Uneven Desires


By xythan_shadow

Jake stared into the mirror, his eyes traveling over the curves of his new body. His eyes were still bloodshot from the previous night; it seemed that even he was not immune to the reality shifts evoked by the spell. Even the memories of his other life--that first life, where he had made his fatal, life-altering error--were fading away. He threw a cocky grin at the mirror: let the spell have those memories. He liked what was happening to him, and life was only about to get better.

He hadn't really believed that the spell would work in his favor, not after what happened last time. Lingering embarrassment over his failure stung his cheeks. He'd found the recipe in the same shop the first book had come from.

All of the components of the transference elixir were easy enough to come by, and Jake had managed to cobble together the necessary altar to anchor the spell out of several household objects. At first, he had been terrified that Chad would find out and ruin everything, but the first successful transference had banished any doubts.

His shoulders were now broader and capped with lithe deltoids that had definition aplenty. Small, solid traps mounded up to either side of his neck. His arms were lean, with well-rounded triceps and biceps that were visible, if not precisely large. A little vein stretched down the right biceps, testament to Jake's low bodyfat. A coating of downy hair coated his chest, matted down by sweat from his recent bout at the gym.

The gym had been a pleasant experience for the first time in months, as his new memories informed him that he was blowing past his maxes on many lifts on an almost monthly basis. For a moment, Jake considered stopping the magic as things were. He and Chad were in a good place, made even better by the events of the previous night.

He wondered if it was imagination that made him feel so much more attractive. Perhaps hormones. His nose was still hawkish and his chin was less than impressive, but the most recent reality shift had imparted a faint tan into his skin. His eyes were bright and piercing, always his best feature.

Jake's fingers roamed over the taut musculature of his chest, tweaking one nipple and then the other. His solid stomach tightened involuntarily at the sensations, and visible abs pressed up under the skin. The exploratory hand traveled down his treasure trail, gaining speed as it darted beneath the waistband of his trousers.

The thickness of his newly-grown dick only contributed to his excitement. Who would have thought that an extra inch could lend so many new sensations to his masturbatory voyage?

He stopped himself before his insatiable hormones took over, but couldn't help salivating over how hot he looked there, pumped and primed, his dick thrusting against the front of his sweats. A thrill ran through him as he thought of the next transference.

Sitting by the sink was a vial of clear fluid. He uncorked it and let a single drop dribble onto his tongue. The sweet, faintly herbal taste flowed over his tongue, suffusing his mouth with its power.

Goosebumps traveled down his arms, awakened by anticipation.


Chad awakened to the sensation of Jake's hand wandering over his dick.

"What the fuck, man?" he shrieked.

The athlete leapt out of the couch, sending Jake sprawling onto the floor. Chad fixed Jake with an incredulous stare as the slightly smaller boy babbled incoherencies. Abruptly, he realized how he must look, standing there over his flatmate. His turgid cock poked through the whole in his boxers, precum slicking its seven inch length. He tucked it away and hastily drew his jeans back up over his legs, taking extra care not to damage the solid bulge in his underwear.

Despite his fury, Chad blushed. Terror still held Jake's features in a rictus.

"Well?" prompted Chad. "What the hell were you doing?"

"I-I'm sorry," his flatmate quailed.

To his dismay, Chad noticed that Jake was in the throes of a major boner as well. His dick was obscenely prominent in his sweatpants. He never bothered to wear underwear to the gym, claiming that it restrained him too much. With the way Jake had been gaining lately, that was unsurprising.

"C'mon, man," breathed Chad, his anger faltering. "What was all of that about?"

Fear melted away from Jake's face, replaced an instant later by a cautious expression.

"You mean... you don't remember last night?"

Chad blinked. Of course he remembered last night, he thought. But as he reached for the memories, they shied away from his sleep-sodden brain. Vague impressions fluttered through his mind. Some of the mates had come over after football. Everyone had drunk a bit too much. Someone had fallen during a keg stand, and Jake had called a taxi. Everyone could count on Jake. He was second only to Chad in popularity among the teammates, even though neither of them was quite a star player. As he struggled to cull more memories from the roiling mass, it leapt away from him. It was almost as if the thoughts were being siphoned into him, but of course that was ridiculous.

"Sure I do," he snapped. "The team came over."

"But after that," Jake prompted.

New memories bubbled up in response. The two of them, wretched with overindulgence on alcohol and maybe a little pot, had decided to do the dishes. Everything had started out innocently enough, but chemicals and hormones had begun sparking. They stood there, shirtless and sweating in the absence of air conditioning. Jake had flicked a bit of soap in Chad's direction. In his mind's eye, he felt the bubbles frothing and snapping as they trickled down his chest.

Like the dishwashing, the wrestling had begun with the best of intentions. Chad restrained his smaller flatmate, chuckling. He hadn't expected the sensations Jake's body would awaken as the boy's tight backside had rubbed over his dick.

Ghosts of thought flashed into stern relief: Jake rubbing him through his pants as Chad nibbled his ear. Chad's musculature pressed against Jake's, forming obscene sculptures throughout the kitchen and into the living room.

Aghast, Chad whispered, "Did we--you know?"

Jake pushed himself up, a timorous attempt at a reassuring smile spreading across his face. "We didn't," he said. "You were too drunk to get it up for long."

Chad's blush deepened. His mind raced. "It was the drink, mate. I'm sorry for what happened. You know I'm not--"

"Not out?"

"Not gay." The excuse sounded hollow to Chad's ears.

"Yeah, sure, mate. No worries," Jake answered, evidently unconvinced.

Silence wrapped the two for a long, strained moment. Jake's eyes settled uncomfortably low on Chad's body. The larger athlete was aware that his erection had not completely gone down.

"I'm going to go take a shower, man," rasped Chad.

Jake got up and settled himself on the couch. His eyes danced over his flatmate's retreating back as Chad scurried into the bathroom.


Chad stared at himself in the mirror. He was a mess, but he knew he was undeniably attractive. Even with his hair matted down by sweat and sleep, the unruly mop was full and lustrous. It framed a chiseled face with full lips and dark, sultry eyes.

Girls told him that the guys on the team envied his physique. While he was not quite the largest, his muscles were solid, well-rounded, and superbly balanced. Likewise, rumor held that his cock may have been outmatched by a few of the boys, his skills in the sack were unparalleled. Not to mention that he was equally capable fucking standing, sitting, holding a girl against a wall...

The awkwardness of his situation with Jake began to fade as Chad fed his ego. Who wouldn't want a body like his, he wondered as he stepped into the shower. Hot water pattered down on his broad back, massaging away the cares of the previous night.

His balls were still sore from the workout Jake had given them. He was still staggered that things had gone so far, but he resolved not to think about those things. He reached for the soap.

Chad gave his mind into the simple pleasure of cleansing his face and shoulders, but the sensation of his touch changed as his hands reached his chest. Feeling daring, he rubbed lather over one nipple, exalting in how it stiffened beneath his touch. His heart picked up, and blood sped through his veins, transforming the comfortable warmth of the shower into a heady heat.

He lost himself in the feeling of his soap-slicked skin as he tweaked the stiff nipple. His other hand skipped over the corrugated surface of his abs. His quiet moan of pleasure was almost lost underneath the roar of the bathroom fan and the pattering of the shower.

Jenna, he thought. Big-breasted and dumb, her tits bouncing up and down as she rode him like an eager pony. Yet even as he fixed her loveliness in his mind, memories of Jake's hardness against his own intruded into the fantasy.

Angry, he slammed a fist against the wall. Maybe Marissa. All of that shiny brown hair on her head, and none on the rest of her body. Jake, too, was trimmed. The boy's cock was about an inch shorter than the bouncing member that stirred between Chad's thighs.

More fervently, Chad forced Jake's tight stomach and sweating pectorals out of his mind. Tina or Rebecca, or Cheyenne, the cute American girl he had done during his trip to New York. None of them provoked even the slightest reaction in Chad's throbbing seven inches.

But Jake--as Chad let himself go, all five feet and nine inches of Jake blossomed in his mind, radiant and nude. He, too, was clearly ready. They embraced in his mind's eye, muscles against leanness, cock against cock.

"Oh, Jake--" moaned Chad.

"It was nothing, huh?" Jake's voice interrupted. His entrance had been muted by the fan and the shower.

"Get in here, you fucker," Chad wheezed, desperate to finish.

Jake shed his trousers in one fluid motion, revealing his ready, cut cock. Chad pulled him into the shower, and their dicks sparred with one another for a moment. The larger athlete reached for his flatmate's six inch pole, but Jake slapped his hand away teasingly.

He knelt in the tub before Chad, water and soap trickling onto his dark hair. His eyes flared triumph for an instant before he engulfed Chad's dick with his mouth. His callused hands scraped against his lover's well-formed bubble butt.

Chad released a throaty moan, and this time it cut through the ambient noise. Jake bobbed up and down on his dick, tongue expertly probing about the head. Chad fucked the smaller boy's face, desperate to finish that which had begun the previous night. He longed for release, no longer caring how it arrived.


Jake's eyes watered as nails raked down his neck and upper back, but he went after his prize with vicious singlemindedness. His flatmate did most of the work after a certain point, powerful arms forcing Jake's head up and down.

With a roar, they came in unison. Jake felt as if the world had been ripped from under him, but he clung to Chad's taut backside as what seemed like gallons of cum rocketed down his throat. His own dick pulsated as it unleashed its stored pleasure, the sensation magnified by anticipation. So much of Chad's seed was spilling in to his waiting gullet. This change would be a big one, he thought, as the remains of Chad's orgasm ebbed.

He felt the muscles underneath his hands softening, even as his own began to swell and harden. They throbbed in spurts, but after each pulse, they were a tiny bit larger. At the same time, he felt as if his dick were getting impossibly more erect. Chad's was wilting, but more than that, it was diminishing in thickness.

Jake lay in the shower a long time, his flatmate's shrinking bulk comfortable atop his body, as the changes sped through him.


Chad leapt off of the couch for the second time that day and nearly tripped over his own shoes. Disorientation and confusion raced through his waking brain. For a moment, he did not know where or who he was, but the memories began to filter in almost immediately, filling gaps in his empty brain.

He threw a glance at the trophies on the wall. Most of them were his, but the recent ones were his flatmate's. That didn't seem right, but his doubts flagged as he sat back down.

A baritone voice echoed from the bathroom.

"I hope you cleaned yourself up, man. We've got practice soon."

"Who the hell is that?" Chad asked himself.

Suddenly self-conscious, he readjusted his hard cock so its bulge was not as prominent against the front of his jeans. It was just over six inches, yet it was difficult to hide. He wondered how bigger guys managed to conceal their public wood. He supposed that if you were big enough, you probably wouldn't want to.

"Well?" asked the voice.

"Yeah, I'm ready, I guess," Chad announced.

His flatmate's head peeked out of the bathroom door, its flowing mane of raven-dark hair damp from a recent shower. Breath seized in Chad's lungs at how good Jake looked. The boy always dressed impeccably well, even for practice. Then again, with those good looks and his fit body--

"Jeez, little guy, do I have to dress you, too?"

Chad blinked. Straightening to his full five feet and eight inches, he shot back, "Who're you calling little?"

An odd smile spread over Jake's face. He stepped out of the bathroom, clad only in a towel. His muscles looked pumped even though it had been hours since he'd been at the gym. More conspicuous was the obscene lump in his towel. It wasn't even hard.

He stepped in front of Chad and looked expectant. Something was not right. Jake's eyes were at least an inch higher than Chad's. And something hardened between them, poking through the towel and into Chad's thigh.

"You, of course," said Jake, grinning. •

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