Finding Mark

Getting to Practice


By Nightwolf285

The hall was full of people. Everyone was walking at a sluggish pace, just like cars at rush hour. Both of them were trapped just outside the bathroom door, unable to find a way into the hall. It took Josh a moment to find their window of opportunity. Making room for the two of them to walk, Josh got him and his friend into the streaming line of students.

So far, so good. No one was giving awkward stares that Mark could see. Everyone was just carrying on as normal. Mark couldn't figure out why though. Don't they notice this huge guy in the middle of the hoard? And if they do, why aren't they saying anything?

The other people's reactions, or lack there of, was only part of what was on Mark's mind. Mark was also preoccupied with what Josh had said in the bathroom. When he had suggested that little freshman finding him sexually attractive, all Josh said was “Eww.”

What did that mean? Was Josh repulsed by the thought of a guy finding him attractive, or that guy finding him attractive? Mark didn't want to even think about the former. The implications were almost too much for him to bear. However, the lingering doubt he always had about Josh was inflamed a bit since he didn't know for sure. Mark was too embarrassed to ask Josh straight on, so he always hoped that Josh would clue him in based on what he would say or how he acted. In all the time he had known him, that scheme had never worked. Sometimes, he would give signals going one way, and other times, he would show something completely different. Despite the frustration it caused, that method was all he had.

While Mark was thinking and worrying, as he often did, Josh had gotten the two of them back to their classroom. Both of them had left all of their stuff in there after having quickly rushed out. Stepping into the classroom, Josh noticed that Mark was still in the hall. “Hey, Mark. You coming?”

Mark looked up from out of his thoughts and saw Josh standing in the harsh lighting of the classroom. Those florescent bulbs were sure getting their money's worth, highlighting every accent on Josh's skin and clothes. “Oh, sorry,” Mark recovered, stepping in.

Both of them walked over to their desks and got their things together After Mark had put everything away and strapped on both of his bags, he looked back and saw Josh struggling with his backpack.

Josh looked up with the cutest expression on his face. “It's these straps! They are too small for me to get around my shoulder.”

“Oh,” Mark said meekly.

“But I don't want to just rip the strap down. I'm afraid I might break it, and I really don't have to time to go backpack shopping.”

“No, you have to get to practice,” Mark added, not able to think of anything better to say.

“Exactly,” Josh finished, covering for his friend and the possible awkward silence that could have followed.

As Josh struggled with the strap some more, Mark was entranced by his hopping bicep. Every time he went to pull the cord, it would bundle up into a ball. The muscle was obviously straining his sleeve because every time it relaxed, the sleeve would look a little more worn. A few more goes like that and Josh wouldn't have a sleeve any more. Like his hands in the bathroom, Mark had to slide the large gym bag along front of him as to not arouse Josh to what he was thinking.

Finally, Josh was able to loosen the straps without breaking them, and he put the backpack on. The way the straps rested tightly on his shoulders, it made his pecs really pop. The polo was straining enough, but now was being forced to work even harder. It was almost obscene how large his pecs were and how they could just burst through the two little buttons holding them in at any moment.

“Ready?” Josh asked, readjusting the straps some.

“Yeah,” Mark's voice cracked.

Turning to the door, Josh lead them back out into the hallway. They hadn't taken two steps out when they heard a call from around the corner. “Hey, Josh!”

They both turned to see who was calling to him. Mark recognized him instantly, it was Cole, one of Josh's friends on the soccer team. He was just as tall as Josh was. Not as cute, in Mark's opinion, but still one of the popular folk for a reason. “Hey man,” Josh called back, raising an arm to him.


As Cole fought through the masses to get to Josh, Mark turned around in time to see what had caused that sound. The seam at Josh's armpit had ripped open. Before Josh could get his hand down, Mark could a fairly large gapping hole in Josh's polo. It surprised Mark to see that his under arm was completely smooth. However, it didn't surprise him that his skin was just as bronze there as it was everywhere else. Josh was gifted that way.

“Shit,” Josh whispered, keeping his head up.

Mark turned back around and found himself more amused than worried now. Rather than worrying about what Cole had to say, Mark was curious to find out just how much more stress those poor clothes of his could take.

Cole had finally made it to the two of them and greeted Josh again, “Hey man, getting out of class late?”

Mark looked to Josh to see what he was going to say. “Yeah, just about to head off to practice actually.”

The sweeping masses, carried the trio back into the main stream of the hallway. They were headed for the staircase Mark had used earlier. Just after getting a move on, Cole finally responded saying, “Same here, but I'm a little worried, man.”

“About what? Practices have been going well, same as always.” Josh asked.

“That's not what I was talking about,” Cole replied slyly, “I'm talking about you.”

“Me?” he asked with some concern.

Giving a devilish smile, probably meaning he was joking around, he said, “The last thing we need is every girl that comes to see our game this weekended staring at you. You need to leave some for the rest of us.”

“Oh,” Josh forcefully chuckled, “Right.”

“Yeah, we can't all be as big as you man.”

Mark and Josh exchanged a glance of worry, not sure of what Cole meant. Josh decided to ask. “What do you mean by that?”

Stopping just before the door to the stairwell, Cole looked right at him and said, “Well, you keep wearing clothes like that, and they may not even give us a second thought.”

Gently punching him on the shoulder, Cole opened one of the double doors. Josh probably didn't even feel that. Although it seemed that Cole was playing around with him, it would take a lot more of a punch to probably even phase Josh at this size. “Seriously man, did you like shrink your uniform in the wash?”

“Yeah, it was all I had,” Josh replied, sounding a little relieved, “last minute you know?”

“I know how it is man, I can hardly keep these guns under wrap myself,” he said, lifting an arm and giving it a flex.

Even from behind, it was obvious that Cole had nothing on Josh. It wasn't bad though, pretty toned, but it was a lot smaller. Josh didn't even have to flex to show he had an arm twice the size.

Walking down the carpeted staircase, Mark was doing what he could to keep up. Being a little smaller than the hall, it was harder to fight the crowd to keep his spot behind the two soccer players. Even though he was lagging behind some, he was doing his best to keep up. As Mark continued to listen to their conversation, he just kept studying Cole's responses. Mark couldn't figure out how he didn't notice Josh's growth spurt, but figured if this is how one of his friends was going to act, then everyone else would act the same.

Maybe that was something else Josh was going to have to explain. Perhaps Mark's gift had a way for covering itself whenever it made someone change size. But if that's the case, then why didn't Josh know about it? He did say that 'this wasn't what he intended'. What did he mean by that?

Making it to the ground floor, the group passed through another set of double doors. The hall ahead broke off in a few direction, but the main entrance out of Ebony Hall, the upper school building, was directly ahead. This hall was like all the others in the building. Every couple of steps, they would pass another set of classroom doors. However, after passing those, there was a lobby area containing the main way in and out of the building. A few plush chairs and couches decorated the room, providing a nice social area for anyone who wanted it.

Mark looked ahead and noticed that he had fallen behind. Josh and Cole were already heading out one of the glass doors to the outside. Mark was still only half way through the lobby. Finally making through two sets of doors, Mark made it outside. He was greeted by clouds, and even more bustling students. Just ahead, he could hear Cole saying, “Well, I've got some stuff to take care of, but I'll see you in a bit man.”

“Ok,” Josh said, bidding him farewell.

Heading off toward the Administration Building, Cole called back, “And remember, no showing off!”

Mark got up next to Josh, watching Cole head off. “No problem,” Josh whispered.

Josh looked down to Mark and apologized, “Sorry about that. He just wouldn't stop yapping my ear off.”

Mark understood. If Cole knew it or not, he was probably in shock about what he had just seen. “It's ok. But what are you going to do about that?” Mark asked, pointing to Josh's arm.

Josh looked a little embarrassed, but replied, “I'll have to get over it I guess. I don't have any spares here, and hopefully you will have me shrank back down before I have to worry about busting another one.”

If only you would, Mark thought to himself, unable to control the image that flooded his mind.

Mark was ready to head off, but noticed that Josh wasn't moving. Looking back, he saw a familiar look on his face. “What did you do?” he mustered out.

Mark didn't understand until he saw it. Josh was growing again. Oh no. I didn't mean it! It was too late though, Josh was already starting to stretch the polo even further than it had been. What's worse, is that there was nowhere to hide. Everyone was about to get a chance to see Josh's probably explode through his shirt.

Mark could see his arm balling up hard, is if it were trying to make the sleeves pop. His nipples got really hard also and were rubbing up against the polo, trying to poke straight though. Josh's pecs weren't helping though. Those two slabs of huge meat were also getting bigger. The crease between them was widening fast as they filled up with even more muscle.

Josh's bags were barely holding on as his neck and shoulders also grew in size. His shoulder's were filling up like two massive balloons, while his neck forced its way up even closer to his head. Then it happened. Josh's polo was giving way to his growing muscle. His shirt was ripping right off his body. The two buttons had spread so far apart that the shirt was ripping right down the center, exposing rippling cords of muscle hiding under Josh's thickening pecs. Josh's sleeves were doing no better. His arms had engulfed them with their size and ripped them clean off. The moment all of the seams had broken on not only his polo, but his undershirt, his growth stopped, leaving the remains of his wine red polo either on the ground, or hanging on from one of the tight straps of his two bags.

Mark stood there in shock, staring at Josh's even larger body. His whole torso had thickened up to the point of breaking his polo apart. Josh too was in shock, worried if he was about to have to make a mad dash to the bathroom. As soon as he opened his eyes, he looked around wildly. Finally, his eyes looked down upon the shreds of his polo and undershirt. With a great amount of effort, Josh was trying to get his bags off. While he was doing that, Mark looked at every face that walked past the two of them.

Most of them were wrapped up in their own business as usual, but those that did notice weren't pointing in shock or screaming, they were merely giggling or looking upon him in some kind of subdued awe. After seeing enough faces both laughing or not at Josh's appearance, Mark knew that they didn't notice. They could see that he was big. They could even see that his clothes had ripped off. But somehow, they didn't notice the growth. Everyone seemed to think that Josh just looked like that.

Looking back to Josh, he saw him bent over on the ground, ripping through his gym bag. His whole torso was bare, but it was absolutely beautiful. Muscles coursed and moved about under his smooth, bronze skin, responding to every command that Josh gave them. A deep valley had formed at the spine, clearly separating two very large wings of muscle, each with their own rippling bulges.

As Josh stood, up, Mark tried to play it cool and just look at Josh's face. However, he couldn't help glancing down. Pacing over a rippling and smooth torso, he made it to Josh's khaki's. He was shocked to find that his legs looked the same. Furthermore, his dick may have been little hard, but it wasn't exploding like he thought it would. Just something else to figure out I'm sure.

Josh was concerned, but not panicked. He was holding a large t-shirt in his hands and was trying to put it over his head. The shirt probably would have been a size too big on Josh before, but now, Mark wasn't sure if it was even going to fit. Josh was struggling to get it on. Mark wanted to help, but wasn't sure what to do. Instead, he could only stare at Josh's thick abs as they flexed. Each brick, clearly defined and solid, rubbed up against on another while Josh's hands were lifted over his head. Mark couldn't get over Josh having such a small waist in comparison to such a huge upper body. He also couldn't stop watching his abs dance for him as his arms struggled to move further into the shirt.

Josh was finally able to get the shirt on, but it was skin tight. It was a regular athletic shirt with the school's name printed across it. However, Mark only knew it was the name because he knew what his school was called. The crevasse between Josh's pecs had gotten so large and defined, that part of the word was hiding between them. It was like the shirt wasn't even on.

Mark had become mesmerized by Josh's pecs. He had just never seen any that big before, at least, not from out here. His eyes had gone wide and all he could do was stare.

“Hey,” Josh called out, “Up here!”

Josh's call broke Mark's trance, and forced his eyes up to his face. It wasn't angry, but it was red. It was like that either from all the effort of getting on the shirt or from the embarrassment of busting open his old one. Mark quickly stood straight back up. “So-sorry Josh, I didn't mean to stare,” Mark stuttered in apology.

“It's ok, I probably would have done the same thing. It's not every day things like this happen you know,” Josh remarked, glancing at a couple of students passing them by.

Mark looked over and saw a pair of them with eyes wide. They weren't in fear; they were in awe.

“At least we know your gift is still working,” Josh mildly joked.

Mark was speechless, but finally replied, “Yeah, I think that it pretty obvious.”

“However, I think it is safe to say this is not what we were aiming for,” Josh said, looking down at his even larger appearance, “What did you try anyways, cuz it didn't work right.”

Mark didn't reply, embarrassed to answer.

“Did it?” Josh asked.

Regathering his thoughts, Mark blurted out, “No, it didn't work like I thought it would.”

Josh nodded. Taking a heavy breath, Mark continued, “But don't worry, I'll keep trying.”

He laughed. “Well, for now, we may want to put a hold on that,” Josh chuckled out, “The last thing we need to do is make this any worse.”

Mark forced himself to laugh with Josh and agree. “Yeah-- the last thing we want...”

Collecting his stuff, Josh said, “We've got to get to practice. It should only last a few hours. In the meantime, try to figure out what went wrong, and how to change it. We still have some time and if I can change back before rather than after, all the better.”

Mark merely nodded, and began to follow Josh toward the cafeteria. He had to walk carefully though. The sight of Josh growing, and him being so big and really excited Mark. He was surprised that Josh didn't notice. He was probably wrapped up in what had just happened. I know I was. Mark kept adjusting how he walked, trying to hide a throbbing pain in his pants. Rather than struggling with it too much, he just moved his bag in front of him as always. After a few minutes, Mark realized that Josh was actually headed for the entrance of the cafeteria, not just going around it to the field.

“Why are we going to the cafeteria?” Mark asked.

Josh stopped and looked back at his friend. Giving the biggest, most sarcastic smile in the world he said, “I'm a little hungry. Any ideas why?”

Mark understood immediately, but continuing with the sarcasm said in reply, “None at all.” •

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