Growing Boys at Umich


By iciss

As Jason’s massive prick sprung out hard into the air, and Ryan quickly sealed it up again between his own hot, powerful lips, I knew these boys didn’t need any more of my help.

I turned down away from the treadmills and headed back toward the entrance. As I passed by the front desk again, I saw that not only was Mike still fucking his frat brother Ian hard and deep, making the hot junior moan with pleasure, but another guy who’d come in looking for a workout was getting one in an unexpected way, sucking lovingly on Ian’s 11-inch prick. The good-looking and well-built blond, who was shirtless after busting through his white t-shirt, grunted passionately as his muscular throat squeezed all around the stud Michigan frat boy’s bulging dick.

Moving quickly on so I didn’t get too distracted, I made my way down the hall to one of the practice areas where some of the college’s Division I teams worked out. As I peeked into the first one, my eyes widened happily. There, wearing their jerseys without pads, tight lycra pants and cleats, and doing agility drills, were four very attractive members of Michigan’s top-10 football team. I recognized them immediately—the quarterback, Brian O’Rourke, a 20-year-old sophomore with dirty blond hair, and his buddy Dan Schweitzer, a tight end, also a sophomore, with hard German features, tight muscle, blond hair and blue eyes. They were doing shuttle runs on one side of the gym, while on the other side the freshman backup quarterback, the shaggy blond-haired Brendan Haluska, and another studly wide receiver with dark brown hair, the freshman Eric Stanford, were tossing a football back and forth quickly and sharply to test their reaction time. All four of them were sweaty and hot as their muscles pumped in and out of their mesh jerseys and tight yellow football pants. This was my lucky day…and theirs too, if I could help it.

I had only been watching and thinking about them changing for thirty seconds or so before it started. Brian and Dan were resting, hands on knees, from their last run, when suddenly Brian felt something pass through him, making his hard-muscled body shake briefly. When he looked up, the first thing he noticed was just how fucking hot Dan’s ass looked pressing into his football pants as his buddy bent over. That’s weird, he thought, but tried to let the feeling pass as he stood up fully. But as Dan did the same, and Brian caught his teammate’s solid back, handsome blond hair, and hot model-like face, he realized that his 7-inch dick was pushing hard into the crotch of his own tight uniform pants. And as Dan looked over at him, a smile breaking over his face almost involuntarily, Brian glanced down and saw that the tight end’s pants now had a substantial bulge in them as well.

“Dude…” Dan said despite himself, “nice cock.” The gorgeous Michigan football jock couldn’t believe what he was feeling as he looked over Brian O’Rourke’s tight quarterback body. He couldn’t believe he was saying it out loud, either, but the look of helpless lust on Brian’s face was making him feel better about expressing his new desire to wrap his arms around his teammate. The two built athletes came slowly together, never breaking each other’s gaze. Brian felt his hand moving out to slide over the fabric of Dan’s football pants, right below the waist on his left thigh. The sensation was amazing to a guy who’d only felt other football players in the context of rough play—the soft, slick surface of the uniform and Dan’s skin underneath it, covering up the tight, hard cords of ripped jock muscle in Dan’s quads.

Dan shuddered at the feeling of Brian’s fingers easing over his leg, and just about moaned as they moved to grope his rock-hard 8-inch cock, pressing urgently into his uniform pants. The laces tying the uniform together at his crotch strained as Dan’s thick German-bred dick swelled to full hardness. Brian, meanwhile, had moved closer to his straight teammate, and his other hand had slipped around the back of Dan’s neck. Imperceptibly he pulled their two gorgeous faces together—Dan breathed out in deep anticipation as he felt the hot sophomore quarterback’s breath on his cheek and chin. A moment later the wetness of Brian’s lips touched his own, and he was kissing his football jock buddy.

Dan’s own hands were pressed one against Brian’s left pec under the blue mesh jersey, the other hard against Brian’s tight ass. It felt damn good already to be feeling up the well-muscled quarterback, but it quickly began feeling a lot better as Brian’s chest thickened and grew hard into the mesh fabric, a pair of solid, rounded pecs forming a shelf of muscle beneath the jersey. As Dan’s left hand slid down farther he realized Brian’s six-pack, which he’d seen in the locker room but never appreciated till today, had sharpened and extended into a rock-hard eight-pack of gorgeous abs, each one chiseled from his stomach like stone. Brian’s obliques were tight and sleek, and his ass was forming into perfection as well under the football uniform. As Dan kept kissing his buddy, he felt that Brian had grown a taut, muscular bubble butt beneath the lycra pants. And in the front, things were going even better.

“Fuck, Dan,” the quarterback breathed lustfully. “I don’t…fuck. You’re so fuckin’ hot. I can’t help it.” Dan was loving the dirty talk from his formerly straight-arrow teammate, but he was more interested in what was now happening to Brian’s body as his fingers deftly untied the sophomore’s uniform pants and his hand slipped down where he’d never dreamed of sending it. Slowly he wrapped his hand around Brian’s cock and felt to his amazement and excitement that it had grown from a decent 7-incher to a thick, dripping, achingly hard 11-inch college jock fuckpole. Right then Dan Schweitzer, straight boy muscle jock tight end, knew that he had to have Brian O’Rourke’s massive dick inside of him.

He slowly knelt, his own muscular body squeezing against his yellow uniform pants. Dan didn’t realize as he undid Brian’s pants completely that he was growing himself, his biceps swelling into the blue jersey, his abs tightening from a weakly defined six-pack to a jacked set of eight nicely cut abs, and his neck thickening and packing on muscle in anticipation of the tough job it had ahead of it. He wrapped his hands around to clutch the hard round bulge of Brian’s solid quarterback ass as he pulled his teammate’s tight football pants the rest of the way off with his teeth. Brian was breathing hard as he looked down at his suddenly cock-loving buddy pulling off his pants, and he actually gasped as his dick sprung out, hard as a rock and sticking out in a beautiful curve up to the broad, leaking head—it had actually grown another inch and was now about a foot long, and much thicker than it had been. The stunned quarterback couldn’t believe how fucking big his cock had become, but he didn’t have time to think about it for long as Dan’s lips slipped around the head and began sucking tenderly on Brian’s massive pipe.

“Oh fucking shit, dude,” Brian groaned loudly. His mind was exploding with pleasure as Dan simultaneously licked and ground his tongue against the sophomore’s tender cockhead and kneaded his taut muscle ass through the uniform. Brian’s entire body was tensing and flexing, and as Dan’s blowjob became more intense and more involved, the tight end sliding 8, then 10 inches of the footlong Big 10 jock meat down his throat, the quarterback’s arms and shoulders ripped the seams of the jersey. His guns had swollen to almost twice their old size and his pecs and shoulders were shiny with sweat and bulging round and beautiful into the fabric, tearing it in several places. He clenched the jersey at the chest as Dan picked up the pace, squeezing almost the entire length of Brian’s handsome college boy fuckpole in his throat, and as his buddy slid his dick up and let his teeth scratch against the head, Brian moaned and ripped the jersey off himself completely.

At that, Brendan and Eric, oblivious to their buddies’ changes before, finally looked up. Both freshmen’s eyes widened as they saw what their teammate had become. Brian’s upper body literally gleamed—his tanned skin, covered in a sheen of sweat, was stretched tight over the expanded muscles of his torso, his massive pecs, topped by large, ripe nipples, his carved eight-pack, the handsome curve of his obliques, his well-muscled biceps, triceps and forearms, and his neck straining with muscle, tendons and veins against the skin, all of it glowed like a fucking god. And Brian had become a god, an Adonis of football jock muscle busted out of his uniform and put on display for his amazed, lust-filled teammates. Dan was already paying attention as he continued choking down the quarterback’s enormous 12-inch dick, but Brendan and Eric were still trying to figure out what was happening as their own freshman jock pricks suddenly rose hard and insistent into their own tight uniform pants.

“Fuck,” said Brendan succinctly. The two boys watched in shock and sudden, immense desire as Brian moaned even louder—his tight ass clenched under the football pants, his fingers wrapped tightly in Dan’s shaggy blond hair, and his entire body shook as he was racked with the most powerful orgasm the young jock had ever felt. Shot after shot of hot college stud cream fired out of his flared dick into his formerly straight teammate’s throat, and Dan gulped it all down as best he could, his own powerful neck flexing and shaking as his throat struggled to swallow all the hot jock cum pouring out of Brian’s massive prick.

Finally, Brian sighed deeply and pulled out, lowering his head for just a few seconds before looking up directly at Brendan and Eric. Both guys felt like they’d shoot in their tight uniform pants right then. They’d seen Brian’s gorgeous transformed jock body already, his magnificent chest and abs, fantastic arms, and even caught a glimpse of his handsome muscle butt. But it wasn’t till right then that they’d managed to see Brian’s godlike face—his sharp green eyes drew the two freshmen into him, and his solid jaw and nicely defined cheeks didn’t hurt. Still, the incredible football player managed to keep an air of roughness about him, his face slick with sweat and his damp dirty blond hair hanging over his forehead and ears. A day’s worth of brown stubble added to Brian’s tough jock look.

And as Dan pulled off his dick, Eric and Brendan got their first look at two more things they never thought they’d be sexually interested in, Brian’s dripping, bulging, massively thick, still-hard footlong jockmeat—and Dan. I hadn’t noticed it myself in glancing back and forth between the four guys, but somehow the sophomore tight end had changed just as totally as his buddy had. As he stood, my mouth dropped open along with the two freshmen’s. This guy was every bit as stunning as the jockstud whose dick he’d just sucked clean. Not only had he ripped out of his own blue mesh jersey, exposing his own set of ripped, tanned pecs, gorgeous eight-pack, and swollen biceps, delts, and traps. But Dan had also grown a dick so big, so thick, and so powerful that it had actually pulled apart some of the laces tying his football pants together as it strained against the fabric of the pants. The uniform pants lay in a state of half-attachment, the laces still trying desperately to hold back an achingly hard cock that looked like it pushed 13 inches as its outline snaked down the leg of Dan’s pants. The sophomore stud’s face was just as attractive, his shaggy blond hair tousled from sex like Brian’s, and his blue eyes and tight jawline equally gorgeous.

It was all I could do not to run in and join the fun--but I wanted to see what these hung and ripped jocks were going to do next. The tension was incredible, even as I watched through the doorway. Eric, a quieter guy with a steady girlfriend he'd picked up the first week of school, had moved his hand to his crotch as he stared helplessly into Brian's eyes, while Brendan, already known in his dorm for his prowess with the ladies, was trying to decide what to stare at--Dan's impossibly handsome face or the mouth-watering bulge of his dick into his uniform. A moment later, the two sophomores moved forward. •

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