By VladBath

Scott put down the dumbbells and hit a very hard lat spread. As he did, I could actually see his muscles swelling, growing right before my eyes. His lats were getting wider and thicker, the definition on his obliques was becoming razor sharp. His chest was heaving with new striations appearing with every breath. His shoulders were broadening and his whole body appeared to be developing at a phenomenal rate.

He struck a double biceps pose and I nearly came in my trousers. His biceps were pumped much bigger than they had been only moments before. The shape was incredible with full, round peaks and the "double cut" ridge down the centre of the flexed muscle. I couldn't guess as to the size but I was more than impressed.

Scott turned his head to view his arms and was obviously pleased with what he saw. "Damn! I'm huge! Hey doc, come over here and bring the tape measure will ya?" I shut down the lights, grabbed the tape and strode excidedly onto the platform. "How do my arms measure up?" Scott asked cockily.

My hands were shaking slightly as I drew the tape across his massively flexed arm. I swallowed hard and said "24 and an half inches. Not bad for a ten minute work out." We both grinned at each other. "Let me check your chest", I suggested. He smiled and flexed his huge pecs. The thickness was incredible. They stood out several inches beyond his upper abdomen.

"Does 58 inches sound about right?" I said, becoming extremely aroused by the closeness of such an incredible physique.

"I can live with it", Scott replied casually, "What about my legs?"

Dropping to my knees, he flexed his quads and the tape measure jumped in my hands. The muscle definition was incredible. Every fibre was visible through his skin. The vascularity was astounding. I could see the veins pumping with power and had to marshal my self-discipline to stop myself from licking them right then and there.

"34 inches on the quads and 23 inches on the calves. Very nice. I expect you've better than tripled your strength too." I said, my heart racing at the possibilities, "Care to test your strength?"

"What do you have in mind?" Scott asked self-assuredly.

"I don't know. Start with the bench press?" I suggested.

"Sounds good to me. Lemme see. If I'm three times stronger, then I'll need about 1500 on the bar. Do you have anything that can hold that kind of weight?" Scott asked.

"As a matter of fact, I do", I said, motioning him to the bench near the back of the platform. "I have a friend who is a metalurgist and he forged a set of weights designed just for this sort of circumstance. See those plates? They're the same size as standard 45's but each one weighs ten times as much. The bar is made from one of the hardest titanium steel alloys on the planet and weighs about 450 lbs. too. All the other weights back here are of the same material so rack 'em up."

Scott walked over to the bench and pulled one of the 450 plates off the rack as if it were nothing and proceeded to load the rest of the bar to 1500lbs. He threw his arms back, stretching his gigantic chest and reclined on the bench. Carefully, he positioned his hands on the bar and pushed. As he did, I could tell that the magnitude of our success was greater than I thought by the smile spreading across his face. He brought the bar down to touch his chest and pressed it up again effortlessly. He proceeded to do this eleven more times before he replaced the bar.

"1500's okay for a warm up, but looks like I'll need some real weight to see what I can do", Scott said, flexing his mighty chest. He returned to the rack and loaded the bar to an even tonne. He lay down and pressed a single rep with perfect form. "Too light", he declared and loaded another tonne. He tried the press again with this weight and he seemed more comfortable. He went for eight reps then jumped to his feet, muscles flexing. Scott was a very happy fellow. I was extremely gratified as well, not to mention horribly turned on.

"I love this!" Scott exclaimed. "Are the effects permenant? Will all this wear off? Do I have to keep taking it? What's the deal?" He reached for a pair of 300lb dumbbells and started curling with incredible ease, watching his mammoth biceps contract into perfect boulders of muscle.

"The effects are permenant. You don't need to take any more of this stuff.

It has become part of you now. Your muscle, tendon and bone tissue has mutated into progressively stronger material. They operate the same way they always have but they are considerably stronger now and have a much higher capacity to grow and reproduce. The energy-absorbing cell modification means that you can grow without eating tremendous quantities of food though you are likely to get very hungry if you work out without an adequate power source around."

"I can feel that already", Scott said, putting down the dumbbells. "I'm pretty starved right now. Wait a minute. You mean I'd continue to grow if there were enough power around here to feed my muscles? What's an adequate power source? How big can I get? How fast will I grow?" He was obviously excited at the prospect.

"Basically, your muscles will grow as fast as the power source can feed you, assuming the mechanism is activated by intense muscle contractions.

Those high-wattage floods give off a good deal of light and heat and you were able to absorb that light pretty easily and translate it into muscle.

You can use just about any energy as a power source. Electrical, sunlight, mechanical energy, anything. You can even use the old standard food but you'll have to eat a lot and it isn't efficient. Don't get me wrong, you still want to eat but to gain muscle, you want something that is immediately available, not something you need to digest. How big can you get? I really don't know. That's part of what I want to find out with these experiments."

"No problem there", Scott smiled. "I want to get enormous. But right now, I want to shower and get some dinner. I know a place around here that has an all you can eat buffet. I think we should show them what that really means."

"Okay", I said, "There is a locker room around the corner. Shower up while I shut down the lab."

Scott turned his mighty torso and headed off for the showers. I couldn't help watching his incredible back and legs (and phenomenal glutes) as he strode powerfully toward the back of the warehouse. My heart was pounding and it wasn't just scientific satisfaction either... •

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