Josh's Random Muscle Growth Spurts

Thread Five


By Rex Torres

Chapter 1. Narrow escape

"Hey Josh... Where are you?" his mom said, as she called out for her son from the kitchen.

Josh was still in the bedroom with the door closed.

“Oh no…” he thought to himself. “If mom sees me like this, then she’ll freak!”

Obviously, it wasn’t normal for a 15 year-old boy to look like a 7 foot tall bodybuilder with 500 pounds of muscle!

Luckily, since Josh’s room was on the bottom floor of the house, he just opened the windows in his bedroom, and he easily hopped through the window and landed on a patch of grass, just a few feet below.

Then, he saw the bedroom door open, as his mother was about to walk in!

“Oh no! I need to get out of here!” Josh thought.

He looked up and then an idea came to him: He is super strong right now. How high could he leap?

He then leaped straight up into the air, soaring over the first floor and then just passing the windows of his parents room, which was on the second floor of the house.

“Yayy!” he cheered, as he gracefully landed on the roof of the house. “That was awesome! I leaped from the ground to the roof, covering 20 feet!”

Josh was amazed by his incredible strength. He was super strong!

Suddenly, he began to feel that odd tingling sensation again. Something was telling him, that he was about to shrink back to normal.

Josh jumped off the roof and landed on the grass in his back yard, just by the back door to the house.

Then, as the tingling increased in intensity, he rapidly began to dwindle back to his old self again. His huge muscles deflated like balloons, which had the air let out of them.

“Luckily I can feel these growth spurts coming for about a minute or so…” he whispered to himself.

Josh’s body rapidly shrunk back to his 5 foot 4 inches frame. He was only wearing shorts, so he didn’t rip out of any clothes!

His mother just walked out the door and into the back yard.

“Oh there you are, Josh!” she said. “You need to take out the trash, okay?”

“Sure, mom!”

Josh was relieved. His mom didn’t see him. But, when would he grow huge again, and how soon?


Chapter 2. At Matt's house

As soon as Josh had taken out the trash, he slipped into a t-shirt and shorts and sandals on his feet. Summer vacation had just started, and he had all day to hang out with his friends, who were living down the street.

Josh ran outside and raced to Matt’s house, which was just up the street. When he arrived, he rang the doorbell, and Matt answered.

“Hey, dude” he grinned. “What’s going on?”

“Dude… The weirdest thing happened to me today! Can I come in?”

“Sure… But my sister shouldn’t see you. She gets really jealous if I have friends over, and then she wants to have friends over, too…” Matt explained, as he lead Josh into his bedroom.

“Dude… I can’t quite remember how it started, but I helped this weird alien who was trapped by a branch, and he placed some spell on me, that makes me grow into a huge muscle man!”


“I’m serious!”

The boys entered the bedroom and Matt closed the door behind him.

“Hey Matt? Where are you?” Suzy called out. Suzy was Matt’s annoying little sister.

“Oh darn it… why does she always hear the things that she is not supposed to hear?” Matt grumbled. “Quick, let’s hide in my closet so that she doesn’t know that you’re here…”

Matt and Josh hid in Matt’s closet in his bedroom and Matt closed the door.

“Uhh… Matt…”


“This closet… Can you say that it is about 7 feet in height?”

“Yeah… Why?”

“I-I… I feel it again…” Josh cringed. “That tingling started again… I think I’m gonna grow in about a minute…”


Chapter 3. Bursting out

Josh could feel his body quickly begin to expand and grow in size again, just as it had done before. Matt couldn't believe what he was seeing and was stunned into complete silence. All he could do was stare.

"Matt! Have you got a friend over?!" Suzy shouted. "I want to play too!" Matt quickly snapped out of his trance at hearing this and tried to think of what to do. He quickly pushed the growing Josh into the closet as far as he would fit and managed to shut the doors.

"No! I've not got anyone over, Suzy."

"I don't believe you. I'm coming in!" The bedroom door flew open and in came Suzy. Her eyes scanned across the room and stopped on the closet which now seemed to have started creaking a bit. "Who's in there?"

"Nobody. Why would I have someone in my closet? Don't be silly." But at that point the closet burst open and out came Josh at his new 7 foot 5 inch height with over 600 pounds of muscle!


Chapter 4. That tingling feeling

“Dude… I-I-I’m gonna grow!” Josh said to Matt. Both boys were stuck in the storage closet, in Matt’s room.

The closet was only a few feet wide but luckily 7 feet in height.

“AAARRRRRRHHHH” Josh moaned, as his muscles began to inflate, all over his body!

“Josh…? Oh my God!” Matt exclaimed, as he stared and watch his best friend’s body grow bigger. In fact, his muscles were growing, making him taller and wider in a matter of seconds!

Josh was now 5’5”… 5’7”… 5’9”…

His calves inflated to the size of bricks! His legs grew thicker and layers upon layers of muscle formed on his quads, making his legs as wide and as thick as a stump of an oak tree!


He was 5’11”… 6’1”… 6’3”…

His abs grow bigger as they surfaced over his flat stomach. Josh had always been a skinny guy, so Matt had never seen him with muscle before.

“Oh my God, Josh… What is happening to you?” Matt exclaimed.

“UUUUHHHHH… Almost… there…” Josh moaned, as his muscles continued to grow.

He was 6’5”… 6’7”… 6’9”…

His pectorals were the size of bowling balls, while his arms had transformed into huge pythons layered with spheres of muscle all over.

He was now 6’10”… 6’11”… 7feet… 7’1”…

The growth had finally stopped… and not a moment too soon! Josh’s top of his small head was starting to brush up against the ceiling of the small storage closet.

“Good heavens! You’re a muscle giant!” matt exclaimed, since he was stuck in the small closet with the giant, muscular boy. He could barely move, since Josh was taking up all the space with his huge, muscular body!

“Now do you believe me?” Josh said sadly. “This is what I was talking about, earlier. I have to go through several of these growth spurts, every day!”


Chapter 5. Back to normal

Just as Suzy panicked and stumbled down the stairs, Matt opened the other closet door, revealing the huge, muscular boy who was standing before him.

“Oops… sorry about the closet door, dude…” Josh replied shyly, as he flexed his right arm. “Look at this…”

Matt was just astonished when he saw how muscular and huge his best friend had become.

Suddenly, there was a sound… of two people, walking up the stairs.

“Oh no! My stupid little sister is coming back with mom!” Matt exclaimed.

“And Josh was in the closet… and the door suddenly broke loose… and this monster came out of the closet… and I was really scared… and…” Suzy whined as she walked in front of Matt’s mom.

Suddenly, Josh was overcome by the familiar tingling feeling.

“Dude, we gotta do something!” Matt exclaimed.

“Don’t worry… I think I’m going to shrink back….” Josh moaned. “I feel it… it starts…”

Josh’s huge body rapidly dwindled back to its normal size in a matter of seconds. His legs became thinner, as well as his arms, his abs disappeared and his huge pecs suddenly flattened out, leaving him as the same old, skinny teenage boy. Just then, they reached Matt’s bedroom.

“Here is the monst-…” Suzy said.

“Oh, hello Josh!” she said. “Please put your shirt on, okay?”

“But… mom!” Suzy stuttered. “He was huge and big and ugly and round and humongous and…”

“Shhhh, honey… Go to your room and go play with your dolls, okay?”

Both Matt and Josh let out a sigh of relief when they left.

“Dude… That was amazing! How often will you grow like that?”

Josh just shrugged.

“I have no idea when I’ll hulk out again… So far, it’s happened every single day…” •

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