By VladBath

I began shutting down the lab, deactivating my equipment and putting my formulae under lock and key. Before I did, I copied the data from the automated sensors into the computer. The sensors kept track of various physical variations on a coarse level. Things such as mass, overall dimensions, body heat, etc. were transfered into my research logs. I annotated the data with my own observations. As I did so, I could hardly believe what I was writing. Scott had gained 30 lbs of muscle and his strength had increased by a factor of 8. Much more than I had anticipated.

Not that I was complaining. He had added 6" to his chest and 4" to his arms and legs while his waist remained the same. His body fat had been reduced to 4% and I could only guess that his stamina had increased in accordance to his strength.

I was just finishing my log entry when Scott came walking out of the locker room, his clothes barely able to contain his new mass. He was grinning from ear to ear.

"I noticed something in the shower I wasn't quite prepared for", Scott said with a twinkle in his eye.

"Oh? What was that?" I asked.

"This stuff seems to work below the waist too", Scott replied, touching his very packed crotch.

"Indeed", I said, feeling a little faint. "How much did it grow?"

"About a fist's worth, whatever that measures out to be. Will this kind of growth continue too?"

"Well, the penis is a tendon and this formula does mutate tendons along with muscle tissue, but I expect the effects won't be as pronounced as your muscle development."

Scott sighed and said "Well I like the way it looks and I wouldn't mind if it grew even larger."

I grinned and said, "Don't worry. I'm sure I can come up with something."

He faux punched me on the shoulder and we went off to eat.

The restaurant was only a few blocks away from my lab. We went in, sat down and ordered the buffet. Scott made a b-line directly for the carving table and filled his plate with roast beef and turkey. I opted for some lighter fair and talked as my huge companion tore into his meal.

"Tonight's results are pretty amazing", I started. "Your strength has increased much faster than I anticipated. I must have missed something in my design."

"Don't worry", Scott said between bites, "I like being strong. It gives me a real rush."

"Well, the reason I bring it up at all is that there may be some un-anticipated developments that I couldn't have told you about.

Unfortunately, I have no idea what they are or what form they will take.

We'll just have to play it by ear."

"No problem", Scott replied, wiping his mouth. He got up, loaded another plate with carbs this time and returned to the table.

"Hungry?" I said, playfully.

"Yeah, that workout gave me one hell of an appetite. Even though you said I wouldn't have to eat to gain muscle, I'm still famished."

"This may be one of the side-effects I warned you about. But I think it is more likely the result of you working out after I shut the lights down.

You activated the growth mechanism in your cells but didn't give them enough energy to grow on. Now your body is trying to make up for that. We will have to work in refining the growth trigger a little."

"Fine by me. I like to eat but I can see my food bills could get out of hand if I have to feed myself like this every time I work out", Scott said as he polished off his potato.

"Well tonight's dinner is on me", I said smiling. "You're a better test subject than I could have hoped for." I meant it too. Here I was, sitting next to what could only be described as a muscle god who was not only stronger than any human on the planet but was also extremely handsome and apparently a very nice guy.

"Thanks", Scott said as he worked his way through the rest of his vegetables. "I think you're a pretty good guy too."

Scott returned to the buffet one last time for desert before we left and walked back to my lab. When we arrived, Scott said he should really get going as he had to get up early the next morning for work.

"If you notice anything strange, call me immediately", I said. "This is my private beeper number. Don't be afraid to use it."

"I won't", Scott said. "Do you want to see me tomorrow?"

"Absolutely", I said. "We need to run some more tests. I would ask that you not go to the gym tomorrow or strain yourself too much. I want to record any changes in your body in a controlled environment for a while."

"Well, I kinda wanted to show the guys at the gym what I could do", Scott grinned, "but I can wait a few days. Guess I'll see you tomorrow." Scott lifted one of his massive arms and bade me farewell as he walked to his car.

I walked to my car and drove home, still reeling from the events of the day. I changed, flipped through the channels a couple of times and went to bed.

I was awakened the next morning at 0500 by the sound of my beeper going off. I called the number and it was Scott.

"I thought you said this stuff didn't wear off", he said excidedly.

"It shouldn't", I said. "Why? What's happened?"

"Meet me at your lab and I'll show you", Scott said with aggitation.

"I'll be there in ten minutes."

I quickly pulled on a pair of trousers and a shirt and made my way to the lab. I was just switching on my equipment when Scott walked through the doorway. He was still herculean but only about as big as he had been prior to the treatment the night before.

"See what I mean?" he said.

"Hmmm...This is interesting. Hop up onto the platform and we'll run a few tests", I said, genuinely puzzled. Mass simply doesn't disappear like that.

Scott removed his shirt to reveal his remarkably defined torso. At least the definition is still there I thought. As he stepped onto the platform, I took a look at my sensor readings and then looked again. According to the read-outs, while his overall size had diminished from yesterday's maximum, his mass had actually increased by about five pounds over the previous day's maximum. Curious, I thought I would try an experiment.

"Scott", I said cautiously, "Go over to the weight rack and try curling with the 300lb dumb bells you threw around yesterday."

"If you say so, but don't expect me to do much with them. I've shrunk to what I was before and I used to max out at about..." He caught himself in mid-thought as he easily lifted each 300lb weight from the rack and began curling them with incredible ease. "These are as light as a feather! I'm stronger than I was last night but I'm not as big. What's the story doc?", he said, trading the 300's for 400's and curling furiously.

I considered this a moment and then it hit me.

"My formula increases strength by mutating the muscle, tendon and bone tissue itself. Each mutation is stronger than the previous one, partially by virtue of the number of cells and their size but also by their density and organization. I suspect that what we are seeing here is the body finding its equilibrium size. As you can see, your strength is about the same as it was last night as is your weight. In fact you are a little stronger and a little heavier. Must have been all that food you ate. If you were to work out without an adequate power source, as you are doing now, you would force your tissues to reorganize themselves into more and more efficient forms. In essence, you would get smaller in size but actually become denser and stronger per unit volume. When you work out with an adequate power source, your muscles will grow in both size and strength. In fact, now that your tissues have mutated into a more efficient form, the next time you work out with a power source your strength should increase even faster than before."

Scott put down the dumb bells and said, "Let's try it. I like getting strong but I want to be huge too. This exercise I've been doing for the past few minutes already has my arms down to 18 inches, I'd guess. Let's go for mass!"

"Okay by me", I said as I moved to warm up the floods. "It will take a few minutes for the lights to warm up. Just sit back and relax."

Scott was clearly disturbed by loosing his hard-earned size and was figgiting impatiently on the platform as the lights slowly began to brighten.

"You said I could use any power source, right?" Scott asked anxiously.

"That's right. It's Einstein's old E=mc^2 rule we're applying here", I responded, wondering where he was going with this line of reasoning.

"Good, 'cause I don't want to wait for the lights to warm up." Scott moved to the high-tension feeder cables for the flood lights, removed the connector and strapped the bare wires to his belt. There was an arc, a snap and a flash as the leads made contact with Scott's abdomen. Oddly, he didn't appear to be hurt in the slightest. Then he began to flex. Fast, hard poses, one after another. Lat spread, double biceps, chest poses, legs, faster and faster. As he flexed, electrical arcs flew from the lead wires and connected with his muscles. As they did, I could see his muscles expanding, swelling once more with incredible power. He flexed harder and harder and his muscles grow bigger and bigger. He was easily as big as he had been the day before and he didn't appear to be slowing down.

Scott looked at his arms and rubbed his hands across his pecs and abs. He hit a most-muscular pose and I swear every muscle in his body grew an inch.

His vascularity was astounding. His pecs were huge slabs of striated muscle which stood a good foot away from his upper abs. And the abs! He must have had ridges three inches deep between his muscles. His arms were incredible. The size and shape of the biceps was beyond human. The striations on his triceps were so far beyond my experience that I could do nothing but stare.

I glanced down at my instruments and saw that his weight had increased to nearly 350lbs and was moving up at better than a pound per second. He moved over to the weight bench and instead of loading weights, he picked up the bar and walked toward the centre of the platform. He grinned at me and placed his hands at opposite ends of the bar. With what seemed like little effort he slowly began bending the bar double. The arcs of electricity were flying faster and faster as he bent the bar further and further. The lights began to dim as he drew more and more power from the main grid and I could see his muscles growing thicker and bigger. Muscles on muscles. He was more than human. Much more.

As he brought the ends of the bar together he threw it down and hit a most muscular pose. There was one huge burst of electricity and then the whole room went dark. A breaker had gone somewhere. I quickly hit the emergency lights from my console (all of my equipment had a redundant power supply) and gazed and the being before me... •

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