By VladBath

I accompanied Scott over to the juice bar and ordered a couple of carb boosters. The drinks were dispensed. While we drank, Scott told me about Paul.

"He's going to be a pain," Scott said. "He's used to being top dog around this gym. He's won several local and regional shows and doesn't like being bested."

"I guess he's going to have to get used to it," I grinned, playfully punching Scott's massive shoulder.

"I suppose, but he might start asking some pretty rude questions. I'd keep my guard up," Scott warned.

"Alright. I will. But what about you? How did you like what happened in there? All those guys getting turned on to you," I asked.

"It was awesome!" Scott grinned. "I always liked being looked at but it was great seeing all those guys go queer for my body. The showers should be fun. Wait till they get a load of what I've got below the waist."

"I think they already have a good idea," I said, slapping my hand on his upper thigh, just below where his enormous member was streching the material.

Scott downed the last of his drink and said, "Well, lets go back to the floor. I want to show these guys what I can really do."

For the rest of his workout, Scott had a major audience. More people stopped their workouts and started following Scott from station to station, watching his incredible muscles break every gym record with ease. I, of course, knew that he was deliberately restraining himself. They gym bench press record, for example, was 615lbs. Scott used 765lbs for his standard set of barbell curls. His bench press was too great for any of the free-weight stations, so he improvised with a Smith machine, two fully loaded bars, wracked one atop the other, and an additional ten plates stacked on top of the support beam. All totaled, 2340lbs for 12 reps. And he wasn't even breaking a sweat. Between sets, Scott would give his audience what they wanted by flexing his huge body through some of the most incredible poses these guys had ever seen. He encouraged the guys to feel his muscles while he flexed. A few did readily, then more and more until finally, all of them were comfortable with the thought of rubbing their hands all over his megamuscles. After an hour, there wasn't a guy in the gym who wasn't sporting a raging hardon. Paul was the only one who kept his distance, keeping to his own workout. But even he was seen sneaking glances at this Scott's magnificent physique and the bulge in his own shorts was noticable as well.

Ending one of his flexing sessions, Scott said, "Well, time to hit the showers." Several of the guys couldn't keep from touching themselves at the thought of seeing this god unclothed. Scott took his towel and strolled off toward the locker room.

"I'll wait for you here," I grinned. Scott returned the grin as he and a throng of guys entered the locker room door to what I could only imagine would be a very interesting lather session. The gym floor was deserted except for Paul who was finishing up his legs with some heavy squats. I strolled past and into the lobby which, to my slight surprise, was unmanned. I suspected Jim was one of those who had joined Scott in the showers for a bit of fun. I sat down and picked up a copy of M&F and starting leafing through the articles. Looking through the magazine, I couldn't help but compare these bodybuilders to the musclegod I had created. These guys were wimps! There was a picture of Mike Matarazzo flexing his 23" biceps proudly. I felt sorry for the guy. He was going to be totally out-classed.

The door opened and out stepped Paul, towel in hand, dabbing sweat off his well-developed body from his workout. "Hey," he said. I nodded back.

"So what's with Scott?" Paul asked. "I've never seen anyone like him before. How did he do it and what's your connection?" Scott was right: Paul was going to be a pain.

"I'm a friend of his, and his new trainer," I responded.

"Yeah. So what do you have him on? Some sort of mega-diabolol or something?" Paul asked pointedly.

"Nothing like that at all. He doesn't need to take any chemicals at all,"

I said, bending the truth a little. Scott only needed the one treatment.

The rest had come as a result of his genetic changes.

"Then what is it? I want to know and if you don't tell me, I'm going to take matters into my own hands," Paul threatened, moving closer and tensing his muscles.

"I wouldn't recommend intimidating me," I warned. "What you saw Scott do this morning was really just for show. He's capable of much much more.

And he's still a growing boy. If you hurt me, I don't think he will take it very well."

Paul swallowed hard but didn't blink. "Alright. Maybe I can't force it out of you, but there are other ways of finding out." He backed off, turned around and went back to the floor. I thought about what he said but felt secure that everything was under control.

Scott was taking his time in the showers, as I suspected he might. I took the opportunity to ring up my office for a van to be delivered to the gym and to pick up my car. About half an hour later the van arrived but Scott still hadn't come out of the locker room. Curious, I went in to investigate. Scott stood in the centre of the locker room floor, naked and completely erect. At his feet were the remains of his compression shorts.

He had apparently gotten hard before he could take them off and they had ripped to shreds. He was flexing his magnificant body while at least a dozen men rubbed his muscles and licked every part of his physique.

Another dozen or so men were stroking themselves off watching Scott go through his posing routine. Another ten or so were already spent on the floor. Scott was obviously enjoying himself. I walked over and whispered in Scott's ear.

"I hate to break this up," I said, "But Paul might take this as an opportunity to call the poice. Being written up for an orgy in a public place isn't really how I want to spend the morning."

Scott looked at me, disappointed. "I guess you're right. Okay guys. I really need to shower now." Scott gently extracted himself from the throng of men, picked up a towel and walked into the showers. Most of the crowd followed him and offered to lather him up and wash him down. Scott kindly refused these offers in lieu of what I had just suggested.

When Scott emerged and toweled himself off, the problem of what he should wear came immediately to mind. Jim said he had a pair of extra-large baggies that might just fit and ran out front to get them. When I asked how much, Jim just grinned and said, "They're on the house."

The baggies were anything but baggy. Scott's tree-trunk thighs filled them completely and even strained them somewhat in the glutes. He had to fit his herculean cock down the left leg. Still, it was less dangerous than walking around in the nude. We left the locker room and exited the gym.

"Seems like you enjoyed yourself in there," I quipped.

"A little too much," Scott said, gesturing to his enormous manhood, "I need to find some relief."

"I ordered up a van. We'll go back to the lab and see what we can do."

Scott opened the back door and got in. I hopped in the driver's seat and drove back to the lab. What I didn't know at the time was that we were being followed… •

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