Josh's Random Muscle Growth Spurts

Thread Three


By Rex Torres

Chapter 1. Back to school

I know what Im gonna do! Josh cheered, as he examined his huge muscular body in the mirror. Im going to school so I can show off my new bod

Josh put on his large, oversize swimming trunks and his sandals on his feet, before he dashed out the front door, so that nobody else would see him.

He ran towards the school, which was easy, since he had now become a large, 7-foot tall, muscular teen bodybuilder. He had superhuman strength coursing through his body, so running the two miles to school was a breeze! Silently, he had hoped that he could stay huge just long enough, that he could show off to his friends.

School was already out around this time, but there were always students there, after class was over. Most of the people who were there, had to be there for swimming practice, for football, or for basketball practice.

Unfortunately for Josh, when he reached the entrance to the schoolyard, he felt that familiar tingling feeling throughout his entire body.

Oh man Josh thought to himself. I forgot that I could also shrink back! Whats going to happen to me now?

Since Joshs growth spurts were completely random, he realized that he could shrink down to normal, or he could also grow even bigger! Not only that, but it was also possible, that only certain muscles would shrink or grow, and not all of them at once.

What was going to happen to him, next? •

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