette.

“A fork is a fork, isn’t it?” Yung laughed as he made a short bow and turned towards the kitchen. “Just pick one and dig in.”

Jesse shrugged and grabbed one of the forks randomly. He took a bite out of one of the dishes…and nearly burst into tears. It. Was. So. GOOD! Never in his life had Jesse tasted anything so rich and deeply flavored. Not wanting to let this good food go to waste by eating it regularly, Jesse took the time to savor every last bite. Slowly, he ate and he ate until he finished off every dish that had been brought out. Jesse groaned and undid his belt, his pants cutting tightly into his overstuffed belly.

After Jesse finished eating, he began to gather up all the dishes to bring to the kitchen when the man who had taken his coat earlier came out. “Oh no sir, you don’t have to do that.” He said politely. “It is my duty to clear the table after you have finished your meal.”

“Oh, uh, thank you.” Jesse said, uncertain. The action of taking his own dishes to the sink was wired into Jesse, so it seemed unnatural that there was someone else doing it for him. To get his mind off of it, Jesse took another look at this butler. He was taller then both Ed and Yung, around 7’1” and probably in his late thirties, or so Jesse guessed. He had a nice stocky build of around 300 lbs, and his nutmeg colored skin looked sleek and firm, though it was obvious from those huge muscles on his frame. And that sleek, braided hair just completed the whole effect. “If, you don’t mind, ah, can I ask you your name?” Jesse asked a bit nervously.

The man laughed, a nice rich kind of laughter. “Well of course. My name is Skye, I’m the head cleaner in the mansion.” The man took a graceful bow. “It will be my pleasure to serve you.”

“The pleasure is mine.” Jesse said with complete honesty. So Skye must be the one Yung called Blue. Jesse made a mental note.

“So, how was your dinner?” Skye asked. It was a normal question someone would ask, but somehow Skye seemed a bit…tensed.

Jesse, however, didn’t pay any attention to it. “It was the best meal I have ever had in my entire life.” Jesse smiled broadly.

“Oh.” Skye’s left eye twitched involuntarily. “Well, it’s to be expected, I guess. We would never serve you any bland food.” Skye began to quickly gather up the dishes, his left eye continually twitching. “Even though the plates and…..spotless, but of course he….and…” He mumbled in a low, annoyed voice.

Jesse tried to ask what was wrong, but he couldn’t bring himself to do so. Skye looked so annoyed that Jesse was afraid to interrupt, so he sat there quietly

Since dinner seemed over, Jesse pushed back and got ready to get up, but then another butler came out of the kitchen carrying a platter with what looked like a flaming dessert. Jesse, of course, paid more attention to the butler then the fire. By far, this one was the largest. He was way taller then the rest around 7’ 9”, but remained proportionately balanced in his muscle structure, unlike Ed’s short and thick build. He was black, with mocha colored skin, and his hair was shortly cut. Despite his large frame and size, his face appeared somewhat timid and unconfident. The man’s nervousness was very apparent by the rattling platter in his hand, which was shaking noticeably.

“Your d-dessert sir.” The butler said in a surprisingly high pitched voice. He brought the platter forward to present the desert to Jesse, but when he brought it forward he had it tilted at an angle, causing the bowl of flaming pudding to slide off and land, face down, on Jesse’s lap!

Jesse gave a yelp and jumped out of his chair at the burning sensation in his crotch. The silver bowl fell off of his jeans, but there were still some pudding burning on him! The butler cried out and began slapping the flames with his bear hands, yelling his apologies. The butler, unfortunately, didn’t appear to know his own strength and each slap was like a blow from a heavyweight boxer, all of them to his crotch. Jesse, of course, bowed over in pain, but the butler was too busy apologizing and hitting the flames to notice and stop. Finally, only after all the flames had been put out did the butler notice Jesse withering in unimaginable pain.

“Oh my god I’m so sorry!” The butler yelled. He reached out and grabbed Jesse, and without any show of strain or effort he lifted Jesse up into his arms. Jesse was suddenly turned on by this sudden show of strength, but due to his…injuries, it was both erotic and extremely painful. Suddenly they were sprinting out of the dining room and down the hallways. Jesse was amazed at how fast they were going, but he was even more amazed at how strong the butler that was carrying him felt.

After what seemed like a second, the butler turned to a door and kicked it with superhuman force. The door didn’t break open, nor was it knocked off of its hinges. It shattered into a million little splinters. Jesse didn’t have time to gawk as the butler rushed into the room. It had several pieces of medical equipment in it, similar to a doctor’s office. Without hesitating the butler threw Jesse roughly onto the examination table. The butler rushed to one of the cabinets and ripped to door off it. Tossing what’s left of the door onto the ground, he began rummaging through the shelves until he found several items the he wanted.

When the butler turned around, Jesse was able to see that his face was completely in panic, with no remainder of intelligence left anywhere. This won’t end good… Jesse thought to himself as the butler quickly approached.

The butler approached Jesse and looked at Jesse’s crotch blankly for a few quick moments before he set the things he had been holding down. Then, grabbing Jesse’s jean he ripped it completely off in one smooth motion. The butler ignored Jesse’s cry as he moved onto Jesse’s boxers and tears them to shreds as well, revealing his dick, which was semi erect to Jesse’s embarrassment. “Wha-what are you doing?” Jesse said, half afraid and half turned on at the same time.

“Disinfect.” The butler said more to himself then to answer Jesse’s question. “Disinfect the wound.” The butler grabbed a bottle of rubbing alcohol and tore it in two with his bare hands and then dumped it onto Jesse’s lap.

Jesse gave a cry of surprise and jumped up from the cold liquid suddenly hitting his privates. “I’m all right! You can stop now!” Jesse tried to get up, but the butler reached out with one hand and pinned him down onto his back. Jesse tried to struggle, but the man was far to strong for him. All he could do was thrash his limbs around as the butler reached for the next item.

“Lotion, lotion prevents bruising.” The butler said. He grabbed the bottle a little too hard and the top completely exploded, squirting white lotion everywhere. Before Jesse could protest, The butler turned the bottle upside down and splattered a whole mess of lotion on Jesse’s dick and balls. Then, tossing the bottle over his should, he reached in with his free hand and began rubbing the lotion all over Jesse’s privates. His fingers dug into Jesse’s skin, but not too hard. The butler rubbed Jesse’s shaft, slowly going through the motions of masturbating him.

Jesse moaned. Somehow, the situation had progressed to this point, and Jesse wasn’t sure how to react. Sure, it started out painful, but now things were starting to become very pleasurable. When he had first seen this mansion, he had been expecting to be living with stuffed shirts and formal freaks. But now, he was living one of his wildest fantasies, being masturbated by a strong muscleman! His feelings were reflected as his dick went from semi flaccid to bone hard erect under that strong hand. Slowly, the hand began to jack him off faster and faster. Jesse groaned as he began to feel the beginnings of an orgasm begin.

“Dwayne! What are you doing!?”

The butler blinked. He looked down at his hand, holding Jesse’s shaft firmly. Then he looked at Jesse himself, pinned down on the table. “Oh my god, I’m sorry!” Dwayne jerks his hands back.

“Dayum, Dwayne, never thought you’d take initiative.” Ed said as he entered the room. I always thought you were the shy type, but I guess I was wrong.”

“No!” Dwayne cowered, his large frame suddenly looking small and compact. “I…I…Oh my God, I’m sorry!” Dwayne turned around and bolted, heading straight for the wall. Jesse thought he would stop, but to his amazement Dwayne just kept on running until he hit it. The wall practically exploded! Jesse gawked at the huge hole in the wall, with the dust still hanging in the air and debris scattered around everywhere.

“Showoff.” Ed rolled his eyes. “Sorry about that, sir, but Dwayne is…well, you saw.” He said as he approached. He reached up and tugged at his shirt collar, a strange glint in his eyes. “But he’s completely naïve. He should take a few lessons from me on how you REALLY service your master…” And with one jerk he ripped his shirt down the middle, revealing his massive mountainous pecs and ripped abs. Jesse’s eyes widened as Ed got closer and closer, his hands slowly removing what was left of his dress shirt.

“If it’s service, then I’ll do it!” Suddenly another butler rushed in. It was the cinnamon colored butler that had taken his coat at the door. At first, Jesse was still too lightheaded from his near orgasmic experience, but as his head started to clear, he managed to look at this butler fully. He was, like Skye, around 7’1” and 300 lbs as well. His hair, unlike Skye, was hung free and loosely down his back, and appeared more soft then sleek.

“If anyone is going to do it, it’s me, not Kevin!” Skye said as he rushed in close behind the other butler. “So back off, he’s mine!”

“Like hell I will!” Kevin said as he reached for Jesse.

Ed’s hand shot out and grabbed Kevin’s arm. “Hold up, I saw him first!”

“Like hell you did, shorty!” Skye yelled as he tried to push himself forward.

Ed pulled his arm back and slugged Skye in the face. “DON’T CALL ME SHORT, DAMN INDIAN BASTARD!”



Both Skye and Kevin began to fight with Ed, as well as one another. They punched, kicked, kneed and wrestled. They began tearing their clothes off of each other, revealing thick, powerful muscles and unbelievable definition. Jesse was starting to become hard again as he watched these three powerful men compete in a competition of manliness and strength.


Someone hissed right next to Jesse’s ear, catching him by surprise. Somehow, during all the commotion, Yung had snuck in through the large hole in the wall since the door was blocked by the three musclemen on the ground.

“Come on, this way.” He whispered, and motioned Jesse to follow.

Jesse, torn between staying to watch and escape, decided it was more important to stay alive and followed Yung through the hole. On the other side of the wall was the hallway, with just as much debris and dust as it was in the office. A bust was, well, busted and there was another Dwayne-sized hole in the wall opposite to him, telling Jesse that he had probably kept on running away in a straight line.

“This way, quickly!” Yung said as he hurried down one end of the hallway. Jesse, with no other idea of what to do followed him. Together they went down corridors, through side passages and up and down several flights of stairs before Yung motioned Jesse through a door. With relief, Jesse quickly enters it.

“Is everyone around here this crazy?” Jesse asks as soon as Yung closed the door. They were in a dimly lit room, with a few pieces of furniture arranged in the center. The curtains on the far end of the room were closed, but there was a line of sunlight from a crack that just so happened to hit Yung.

“They’re just excited, that’s all.” Yung chuckled as he turned around and faced Jesse. He was grinning. Somehow, it sent chills down Jesse’s spine. “They’ve been pent up in this mansion for a month with only each other for company.”

“Are they…?” Jesse lets the question hang in the air.

“Yups.” Yung nods. “But everyone more or less hates each other, and now you’re here. So now we’re all trying to win you first.”

Win me?” What was he, some prize in a game?

“Yup!” Yung’s face illuminated, though it wasn’t the same as before to Jesse. “It’s fun trying to see who gets to fuck you first!”

“Ah…” Jesse began to back away from Yung. Slowly Jesse realized that he was alone with Yung in a locked, dark room with no way to escape. And, since Yung was far bigger and stronger then Jesse, Yung could easily overtake him.

Yung notices Jesse’s movement and cocked his head to one side. “Is something wrong?”

“Nonono!” Jesse said quickly, trying not to piss off Yung. “It’s just, um, this is all kinda fast for me, and I’m not that kinda guy…”

“But your gramps said you were gay.” Yung’s eyebrows frowned in confusion.

“I am!” Jesse thought fast, trying to get an excuse out of this mess. “It’s just that, uh, you’re….not my type of guy!” Jesse blurted out.

A puzzled expression appeared on Yung’s face. “Not your type?” He asked, sounding very much like a grade-schooler.

“Yea!” Jesse said, following up on his spur-of-the-moment excuse since it seemed to be working. “You see, I like guys who are, um….bigger.” Bigger!? Jesse mentally smacked himself. Dammit, this kid was bigger then Jesse and could snap him like a twig, and he said he liked someone bigger!? Now it sounded like Jesse was saying he would prefer everyone else in this crazy mansion over Yung.

Yet Yung didn’t seem offended. In fact, a playful smile grew on his face. “Oh, you like someone bigger? Alright, if that’s what you want, I can grow bigger for you.”


Yung’s face twisted in concentration. At first nothing was noticeably different, but then Jesse heard a rip. A seam in Yung’s already extra tight sleeve had busted open, revealing a nice vein underneath. At first Jesse thought it had just ripped from Yung pumping his muscles up, but then several more seams busted open before it dawned on Jesse.

He was growing bigger.

Slowly, Yung’s muscles were inflating like balloons. His arms turned his sleeves to shreds, exposing his thick vascular arms to the air. His chest pressed outwards, the buttons shimmering until finally POP! One of the buttons flew out and hit Jesse square in the head. Soon, the rest of the buttons followed until his shirt was completely opened up. His pecs were like two slabs of muscle, with abs that were, in a word, chiseled. His dress pants split down the sides from the growing quads and calves as they grew thicker then Jesse’s waist. And the bulge in front of Yung’s pants was HUGE! It was as big as a salami, and that was no exaggeration.

After growing for a few more seconds, Yung let out a breath. “There. Is this big enough for you, or should I keep on going?”

Jesse simply rolled his eyes back and fainted. •

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