Ryan, the High School Freshman

By supsup

It was my first day at my new school, after moving from Texas to California. I was a high school sophomore, and knew no one. The first few days were horrible, as I had trouble making friends.

On the third day of school, I noticed a small boy, most likely freshman, with long brown hair, smooth tan skin, and dark brown eyes. He did not notice me, but I noticed him. The fact that no one would be home that day made me smile inwardly, as I planned on having this boy in my fantasies.

When I got home, I checked to see if no one was home, then climbed up the stairs and went directly to my mirror. My reflection looked back at me. I had deep brown eyes, semi-long brown hair, and a somewhat tanned skin. I was about 5'10", and was somewhat muscular, although my sixpack didn't show. The thought of a sixpack brought me back to that hot boy I saw in school that day, and my cock began to swell up, as I removed my shirt. Then came my pants. I noticed my boxers becoming tighter at my swelling cock, so I removed them.

I looked down at my cock and smiled. It was already completely hard, at a good 6 1/2 inches. Quickly, I began to pump it, the image of the boy in my head, and only after 5 minutes of jerking and licking my 14 inch biceps, I came all over the mirror. I smiled.

Did I mention I was a wrestler? Yes, it was my second year wrestling, and was excited to start up again. Over the announcments on monday, they announced that all wrestlers meet up in the small gym after school, which is what I did.

After school, I went directly to the small gym, and noticed about fifteen people there, all talking with eachother. My heart started beating fast as I noticed that boy I had fantasised so much. He seemed to be not all that popular, but still looked like he had friends. I smiled, knowing this season was going to be good.

After a month, practices began, and I had quickly made friends with everyone on the team; including that boy, whos name I found out was Ryan. We actually became friends.

During the first practice, our coach, Coach Henderson, ordered us to get into pairs. Ryan and I didnt have anyone to pair up with, so we went together. We both grinned at the fact that he was small, only 115 lbs, and I was 150 lbs. When the coach blew the whistle, we tied up, my hands gripping onto Ryan's skin. I almost popped a boner then and there, as it was so smooth. I wanted to lick him, but controlled both of those feelings. The rest of the practice went well, and finally, we were ordered to hit the showers.

When we were all in the lockerroom, we all talked about how hard the practice was, all the while getting naked. It seemed like no one minded showing off their dicks, so I didn't care either.

One of the boys, James, who was incredibly buff and in my grade, started to strip. My eyes widened as his body revealed itself, a clear sixpack, large pecs, and massive biceps. His penis was about 4 inches soft. I then looked at ryan, who was already heading for the showers; my eyes fell down to his cock, which he hid; I could tell it wasn't too large, but I didnt care. I climbed into the showers, trying not to get hard.

Then that day happened. It was perhaps two months into practice, and we became even better friends. We were all in the weightroom, when coached dismissed all but Ryan and myself.

"Hold it. You two were horsing around, you leave in a half our. Work out hard, then hit the showers. I lock the lockerroom doors." With that, he gave us the keys, and left.

Ryan and I looked at eachother and frowned. "Fuck, we arent going to get home." he then laughed, and so did I.

We began to work out intensely, both of us grunting, our muscles becoming pumped. After he worked out his chest, he removed his shirt, and revealed pecs that had grown a lot since I first met him. He nodded to me, then said, "Well? Take it off. Flex."

And so I did, and I flexed. My pecs were bigger than his, as were all of my muscles. He blushed, and turned away. He must've started to get horny, because he then said, "Screw it, lets hit the showers." I said, "No, lets work out a bit more." He nodded, then continued spotting me.

I couldnt help notice his muscles becoming even more pumped, even thought he wasnt working out as hard as before. When it was time to hit the showers, he said, "Come on." , so I followed him. He locked the lockerroom doors behind him, then looked at me.

I blinked. "What are you doing?" I asked, already knowing.

He pulled down his pants, and I gasped. His cock was now 5 inches completely soft, but it began to grow. I noticed his muscles becoming increasingly bigger, and I took a step backwards. "Whats going on?" I said, my voice shaky.

He took a step towards me, and let out a roar. He was now slightly taller than me, and his muscles much bigger. His sixpack was cut, and his pecs bulged. He flexed his biceps, revealing them to be atleast 16 inches.

He then shoved me against the wall, his cock now over a foot long hard. His muscles bulged in front of me. He then kissed me, and I kissed him back, my hands moving over his beefy pecs. I lowered my head and began to lick his nipples, as he did to me.

My hands went slowly down to his giant cock, and I began to stroke it. It was so smooth, just like the rest of his body.

Suddenly, he grabbed me by my neck and lifted me up. "My muscles are huge!" He yelled, then shoved my head into his massive chest. "Lick them!" he ordered, and I did. He threw his head back, moaning.

I kept on licking his pecs, moving down to his stomach. It tasted so good. I looked up, and noticed his biceps. I quickly moved towards them, squeezing and licking them. He flexed them, and the top of it went into my mouth. I began to moan even harder now, as he moved back.

"Bend down." he commanded, and I did.

Without warning, his giant cock penetrated my ass as he began to fuck me. I would've screamed if it didnt feel so good. Finally, he blew his load, and I moaned in ecstacy.

He pulled out, and I turned around. He looked even bigger. He then said, "Who am I?", to which I moaned,

"Master", and I went to my knees to suck on his bulging cock. •

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