Nick (Sequel to JP)

Unstrung Heroes


By luvyalots

“TOUCHDOWN!” The PA system boomed over the packed stadium as the referee in the endzone raised his arms into the air. Brandon pumped his fists as he watched Nick jump up and down, the ball still in his hands. It had only been a short pass, but no one could touch him as he charged toward the goal line. He was just too fast and too physical for the Lake Braddock defense, running the 20 or so yards it took to make his sixth touchdown of the game – a new school record.

“The Spartans now lead 69 to 3!” The announcer rumbled, though little of what he said could be heard over the roaring crowd. This Homecoming game was getting ridiculous! The Bruins never had a chance! Nick had scored a 67-yard touchdown on the second play of the game and the team hadn’t looked back since. There had been 10 touchdowns in all – six of them scored by Nick himself – and all the opposition could do was watch themselves be embarrassed by arguably the best high school football team in the state.

“Shit!” The Lake Braddock nose tackle grunted as Brandon jogged past him and toward the small celebration that was going on in the endzone. Brandon didn’t blame him; it must have been frustrating. Nick flexed his arms in a spectacular most-muscular pose, his biceps exploding underneath his shoulder pads, his face grimaced in a dramatic display of athletic prowess. The other teammates slapped him on the back in congratulations as they escorted him to the sidelines.

“Dude, you are a GOD!” Brandon shouted, stripping off his helmet, as the two superjocks met at the bench. He grabbed Nick’s facemask and shook it excitedly. “Six fuckin’ touchdowns, man!” The boy could only smile, he was so elated, his brilliant hazel eyes twinkling. Behind him, a chorus of girls screamed his name. He turned to them and flexed his massive biceps one more time…making them scream even louder. Brandon could only gaze at him in awe. Never had he seen an athlete so dominant.

“Good job, Angelakis,” Coach Palmer beamed as he came over to him. “You realize that that’s a new school record.”

“It is?” Nick questioned, genuinely surprised at the news. Brandon chuckled; he was just doing his job. It was the other team that couldn’t keep up with him.

“And you broke Ryan Maloney’s old single-game scoring record, too,” Palmer went on. Nick’s eyes went wide. Ryan – JP’s big brother – was a legend at Central…and now Nick had eclipsed him.

“And you’re only a sophomore!” Brandon added, wrapping his pumped arms around his teammate’s thick neck. “Ryan was a senior when he set that record.”

There was less than two minutes remaining in the game when the Bruins received the ball, but they never got past the 50-yard line by the time the clock ran out. Billy and the rest of the defensive line gave them no chance to advance much….they were just too big and strong. Heck, most of the guys looked like college players rather than high school teenagers. And Billy was the biggest of all – he had broken the 300-pound barrier last week and could bench over 600 pounds and squat 850.

As the final whistle was blown, the fans erupted into cheers, made delirious by the largest margin of victory in the school’s history: 70-3. The team ran off the field and to the locker room to the boisterous chants of their classmates. Brandon veered slightly toward the marching band section of the bleachers and searched for Greg.

“YEEAH!” There he was, the angelic boy of his dreams cheering for him. He was wearing the color guard outfit – a red and black skin-tight unitard with his left arm bare, his muscular biceps and vascular forearms pumped with excited blood. God, he looked gorgeous, his long blondish-brown hair lilting in the breeze, his deep bedroom eyes peering at him proudly. Brandon had to force himself not to run over to him and kiss him right on the lips.

“Later,” Nick came up to him and whispered in his ear. He knew exactly what was going through Brandon’s head. But right now, it was time for a shower and then…the biggest party of the year.

“Ian,” Ian’s mom poked her head into his room, “Nick’s here to see you.” He turned and nodded for her to let his friend in. She stepped aside and swung the door wide, allowing Nick to step inside – his broad shoulders turning sideways to fit his massive arms through the doorposts. He took a deep breath; it had been ages since he had been in Ian’s bedroom, a corner room tucked away in the basement.

“Hey,” he greeted his childhood buddy who was slumped at his desk, doing homework.

“Fuck, can you get any bigger?” Ian suddenly exclaimed with a slight smile. Nick looked down at himself. At 265 pounds, he was much bigger and stronger than Ian had ever been, even on steroids. His body stretched the seams of the Spartan Wrestling shirt he wore, his round pecs somewhat distorting the printing. Even his thighs were beginning to get too big for his jeans; the material pressed tightly against his quads and butt.

“Oh, uh, Mrs. Heiser said you needed this,” Nick spoke up, remembering the reason for his visit and handed the Algebra textbook to Ian.

“Thanks,” he replied, standing up to take it from him. “I’m sorry I couldn’t come to the game tonight,” he added, “I need to catch up on some stuff.” Nick shrugged, digging his hands into his pockets, his triceps popping out impressively as he did.

“That’s alright,” he said. “It was boring anyway.” Ian smirked, getting the joke.

“You demolished them, right?”

“Yeah,” Nick blushed, “70-3.”

“Jesus Christ,” Ian exhaled, shaking his head. Nick glanced around the room, noticing the weights strewn on the floor near the bench press in the corner – the first piece of equipment Ian’s parents had bought him.

“You working out again?” he asked. Ian nodded uneasily.

“Yeah, I need to get back into shape.” He nervously rolled his shoulders around, heading back toward his desk. He looked a lot better, having lost a bit of the fat he had gained since entering rehab.

“You thinking of doing track?” Ian shot him a brief look of shock, as if he hadn’t expected the question, but then immediately shrugged his heavy shoulders.

“Probably not,” he answered simply.

“You know, you should,” Nick went on, leaning his hip against the desk and crossing his python arms in front of his bulbous chest. “You were pretty fast…very fast, actually.” Ian looked up at him and Nick instantly read his mind. He knew Ian was avoiding athletics – at least for now, convinced that he wouldn’t be welcomed back so easily by his former teammates. But Nick knew better; though some of Ian’s success in the past had been achieved unnaturally, he was not one to just give up. He knew that one day the name Ian Antoncelli would be said with reverence once again.

“You off to a party?” Ian guessed, turning back to his homework.

“Yeah,” Nick answered plainly, “at Peter Evans’ house.” He paused. “You wanna come?” Ian immediately shook his head without even looking up. Nick knew why. “You know, I’m sure Kim doesn’t hate you as much as you think anymore.”

“I know, she’s dating Billy now,” he sighed, leaning his head back against his chair and closing his eyes. “He’s probably a better boyfriend than I was.” Nick flexed his jaw in thought and leaned closer to his friend.

“Ian, you can’t keep hating yourself for what you did.” Ian sat up straight and looked Nick directly in the eyes.

“Look, I want to thank you for all that you’ve done, saving my life and all,” he said with sincere calmness, “but I’m not perfect like you. I can’t just let things roll off my back.” Nick glanced down. If only he knew what was really going on, he thought to himself.

“Hey, Billy,” Peter called from across the room and over the noise of the rock music that filled his house, “have another beer.”

“Thanks, man,” Billy replied, taking the red cup from him. Peter Evans, as was tradition for the second-string quarterback, was hosting the Homecoming game after-party. The Spartans had easily destroyed the Lake Braddock Bruins and everyone was reveling in the victory – the most decisive in school history. And everyone knew that Billy was one of the main reasons; as middle linebacker – and the biggest, strongest guy on the team – he had held back the Bruins’ offense over and over.

“What is that, your sixth one?” Kim commented from his side. Billy looked down at his girlfriend and grinned sheepishly. She was looking up at him sweetly, sipping from her soda – she seldom drank alcohol anymore.

“You kidding me?” Peter answered for his teammate, obviously slightly tipsy himself. “Billy here can drink six whole kegs and not even feel anything.” Well, that was a bit of an overstatement, but Billy knew he could drink a lot. It was because he had a high alcohol…tolerance – yeah, that was the word. That’s what they told him anyway. “I mean, look at him,” Peter continued.

“Yeah, he is a big boy,” Kim agreed, wrapping her hands around his massive arms. Billy blushed as he felt her eyes on him. The two adored each other and he loved being around her.

“I’ve been meaning to ask,” Peter rambled on, “how do you fit that thing inside of her?” Billy looked at the boy bewilderedly.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, when you fuck her, man,” Peter drawled. “How do you get that monster in her?” Was he talking about sex? Billy blinked a couple of times, not sure how to respond. He and Kim had never had sex; it had never even come up in their relationship. Neither really wanted to do it anyway.

“I think you may have had a bit too much to drink, Pete,” Kim said, taking the cup out of the boy’s hands. The awkwardness was obvious in her voice.

“Billy Boy!” Brandon thankfully interrupted the uncomfortable conversation. His shirt was completely unbuttoned to show off his gorgeously muscled body. On either side of him, two girls clung to his arms, their hands in his chest. They were ogling him, gazing at him lustfully. “What’s up?” And he acted nonchalant about it. Well, he had gotten that attention all his life.

“B!” Peter shouted – a little louder than was necessary. “What you up to?”

“Nothin’,” he said. “Let me introduce to you Nina…” he turned and smiled to one of the girls “…and Veronica.” Then he smiled to the other. “Girls, this is Peter Evans, one of the other quarterbacks. If you want to see a cannon for an arm, check this guy out.” The girls turned their eyes toward Peter and grinned gleefully. Typical, they were immediately into him, too. Peter instantly turned on his charm.

“Hey, girls,” he smirked, “you wanna see my gun collection?” And with that, he flexed his biceps, making the two women coo. The trio ran off, leaving Brandon alone with Billy and Kim.

“Well, that’s a first,” Kim laughed. “I’ve never seen you give girls away like that, Brandon.” Brandon shrugged.

“I thought I’d just share the wealth a little,” he said, though Billy could see in his eyes that it was something else. Lately, Brandon had been a bit less…eager, maybe, with the girls. He used to constantly be seen with them all the time. Perhaps it was because he had had them all already; he was notorious for being a bit of a playboy. Or maybe it was something else. Whatever…

“Nick’s here!” someone yelled. Instantly, every eye turned toward the door where Nick Angelakis walked in, his unmistakable size and breathtaking musculature making him the center of attention. Not only was he was hero of the football team, but he was also the god of the high school. Nearly every girl in school wanted him, but the only girl he would ever have was Erin…Billy knew that. And sure enough, Erin was right beside him, her arms around his narrow waist.

“Hey, B! Billy Boy!” he greeted them, lumbering toward them. The guy was really getting big. “Hi, Kim.” He bent down and kissed her lightly on the cheek.

“Good game tonight,” she said to him. “You’re now officially a legend.” Nick blushed at the label. Billy knew his childhood buddy was star struck by all the praise he had been getting. Only a few years ago, he was just a little kid…and now he was the superjock athlete of the entire school. Well, Billy could relate; a few years ago, he was just a chubby “SpEd” kid. Yeah, a whole lot had changed since middle school…and there were still two more years of high school to go. Billy just couldn’t imagine how their lives could get any better.

Brionna grinned as she watched the video from Travis’ camera. It was hard to imagine that the two most popular jocks in the school were gay and making out with each other. But here was the evidence in her hand, as clear as daylight. This was almost too good to be true.

“You like it?” Travis asked, smirking proudly. Brionna shook her head in disbelief.

“Are you kidding me?” she replied. “This is exactly the kind of thing you need.”

“What should I do with it?” Brionna looked up at the boy, smiled and walked toward him. He was a little scrawny for her taste, but she could use him…and that’s all she cared about.

“What do you think?” she half-whispered. Travis swallowed as she pressed her ample breasts up into his chest. She could feel his little cock growing against her thigh. “I know how much you hate jocks like these,” she continued. “I know you loathe how everyone worships them, kisses the ground they walk on…their power.” Gently Brionna leaned into Travis’ ear. “Now who has the power?” She held up the camera and he took it from her, grinning villainously.

“I do,” he answered hoarsely.

“That’s precisely what I like,” she returned and the two kissed.

“I was floored the first time I saw you do that move,” Brandon spoke, the sound of his deep voice drifting through Greg’s brain. “You know, where you tossed up the rifle, the girl jumped onto you and you caught the rifle over her body. Man, that was hot!”

“Thanks,” Greg blushed. He was lying on Brandon’s couch, his feet on Brandon’s lap. It had been hours now since the Homecoming game, but the euphoria was still strong…or maybe that was the alcohol in his system; he had drank more than he ever had in his life. Nevertheless, the game had been a dream; watching his boyfriend – God, it sounded strange to actually say that – that flawless specimen of human perfection complete play after play. And every now and then, Brandon would glance over at Greg in the stands and give him a quick smile. “The first time I did that move, I didn’t realize how strong I was,” Greg continued. Brandon leaned over him and peered longingly into his eyes.

“You are strong,” he whispered, putting down his beer. Both boys were only wearing boxers, every one of their muscles displayed for each other to see. Brandon bent over Greg’s torso, his triceps flexing. Instinctively, Greg placed his fingers on them; he wanted to feel their power, their strength. Just then, Brandon began kissing Greg’s abs, his tongue gliding gently over his skin. “You have the most beautiful abs,” he said. “Your obliques…oh, my God…” Brandon was at a loss for words as he traced the contours of Greg’s lower abdomen. Greg moved his hands up to Brandon’s round shoulders, feeling the muscle fibers underneath his fingers. The two were face-to-face now, their eyes gazing into each other.

“How…” Greg sighed, too dumbstruck to finish his thought. He wanted to ask how he deserved someone as gorgeous as Brandon Jones, but he knew the questioned couldn’t be answered in words. Tenderly, he touched Brandon’s face, his fingers brushing across his full, red lips. He could sense the warmth that radiated from his skin, the power that made him glow. “Can I kiss you?” he asked.

“Of course,” Brandon answered, his hand sweeping through Greg’s long hair, sending a shudder down his spine at the touch. Then the two lean into each other and kissed. Immediately, Greg felt complete, secure, found. Never before had he felt like this. He was in the arms of the most beautiful boy on earth, one who loved him just as much as he loved him. When they parted and Greg fell back to the couch, he breathed deeply, completely relaxed.

“What do you think Nick and Erin are doing downstairs?” he asked. The other couple had retreated to Brandon’s basement after coming home from Peter’s party, leaving them alone in the den. Brandon shrugged and smiled.

“They’re probably…enjoying each other’s qualities,” he remarked, making Greg snicker. “I like how your abs tighten when you laugh,” he added. Greg looked up at him fondly.

“Can we have sex?” At first, he hadn’t realized he said it until after he did. I guess I’m more drunk than I thought, he said to himself.

“You sure you want to do it?” Brandon replied calmly, his eyes showing only a hint of surprise at the request, as if he knew he was going to say it.

“You’ve done it with guys before, right?” Brandon nodded. Greg placed his hand behind his neck. “Then I trust you.” The two paused for a moment, just looking into each other’s eyes.

“Take off your clothes,” Brandon finally said. Greg slid down his boxers, revealing his already-hard dick. Brandon did the same with his, but when he did, the most enormous piece of meat Greg had ever seen sprang out. It was unimaginably thick and more than twice as long as his own. And his balls were practically the size of lemons!

“Holy shit!” he exclaimed. Brandon looked down at his member and grinned.

“I know, it’s big,” he said. “You sure you still want to do this?” Greg looked up at him and suddenly flung his legs over his own head, offering his virgin ass to Brandon, making the jock gasp at his incredible flexibility.

“Go ahead,” Greg stated. Shaking his head, Brandon gingerly re-positioned himself to slip his monster cock inside Greg. As soon as he penetrated, Greg hissed in pain, tears immediately coming to his eyes. It was so thick, the walls of his anus had to spread wide to allow it to enter. Brandon bent down and kissed Greg on the lips, instantly soothing him, the pain subsiding within seconds. “Keep going,” he softly urged him and Brandon obeyed. He had half his dick inside Greg before he began pumping him, with each stroke getting more and more into it. Brandon had his hands cupped around Greg’s bulging claves, his pecs pressed up against the back of his thighs. Primal grunts began escaping Brandon’s throat as the two boys savagely continued kissing each other, the couch creaking under the force of their bodies rocking back and forth against one another.

Suddenly, Greg let out a shriek as Brandon unloaded into him with a roar. The feeling was almost overwhelming, Brandon’s uberjock semen pouring up his ass with such force, he felt he was pinned to the sofa. When they finally calmed down, Brandon carefully lifted himself off of Greg and hovered over him like the angel he was.

“Wow, that was amazing,” Greg breathed, lowering his legs once again, letting Brandon’s flaccid cock lay heavily on Greg’s stomach. He gently caressed it with his fingers, admiring its size and beauty as the shaft nestled between his abs. It was bigger than his was totally erect. How did it fit into him? Just then, Brandon’s dick began to grow again, its girth thickening by the second, the head gliding up to his chest, getting closer and closer to his chin. In shock, he looked up at Brandon.

“I think it’s my turn now,” Greg said with a grin.

Erin yelled out in ecstasy as Nick creamed into her, over and over again, almost the entire length of his 12-inch cock hidden inside of her. She clung hard onto his huge traps as he kept cumming. It just didn’t stop; she lost count at the ninth load. They were sitting completely nude on the end of Brandon’s weight bench in his basement, Erin on top off Nick’s thighs, her breasts smashed against his broad pecs.

“God, you’re so big!” she exclaimed dreamily, leaning forward to give him a kiss, her sweat-drenched hair draping across his cannonball shoulders. Lustfully, Erin rubbed her hands against the concrete arms of her boyfriend, sculpted and shredded beyond belief – 22 inches of pure muscle, unstoppable on the football field and irresistible off it. She just couldn’t keep herself away from him.

“Yeah,” Nick crooned, “big and strong.” He had had a lot to drink that night, celebrating the huge victory against Lake Braddock – well, so had she – and it was obvious in his slurred speech.

“Prove it to me,” Erin urged him, wrapping her fingers around Nick’s thick wrestler’s neck. She gazed into his eyes, hypnotized. She knew that he got looks from all the girls at school as he walked down the hall; JP and Ryan had gotten the same treatment when they were in high school. But at 265 pounds, Nick had surpassed both her brothers. He had grown beyond god status; there was simply no way to describe how hot and sexy he had become.

“Watch this,” Nick said as he leaned back on the bench, his corrugated abs flexing imposingly, and picked up two 50-pound dumbbells. Then, without hesitation, he began performing a textbook set of flyes effortlessly, as if they weighed no more than a couple of feathers. Erin gasped as she watched her boyfriend display his tremendous strength for her. Of course, she had seen him work out so many times…but never had he been…naked. She glanced down at his cock as it grew bigger and bigger with each rep. “Yeah, yeah,” he grunted, his pecs and shoulders becoming more and more pumped.

“Fuck!” Erin panted, collapsing in front of Nick’s body and lunging her mouth around his thick cock, giving him the most powerful blowjob she could conjure, her mouth stretching wide to succumb to its amazing girth. Entranced, she stroked his gigantic thighs, her hands gliding up desperately to his ripped abdomen. Nick’s grunting got louder as he neared climax; Erin also felt her pussy get wetter again as she came close to hers.

“Gaaah!” Nick roared, pumping the dumbbells one more time just as he unloaded yet another huge load into Erin’s mouth and down her throat. Having long gotten used to her boyfriend’s enormous ejaculations, she swallowed every drop of it – it seemed like a gallon – and fell backward onto the floor, spent from the exertion. Slowly, Nick sat up and peered down her, his humongous shoulders hunched up against his ears. “How do you do that?” he asked breathlessly. Erin shook her head, her chest heaving up and down, her hands placed underneath her breasts.

“How do you do that?” she returned, raising her eyebrows. Nick stood up and bent down to help her to her feet, his massive biceps bulging as he did. Immediately, she fell against his chest, his arms instinctively guarding her. “Let’s go upstairs and see how the boys are doing,” she suggested, looking up at her boyfriend with awed eyes. He grinned and led her to the steps. As soon as they got to the top, they heard the sounds of moaning and heavy breathing. Nick looked at Erin with wide eyes.

“I guess Brandon and Greg are really getting into each other,” he said at a whisper.

“Should we?” she asked, hesitant on disturbing the two. Who knows what they were doing. But Nick grinned and jerked his head toward the noises. As the two rounded the corner, they stopped dead in their tracks. Brandon was leaning forward against the end of the sofa and Greg was right behind. Both were completely naked and Greg was pounding him from behind, his pelvis slamming into Brandon’s ass over and over. And from the look on Brandon’s face, it was the best anal sex he had ever had.

“I guess they really are into each other…” Nick remarked quietly, “…literally!”

Brandon stretched his arms as he sat up in bed, his biceps flexing into steel balls. The morning sun streamed through the window and hit his bare body, the warmth filling him inside. He looked down at the Greg’s form still asleep in the bed next to him, the sheets wrapped delicately around his sculpted torso. Brandon couldn’t help but stare at his boyfriend for a moment, admiring the beauty of the scene. All he needed was a pair of wings and he’d be an angel.

Yawning, Brandon got out of bed and put on boxers and a bathrobe and staggered downstairs. He only had a slight hangover; he certainly had had it worse. As he neared the kitchen, he heard the voices of Nick and Erin flirting with each other. They were sure up early.

“Hey, stud,” Nick greeted him as he walked through the door. He was wearing a tight wife-beater and even tighter briefs that brought attention to his gorgeous bubble butt…and the tremendous basket at his crotch. And then there was his face, the morning stubble doing little to hide his dimples.

“Good morning, Brandon,” Erin echoed. “Did you sleep well?” Brandon nodded, smiling back at her. She wore her boyfriend’s football jersey; it was large enough for her to wear as a nightgown.

“Yeah,” he answered, “a little.” Nick and Erin were apparently making breakfast as was evidenced by the smell of eggs being cooked on a skillet. Nick kissed his girlfriend from behind – his massive arms nearly covering her entire chest – before grabbing a spatula and tending to the eggs.

“I didn’t know you could cook, Nick,” Brandon remarked with some surprise. Nick turned around and smirked.

“Chrissy taught me,” he said, shrugging. Within minutes, breakfast was done and Nick served it up to his waiting friends.

“Where’s Greg?” Erin asked as she started her meal. “Is he still in bed?”

“Yeah,” Brandon answered, almost getting distracted by the deliciousness of Nick’s eggs. God, there wasn’t anything the guy wasn’t good at. He glanced over at his teammate who was smiling back at him, his hazel eyes flashing proudly. “I think Greg was a little tired from last night.”

“Well, last night was a little crazy,” Erin giggled. Brandon blushed. No doubt they heard the sounds coming from his bedroom as he and Greg had sex. For a virgin, the guy was amazing…and the two had done it in positions Brandon had never thought possible. Well, of course, Nick and Erin’s sex marathon had gone on for hours in the guest bedroom.

“Hey, guys,” Greg suddenly announced his entrance from upstairs. Brandon turned in his chair to see his boyfriend staggering toward them, his boxers hanging so low on his hips, the top of his dick was peeking over the waistband. Brandon swallowed hard, grabbing his hardening dick. God, now was not exactly the time to get aroused by the boy. Well, he did look insanely hot – his flawless body glistening in the morning sun, his blond-streaked brown hair shining in the kitchen lights.

“Greg, honey,” Erin immediately got up and went over to him. “Are you alright?” Greg looked dazed and almost in pain. Brandon kicked himself for not noticing that right away.

“I feel like I’m gonna throw up, I have the biggest headache of my life,” he explained groggily, holding his hand to his head, “and my ass is killing me.” Then, he looked at Brandon and grinned weakly. “But it was so worth it.”

Ian opened one eye as the ringing of his cell phone awoke him. He glanced at his clock. Shit, it was after noon! His mom was probably going to kill him for sleeping in so late. Panicked, he dove for his phone, knocking several things off his bedside table with his beefy forearm in the process.

“Hello?” he said sleepily, answering it.

“Hey, buddy,” the voice answered back sarcastically on the other line. “I didn’t mean to wake you.” Ian narrowed his eyes as he realized who it was…Travis. He was about to end the call when he heard him speak. “Dude, you don’t wanna hang up on me. You’ll want to hear this.” Travis was the last person Ian wanted to talk to, but his curiosity got the better of him.

“What do you want?” he asked bitterly.

“You know you still owe be those two G’s,” Travis chimed in his usual cocky tone.

“I told you I don’t owe you anything,” Ian hissed.

“Oh, but I think you will,” Travis returned, the attitude in his words sending a chill down Ian’s spine. “Go check your e-mail.” Hesitating for a moment, Ian got out of bed, headed to his computer and opened his inbox. Sure enough, there was one e-mail from an address he had never seen before.

“What are you trying to do?” he said. “Give me a virus or something?”

“I suggest you open it,” Travis replied calmly. Ian reluctantly obeyed…and found the e-mail blank except for a video attachment. What was this all about? Cautiously, he downloaded the video and opened it up.

“Holy shit,” he said out loud.

“Now do you understand?” Travis said, practically on the verge of excitement. The video was a short clip – about 30 seconds or so – of Nick and Brandon making out, their hands all over each other’s chests in sick passion. He looked away before it was even finished. Please tell me they were drunk or something when this was made, Ian said to himself.

“Why are you showing me this?” he sneered into the phone.

“I thought you’d figure it out by now,” Travis began to explain. “I know how much you care about your buddy Nick “the Greek God” Angelakis.” He mocked Nick’s nickname as he said it, sending Ian’s lip quivering with anger. “I guess it’s safe to say that you two have…grown up…together. I know you’d hate to see his perfect little life get destroyed by the truth.” Travis clicked his tongue against the roof of his mouth; Ian was stunned silent. “Such a shame that he’s really gay,” he continued glumly. “I’m sure a lot of girls would be heartbroken, not to mention his girlfriend…Erin Maloney, I believe is her name.”

“What…are you…doing?” Ian seethed.

“Listen,” Travis threatened, “if you don’t pay up within the next week…this little film gets posted on MySpace. You got it?”

“Fuck off!” he yelled, hanging up and throwing the phone onto his bed. He closed the video player and shut his computer off. This couldn’t be true. Nick and Brandon couldn’t be gay. This couldn’t be happening. Feeling a headache coming on, Ian went back to bed and buried his head in a pillow. What was he going to do now? •

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