Josh's Random Muscle Growth Spurts

Thread Four


By Rex Torres

Chapter 1. Matt comes over

Josh picked up the phone and dialed Matt’s number. Matt was his best friend in school.

“Dude! You gotta come over! I’m over 7 feet tall and I got over 500 pounds of muscle on me!” Josh spoke in the receiver, while trying his hardest to be careful, so he wouldn’t smash the phone with his outrageous physical strength.

In five minutes, Josh heard the door bell ring, and he realized that it must have been Matt.

“I’m coming!” he shouted, as he was about to walk out the door.

Suddenly, he felt that same weird, tingling sensation.

“Uh oh… Not again!” Josh wondered.

What was going to happen? Was he going to shrink back? Or, would his muscles grow even bigger than they were now? •

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