Little Monster


By Luxury

He looked so angry; this could not be my brother. The testosterone levels in him must have been sky high. He also looked like he grew more, his biceps looked bigger than half my body, yet he only has grown 2 inches taller. “So bro, what are you doing there, what do you have?” I dropped the bottle in his backpack. So he wouldn’t see it, luckily it was right there. “Nothing bro, nothing, I’m just looking around your room.” I said. “Good, because if I knew you were up to something, I would…I don’t know what I would do. It wouldn’t be pretty.” He sounded so threatening, so in charge. I couldn’t believe it. What has happened to this kid, he used to be so innocent, now he is this powerful muscleman, god almost. Standing at 5’8” I think now, he must have weighed over 400lbs at least maybe closer to 500. I do have to say though; he was the most beautiful specimen of man I have ever seen. “Come on bro, you have to drive me to school today. We’ll have a little fun today.” He commanded. “It’s Saturday, why do we have to go there?” I asked. “Do as I fucking say little man, or I will crush you with my bare hands!” He said with such force. When we got to the School, he got out of the truck, “Stay here.” He said. He stood in front of my truck. “Drive at me with full force!” he said with a determined look on his face. “I don’t want to hurt you, I yelled out the window.” I was scared to hit him. “Do it, now fucker!” he screamed, shaking the ground with his booming voice. So I set the car in drive, then I proceeded towards him at full speed, going about 60MPH, he flexed his engorged muscles, as I hit him. It was amazing; the front of my truck was literally crushed in the front. Thankfully I had airbags or I could have been dead. He let out a roar, knowing he was probably the strongest man on the planet, and I wasn’t going to argue that. He crushed the front of my truck. “Come on bro we have more things to do.” He said. I was almost afraid of what he was going to do, and he had his backpack with him with the formula still in it. If I could only get that formula, I could get as big as him and the world would be right again. We got up to the front doors of the school. “Looks like they are locked, we’ll have to come back some other time.” I said. “That’s no problem.” He took his two massive arms, put his hand on the door handles, gripped them tightly, and began pulling. You could hear the doors bending to the pull of his powerful arms. Soon enough the doors gave way, and flew right off the hinges. “Let’s go to the gym, I want to see how much I can lift.” He was determined. Is there anything this kid I mean giant can’t do? “Is there and alarm at this school?” I asked. “Yeah, a silent one.” He replied. “What about the cops, aren’t you worried?” I was a little worried. “Who cares about them? I am bigger and stronger than anyone on earth, I can take them.” Well at least he didn’t sound angry anymore. However I was much more afraid of his attitude, now he thought he was above the law. I was scared. When we got to the gym he looked determined. “Let’s see how much I can lift or if they have enough weights here to make it heavy enough for me.” He laughed. So he went to the bench press, he put about what looked like about 700lbs. Holy shit, I could only lift 300lbs, and I was pretty strong. I couldn’t believe what I saw he was lifting it with ease. He was grunting like he enjoyed it. He liked the power, he liked the size. He was becoming arrogant. He was all powerful and nothing could stop him. He added more weight to the bar, fuck it must have been 2000lbs worth. “Think I can do it bro? You bet I fucking can.” He lifted it off the bar, at first he had trouble doing one rep, but his chest was bursting with veins, his chest was growing. Soon enough, he lifted it with ease. “I am all powerful, I am a god.” He went to go step on the scale, it could barely hold him, and he was 489 lbs. Holy shit 489 lbs! 5’8” and 489lbs that was unbelievable. Where did my brother go, and how was I going to get that formula. Then I heard the cop cars start to pull up. It distracted him for the moment and I ran to the backpack. That was a big mistake on my part. He grabbed me “Oh, so you were going to take the rest of the formula, thinking you could be as big or bigger than me, huh?” he was extremely angry now. “No more mister nice guy, it’s time to show the world who is in charge, who is the most powerful on earth.” He drank the rest of the formula. Shit, how big was he going to get from this thing? I was almost afraid to think of what he was going to with the new size and power he was going to get, especially since he acted like this just from getting this big. Soon enough he began to grow again, His chest pushing even further in front, his biceps growing into massive mountains. His calves were growing into boulders. His body looked like it could barely contain all of those muscle, then all of a sudden his body started to grow taller, he was no longer shorter than me, he was the same height. His muscles just exploding in size. Then he was taller than me. Then it went out of control, he started laughing, he knew he was unstoppable. He grew to what looked like 10 ft. high. His head hit the ceiling, he two his two mountains of arms, put them on the ceiling as it began to crumble. Soon enough, the ceiling gave way. He burst through the ceiling, with such power and force. He still grew taller and bigger, his arms alone were as big as car or even small trucks. Finally the growth stopped, he must have grown to about 16ft, and must have been over 10,000 lbs. It made me as hard as a rock. He looked down at the crumbled building and the cop cars. In a deep booming voice, “Guess who is Number 1 in this town now?” What was I going to do? He was the most powerful man on the planet. He was unstoppable.

The end •

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