The story of nameless Tommy

By Muscl4life

Well, I was trying to work on my ogoing story when this idea simply crushed me, it was like I've been possessed, it's totally different from everything I wrote so far, I don't even know if it will continue, depends on the answer this first chapter has. Just one thing for sure, I still can't explain but when the story finished flowing from my head to my fingers, i noticed that there wasn't any single sex scene, and I quite liked this overall effect at least for this story, so don't expect for sex in future chapters - if I actually continue this. Take care and hope you like it.

The narrator’s pretentious voice tone proceeded “We come to the conclusion that firstborns are usually forced to be demure and more obedient since they are expected to be role models, they tend to play by the rules imposed by their parents, meanwhile, the youngest children and naturally challengers, they do not easily settle within the boundaries set by parental authority and they tend to draw more attention and benefits from their parents with such behavior. In mankind’s history, many of the humanity’s greatest leaders were younger children, whose older brothers or sisters have been totally forgotten through the passage of times.”

I turned off the TV set, throwing the remote against the wall. Nothing too harsh, though. I didn’t want my mom to catch me.

“Thomas, I’m going to the office now, take care of everything. Bye honey…” – She said without even noticing I wasn’t anywhere downstairs. She usually doesn’t notice my presence or my absence for that matter.

Miranda Fitzpatrick-Patterson always said that she would pursue her goals, no matter how hard they were. Maybe that’s what went wrong with her first marriage. My father was not a bad husband, but he had the one failure that my mother always considered inexcusable – he wasn’t ambitious at all. He would totally settle for a normal decent life, while his young wife worked hard till her ninth month of expectation and if it wasn’t for her broken water, she would have come to work on the day I was born.

Soon, their marriage sank. One day, my mother called me in the living room and explained the whole situation while my dad just remained quiet, sitting on the armchair. They were selling our house because they were divorcing. I would leave with her and he would see me every other weekend.

As the gorgeous woman she was, it didn’t take long until she found another husband. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if she already fooled around with Big Roger even when still married to my father. Roger Patterson was the local hero, a legend among the small town’s daily gossips. He had been a professional football player, featuring among the major NFL teams and, although he never actually won the Superbowl, his career rendered quite a few publicity contracts which conquered him solid reputation as a salesperson. It didn’t take long until he opened his over-stereotyped vehicle concessionary – At 6’4” and 250 pounds of solid muscular built, Roger was the typical American sports hero selling typical huge, powerful, very expensive American cars.

Roger was not only famous, he was loaded. He opened a real state agency for my mother and even used his publicity contacts to make it the most influential agency in the small city we lived. Miranda soon became just as important and envied businesswoman as she envisioned at first, but it still didn’t ease her greedy objectives.

I never really liked Roger, but I can’t say that because he had been mean to me, he just ignored me pretty much all the time, but at least he didn’t abuse me. It was like I was some kind of stranger that he only had to put up because of his wife. Growing up in such environment, it doesn’t surprise me that I had become such a push over. I tried to win their attention by not creating any kind of problem. Maybe I was afraid that she would let me too alone if I didn’t correspond to her expectations.

I was completely taken by surprise when the Fitzpatrick-Patterson couple announced in a big society event that “they were expecting their first child”. Suddenly, I realized that my life would soon become even worse.

First things first, they kicked me out of my bedroom, claiming that they would have to turn it into a nursery, so I had been moved to a much smaller and hotter room at the end of the hallway. Along her gestation I couldn’t help to be jealousy of the attention this baby was getting. Although Roger had many previous relationships, he never had a child until my mother finally convinced him to revert his vasectomy, and I hated to see that even Roger could be a better father than mine, at least apparently. Everyday he bought lots of stuff for the kid, even things that he – they found out pretty soon it would be a baby boy – would only use many years later like football equipment, bikes and baseball bats.

This time, Miranda demanded to be pimped and spoiled like the rich lady she was, mostly because both Roger and herself had undergone especial fertility treatments, apparently the big NFL star’s swimmers were not really healthy, but in the end, when she finally got pregnant, she made sure that she got everything of best for the baby. It really felt like I became invisible.

The day when my already so famous little brother was finally born, ironically, was the very same day of 6 year old birthday. I remember the presence of paparazzi and many local TV reporters, but they weren’t there for me, they wanted to know about my “parents” and their new son. I just watched as everything seemed to move very well without my presence, I remember that one of the maids grabbed my birthday cake and wrote “Welcome Chad” under “Happy birthday Tommy!”, the saddest part was that was probably the last birthday cake that had my name written on it.

Chad’s picture was posted in a big announcement at the social column on the very next day. It said that he was the biggest baby born in the state in 45 years. Under the enormous picture of my brother and his parents it read.

“Local sports hero Roger Patterson is thrilled with excitement and his wife Miranda feels blessed with her first son.” Everything made me realize that, I only belonged to my mother’s past life, and no one in her current life would care about me; not even my lousy father, who just assumed I would stop loving him because we weren’t living together anymore.

So, you might have guessed that instead of rebelling against my mother’s neglecting behavior towards me, I just played along; begging for any possible affection crumbs that she could drop from Chad’s perfect life. I got used to live from second hand love and attention.

However, my life with the Pattersons would soon to get a lot worse, because of an unexpected detail. In order to make their pregnancy viable, Miranda and Roger had taken part in a revolutionary program, but apparently there was an unknown genetic side effect on the treatment and Chad was the only child born from such method that didn’t perish so far. That was simply unacceptable for that perfect couple, so they made sure little Chad had everything that he needed: the best doctors, the best treatments the constant preoccupation that he could suffer from a sudden death.

While I didn’t even have a college fund, Chad got a trust fund on his first year of life. As time passed, the “poor baby boy” grew used to the fact that I would be always eclipsed by his glorious father’s success, his better clothing, toys or anything the Fitzpatrick-Patterson’s money could buy him – and the little punk soon realized that no matter under which circumstances, he would always win me. Whenever he wanted something that I had, I would soon be forced to hand it to “his highness”. He just didn’t envy his big brother; he had a sadistic pleasure on taking things away from me.

I couldn’t get even with the little bastard because he learned that whenever I hit him, that would get me in serious trouble, especially with his massive daddy, who suddenly became a lot more protective of his especial son – Roger was always around now, checking if I wasn’t beating his precious heir He even taught Chad that I wasn’t “a true Patterson!” and suddenly the little boy couldn’t stop rubbing it in my face.

Doctors were always submitting Chad into constant tests to see if there was something wrong with him; frankly, there were times that I caught myself wishing that they would actually find something so bad that they would have to take him back to the hospital. But with each passing day, I felt that it would never happen, the little twerp grew bigger and healthier every day, in fact, he wasn’t that much smaller than me and I was 6 years older – I had never been the biggest boy at school, but I was in average, the only problem was that Chad had been always above it.

My 13th birthday was only a few days away, when my mom called me for another serious talk, I really thought she would tell me that Chad was sick, but it didn’t turn out quite as I expected.

She told me the doctors found out something abnormal about the myostin production on Chad’s organism – however it didn’t mean a serious problem as they feared. I will never forget the look on my mother’s face when she told me that my six year old brother would probably be much bigger and stronger than I would ever be, so I should be careful not to irritate him, because, according to the doctors, he would soon manifest his innate capabilities.

I didn’t quite understand what my mom had told me at the time I wasn’t very bright either, just a regular C student that most teachers didn’t even remember. Besides, I would always be the bigger brother, and Chad would eventually have to respect me, or at least I would force him to respect me.

However, I remember that he ate almost my entire 13th birthday’s ice cream cake, it was his 7 year old birthday as well, so nobody cared about that, only I had to please myself with leaking the spatula, while my greedy little brother finished with the sweet glory of his superiority towards me.

Destiny would prove wrong any expectations of getting any respect from Chad.

Soon, I noticed that Chad had grown a lot faster than a regular kid, his body becoming each day stronger and heftier – his energy increased a lot as well. He ate like a maniac boy, devouring his food faster than I could imagine. It didn’t take long until he started stealing from my plate. Any time I wasn’t really paying attention; his fork would get something of my plate. It didn’t work complaining, because both my mom and Roger would just grin at their precious son and give him even more food, without noticing that I was hungry as well. And not just that, he used me to get extra snacks, bugging me until I gave him my alleged share of food. Not that I really want that, he usually fooled the housemaid to prepare portions for me, when he really just wanted to eat all by himself.

Nonetheless, I couldn’t say that I hated Chad at that point, in fact he was the only one who ever paid any attention at me in the house, even if he only did that to get something I had or just to get him even more attention, in any case, he always seemed to notice his usually invisible brother.

Two months passed since the day my mother had first warned me about my soon-to-be stronger little brother, and only then I realized that, at her own twisted manner, she was actually trying to help me. Meanwhile, Chad Patterson grew bigger and stronger just like his father was, a strong healthy boy with lots of energy, quite the opposite of his older step brother, the lanky, pale and nameless little Tommy.

That afternoon, I was playing some video game when he suddenly entered my room, I could never have my bedroom door locked, or my little brother would just cry out loud until someone opened it for him. Chad exulted, his eyes glowing of excitement. Realizing that he wouldn’t move until he got the attention he needed, I paused the game to finally look at him.

“What do you want?”

He just sat on my bed at my side and compared our heights. “I’m just as tall as you”

I shook my head – “Whatever…” and tried to return to my game. I’ve already noticed that he was growing very closer to my 5’1” height, but then he was always very big for his age and that actually had never bothered me so far.

“Daddy said that your father was a skinny short little guy just like you.” Chad teased me; following the lessons of his bastard huge father. Blond, blue eyed and with flawless skin, Chad knew that in this vain world, everything would come easier for him. I really hated that he was such a perfect looking boy.

“Well your father is a big fat goon, so you might just turn into one!” – I said at once, trying to keep my upper hand as the one with smarter and sharper answers. I only noticed that I’ve been trapped when Chad grabbed and twisted my arm behind my back, I convulsed in pain. I dropped the controller and screamed in agony.


That’s when I noticed he wasn’t even trying that hard, my body simply offered no resistance at his much stronger standards. Chad looked at my display of weakness and grinned – “Take it back…”

I couldn’t think straight. “Take what back?”

He tightened his grip “What you said about my daddy!”

“You started it!” I growled trying to look tougher.

Chad stood up and brought me easily under his grip, I noticed that we were the same height, although I couldn’t stand up straight because of my twisted arm.

“Take it back or I am gonna break your arm, and mom and dad won’t even be mad at me!” He continued on his torturing demonstration of strength, but my weak bones wouldn’t hold for much longer.

“Alright, alright, I take it back!” I said forgetting about my proud.

“Say that you are a skinny little guy just like your dad…” – Chad was growing fondled with the sensation his physical power over me gave him.

“I am a… ARGH… skinny little guy just like my dad! Please let me go, please you’re gonna break my arm!” I screamed atop of my lungs and suddenly I felt blissful relief.

I would never imagine it was Roger who came into my rescue. He appeared out of nowhere and forced Chad to let go of my arm. I rolled over my back trying to adjust my arm, Roger just looked at his son and pulled him out of my room. He didn’t even gave the maniac boy a lecture about hurting people for nothing. It took me a few minutes, but I managed to stand up, searching for my criminal little brother.

Going downstairs, I could hear Roger and Chad talking at the kitchen.

“You can’t do it to that geek, Chad, how many times I have told you that?”

“But dad, he’s not a Patterson, why does he have to live here? Why doesn’t he move in with his skinny father?”

Roger sighed. “I said that your mother cares about him, he is her son as well. You don’t have to love him, but at least don’t break his arm or your mother will be mad at both of us!’

I couldn’t believe in my ears, they were not even paying attention to my wounds; they just cared about their stupid brawny selves! However, what came next scared me even more.

“But you really showed that dweeb who is the boss! I really liked your moves, son” Roger complimented his maniacal son for hurting me with no reason at all.

“Thanks dad, I can’t really wait until I’m bigger than the skinny….” The kid sounded meaner than any cartoon villain. At that point I knew my life so far had been nothing but the calm weather that precedes the storm.

Every single day Chad grew in side and strength, and he loved to use me as his parameter. He started this very humiliating tradition. He forced me to stand up against the doorframe and measured me, by risking the point where my head reached, than he did the same thing, just to make sure that at each two or at least three days he was even bigger than before.

“Did u see that, Tommy? I’m now a whole incher taller than you shorty!” Chad teased me, he also liked to weigh both of us, while I was only 105 pounds; my 6 year old brother already tipped the scales at glorious 125 pounds, which was a real achievement for any kid at his age. However, it only got worse from there. Chad’s appetite and metabolism suffered a tremendous increase over the following years. At that point it was me who started wearing Chad’s older clothes, because he couldn’t use them for more than a week before outgrowing them once again. Soon, I wasn’t buying clothes, but my wardrobe was getting packed with Chad's brand new and already outgrown clothes. But that would not last much, as well, soon I would be wearing baggy clothes that already didn't fit my huge little brother.

I could never see my little brother as a normal person again, because frankly he couldn’t be normal anymore. What other 8 year old boy gains a weight set for his birthday? Well, my little brother did, because he overheard me talking with mom about getting me a weight set, and he rushed to ask one for his stupid father. Of course, Roger was more than pleased in giving such ridiculous gift to his 5’6” 150 pounds muscular son. He was the strongest kid on the elementary school and he was just on second grade!

At first, I thought Chad would just use his weight set for a couple of days before he got bored, and so, like everything else, I would get my chance after my little brother burnt all the excitement of novelty and decided that it was time for taking anything else from me. I usually managed to fool him, pretending that I wasn’t interested into something that I really wanted, so most of my life I had to show a blaze attitude about everything otherwise Chad would just get it before me.

However, that little monster seemed to find his place around a weight set. Everyday he woke up at 6 am and worked out for a whole hour before he got ready for school, then after he returned home, he did his homework and would work out for another two hours. Roger actually motivated his freaking son to hit the gym, I’ve never seen such impudence in my life! Chad was just child! That could stunt his growth or harm him in many possible ways.

I guess that it really touched my mother to hear me worried about my little brother, even after all the terrible things he did with me, she just told me that the doctors had recommended that Chad had lots of physical exertion, because his organism produced muscle mass in rhythm that was above thirty times faster than any other boy on his age.

I noticed that Miranda didn’t take such facts as easy as Roger, she was actually hiding her disgust at the freaking scenes she witnessed everyday. Chad always ate like a bull, trained like a monstrous little man, and treated me like his rag doll or his little maid. And all she could do was asking me not to comment that near Roger, she just didn’t want to upset her precious rich husband. I couldn’t help but noticing that Miranda had finally been bent, and who would guess that such a buffoon like Roger Patterson and his millions would finally tame my fearsome mother?

As months passed, Chad grew even faster, no other kid took three whole bread loafs for school lunch, the maids just packed a box of cold cuts and the greedy boy vanished with all the food, he still took a lot of money to buy him more food at the cafeteria, and let’s not forget that he also bullied smaller kids for their lunch money, and by “smaller” kids I meant other 4th or 5th grade bullies, who were in fact the “richer” kids at school, so they would actually sponsor a good snack for my greedy little brother, but at 5’7” and 168 pounds I guess he wasn’t little by any standards, he dwarfed me by three whole inches and over 40 pounds.

Chad usually made me watch his work out sessions, he liked to rub on my face that he was getting a lot bigger than he already was thanks to my idea of getting a weight set.

“Now, I’ll be even bigger than you, fake Patterson” Chad showed me his tongue and I just looked down. After all the bad things he could do to me, I always hated this more than everything else.

“You know, I can be a fake Patterson, but you are a real Fitzpatrick…” I said in a low voice tone, trying not to irritate my powerful little brother. Last time he got mad at me, he rubbed my face against the concrete floor.

“What did you say?” – Chad lowered the massive weight; I couldn’t believe a kid could actually lift that heavy.

“You and I are brothers; we have the same mother…”

“Yeah, but you’re not a Patterson….”

“So what? Who cares about my last name? We still come from the same woman you big dumb boy!” Chad pretended that he was going to hit me and my body quivered in anticipation, but he didn’t actually hit me, sometimes he just like to savor his power over me.

“You just talk silly things…” He grinned, returning to his weights.

“Whatever, dude, just remember that my mother is a Patterson just because she married your father, does it make her a fake Patterson too?” I asked as I gave him his water bottle. Chad looked at me and nodded his head. I got lucky that day he didn’t beat me up, maybe deep down he actually started connecting the dots.

That hope didn’t last much longer, though. Soon, Chad grew even bigger and bossier towards me. It didn’t help that I was growing older and developing teenager signs, Chad still made me look even smaller than I already was. By the age of 9 he was 5’8 and a half inches tall weighing 183 pounds of pure muscle. Roger started using Chad as his personal freak show. He took my little brother at his stores and the Chad flexed his enormous boy muscles to the shocked audience, people came from very far to see the “Chad Patterson, the Boy-Wonder” – he even dressed up in some kind of Herculean costume, just to impress the audience.

For my 16th birthday there wasn’t anything else I wanted more than a car, my own car, any car would do, but at least that Chad wouldn’t get from me, because he couldn’t drive. My mom finally listened to my pleadings and she gave me a 1999 Honda, it wasn’t anything fantastic, but to me it was the most wonderful thing in the world.

I was so happy that it didn’t even bothered me the fact that Roger and his cruel monstrous son teased me about me and my foreign car. At least this time they wouldn’t take it away from me.

At least, that’s what I hoped. One afternoon I wanted to hang out with some of the rare friends that miraculously tagged with me even after being bullied by my 10 year old 5’10” 188 pounds freaking muscular little brother. However Chad had other plans for me and my vehicle.

“Hey, dweeb, I need more weight plates, you’ll drive me to the mall so we can get bigger ones!” He ordered me as I passed through him on my way to the garage.

I sighed “I’m sorry, Chad, I’m late for my movie, but I’ll drive you there tomorrow!”

He grabbed my arm “I need those plates, now”

I slipped from his grip. “Then you’d better walk, because I won’t drive you and you can’t drive!” I said rushing to my car. I closed the door from the inside. Unharmed. That was truly a miracle.

I started the car but suddenly it didn’t move. I checked everything but still the car wouldn’t move, it was only then my spine froze. Chad was holding the vehicle, he was so strong that he could stop me from moving forward.

“STOP THAT, YOU’LL HURT YOURSELF!” I screamed but my little brother was stubborn.

“If I can’t go to the mall, you can’t go either!” He struggled to say those words as he held the car.

I felt really angry and stepped on the gas, the wheels fumed and the car suddenly slipped from Chad’s grip. I passed through the garage and lost control of the vehicle, crashing against the wall. Fortunately, for me, I didn’t suffer any serious wounds, but my car needed repair. And judging by the look of approval Roger had on his face once he found out what happened to my car, if I wanted the car fixed I would have to pay it myself, not to mention that I still owed him for the damages I caused to his property.

When I turned 17, I just couldn’t wait until I graduated from High School and moved to college, I would be free from the Pattersons and their tyranny over my life. I guess I just never learned that some thing were simply not meant for me.

The Pattersons always lived very comfortably, and I thought my mom also brought lots of money back home, but it turns out that Big Roger was the major partner on her Real State Agency, so he had total control over their finances, which meant that I had two choices – not going to college or going to a community college downtown, because Roger would never spend his precious money with a “skinny dweeb’s education”. Since my father could never help me, I just felt my dreams of freedom slip through my fingers once again. Mom actually offered me a job at her agency, but Roger didn’t want that, he said that if I wanted to work, then I should stay at home and help Chad and his growing needs. Growing needs, they were, indeed, at 11 years old my little brother never ceased to amaze us – he just grew 4 inches and over 80 pounds of pure muscle in less than 7 months now he was at whopping 6’2” 264 pounds of raw, ripped muscle. That kid had 23” guns and 56” chest. His thighs tapped at 29” around and since his waist was only 30” he was a massively freaky bodybuilder. As Chad hit puberty, his growth accelerated, he just ate all day long, plus since he needed bigger weights constantly for his ever growing muscles and no gym wanted to accept a 12 year old boy who could lift 2000 pounds for bench press warm ups. Roger turned the garage into a massive home gym for his powerful son – he wanted the boy to become Mister Olympia before he turned 21, and judging by the way things developed, that would not be hard at all.

So, I was forced to become Chad’s “personal assistant”, but I really felt I’ve became his slave. I should oblige to his every desire, his every single request should be an immediate order to me. The perversion level of this situation made me sick. The Pattersons actually liked to humiliate me for free.

For a whole year, I was forced to serve Chad as he grew insanely muscular, contradicting the very notion of common sense. Not even when Chad seemed to reach a “plateau” around the 285 pounds range, these maniacs could settle. Although Chad was probably one of the biggest bodybuilder ever, I watched as Roger talked with Chad about giving him steroids to speed his development. I tried to dissuade Chad from that idea, showing him the side effects of these drugs, but the boy idolized his father above everything else. He just spanked me and told me to keep my mouth shut.

The growth on Chad’s body grew from insane to dangerous in no more than a few weeks after he started cycling. His gains were a lot faster, but his hunger, his voracity and even his sex drive increased at incredible proportions. We are talking of a 12 year old boy that had to jerk off dozens of times a day. A child that had real attacks of rage, where he broke several thing and became a menace to all those around him, Chad was becoming the monster Roger truly wanted him to be, everything in the name of publicity, while he gained fortunes selling Chad’s pictures and videos over the internet. Roger took Chad off the school, since the boy had physically threatened three teachers that tried to discipline him. He said I would tutor my brother, but I couldn’t see how – his brain was filled with steroids, and the kid just thought about sex all day, his cock was always hard and he got frustrated with his situation, that kid was a ticking bomb!

How could a man be so sick at this point? Using his own son for personal wealth? How could my mother be so stupid? What did she still see in that creep?

I heard my mother’s car leaving, and I hoped for the maids to get back into the kitchen. Chad would still be in his bedroom/ garage , and it was the perfect timing! Today it was my 18th birthday and I simply couldn’t take it anymore. I couldn’t stand the idea that my 13 year old brother was a 7’tall 475 pounds muscle monster that could barely articulate a thought without cursing or trying to turn me into a pulp.

I would run away from all that madness, leaving the hurt and sorrow for behind. I would soon be free, I had to escape. I threw my bag over my window and tried to go downstairs unnoticed. The maids were very busy preparing Chad’s massive meals. I walked calmly to the back yard, locating my pack under my window. I grabbed it and proceeded towards the side wall, fortunately I had stolen my mother’s keys from her purse the other night, and she never seemed to notice.

When I got really close of my so awaited freedom I felt the huge paw of my little brother grabbing my shoulder.

“Where the fuck do you think you’re going?” – I froze at the sound of this threatening voice tone. Chad had turned into a real monster, his face had become incredibly manly, but all the zit marks from the steroids had taken most of his beauty. His hair now was even lighter, almost white kept in a spiked style, his breathing was heavy and his muscles bulged. Chad had developed such huge muscles, but still he looked like he could go much further. His eyes were filled with rage. I wouldn’t be able to run away.

I would most likely be killed. If he could twist my arm at 6 years old, at this size he could just break me in two. At least if I died, Chad and Roger’s madness would be put into a stop. My own heart seemed to accept the idea that Chad would spank me to death.

“I am going away! Away from you and your crazy father! Don’t you see what he is doing to you? Can’t you see he turned you into a monster so he can sell you over the internet?”

“You don’t understand what we Pattersons do for each other!” Chad repeated his old speech. I just couldn’t take it anymore.

“Listen, Chad, you may have caught me today, but you’ll need to focus on something else sooner or later! I’ll manage to escape, because you can break my body but you can’t my spirit, you’ll have to kill me for that!” I said turning my back on his monstrous self, conformed to the idea that he would probably would kill me with a single blow.

It was then I heard something for the first time in my life.

“Please….” The voice tone was still grave and deep, but I could notice he was actually despaired.

I turned around and faced his much taller figure. At 18 years old I am 5’6” 130 pounds, my brother was 18” taller and over four times my weight, but at that time, I looked at him like he was the weaker one.

Chad didn’t speak anymore, he could only face the ground. It took him a while but he managed to keep going.

“No one… cares for me, everybody is afraid of me, but not you”

I took a deep breath. “Your daddy doesn’t fear you either, Chad.”

The behemoth shook his head nervously, his deltoids were so huge that he didn’t seem to have ears whatsoever. “He is afraid of me too, but he is mean to me, he forces me to keep taking the injections”

“Why do you accept that, Chad? Don’t you see the bad things it does to you?”

He nodded. “He said that’s what Pattersons do, and I didn’t want to disappoint him.”

I sighed “Chad, you don’t have to live your life just to please Roger, he’s just using you and you know that!”

Chad looked up “I can’t let him down, he’s my dad!”

I nodded “Well, I can’t stay here and watch you doing this. I’m going away!”

“You… can’t!” He held my hand, he was not hurting me, at least not on purpose. He was sobbing, that massive monstrous kid was crying out loud.

I felt myself being engulfed by the immense proportions of Chad’s muscles, and I couldn’t fight them, they were too big. His pectoral muscles poked my eyes, his abdomen pressed against my thighs and I felt myself going numb as he pressed me tighter.

“Chad… Chad please” I gasped for air and the enormous brute finally let me go.

“Do you still want to keep going in this madness?”

The boy nodded. “I needed to, the doctors said I would just keep growing.”

“Yes, but it doesn’t have to be like this! You can’t let Roger boss you around like that!”

“But he’s my dad, and I should obey him, that’s what Patt…”

“You know what? Forget about this Patterson crap, no brother of mine is such a wimp. You’re a freaking colossus of muscle! You can do whatever you want, for years you bullied me into doing any single wish of your sick mind! You can do the same to your father and any one who is mean to you! The power of your muscles can conquer anything you want.

He looked at me with a strange expression. Suddenly, I truly regretted my words.

“You are right brother, my muscles can conquer me anything I want, and if I want something REALLY big, then I have to be REALLY big!”

I felt as he just grabbed me and carried back at home. He wasn’t hurting me this time, I felt that something had changed inside Chad, I just couldn’t know at the time if it was for better or worse.

Would Fate once again destroy my hopes and dreams? •

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