Josh's Random Muscle Growth Spurts



By Rex Torres

Josh is just starting high school. As a Freshman, he is the smallest and one of the shortest guys in school; therefore, he gets bullied often.

One day, after school, he walks across a secluded parkand he comes upon an alien, who is trapped under a tree branch. The alien being is only a foot tall. Josh reaches down and removes the branch, which had trapped the alien being for several hours.

As his reward, the alien casts a spell on the boy, which makes experience random growth spurts, which make him grow from his 5ft4" 160 pound frame, to a bodybuilder who is 7 feet tall and has 500 pounds of massive muscle, along with fantastic physical super strength!

Not only that; but every time Josh becomes big and muscular, he becomes bigger than the last time, when his muscles grew!

Josh never knows when he has his growth spurt, but he normally stays huge for about an hour. He figures out that drinking milk or eating chocolate causes the growth spurts to occur sooner, giving him a little control over when he grows.

Josh can shrink and grow several times per day!

What happens, next time Josh gets bullies in school, and starts to hulk out, into a teenage bodybuilder? •

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