Ursa Major


By xythan_shadow

Jennifer returned quickly with our drinks and my jaw dropped at the monstrosity of a drink she placed before Sam and Armstrong.

“This here’s a Hairy Chest. It’s a special protein shake made with a fuckton of ingredients I never bothered to ask Kurt about. Has a damn good kick to it. It’ll put hair on your chest,” Sam remarked as he slid his mug towards me.

I accepted his offer and took one swig of it. I swear it felt like something punched me in the mouth. It was an overpowering taste, a lot of flavors mixed together and quite strong for a casual drink.

“Yeah, it’ll really drop your balls the first few times you have it, but you get used to it. Plus it does help with the lifting,” Armstrong chuckled.

Kurt smiled at me and said, “You up for a little challenge?”

My eyebrow rose as I nodded yes.

“Here’s the deal. If you can down a full one of these boys in five minutes, your meal is on the house.”

I looked to my gang and they all smiled encouragingly at me. I took that as a sign and said, “Ok Kurt, you’re on.”

He stood up and cheered, then with his booming voice yelled, “Little man here’s taking the challenge!”

The rest of the restaurant whooped and cheered and started making their way over to our section.

Kurt motioned to Jennifer and she scurried off to the kitchen. Soon afterwards, after the rest of the restaurant had gathered, she returned with another huge mug.

“Sixty-four ounces of ball-busting, hair-growing, slap-you-in-the-face spitfire, right here for ya little man. Let’s see if you can handle it all. Your time begins…now!”

The guys and girls around me started cheering their support as I lifted the mug to my mouth. The second swig hit me just as hard as the first, but the cheering from the guys and gals around me sparked something inside of me and I felt compelled to beat this challenge. Each chug of the thick liquid is followed by me catching my breath, but surely enough, the kick of the drink begins to lessen. With a little under a minute to go, I had downed the entire mug. Slamming it back on the table, I yelled, “Done!” to a crowd of cheering jocks. Sam, Armstrong and Grizzly looked at me with pride as Kurt and everyone else started clapping.

“Well done my boy, you’re the first kid under 18 to even finish one, much less finish it in under five minutes,” Kurt laughed as he patted me on the shoulder.

“Yeah, this cub here is mighty special. He is full of surprises,” my mentor Grizzly responded.

“Well, a deal’s a deal, so you get anything you want on the menu, on the house. Congrats!”

I faked a moan and rubbed my stomach, “Man, I don’t think I could eat anything for the rest of the day.”

“Aww, that’s too bad, guess you won’t be needing a free meal. I’ll just take it. Gimme a twenty ounce steak, on the kid,” Sam said. I looked at him in confusion before he laughed and said, “Just kidding little man, we can come back later for your free meal.”

The cheering died down as everyone returned to their tables. I spent the rest of the meal patting my full stomach basking in my victory, while the guys ordered a ton of red meat and continued to talk to Kurt. Occasionally, one of the patrons would walk by and congratulate me once again for my little demonstration, or they would sit down and ask the three bears some questions about the gym and lifting and such. The knowledge that they possessed between the three of them amazed me and again I was grateful for the group of guys I had befriended. Even though everyone in this restaurant had at least ten years on me, with the busboy I’m assuming to be the youngest, I felt that I belonged here. I belonged here more than I ever did with people my own age.

As the break continued on, I got this feeling of accomplishment from what I had achieved earlier. It combined with the recognition and support from random people I’ve never seen, nor would probably see again, made me feel really good. While I didn’t see myself as a jock yet, I did realize that I enjoyed the challenge and the victory that came from it. While it felt that it didn’t matter whether I won or not, the feeling of success was great to have.

Finally, the meal was over. It was around 6 p.m. and we decided to get back to Armstrong’s house for the night. We bided Kurt, Jennifer, David the busboy, and the remaining patrons a good evening, then piled back into the jeep. Armstrong drove us back to the Gym, which seemed to be more packed than when we left. He took a key off his ring and handed to Grizzly saying, “Here’s the key to the pad big man. Sam and I are going to take care of some business and I should be back by midnight. Towels are in the upstairs closet or the laundry room. I doubt that you’re going to need anything heavy before tomorrow, but in case you do, the pans are in the middle cabinet, and if you just want something light, there’s some fruit and shakes in the fridge.”

Grizzly smiled and accepted the key. “We’ll take good care of your place. We will see you tonight or tomorrow.”

The gang passed hugs all around, and Grizzly and I packed into his vehicle. We sped to Armstrong’s house and began to unload our stuff. It didn’t take too long, and soon, we were nice and settled down. Although it was still early in the evening, I was beat. So after giving my big bear a nice long hug, I had him lead me to the guest room. I hopped in the bed and turned to see Grizzly giving me a look of warmth. I smiled at him and said, “Good night papa bear.” He smiled back and left the room. Before his heavy footsteps were down the wooden steps, I was already asleep.

A few moments later, I was dreaming. Although it was the weirdest dream I’ve ever experienced. It took me a few moments to reorient myself, but I realized that I was again in my mind. Then, the window of my mind’s eye opened, and I saw myself getting out of the bed. I heard my alter’s voice come out of me again, saying “Don’t worry Gabe, I’m at the wheel. You just sit back, enjoy the ride and see if you learn anything.”

Even though he was cryptic as always, I trusted him. After all, he’s saved two innocent kids so far, plus he’s guided me in a few things to better myself. I sat down as I watched myself stride down the steps. I turned the corner and saw a beautiful bear laying on the couch. He was laying there watching t.v. and he was beautifully relaxed. His t-shirt was tossed aside and his pants lay crumpled in a heap on the floor next to his shoes. Both my and my alter’s mouth watered as our gaze traveled down his body, from his massive shoulders, to his boulder pecs, to his giant powerbelly and his thick pillars of legs, and even with his boxers on, I could see the slab of meat he called a cock. I felt myself walking toward this supreme example of muscle bear and my heart began to race.

He turned his head slightly and said to me, “What are you doing up cub? I thought you were tired.”

“He is, that’s why I’m at the wheel. Don’t worry, he’s watching everything, but he’s also getting some rest,” I heard my alter say in his silky baritone. God, how I wished I could have his voice.

“Oh, well that’s good to hear you two are getting along. So, what do I owe this visit ummm… Hmm, I don’t know what to call you.”

“You can call me Ursa if it helps.”

Grizzly chuckled, “Bear, huh? Kinda amusing seeing what you represent.”

“Isn’t it though? Well, the reason that I’m in charge is because I need to talk to you about Gabe’s training.”

“His weightlifting is coming along great. Once he hits puberty, he’ll probably grow into a beast.”

“Oh don’t worry Griz, the lifting couldn’t be better. What I’m talking about though is this.”

I saw myself kneel next to the couch where Grizzly lay. My hands drifted up to his bare furry chest and my fingers pinched his nipples. Even though I wasn’t in control, I could feel the waves of pleasure that reverberated through Grizzly. He moaned out loud and my alter said, “You don’t know how much Gabe has wanted to please you. He lifts hard and tries his best because he wants you to be proud. But what he wants most is to make you proud in bed. But he doesn’t know how to take care of a bear sexually. He doesn’t even play with himself a lot. But that’s why I’m running things tonight. This is what he needs to learn and practice.”

My mouth lowered itself and locked onto Grizzly’s left nipple. I could taste the slight layer of sweat and coarse hair as my alter whirled his tongue around the chest of the massive bear. “I can’t do this Ursa, it’s just not right,” Grizzly protested.

“I know exactly what you said to Gabe. But, those laws don’t matter right now. I know you want to protect him from anything, but look at it this way. He’s going to be a bear one day. Both you and I realize that. How will he be able to be a great bear if he’s not taught what it’s like to be a cub? And who better to do that than you Grizzly. Every move you make shows the care and concern in your heart and mind. I don’t want Gabe’s first time to be painful and uncaring. I don’t want him to lose his cherry to some random encounter in a locker room. His first should hold special meaning to him, and I don’t know anyone more special to him than you, Allen and Arnold.

I saw a tear fall from the bear’s eye and a smile formed across his face. “I understand Ursa. I will make sure Gabe learns how to become a true bear in the bed.”

“Ok, enough of that. Let us continue.” I felt my hand continue its journey around the expanse of Grizzly’s massive chest. I could feel the hard muscle under my hands as Ursa kneaded his chest while slowly licking the big bear. The essence of man that engulfed the huge man wafted to my nose and filled my brain with feelings of passion and lust. Then Grizzly flexed his pecs and the already hard muscle turned into stone beneath my fingers. It felt amazing, and even though I wasn’t in control, I was getting hard from all the sensations.

Grizzly started to speak and direct me in his service. He growled at me, “Lay on top of me and try to pin my arms behind my head. Show an aggressive attitude and feel what it’s like to dominate.”

I slowly stood up then, starting from his legs, slid up his body. I enthralled myself in the sensation of his furry body slowly rubbing against mine. The feeling of his thick steel pipe of a cock rubbing against my stomach threatened to send me over the edge as I ran my tongue along his belly and chest. I intertwined my fingers in his hands and felt him allow me to position them behind him. Seeing him submissive like this was an amazing aphrodisiac and I could feel my cock rub along his belly as the head of his cock teased my asshole. He growled at me and I responded in kind before I started to kiss his furry face. I nibbled his ear, then trailed kisses from the left side of his beard to the right before his and my lips locked for a kiss drowned in passion.

I wasn’t sure how Ursa knew to do all these things, but I couldn’t have been more grateful for his skill in pleasing a bear like Grizzly. “Take care of these nips cub,” I heard my big bear growl as my lips went towards the target. It was quite a reach trying to hold the big arms of the massive muscle bear behind his head and lower my mouth low enough to reach his expanse of a chest, but with a little positioning, I was nibbling on his beautiful chest. Grizzly squirmed just slightly under the ministrations of my tongue, but his control was excellent, just like it was in every thing else he did. After a few minutes of tasting his manly body, he said, “Ok little cub, time for you to learn how to suck a cock. C’mere.”

With the minimal amount of effort, Grizzly lifted me up, readjusted himself and set me down to where he could place my cock in his mouth. “For you to give a memorable blow job,” he said, “you have to experience one.” With his left hand pressed firmly against the small of my back, he began to push me towards his head. He looked at my cock and smiled. While nowhere near the size of his massive tool, I was as hard as a rock and dripping. He said with a chuckle, “I’m not sure you’re going to last long enough to learn this lesson.”

In my mind I blushed as I knew that his tongue would probably send me over the edge, but I was pleasantly surprised when I heard Ursa’s voice say, “Don’t worry big man, as long as I’m in control, this body can’t come, nor can it feel anything but what I allow it to. Feel free to continue with the lessons.”

Grizzly smiled and continued, “The secret to a good blow job is patience. It’s more pleasureable when you take your time and enjoy every part of the cock. Plus, rubbing the rest of the body as you go down heightens the pleasure. He then started his demonstration and I was so thankful Ursa was in control. From the moment the big bear’s tongue touched my cock, I hit the floor of my mind in overwhelming pleasure.

He started with gentle flicks of his tongue around the head as he massaged my lower back. Then, he began circular swirling motions, creating a figure 8 like design with his tongue. He alternated between cooling and heating my penis with his breath. He did things with his mouth that I didn’t know was possible. Then after minutes of the slow teasing, he engulfed the full of my cock with a suction that would’ve made a vacuum jealous. The pressure he applied was perfect and excruciatingly pleasurable. How Ursa could maintain such faultless control was beyond me, but since I was rolling around on the floor of my mind in immeasurable delight, I was less than caring about the method and more focused on the results.

Grizzly released my cock and my eyes glanced down to see my penis glowing a bright purple and covered in his saliva. He smiled at me and said, “So, how was it?”

Ursa chuckled and responded, “Gabe would’ve cum after your first tongue flick. He’s just horny as can be and is going crazy with lust right now.”

I chuckled to myself along with Grizzly. He lifted my body upwards and said, “Ok, now for you to put what you’ve learned to use.” I would have been quite happy to try, but Ursa was in charge of this show. Thankfully, he went straight to work on Grizzly’s man meat. Grizzly directed my alter in the proper way to handle his huge sausage while I took mental notes, and of course, savored every moment and taste of this situation.

“Go slowly, this is a big job and I don’t want you to choke. Slow down, it’s not a race. There you go, gentle licks. Tease the slit a little. Oh yeah, that’s it. You’re getting the hang of it. Taste that man juice. That’s how a real man tastes. Lick around that head, savor that thick meat.” He pelted us with direction and encouragement as we worked his head. But his cock was so big and thick, the head was the only part we could comfortably fit in our mouth. I wanted to dive on it with everything I had, but Ursa was maintaining control. He was taking great care not to gag us with the thick tube and slowly was stretching our mouth. Sadly, there was a limit that my jaw could stretch to, and Grizzly knew it. “Ok cub, you have the basics down. As you get bigger, you’ll be able to handle more of me.”

He lifted us up and placed our feet on the floor. “Stay here for a sec,” he said. He thudded upstairs as I stood in the living room, naked, hot and hard, waiting for his return. He quickly came back with a few beach towels and laid them on the chair. He then picked me up and laid me face down on the couch. “Now, for the really hard part,” he said with a snicker, “I’m going to teach you how to take a cock like this up the ass.”

My jaw dropped but Ursa just smiled. I had no idea how in the world all that muscle cock was going to fit in me when I could barely get the head in my mouth, and I was quite certain my mouth was bigger than my ass. Grizzly leaned over and trailed gentle kisses along the back of my neck, causing the hair there to rise. He reached into his gym bag and pulled out a small tube. Opening it up and spreading a small amount on his fingers, he began to talk to me. “Ok Gabe slash Ursa, what I’m going to do is stretch you out. You need to do this to every guy you fuck. You got a decent sized cock right now, and I’m sure it’s only going to get bigger as you grow, so this is really important to understand. What you do is you lube up a couple of fingers with this stuff.” He showed me the bottle of lube and I memorized the brand name and small details of the bottle. He continued, “Then what you do is, starting with one finger, you slowly guide it into your partner’s ass.” He then slowly inserted his finger into my ass. Instantly, my body jumped and tightened the muscles around my rear.

“I know it’s surprising, but if you tense up, it hurts. You have to relax, let the cool gel do its work. Trust me, you’ll be loving it in just a few moments.” I did my best to relax, but this was a completely new sensation and it took me a while to adjust, both physically and mentally. After I released Grizzly’s finger, which quite possibly was as large as someone’s cock, he continued his exploration slowly. Once I was relaxed, I could feel how good the sensation was. Then Grizzly hit something and a wave of pleasure ran through me. My cock started dripping anew as Grizzly commented, “Ahh, there it is. Your prostate little man. This is why guys like taking it in the ass.” He rubbed it a few more times and I wiggled around, enjoying the feeling.

He took the single finger out and replaced it with two. Again, slowly he worked my butt muscles, gradually rotating his fingers, withdrawing and inserting them and again, I slowly got used to the feeling. An hour had passed before he upgraded to three, and I could feel my body stretching to accommodate the large beefy fingers that were finding their way towards my prostate. Finally, after me leaking all over the towel, Grizzly said, “Ok cub, I think you’re ready to finally take your first cock.” Ursa smiled but I was cheering like I was crazy. Grizzly rolled me over onto my back and for the first time in a couple of hours, I could see his face. I saw the beads of sweat on his brow, the caring look in his eyes and the lustful smile on his lips.

I whispered, “I’m ready” and Ursa said, “He’s ready big bear.”

Grizzly’s smile grew and he grabbed my ankles. Placing them on his shoulder, he raised my ass up a bit and aligned his cock with my stretched and waiting hole. I felt my heart rate increase, my breathing deepen and my body relax as he began to slowly insert his blood engorged mushroom head into my ass. The feeling of fullness surprised me at first, but Ursa had control of the situation. Slowly, more and more of Grizzly’s massive tool entered my ass and I couldn’t help but squirm. “Don’t torque,” Grizzly said gruffly, “Just lie there and relax and you will get used to it in a sec.”

He stopped with about half of his cock in me, but I had never felt so full in my life. Even with the hours of stretching me out, his cock was easily bigger than my limits. Thankfully, Grizzly was a great trainer and very careful and conscious of my limits. For the next two hours, Grizzly fucked me. I never knew it could be so pleasing, but Grizzly was an amazing man. He went slow, he went fast. He had me moaning with every thrust and even through it all, he was giving me pointers on how to take it better and make the fucker feel as good as the fuckee. By the end of the night, I had learned enough muscle control to squeeze his cock on the withdraw stroke. He turned me around and continued to fuck me doggie style and I have to say that it was my favorite position. I could feel his body encase mine, his massive muscles towering over me, completely engulfing me in a fortress of impenetrable furry bear.

After the hours of fucking, Ursa finally released control and exploded over the couch with an orgasm that rocked my senses. Grizzly felt the waves of release pulse through my body, into my ass and through to his cock. It was then he roared, and with one final monumental thrust, he climaxed. I felt what seemed to be gallons of his hot man juice power itself into me and he continued to hump my ass and drive his seed deeper into me. It was the most amazing thing I had ever felt in my life. Even as he calmed down and slowed his pounding, I could feel something profound. There was something about that glorious first fucking he gave me that changed something. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I felt more powerful, more manly, somehow stronger after the experience. It was as if his man juice was some type of steroid my body had been craving for my entire life.

Grizzly’s softened cock stayed lodged deep within me as he wrapped his arms around me. Lifting me up easily, even after his marathon session, he walked upstairs to the restroom and washed us both quickly. Of course, Ursa took every chance we had to feel the big muscle bear as his hands explored my body. Finally, he took us both to bed, where he laid us down and engulfed my body in his mountain of fur and muscles. Grizzly yawned and stretched before wrapping his huge paws around me and Ursa said, “You know Grizzly, Gabe loved every minute of tonight.”

“I’m quite glad you two did. You took my cock like a champ for a first timer.”

“He’s quite proud right now papa bear. He’s happy he could please you.”

“He will never have to worry about disappointing me. Now, let’s get some sleep little cub.”

My eyes closed and the window I had been watching everything through darkened. A few moments later, the huge image of me appeared before me and, with a beaming smile, waved at me.

“So, should I call you Ursa too?” I questioned my doppelganger.

“You can call me whatever you want, just not Shirley,” he laughed.

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“Oh, never mind, you wouldn’t get it.”

Something about that comment peaked my curiosity. “How did you know how to handle Grizzly? In fact, there’s a lot of stuff that you know that I can’t understand how you know. You’re supposed to be an extension of me, right? So how come you know so much that I can’t even understand?”

“That’s a question for a little later, my friend. You aren’t ready for the answer just yet. But I promise one day you will have your answer. You just have to trust me. Now, it’s time for you to wake up. Grizzly’s already up and he’s getting breakfast ready for a big day at the gym.”

“What do you mean, we’ve only been asleep like five minutes.”

“Sorry bro, you’ve been sleep for seven hours so far. I will talk to you later.” The scene started to dim as sleep began to fade from me. Sure enough, the sunlight was attempting to burn through my eyelids. Slowly, I shook the sleep from me and headed downstairs to catch a pair of beautiful naked bears standing in the kitchen. Armstrong and Grizzly were busying themselves with breakfast preparations in their birthday suits. I went from sleep to hard in record time as I tried to memorize every curve and contour of the two bears. Armstrong was a slightly different type of beautiful, but nothing to scoff at. His tool rivaled Grizzly’s and I’m sure they probably were close to each other in strength. Where Armstrong lacked in Grizzly’s pure mass, he made up for it in exquisite muscle definition. Although he wasn’t ripped like a thin model, I could trace veins that ran along his massive arms, up his biceps, into his shoulder and several other places. He had a little less fur than Grizzly, but it was the perfect amount for him since it accentuated his bodybuilder physique perfectly. The hair accented the dips and crevices in his muscles so well, I doubt it could look better.

The two bears were joking, hugging and being plain jovial as they finished up a massive breakfast. Thankfully, I was used to the massive amounts that big bears like these two could eat. In fact, I was well on my way to becoming someone who could hold my own at the table. I went to sit down at the nearby table, and moments later, they brought to the table a mountain of meats, eggs and juice.

“Eat up big man, we’re going to be working with Armstrong and Sam today,” Grizzly said to me.

My eyes brightened up and Armstrong commented, “Boy, you got a good one. He knows how hard it’s going to be, yet he’s all excited.”

“Yup, that’s my boy right there, just an excitable muscle cub in the making.”

I smiled and kept packing away the food. For some reason, I felt ravenous even after eating my fifth straight plate of meat. Grizzly noticed and smiled at me before I let out a silence-shattering belch. The guys laughed and I couldn’t help but chuckle myself. After we finished eating, we washed up the dishes, then showered (together) and got dressed. Then it was off to the gym.

The workout with Sam and Armstrong was on a different level than the workouts with Grizzly. I learned later that Grizzly’s workouts emphasized power and mass building while Sam and Armstrong focused just slightly more on sculpting the body after gaining mass. It was a tough workout, but I was more than used to being dead tired after a day at the gym. In my mind, if I could walk after a work out, I didn’t work hard enough.

As we were relaxing in the sauna after our workout, Grizzly received a phone call. “Hey Allen, what’s going on. Nothing much, me and the cub just got finished with Sam and Armstrong. No, a work out, not that. Yeah I know, he probably thinks the same way. So what’s up. You’re kidding. Fuck, you’re serious. Ok, I’ll tell him. We’ll be back sometime tomorrow afternoon. Bye.”

Grizzly closed his cell phone and set it to the side. From what was wonderfully happy day seemed to change in an instant. Grizzly’s face seemed darkened with sadness and concern, so I patted him on the shoulder and said, “What’s going on papa bear, what did Allen say?”

Grizzly took a deep breath while still staring at the floor, “Gabe, I have some bad news. It seems that last night while your parents were driving home, a tractor trailer jumped the median and hit them head on.”

My jaw hit the floor and I felt as someone ripped out my heart. Tears began to form around the corners of my eyes as I feared for the worse. Grizzly looked directly into my eyes and sighed.

“Your mom is out of serious condition, but your father’s in a coma.” •

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