Finding Mark

An Adoring Fan


By Nightwolf285

The door continued to swing open. All Mark and Josh could do were look upon it in horror, not knowing what was about to happen. Would they scream? Would they get angry? There was no way to know.

While waiting for the door to finish its short swing, Josh had hunched over Mark. His head craned as far left as it could go to face the door. Mark had done the very same thing. Like his friend, Mark's body was still facing Josh, but his head had completely spun to the right, nearly snapping off at the sound of the door wisping open.

Finally, face to face for the first time, they could see who it was that had sent a chill down both their backs. Both of them were not prepared for the new guy's ironic appearance. It was a little guy, no taller than Mark was. His wine red polo hung off his shoulder, draping his body in the thick fabric. Judging by the smooth features on his face and his short stature, he must have been a freshman.

Time stood still. Mark and Josh unknowingly held their breath as the little guy walked in. They couldn't move. All they could do was watch. As the new arrival stepped closer, Mark could see a sweeping change occurring in the freshman's face. A blank expression soon turned to one more excited and wide. Mark desperately wanted to know what he was thinking, worried and even a little excited as to what was about to happen.

A bewildered voice emerged. �Joshua Colt?�

He knows him by name? Mark knew that his friend was popular, but he had no idea that he was on a full name bases with everyone. Then again, being the kind of sport's star that he was, Mark couldn't remain all that shocked that someone might know his name.

Still hunched down and with an even more stunned look on his face he yelped, �Yes?�

The next few moments would turn out to be the most exhilarating and confusing of the entire day. For Mark, he thought there was no reaction that would shock him more. He had prepared for the worst. They could all see the same thing. They were in the presence of a teenage hunk, many times larger than any other at that school. Even if there were, Josh hadn't looked like this until only a few minutes ago.

The boy merely stood there. It was obvious that he was in awe for he too had stopped moving and that wide, bright look on his face still hadn't gone away. If Mark didn't know any better, he would think that the guy was admiring Josh. This was not the admiration one gets from being an runway model or a well endowed stripper. This is the kind of admiration one gets for being a star or celebrity. The longer they all stared at each other, though it was only for a few moments, the less tense Mark got. Although he could not see Josh, he was sure that he was still braced for anything.

�Ah man,� they thin freshman began excitedly, �you've got to be like one of the best center forwards I have ever seen!�

Excitement seeped from every corpuscle, irradiating the already well lit bathroom. The freshman also began swaying back and forth, probably due to his excitement. Mark and Josh had almost relaxed some when they were startled by another, even louder comment. �And I have to say, you look a lot bigger in person.�

Not sure how to take that last statement, Mark just hoped it was a good thing. Though Mark was strangely relieved, he had once again been overlooked. That guy probably didn't even see him standing their, although he was still right next to Josh. However, Mark need not wonder about Josh's reaction. He heard the quick breath of relief escaping his lips. Shortly after, he also heard Josh's confusion as it was relayed to his obvious fan. �Umm, thanks.�

There was a moment of hesitation. The freshman took a step forward, then stepped back again. Looking down at his feet, as to reconsidered his options, the freshman decided instead to turn around and leave the bathroom. Pulling the door open, he looked back at Josh, who was still frozen in place, and flashed the biggest smile. He even giggled to himself some. Then, as soon as he had come, he was gone, probably haven forgotten why he was in the bathroom in the first place.

The door shut quietly. Not even the slightest echo lingered in the barren room, leaving these two bewildered guys just standing there. Both of them didn't move at first. They continued to stare at the closed door in awe and shock, half way waiting for it to swing open again. Despite the innocent appearance of what had just happened, that was what added to their confusion.

�Um,� Mark bleeped out, �What?�

Mark looked up and saw Josh slowly nodding his head in agreement. Walking a few steps closer to the door, Mark pointed at it like the guy was still standing there. His eyes squinted, and Mark's mouth began to move as if he had something to say. From behind, though Mark did not look back, Josh started forming his confusion into words. �See?�

Staring more intently at the door, Mark also nodded a little bit. �Yeah,� he began, �You have a little fan that worships you.�

Jerking his head up some, Mark continued. �For that matter,� he said, slowly turning back to face Josh, �you must have lots of little fans worshiping you out there.�

Josh started to agree with him, but then the words that Mark had actually said sank in and he quickly stopped himself. Eyes widening some, he stepped closer to Mark saying, �I guess.�

Though the little guy's reaction was a little unusual, nothing really shocked Mark anymore when it came to Josh. He knew that he must have a fan club out there somewhere. They must have met on of its outstanding members. Staring at Josh, trying not to linger on his thick shelf-like pecs, Mark kept his confused expression. Looking up at Josh's face, Mark saw him shaking his head. Josh continued with a sort of 'see, what did I tell you' voice. �I mean, he didn't notice. He was only a few feet away and I looked normal to him-- well, more or less.�

�No you didn't,� Mark added with a meek objection, �He said--�

Cutting him off, Josh finished, �He said that I looked 'bigger in person'.�

Mark sharply nodded in agreement for that was what he was about to say. �The thing was that even from far away, a person this big doesn't look as skinny as I did,� Josh finished.

�I guess,� Mark said somberly, lowing his head some.

Josh noticed Mark's mood change, anyone could have seen it. Taking one of his still semi-smooth hands to Mark's chin, he gently lifted his head back up. Mark's eyes were wide with something Josh couldn't quite figure out. �What's wrong?�

Following his thick arm up to his beautifully defined face, Mark partially revealed his new concern to Josh. �I hope your right that they can't notice, because, I don't know how I am going to change you back. I don't even know if I can anymore.�

Josh let out a warm smile and looked into Mark's eyes. �Don't worry,� he grinned, �I'm sure everything will be fine.�

Mark gazed into his friends eyes and said, clasping Josh's risen hand with his own, �I hope so.�

The thing was, something about coming face to face with that other guy's overwhelming admiration for Josh stuck a nerve. Mark had always had a lingering fear that popularity would sweep Josh away from him. Though Josh would always dispelled this fear, Mark knew was that it wasn't going away. However, just like always, Mark pushed his fear down and tried to hide it from Josh.

As his fear faded once again into the darkness of his mind, Mark felt a strange calmness sweep over him instead. Josh was still gently clasping his smooth chin with his hand. The closeness was enveloping him like a warm cloud. His eyes softened, taking Josh's face out of focus. He put more weight onto his hand, and he even clasped Josh's hand a little tighter than he had before.

Then reality hit him. Mark was exposing himself for what he truly felt. The calmness he had been feeling was washed away and replaced with a prickling panic. Like a scared octopus, he wanted to get away. Rather than ink, his whole body tensed up, and rather than a quick swim, he stumbled back a few steps. Trying to recover from the sudden jolt, he stuttered, �W-w-we had better get moving, you still have a lot to tell me, and I need to figure out wh-what went wrong with changing you back.�

Mark could see the confusion in Josh's face and just figured it was from his own reaction to this close call. Josh walked past Mark to the door, but before opening it said sort of sullenly, �I'm sure you will figure something out.�

Right as he was about to open the door, he froze. Like a bolt of lightning, Josh had remembered something that he had been overlooking after all of this started. �I have soccer practice in half an hour,� Josh said forcefully.

Mark had totally forgotten. Since finals were starting in two weeks, Josh's team had been practicing everyday to get ready. �Wha-what are we going to do?�

Letting go of the door, Josh turned back to Mark with his answer. �I can't miss practice. The next few games are way too important,� he answered, sounding a little frustrated and concerned.

Mark understood, nodding his head. �And besides,� Josh continued, easing up a bit, �One way or another, I don't think coach would understand my reasons if I decided to skip practice today.�

�Then what do I need to do,� Mark asked innocently, looking like a dog left on the side of the road, �I don't want to go home, but I do want to understand what's happening.�

Josh let out a half smile and agreed. �I know,� he assured him, �I guess you will just have to tag along to practice until its over. Then we'll head back to my house and I will try to explain what's going on.�

Mark felt his heart skip a beat, excited at the idea of watching Josh during practice. Though practices were often, limiting the time Mark could see his friend, he would usually go to the library and study until Josh got out of practice. He wouldn't go home because his parents were never there, but it was rare that he actually went to watch. For in the past, he was afraid that coming to watch his best friend sweat in tight clothes might be �giving it away.� So, he was always too embarrassed to ask or too nervous to accept even when Josh offered for him to come to the field and watch. This time, however, due to the circumstances, Mark felt that was sufficient cover for coming to watch Josh. �Ok,� he said, trying to sound as plain as possible.

Josh chuckled at Mark's short response and added, �And maybe in the meantime you can work on how to change me back. Keep trying or something. Because I don't know how I will get into my work out clothes looking like this.�

This gave Mark a chance to glance back over Josh's still rippling and awe inspiring appearance. All of his clothes were still hanging on for dear life, straining around every bulge Josh's thick body had to offer. Mark also couldn't resist the chance to look down a little further and see how Josh's other gifts were doing. It seemed that his penis had calmed down a bit more, but there was still an obvious bulge where Josh's dick was resting.

After giving his friend the quick once over, and having calmed down some, he joked to Josh, �What? Don't you like a tight fit?�

Josh's eyes went wide. It took a moment, but then Mark realized what he had said and everything that it implied, and he immediately began to furiously apologize. �Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean-- I mean, I di-didn't mean to say it like that. I didn't--�

Josh put up a hand, and calmly shushed his nervous friend. Josh immediately understood and laughed. �It's cool.� he said, �I'm just glad to see you have been working on your sense of humor.�

Mark took a deep breath of relief and still was kicking himself for how he said what he said. �We may have to work on your wording a bit,� Josh joked, �but we can work on that later.�

�Thanks,� Mark said with a breathy elation.

�However, speaking of clothes, I am not even sure if the ones I am wearing will make it to the locker room. I can feel them trying to burst open every time I move.�

Mark gradually slid his hands over front of him and clasped them together. Too many more comments like that, and Mark wouldn't be able to walk out of here due to shear embarrassment.

�And the last thing I need are these things ripping off while I am in the middle of the hallway,� Josh finished, sounding half concerned and half amused at the absurdity of his genuine concern.

Holding his hands even tighter, Mark replied slyly, �I'm sure your little fan wouldn't mind that.�

�Eww!� Josh laughed, �I don't think so.�

Mark's expression fell, turning blank as he thought about what Josh had just said. He didn't have much of a chance to figure it out though. Having his thoughts cut off, he heard Josh finish, �Well, we had better hurry, before someone else barges in here.�

�And wants your autograph?� Mark weakly contributed.

Chuckling some more, Josh looked back and said, �Riiight.� •

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