(Very Peculiar) Civil Action, A

By Muscl4life

Okay, I tried my best to work on a trial story using key elements of "comedy" and muscle growth. I hope you liked it. I know those who practice the american legal system will find several unreal things, at least they were the best solution for me to build the main parts of the story, which is the trial by jury without getting stuck on details that I can't solve.

There is an upcoming part 2 but i need some recovery time, this had been written all at once, so WOW I didn't feel like this in a long time, but it's great to feel inspired again. For those whoe wanted to see "a fun muscle growth story" I really tried my best. At least there are very hot growth scenes tossed along the chapter.

The tall, thin, balding middle-aged man with oval shaped head and deep brown eyes still hadn’t adapted to orthopedic boots and the walking stick, as soon as he entered the Court building, Judge Thompson pretty much knew that giggles and chuckles would be inevitable, almost every person who greeted him was barely holding the laughter, just enough so the magistrate could go limping along his way to his office. The man actually missed the times where those people wouldn’t even dare to look at his gaze while talking to him.

Gerald Thompson was indeed the stereotype of the unpopular workaholic boss: he was always cranky, intolerant to the parts and their lawyers or whoever dared speaking to him. Maybe that was because he hadn’t taken vacations in almost three years, that was indeed true, but some had said it was actually because his wife “wiped” him after their divorce, others believed that he was just too attached to the power his job gave him.

Regardless the real reason behind this restless period, when Judge Thompson suddenly announced he would spend some time at the luxurious Swiss Alps, he surprised not just the clerks and the secretaries at the Orange County Court, but pretty much everybody who was used to know Gerald for his “cheap” reputation. However, what started as the perfect vacation plans to celebrate years of hard work, turned out as a mean joke among the corridors of the Orange County Court of Justice.

Judge Thompson considered bad karma the fact that he barely had time to enjoy the Alps. On his third day of sky lessons, he suffered a very severe accident, where he broke not only his both legs, but also his both arms, his left hip, and several ribs. Unfortunately for the judge some guy happened to know one of the other guests of the Swiss hotel, who had conveniently taped everything, so the footage of Judge Thompson’s accident ended up on You Tube before he had been transferred back to United States. Pretty soon, all law firms in Orlando had downloaded the funny video that showed the cranky Judge screaming like a little girl as he hilariously rolled down the beginner’s course of the famous Swiss hotel.

After that unfortunate incident, the workaholic judge had to spend almost seven months in bed and another three months of hard physiotherapy sessions before he could actually walk again. He practically spent the year of his so delayed vacations doped with several painkillers and doing stressing exercises with a burly “Nazi” nurse who crushed him like fresh donut dough.

Gerald’s mind went over all this painful moments as he checked all the work done by other judges during his absence. On top of his workaholic behavior Thompson was also very methodic about his cases; he liked to follow a case from the early hearings all the way to the verdict. According to the statistics the number of settlements increased amazingly during his “time out” and such fact pretty much displeased Judge Thompson because he loved to run the trial by jury, where he could actually use all the power the American legal system gave him. After all this time away from his beloved chair, Gerald was aching to get back to his glorious days as the fearsome Judge Thompson, the most rigid, strict and feared judge. The one who had made the toughest guys whimper before his presence.

Once he noticed this case where everything had been set for the trial by jury on the very same day he had finally returned to his beloved position, Gerald felt happy like a boy who had just gotten a new toy. There were actually lots of volumes on that case, but Thompson didn’t care for that at the moment. He knew that most of that was useless so he just read the briefing in the plaintiff’s claim. Although, he couldn’t quite get the events of the case, Judge Thompson knew from the beginning that it featured about a tort case involving a car accident between some guy and a truck transporting products for ChemTech Labs Inc, the nation’s biggest scientific company.

Despite the efforts of the defendant’s lawyers to get an arrangement, the plaintiff refused to settle for anything under the incredible amount of 25 million dollars. Gerald cursed the courtroom’s deaf sexagenarian stenographer, because the transcriptions were really incomprehensible, sometimes it just read like the stenographer skipped for entire key sections of the hearings.

Ordinarily, it would have caused Gerald’s rage, but not today, actually, the lack of more information turned out even better because he would be able to “squeeze” all the juicy stuff during the trial. To Judge Thompson, this very obsessed man; there was no better day than a day where he would run a trial by jury.

The Courtroom B of the Orange County Court of Justice had that plain, functional and unimaginative decoration settings very much like every other courtrooms, but to Gerald, it had never looked so glamorous before. He was checking if he had dressed his toga correctly one last time before he entered the courtroom. When he heard the customary “all rise for Judge Thompson” from the bailiff, he entered the room with all the grace he could mutter, albeit the orthopedic boot and the crane. Gerald loved when people had to stand up for him; all the eyes were focused on his presence. The bailiff came to help him climbing the steps to his beloved place, and Gerald was so marveled with himself he didn’t even bothered to be helped, he just adjusted his skinny body on the comfortable chair and laid his hands on the beautiful mahogany, feeling its cold, clean surface, savoring that moment with his eyes closed, pretty much all the people in the courtroom listened as the judge moaned in relief.

Thompson really missed that spot, looking from above at the standing people waiting for his order to sit down, and Gerald smirked as he announced.

“You may seat, now” – That moment almost made his day better, no matter how upset he was. Unfortunately the room was not that full that day, only a few young men who should be considering joining Law School and a few other curious guys.

“Can some one explain me why are there only men in the jury bench?” Thompson asked the bailiff and the substitute stenographer (the deaf old lady mysteriously retired) in his authoritarian tone. Both of the guys told the judge about the particular events of this case. Originally, this jury was composed by 9 men and only 3 women, and both parties seemed to prefer that way – from the three previously selected female jurors, one was six month pregnant and suddenly had to go into labor, the other was an elder lady who passed away over the weekend, and curiously, the third one simply dropped her duty, without any formal excuse, and since the only available replacements were all male, it suddenly looked like someone had turned back in time 70 years. The judge feared that could work as an excuse for later annulment of this trial, but when called the lawyers closer of his desk, both parties had stated that they actually preferred the jury to composed exclusively by men.

Thompson frowned as he watched the lawyers returning to their places, the judge noticed right away ChemTech’s team of high-expertise lawyers, real sharks that were ready to chew their adversaries in front of the jury. Meanwhile, the plaintiff himself wasn’t there but the judge recognized his lawyer, Brad Phelps, one of the youngest yet most promising attorney in the county, he had won some very important cases against major companies, never feeling intimidated by the preposterous behavior of the multi-millionaire counselors he faced on the court.

Thompson liked that promising scenario, each side planned to keep on with the jury, probably trying to annihilate the other, but only the Mighty Judge Thompson would command the show, and that meant he would just have a very nice time.

“Counselor, why isn’t your client present today?” – Asked the judge a bit afraid of the answer, he didn’t want to dismiss his first court in such long time. Phelps politely stood up, his dark brown hair and eagle shaped nose gave him that clean tone, but those big blue eyes looked much older than their owner, devouring every detail around them voraciously.

“Your honor, my client is in the building, but he is too embarrassed to come to the court room…” – Said Phelps calmly, almost anticipating the judge’s reaction.

“This is ridiculous! He should be the most interested in this whole room! Why did you say he’s too embarrassed?” – Thompson waved his head, but to his won surprise, Brad Phelps only smirked.

“You honor, the only reason why you ask me that question is that you didn’t have the opportunity to follow this case from its beginning, but I guarantee you the very reason of my client’s interest in this trial is the same that embarrasses him.”

Thompson coughed in surprise – “Counselor, you better bring your client here right now or I’ll dismiss this court!” – Threatened the judge, with thick veins popping on his forehead. Like everything had been perfectly staged before, Phelps grabbed his cell phone and pressed the button, he walked to the judge’s desk followed by the looks of the jurors and even the defendant’s lawyers, who simply stood quiet, apparently already familiarized with Phelps’s unorthodox methods.

“Your honor, my client will be here in a few seconds, but in the meantime, please take a look of this picture – this is Myles Callahan, 24 years old, former antique dealer and owner of a store at this very Orange Avenue.” Thompson grabbed the picture of the young lawyer’s hand and noticed the scrawny little man posing for the camera, a man dressed to look older, very scrawny, even skinnier than the judge himself, with strawberry blond hair, green eyes and pale complexion, the mustache was a poor attempt to look more mature, but it simply made him look incredibly old-fashioned.


The fresh mineral water served on the expensive crystal glass at the left side of the judge waved synchronized with the loud noises which approached the courtroom. At first the judge didn’t pay attention, but suddenly it sounded like someone was pounding on the walls of the building, the reverberation was so intense it actually reached through the judge’s stomach.

Phelps looked at the bailiff – “You know what happened the last time he tried to open those doors!” – The officer rushed to get to the main doors while the noise grew louder and louder, it was just a matter of split-seconds, but he accomplished his task, opening the thickly wooden doors of the courtroom before it was too late…again.

“WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON OUTSIDE?” Thompson asked when the doors started to open, but then, a colossal pair of mighty paws appeared. Huge hands that were bigger than many men’s chests, huge, thick wide and veined with fingers so long and thick they looked like cubs, the width of those palms made the mahogany doors look incredibly tiny and thin, as they pushed the heavy doors, everyone heard the loud cracking sound coming from the wall, the bolts didn’t resist for too long, the doors tumbled to the sides as they were violently pushed against the wooden wall. From outside a massive figure entered the room, but it needed to duck and turn to its sides in order to achieve such prodigious maneuver – the doorframe filled with an immense muscular bulk that simply didn’t stop coming inside the room, each muscle overgrown and oversized to the point they challenged the anatomic limits of the human body, as the uncanny wide shoulders finally passed, the rest of the powerful chest also had its hard time to squeeze into such tiny doors, the bailiff tried to help the humongous creature but he simply couldn’t even move the weight of a single part of that grotesque creature. With powerful grunting sounds the monster managed to squeeze into the room, but not without destroying the doorframe, which simply got stuck around his enormous chest. The behemoth had to crawl inside the courtroom and still he got stuck on the width of an enormous doorframe.

“Holly shit!” – look at the size of his hands!” – Said juror number 4

“Hands? Look at the size of his head!” – Number 7 replied

“What head? I can only see his shoulders!” – Number 1 just shouted

“Madre de Dios! This is not a man, this is a monster!” – Juror number 6 screamed

“Someone help this guy, or he’s gonna put the whole building down!” – Said numbers 10 and 11 in unison, while the rest of them men were too afraid to voice their opinions or simply shocked with such unexpected entrance.

“Order, order in the Court! Stop yelling or I’ll throw you out of the room!” – Thompson threatened smashing his wooden hammer against his desk. The magistrate didn’t know what to do with monster that got stuck on the main entrance of his courtroom.

Strangely, the courtroom staff didn’t seem surprised incredible bulk they , or at least not nearly as surprised as Judge Thompson and the jury members, not even the new stenographer seemed shocked with the behemoth proportions of the . The bailiff and the other court officers gathered around the beast, but they were not trying to stop him, they were guiding him through this whole operation.

“Move your hip to the left, yeah now put your leg through the space, careful you’re gonna break the wall even more” – the officers served as some kind of twisted “parking valets” for the humongous beast that entered Judge Thompson’s courtroom. The most amazing part was that due to the monstrous proportions of the muscles on that creature his head seemed incredibly small, and since the “man” kept it facing down, the uncanny thickness of his shoulders and the golitahic dimensions of his deltoids, not to mention the barbarian ampleness of his pectoral muscles, practically covered his head, the only thing Thompson noticed was the blondish tone of the hair on the top of such small head.

The view got even freakier once the judge noticed that this man actually wore some kind of clothing, although it couldn’t work as proper clothing. His muscles outgrew and outstretched every single fiber of what used to be a blue tailored suit, probably the biggest item of any “Big and Tall” branch over the nation, and yet it failed to cover not even a third of that insanely huge body, the legs were poorly covered almost like he wore very skimpy shorts and not full sized pants, the thickness on those mammoth sized pillars flexed and bulged, ripping another part of the fabric. The “shirt” barely stood around his neck, it had been completely tore apart, the shreds still attached to the humongous arms, and those monsters were so veined, Thompson noticed that they were twice bigger than each one of the officers, in fact that crawling beast was at least one foot taller than the tallest standing guard.

With another suffering groan the behemoth stuck his left foot inside the room, at least the feet on such disgusting creature were not condemned to such ridiculous attempt – they were free from any restraining, because no shoe ever produced by mankind would fit those sasquashean feet. Once he managed to set his two enormous feet into the Italian marble flooring of the courtroom, the plates simply cracked over such pressuring weight. The monster literally “stepped on thin ice” as he managed to fully stand up, and all the gazes seemed to follow up his trajectory of muscle abomination and freakiness – the monster seemed to expand even more as his muscles adjusted, his pecs flared out with power, his shoulders stretched and became even more gargantuan, his arms reached down his incredibly thin waist, still twice the width of a strong man, but compared to the size of his upper body and his monstrous legs, that was a truly “wasp waist”.

The abdominal muscles popped out as huge boulders attached to his granite hard looking figure, the traps competed with his arms for space, keeping his enormous limbs into an almost parallel angle with the ground; the bulging mounds of hard muscles cropped on his neck caused the impression that he had no neck at all.

The head seemed so small, and even smaller considering the current height on that colossus of muscle, the diminished head stood very close to the ceilings of the courtroom, this humongous beast of power, took a deep breath, and Judge Thompson felt for one moment he would run out of oxygen as those tremendous pecs simply expanded even more to accommodate that air, as the creature exhaled, all the court could feel the powerful blow of his warm breath, amazingly it was very fresh, minty and smelled like kid’s toothpaste, instead of human rotten flesh as the judge imagined, he wouldn’t be surprised if that beast ate live men for breakfast.

Phelps flashed the picture once again at the judge’s astonished face, but he needed a few seconds to drag the judge from his stupefaction condition. Once the magistrate took the picture in his hands once again, he just couldn’t believe.

That skinny, pale, scrawny man on the picture with an outdated mustache and dressed in older man’s clothing and the mega-sized version of the ruthless, most grotesque comic book muscle monster were the same person! The only and undeniable proof of such statement was the face – the same angular nose, the thin lips, even the old-fashioned mustache remained over them; the big green eyes, the tiny ears placed in such a way they look too low, although the jaw assumed a straight, broad design, it still keeps a remarkable resemblance with the original picture. Especially because of the same sad, unsure, definitely embarrassed expression on his face, that was against the “Circus Strongman” icon that his fearsome physique inspired.

“I’m sorry for the door, your honor, but I unfortunately can’t refund the Court of Justice at the moment, I had to get my personal bankruptcy…” – The voice was just as confusing as the rest of this case, although it had a low, powerful tone, it also sounded more like a wining, some kind of lamentation that an actual speech, although that man could probably talk to minions without any mechanical help, he still acted like he had a mousy-squeaking voice tone.

Judge Thompson still felt dizzy with all the latest facts, for once the doors were destroyed and the floor where this guy had stepped to stand up had big wholes the size of his enormous feet. However, no matter how big and enormous that creature was, Thompson couldn’t help to notice the respectful tone and controlled manners on the Goliath looking down at him – that also impressed Thompson, because he looked everyone from above his table, even if they were standing, now, he had to look up at someone, that was a real turmoil for his control-freak personality.

“Your honor, I think that we can do the same thing as the previous times my client caused such damages, the expenses for the restoration will be added on the court’s fees, therefore, no matter who wins, there will be no losses for the Court of Justice…” – Brad said somewhere next to the immense figure of his client. Judge Thompson could no longer devise anything else but the enormous bulk standing in front of him, but he knew he had to keep the control of the situation.

“Yes, I had thought of that too, don’t worry mister… Callahan, the doors will be restored one way or another. Now you can take your seat….” The judge said without realizing that no chair would hold such massive weight, but apparently, Myles had been very well oriented by his counselor, the humongous creature sat on the floor, and some unexplainable way, he managed to achieve such thing with the least commotion possible, still he dragged the attention towards his enormous monstrous bulk. Especially around the crotch area, since Callahan would never be able to cross his mind-blowing legs, the immense crotch pressed against the last remain of decency that creature carried, a much reinforced kind of jockstrap that poorly tried to hold the noticeably huge python and equally impressive balls. Only the judge, the stenographer and the bailiff were sat facing the tremendous endowment parts of the plaintiff (suddenly, the judge imagined what would be the reason Mrs. Hank dropped her job as stenographer, seeing such a monstrous package could not do good for her health…)

Judge Thompson tried not to stare at the grotesque obelisk of cock poorly disguised inside that attempt of underwear, it was then, Gerald noticed that the bailiff and the new stenographer (who replaced the official one, a middle-aged woman who was probably losing hear hearing sense) did not feel so uncomfortable as the magistrate, in fact the new stenographer seemed quite adjusted to his “privileged” position.

The judge tried to disguise and shook his head as he looked to his watch – “Okay, the plaintiff may present his case to the jury!” – ordered Thompson as he used his hand to cover the obscene view from Myles’ grotesque genitals.

Brad Phelps adjusted his nice, beige suit as he stood up, his handsome face helped to look friendly and reliable to the jury members.

“Dear jury, what we have here is a very simple case, it’s about a man’s life and how it got suddenly turned upside down, he lost everything he had, his job, his car, and his house, not to mention his help, everything because of ChemTech’s misbehavior, the imprudent designs of this heartless conglomerated made another innocent victim. And I’m here to prove in front at you gentlemen that Myles Callahan may be grotesquely oversized, but the real monster is ChemTech Labs.”

When it was time for the defendant to present his case, one of the three lawyers stood up, he was a short balding guy with thick glasses and a smart look, his name was Ted Bakersfield. His voice was a little low but he dominated the art of gesticulation, everyone got a little lost on his speech because of his beautiful, gentle dance with hands as he spoke.

“Dear members of the jury. ChemTech is not trying to forfeit any obligations towards the victim of the incident involving one of its trucks, it had already paid for the car and for the hospital treatment of Mr. Callahan. Like he said himself, once he looked for help, the staff of ChemTech Labs offered everything they could inside their powers, but still it was too little for Myles Callahan. What we want to prove here is that the only reason why the plaintiff didn’t want to take the fair purposes we offered is because it aims nothing but money, and we shall grant justice by denying any unjustifiable method for attaining richness.”

Thompson felt that both parties were holding back their best weapons for later, he only wished he had more time to prepare for this case, but at the same time, he knew that it wouldn’t be so thrilling that way.

“I call to Mr. Callahan to the bench, your honor” – The sound of the bulky figure on that monstrous muscle man filled the room once again, he stood up quickly, seemed to be used to such thing. He moved to the bench right at the right side of the judge and walked towards the skinny magistrate who, by his turn, just held to his hammer like it would actually protect him from the behemoth’s rage, if it ever happened.

Myles took his titanic body at the bailiff, who held the bible to take his oath “Do you swear to say the truth, only the truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God?” the bailiff asked, that stocky man in his early thirties seemed unaware or already used to the fact that the behemoth only needed his index finger to cover the whole bible and the hands of the bailiff as well.

“I do” – Myles replied in a low, embarrassed tone, and he processed to seat on the witness area, but the square space would never fit such humongous body, Myles scratched his head and looked to his lawyer, then he tried to squeeze his enormous butt into the bench, but truth was that he was too big and his legs got stuck on the wooden fence, immediately pulverizing the wood, something that took Judge Thompson by surprise. The skinny man jumped in his seat – “You don’t need to seat here, Mister Callahan, you can answer the questions standing right here at my side.”

Phelps smirked, then as Callahan thanked the judge with his big green eyes, he walked the classical American lawyer tour around the courtroom trying to make eye contact with the judges.

“Can you tell your name and age to the jury?”

“Myles Eugene Callahan, I’m 24 years old” – the gargantuan bulk said bending to speak over the microphone, causing a huge loud noise, because his massive chest almost crushed the microphone as he approached the appliance. After the second failed attempt the bailiff just rushed and grabbed the microphone, he also had to get up on the witness chair to hold it closer to the monster ‘s little head– not that he needed the amplification systems to speak loud and clear, but he wanted to follow the procedures.

“What do you do for a living mister Callahan?”

“I… erm… I used to be an antique dealer.”

“And you’re not anymore?”

“No, sir, not anymore”

“And did you quit your job as an antique dealer?”

“I can’t work like this!” Myles tried to open his gargantuan arms to emphasize his point, but he figured out in time that such act would send the bailiff and the judge through the walls – “I mean, my pieces are precious and delicate, they are sometimes hundreds years old, with these paws, I just kept crushing one after the other, I had to quit!”

“I see…” – Phelps took an amplified version of the photo he showed to the judge and displayed it to the jury – “When was this picture taken, Mr. Callahan?’ – asked the lawyer pointing the date printed on the picture.

“April 3rd 2006, it was the last reunion of the American Society of Antique Dealers” – Replied the muscle giant.

“How tall and heavy were you then?”

“5’3” 115 pounds” Myles replied trying to put his arms in a more comfortable position, but truth was that he couldn’t do that unless he knocked the judge, so he decided to sustain that position for longer. “And how tall and heavy are you now?” Phelps asked pretending to sound casual.

“I… don’t know, my scale only goes up to 400 pounds and it broke a long time ago!”

“Well, that’s why I brought a veterinarian scale, Myles.” – Brad pointed to the corner and the appliance magically appeared, although it had been sitting there all along, with all the commotion caused by the plaintiff’s entrance, it had been completely overlooked

“Objection, your honor the counselor keeps track of Mr. Callahan progresses, he must know how big his client is…” – The assistant lawyer of ChemTech Labs interrupted, trying to cut off the show Brad Phelps was putting for the jury.

“Is this information really necessary for your case?” – Thompson asked coldly.

“Yes, your honor, you’ll see why as soon as he is measured.”

“Farewell, you may proceed…” – The judge would never admit but truth was he was dying to know exactly just how BIG that monster really was.

Myles walked to the machinery and some staff guys appeared to help him, a guy dressed in a lab coat read the numbers as the behemoth got up the scale, meanwhile a few other guys used a very modern appliance to measure his exact height.

“Height: 272 inches and ¾ tall, Weight: 1,638 pounds” – the man in the lab coat read the numbers that shocked the audience, no one had never imagined a human body, or at least something that used to be a human body could achieve such phenomenal proportions.”

“So, since it’s July 13th what you say Myles, is that in the period of 100 days, you, a 24 year old man whose body was already done growing, went from 63 inches tall and 115 pounds to nearly 273 inches tall and now you weigh practically 1640 pounds is that right?” – The plaintiff’s lawyer asked to make sure everyone got the information.

“It’s what the machine says…” The behemoth replied in this non-enthusiastic tone of voice.

“That’s almost 9’3” tall, Myles and you are currently weighing more than 7 times the weight for the heavy class bodybuilding category – all that in the spun of three months and 10days?”

“Well, it didn’t take 100 days sir, it happened a lot faster, I noticed the changes in my body since May 12th” – Myles looked each time sadder about this whole situation.

“Can you imagine what event could explain this so far unheard massive growth spurt, since May 12th of this year Myles?” – Asked the lawyer with a smile in his lips.

“Well, it all happened after the accident…”

“What accident? Can you please tell the jury what happened?”

“I was on my way to my store, in Orange Avenue, it was still very early not even half past seven. I always like to leaver earlier and to avoid the highways, because there are always so much traffic.” At that point, Myles seemed like a gigantic muscular parrot, because that was clearly a staged deposition.

“How was the weather condition on that day? Was it raining?”

“No, not really, but it was cloudy and very warm.”

“So you were driving your car from your house to your store at Orange Avenue, and then what?”

“There was this immense truck after me it carried the ChemTech Labs logo, it was an 18 wheeler, and the driver seemed very nervous, he kept honking at me, telling me to get off his way.”

“This truck driver wanted you to move from his way, how fast were you going?”

“Under 50 miles per hour, that was perfectly a safe speed to drive in that small road”

“And how fast was he?”

“Probably over 80, I didn’t know that kind of truck could be so fast!”

“What did you do then?”

“Well I motioned him stay calm, he could still cut me, I just wouldn’t risk myself because he wanted me to move!”

“Did you notice what the cargo of this truck was?”

“Not really, it carried a series of sealed tanks but there were a lot of “Danger” and “Biohazard” signs all over them.

“So were they dangerous chemicals?”

“I thought so…”

“Don’t you think it’s illegal to carry those products without proper safety controls?”

“Objection, the plaintiff’s opinion is irrelevant to the case.” – The same guy tr4ied once again, and Thompson liked this game – “Sustained, please make a different question.”

“Myles, can you tell the jury what this hurry trucker, who carried several tanks with dangerous chemicals, did after you denied moving from his way?”

“He finally cut me, but then, I saw one of the last tires exploding, he lost control and hit my car along with it. We rolled out of the road, it was then…” – Myles’s breath got heavier and his voiced sounded carried.

“What happened then Myles?” – Brad Phelps said making sure that everyone in the room paid attention to the picture of the hulking mass of inhumanly huge muscles in the verge of tears, that was indeed a very powerful image.

“Thanks for your cooperation, Myles.” – Brad said as he looked to his adversaries. After a brief exchange of looks another different lawyer stood up. His name was Dwayne Marshall, not as attractive as Brad, but he also had his charm, especially because he spoke very softly.

“Mister Callahan, please tell the jury what happened next.”

“The enormous containers rolled over my car crushing the ceiling like it was made out of tin foil. I just watched in awe as the enormous tank valves broke with the impact, flooding the interior of my car with the mysterious contents, the thick liquid filled the car faster than I could even think to open the door. I was caught by surprise, completely stupefied, I barely had time to notice what happened, the last thing I remembered before passing out was that I would die…”

“So the chemicals spilled into your car almost drowning you. Then what happened?” Phelps asked in the same tone, trying to emphasize everything his client said.

“I woke up at the hospital, they said I had really luck, because my car was destroyed, and only few people survive to that kind of accident…”

“It was May, 12th wasn’t it?”


“And when did you start to notice these strange growth spurts?” The lawyer asked, building the strongest part of his case.

“Right after I woke up, I felt heavier and hungry like never before. The doctors told me I gained nearly 30 pounds in less than 7 hours since the accident…”

“And did those spurts stop after that?” Phelps walked towards his desk.

“Not at all, everyday I felt them, sometimes in the morning, others when I was working, once I even have one during a very important conference with a major client.”

“And what happens during these spurts?” Brad sounded almost genuinely naïve.

“Well, my body shakes violently, I seat a lot, then I feel my muscles tightening around my body, like it was some kind of cramp, but it then gets worse. At first I only had one spurt per day, but then it got closer, and it didn’t take long for me to have at least three spurts per say, in each one I grow bigger, more muscular… and stronger…” – Myles Callahan busted into tears.

“Everyday I saw my life crumbling apart, my clothes didn’t fit me, my body kept augmenting insanely, I was so strong that I accidentally broke almost all the new items on my collection, everything got harder for me then, I just couldn’t do the simplest thing like tying my shoes without bursting out of my shirt…”

“How fast were you growing by then?”

“I don’t know, sometimes 60, 70 pounds per day. I never figured it out quite clearly; they are still a puzzle for me. All I knew was that my house was a mess, I could no longer sleep on my bed, and the bathroom door was too small for me to pass. I ate compulsively, I just have the urge to stuff myself with food, and no matter how fast I eat, I’m always hungry and this damn body is always growing!”

Phelps then produced a chart and distributed copies to all the jurors and the defendant lawyers, not forgetting the judge himself –

“Your honor, jury members, my honorable colleagues, this is a medical report signed by Dr. Garcia, a very respected physician, who was the one who had just measured my client, in this graphic we can notice that my client’s growth spurts are getting not only closer, but stronger, their effects are changing his organism into something inhuman, his strength, muscularity and overall capabilities are completely out of control.” – Phelps showed the graphic slowly then he walked back at his client.

“Are you showing any signs of slowing down on these growth spurts, Mr. Callahan?”

“No, They said the product was too concentrated and my organism had absorbed ten billion times the recommended amount of the nutrients they would offer on the market, therefore I would never run out of the product in my remaining lifetime, they also are clueless about my height gain. They said I was only supposed to grow heavier, the product would never build muscular mass if I didn’t work out properly.”

“Do you work out properly?”

“Are you kidding? I can’t even get near a gym, I was never a sportsman Mister Phelps, I only jogged in the morning to keep my health, but now these muscles grow on their own! This suit for example, I know it’s in shreds now but it was fine less than an hour ago, it was I got hit by another spurt!

“You said earlier that you had asked for your personal bankruptcy, why did you do that Myles?”

“Because I simply ran out of money, I eat over 15000 dollars a month, if I need to buy clothes, nothing fits me, and those which do fit me are ridiculously expensive. I gave up wearing any kind of shoes, because my feet are too big, as well as my hands are! my house is falling apart, every time I try to do the most mundane things I end up destroying something that took so much to conquer in a fraction of seconds! Not only that, but it’s dangerous for me to get out of home.”

“I can hardly see anything dangerous for you at this size Myles”

“Well, it is, believe me! Anything I touch ends up broken. My neighborhood is deserted, they all ran, I became so strong that even the slightest movements of my body are capable to cause devastation. I once tried to do my morning jog, but I somehow I tripped…”

“Yes… That should have been a huge impact…”

“I… I destroyed two whole houses on my way, I simply couldn’t stop this body, the walls felt so weak against my muscles, the last thing I know I had gone through two entire houses, fortunately no one was hurt, but my insurance does not cover damages I cause on other people for being “musclebound”

“Did you contact ChemTech Labs after the accident?”

“Yes, I did, and they said they were interested in my case. They would pay for my hospital billing and give me a new car if I kept my mouth shut about the incident.”

“So you lost your car, your house is destroyed, you develop an unrestful appetite, your strength is simply out of control, you’re in debt with lots of people and all they offered you was a new car and paying for your hospital bill?” – Phelps repeated the arguments he would stress over the trial, so the jurors would be used to the point.

Myles nodded, at that point he was already too sad and the tears rolled down his apparently small head, but once they fell on the floor one could notice that they were much bigger than the tears produced by an average sized man. Phelps offered a glass of water to his client, but he denied, he didn’t want to accidentally break the jar.

“There’s more… I did not only grew bigger, I grew much bigger everywhere, including… my penis!”

“Your penis got bigger? How much bigger did it get?” – The room got completely quiet, not event he stenographer had the nerve to disturb the colossal man as he was about to reveal.

“I don’t know for sure, it always grow bigger as well, but when it’s hard, it’s past the two feet long mark now! I became a monster! Who would date me? I scare all the women around me, not even the female jurors could stand looking at my body! I’m hideous, Mister Phelps!”

“So, on top of everything, this incident also ruined your personal life, you can’t get any dates?”

“Yes, no dates since the incident, these muscles are simply too fucking big and scary. Besides, I’m afraid I might seriously hurt someone, can you imagine being fuc… I mean having sexual intercourses with a monster like that?” – A few faces on the courtroom lightened up, and since there was virtually no woman in the room. The greatest smile of them all, however, came from the stenographer, who even skipped a few seconds daydreaming about Myles’ affirmations. Phelps tried to focus his client once again

“Say Myles, how did you feel when you entered the room today?”

“Awful, I just wanted to die! Everything kept staring at me!”

“Did you want to grow that big and muscular?”

“Of course not, I never wanted to be like that! I didn’t even go to a gym!”

“Did the ChemTech guys offer you some kind of solution for your condition?”

“They just said they were willing to offer me a job as their spokesperson for their new product, the same one that caused this tragedy in my life! They wanted me to help them getting even richer at the cost of my misery!”

“So, you’re saying that on top of causing this condition on you, they are incapable of reverting this situation, and still they’re only willing to pay you for your car and hospital bills? But if you want, they would offer you a job as their spokesperson? After all they caused to you?”

“YES!” Myles punched the ground, but that proved to be a wrong idea, his immense fist simply opened a huge whole on the floor and suddenly they had a nice view from the hall on the first floor of the Court of Justice building.

“Shit…” – Myles whispered as the bailiff looked at the judge, there was another expense to put on this cases’ s tab.

“Dear members of the jury, you’ve already seen the unusual size of my client, Myles Callahan, what you need to know is that my client had never been willing to take part in this whole course of events. He had never been a big man in his life, in fact he lived a very comfortable life style, with a promising career as an antique dealer ahead of him! ChemTech took it all from him with the irresponsible act of its driver, but can’t solely blame this on the trucker, because he was following orders. All we want is to make justice, the losses of my client are priceless but at least we can come to a reasonable amount that would not only help him getting over his grave condition, but also teaching ChemTech Labs that human life is not something to be toyed with!”

Phelps finished his opening speech, and all the jury members were impressed with his performance, even the judge liked that he knew how to handle every single and unexpected detail, never weakening his case. Strangely the defense didn’t want to examine Callahan at the moment, maybe it would be a better strategy letting the behemoth cool down a bit, not even the sharkiest lawyer would be willing to face such massive man if he got angry at him.

A silver-haired broad shouldered elegant man stood up, that was the head-lawyer of the defendant – Winston Powell, one of the greatest tort lawyers in the nation. ChemTech hired him after the plaintiff refused to settle. Winston looked a very serious man, Thompson had never been in session with him, but he hear that guy was really good.

“Your honor, the defense calls Charles Lowenfeld, MD” – The man with dark hair and pale skin took his oath and positioned at the witnesses bench.

“Dr. Lowenfeld, you attended Mr. Callahan in the morning of April 12th 2006, correct?”

“That is correct sir!”

“Did anything serious happened to him?”

“No, not at all sir, not even scratches. I’ve never seen something like that before!”

Powell looked at the jury – “Have you ever witnessed one of this growth spurts mentioned by Mr. Callahan?”

“Yes, a couple of times when he was in the hospital!”

“When those growth spurts happen, how did he react?”

“Very enthusiastically, I’d say…” The doctor said looking up at the behemoth man.

“Objection your honor, this is merely the impressions of the witness!” Phelps interrupted.

“Please be more specific, remember you took an oath…” The judge instructed the witness.

“Well, the first time I saw it happening I thought he was going into shock, there he was a skinny short man dressed in a hospital gown and suddenly his body was convulsing violently, it took three big nurses to hold him at the bed, I kept on his side checking on him, but then his body got warmer, and soon I noticed that his muscles were getting tighter, the patient was moaning very loud, like he was enjoying that feeling. I took his pulse and checked his other signs, he wasn’t in shock, he was very healthy indeed, and once he opened his eyes, he told me he had a weird dream. I told him where he was and he felt very mad about the whole incident.”

“Then what happened?” Powell continued his questions

“He kept telling me that he almost got killed by some truck driver of ChemTech Labs and he would sue them for their last penny, the usual rant every person involved car accident usually says, but then he told me he felt different, he felt more energetic and heavier. I decided to do a physical on him because that last event still was fresh in my memory, to my surprise, he weighed 30 pounds more than he said on his driver license!”

“How did he react to this information?”

“He couldn’t believe at first, but then he noticed some changes on his body, and he felt very happy! He told me he had never been able to gain any weight on the gym. Now he looked much better. That’s when he had a second spurt.”

“A second spurt you say, and how did it go?”

“A little different from the first, he didn’t shake so violently, but his muscles got a lot warmer, as they expanded, since he was wearing a hospital gown I could see it getting tighter around his growing body. His muscles were growing faster now, it was impossible to deny. The change on his face was really excited, he just smiled and flexed his arms for me…”

“Did he say something to you?”

“He said and I quote “Fuck doc! Look at these growing muscles!” Then he started to feel his body over and over, until he reached for his crotch, apparently it had also been affected for this growth, and I could notice that his endowment got a lot bigger as well, I wanted to call the other doctors but he stopped me.

“He stopped you?”

“y-yes… he.. erm… he”

“Your honor, the attorney is pressing the victim about something irrelevant!” Phelps punched his desk, but the judge didn’t even bother to look at him – “You may proceed, mister Powell”

“Doctor Lowenfeld, let me remind you that you’re in front of a judge, you must always give honest answers. How did Mr. Callahan stop you from calling the other doctors.” “He asked me to feel his muscles, because he had never been muscular and now he wanted to enjoy every single second. He placed my hand on this growing chest. I swear that it was so big and hard, he should have gained over 20 pounds in that short amount of time!”

“Did Mr. Callahan try anything else with you?”

“He forced me to kiss him, I mean he was so strong, and he got me unprepared, last thing I saw I was kissing him…”

“So, mister Callahan, the same one who said that he never was happy with situation, not only enjoy his growth spurts but he also forced you to kiss him?”

“Objection! The witness can’t affirm that my client had suffered with the whole situation, he was going through a very shocking experience!”

Judge Thompson looked at Brad Phelps, then at Winston Powell – “Are you done with the witness?”

“Yes, your honor!”

“You can examine the witness now, Mr. Phelps!”

Phelps stood up and walked straight to where the witness was.

“Dr. Lowenfeld, you said my client forced you to kiss him right?”


“Did he try anything else?”

“Well… no… he just kissed me and…then he stopped, he asked me to forgive him, he said he needed to go home…”

“Did you get mad at him because he kissed you?”

“Of course… I… am straight…”

“Doctor Lowenfeld, did your forgive my client?”

“Yes, I did.”

“Do you think my client’s condition is normal?”

“No, he just got too enormously big and muscular!”

“Do you think, as a physician, that it can be harmful for him?”

“Well, yes, his heart may be..”

“Objection, Your honor Dr. Lowenfeld was not called as an expert in this case.”

“Overruled.” – Thompson looked at the witness – “I think his heart can’t keep up with the size of his muscles, I don’t how he can feed all that body with just food… I understand his suffering…”

“Doctor Lowenfeld, did you release my client from the hospital?”

“Yes, I signed his release!”

“And then why did you take him home in your car?”

“I wanted to make sure, and…erm…”

“Did you want to find out if he would have another growth spurt?”

“Yes, that’s true! This guy could be the opportunity of my career!”

“So you admit that you took advantage of the kiss my client allegedly forced you to give him, so you could stay in touch with his rare condition?”

“Your honor who’s cornering the witness now?” – Powell interrupted very nervously.

“You don’t have to answer this question, Dr. Lowenfeld. Does the plaintiff have any other question to the witness?”

Phelps grinned back at the infuriated adversary lawyer – “No your honor.”

The judge dismissed the witness and then it was once again time for Brad to call another witness. The young lawyer just announced – “Your honor I call Vincent Barnes to the bench.”

Immediately the lawyers on the other party were intrigued – Brad had dismissed one of his own key witnesses, the truck driver who hit Myles car in order to call someone who had been living in Canada for two years now.

The middle aged man assumed his position after taking the oath. Brad never looked directly at his witness, but instead he faced the defendant’s bench. Until now, the Vice-President of ChemTech Labs, Daniel Lassiter had been very calm, barely moved or said something to his layers, but as soon as Vincent’s name was announced he jumped on his seat and called his counselors.

“Something is going on very wrong, that young lad knew too much about our organization” – said Lassiter from the top of his 6’3” strong built. He didn’t want to slip any information at that moment.

“Dr. Barnes, did you work for ChemTech Labs?”

“Yes, I did, for 15 years I worked for them.”

“And what can you say about the chemicals that infected my client? Were they dangerous, or biohazard?”

“Not really, at least not the way they made it look like!”

“Can you be more specific?”

“If anyone dared to taste it, they would notice right away it has vanilla flavor. The product would never be able to kill your client, it was not chemically dangerous, it was just “a new kind of new supplement for weight gaining diets, and the prototype formula was the responsible for Mr. Callahan growth…”

“How can you be so sure?”

“Because it had happened before, this new product is very powerful, there had been many volunteers sampling it all over the world, they all reported extreme muscular hypertrophy, but it wasn’t on the plans of ChemTech…”

“Why not? Aren’t they gonna make tons of money with such powerful supplement?’

“Because this product is stable, once it enters in touch with the organism it does not wear off like most of steroids and supplements, the effects are permanent. Which means ChemTech would make a fortune, but after sometime, no one will ever need to buy a seconds case of this or any other product!” “Did you create this supplement, Dr. Barnes?”

“Yes, unfortunately I did, they fired me once they found about the stability, it’s been two years now , and I guess they’ve been trying to break it, but I already proved that it was chemically impossible.”

“So what did they do?”

“I believe they wanted to destroy the remaining of the prototype version. Unfortunately, they never expected that within the two years this formula had been stocked, it had matured.”

“Like wine?’

“Precisely, the chemical bonds got even stronger and the product got much more concentrated that when I designed it. It could never been chemically changed, but they could physically destroy the only thing that jeopardized the sports nutrition market. That’s why they filled this truck with all the remaining product in their branches and was ready to mix it in the concrete blocks that would serve as the foundation of their newest laboratory.”

“Objection! You honor this man is no longer an employee he can’t be sure about this!”

“You honor, believe me, if anyone can be sure about this is this man!’

Thompson loved the thrill of a trial by jury – “Overruled!”

“Mister Barnes, please tell the jury why you are so sure that ChemTech was gonna destroy this product the way you described it?”

“Because that was the plan I developed, like everything else I created, they simply stole the idea from me, but apparently their karma finally reached them…”

“So, Dr. Barnes, you say that in order to avoid a complete rupture of sports nutrition market, ChemTech was carrying tons of this prototype formula to destroy it, that’s why they made it look like they were carrying dangerous chemicals, in order not to draw attention, but unfortunately for my client this powerful stable supplement entered in touch with my client?”


“No more questions your honor!” – Phelps said exultingly.

Thompson looked at the defendant’s bench and they also didn’t have any question to that witness, just like Brad anticipated. However, the young lawyer couldn’t keep his smile for too long.

“You honor we have a recently found witness that is willing to cooperate with the case!” Powell announced. “The defense calls Trey Valleys for the bench please!”

Myles’s green eyes grew even wider, as he looked down at his lawyer. Brad only had time to whisper – “Who’s that guy?”

Callahan shook his head – “Someone I never thought to see in this position…”

The 5’9” tall 175 pounds young man had olive complexion and long dark hair with hazel eyes, he just looked like he had gotten out of a fairy tale. His look was serene and he didn’t feel intimidated by the enormous bulk of the witness. He sat on the witnesses’ bench after taking his oath.

“Please tell the jury you name, age and your profession.”

“I’m Trey Valleys, 27 years old, and I’m Arts Professor”

“Mister Valleys, can you tell us why are you here?”

“To help my beloved.” The dazzling beautiful man looked straight at the giant muscle man.

“How can you help him by witnessing in the law suit he opened against us?”

“Because he had been instructed to lie, and I can’t allow that. The Myles I once knew would never do such horrible thing!”

“So you’re saying that albeit all the things Mister Callahan said…”

“WE are lovers, yes, that’s true!”

Brad wanted to punch the face of his enormous client – “What the hell is he talking about?” He whispered to his humongous client, but suddenly he had something else to worry.

“Oooooh… Brad… it’s happening again!” – Callahan said feeling the tightness on his muscles, but the worst part as the RRRRRRRIP sound that came from his reinforced underwear.

“How can you get hard in a time like that?”

“If you had been sucked by those lips you wouldn’t be doing this question…”

The sound of Myles’ growth spurt was filling the room. Judge Thompson watched as the behemoth was trembling and moaning louder, his body shook so hard, the entire floor felt like it would collapse! Myles stood up as his muscles expanded even bigger completely destroying the excuses of clothing that hung on his incredibly grotesque body.

“Your honor I wanted to ask for a recess! My client…” Brad said already feeling the intense heat waves from Callahan’s enlarging body getting stronger.

“Get him out of here now! Before he destroys the building! This court is recess! We’ll meet within an hour!

“If there’s still a courtroom by then!” – The judge thought as he grabbed his crane and moved as fast as he could from that growing menace. And so did the jurors, although many were taken against their will.

Brad watched as the surprise witness left with the defendant’s lawyers. He looked at the man and back at Myles as the huge guy only got bigger and bigger, feeling the urge to reach for enormous cock.

If Brad wanted to win this case, he’d better think fast, much faster than Myles was growing. •

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