Finding Mark

Concord Academy for Boys


By Nightwolf285

Number 613 pulled up to a large set of gates, guarding a school just off in the distance. Once the bus came to a squeaking and racketed halt, jolting all the people inside, the decorative gold gates swung open, exposing a two way drive leading to the ConcordAcademy for Boys. The bus rattled its way up the hill past the sloping green and large oak trees, rounding its way up to the beautifully landscaped campus.

However, inside the bus, though still quite loud, were two silent people sitting all the way in the back. On one side, there was a large, hulking teenager with his incredibly hard member hanging out of his tightly gripped pants. On the other side was by all rights an equally beautiful sight, though far slimmer and with his pant zipper closed.

Mark had frozen with eyes front. Mark’s long curls randomly hid parts of his face, while his emeralds were drying out rapidly. He couldn’t blink. Josh kept glancing back and forth between Mark, the other students and his rather well endowed problem between his own legs. Trying to subtly readjust, Josh whispered to his huge friend, “Mark?”

No answer. Looking worried, Josh asked again, “Mark?”

Mark was completely petrified. It didn’t matter that the bus made it too loud for him to hear Josh. To say that he was embarrassed would be a vast understatement. Completely mortified would barely begin to scratch the surface. He was in utter shock at what had just happened. So much so that he had neglected to notice all of him was still hanging out and quite far actually.

Josh didn’t know what to do. So many things were swirling around in his head that he also couldn’t sort any of them out. All he knew was that the bus would be stopping soon and Mark couldn’t stay here like this. Gently nudging Mark on his bulging bicep, Josh forcefully whispered with more worry, “Snap out of it. You have to snap out of it Mark.”

The words made their way to Mark’s ears, and even went so far as to swim in his brain for a short while before fading into the darkness. Trying to regain himself, Mark felt a light switch on in his head. The motors were running again, and all too quickly did he remember everything that had just happened. Not like there were a lot of reminders surrounding him, right? The cum was still oozing off the back of the bench, his clothes were still strained against his huge, rippling body, and looking down, he could see a half hard cock hanging out.

Something about that sight repulsed him. Something about all of this repulsed him. Grabbing hold of his huge cock, Mark tried to stuff all of it back into his pants, but he was having trouble. Mark was still too big. He couldn’t force its size in without ripping his pants wide open. His whole legs and thick sack were already filling his khakis up to the brim. They didn’t have anymore room for his enormous dick too. Yet he still tried to get it back in. How desperately he wanted to get it back in. Tears would have formed in his eyes from his frustration and shock if they hadn’t been so dry. His whole face, as smooth as it was began to wrinkle up as quiet sobs erupted from his line drawn mouth.

To see the crumpled teenage form trying to stuff his oversized cock back in his pants with all the fury of his strength but without wanting to rip so much as another thread of his clothes was a little sad. All this power and all this strength, and yet such a simple thing was bringing him down.

Mark had had enough of this and wished it all away. He desperately wanted to return to the way he was, and it was so. His whole body began to shrink twice as fast as it had grown. All the mass in his torso escaped his muscles, deflating like a bunch of whimpering balloons. Marks legs shriveled back to their former state. Although he had a good pair of legs on him to start with, they were nothing in comparison to the ones he had granted himself only minutes ago.

As his arms finished thinning out to their old selves, he more easily maneuvered his body around in the seat. He was no longer crushed up against the window and finally could breath again in his now slightly stretched uniform. This change made everything go back to the way it had been before the start of it all, including his dick, allowing him to quickly slip it in and zip up his fly.

Mark was relieved that he was himself again, but was still faced with what he feared the most. He slowly turned his red beaten face to look at Josh, seeing a narrow tunnel the whole way. Only Josh’s head could fit in it. Josh had a confusing expression on his golden-brown face. It looked like one of swirling surprise, anxiety and amazement, and Mark had no words for anything that had just happened. Mark did notice that even Josh seemed to be breathing heavy, exasperated in his own way. Probably his embarrassment of me, Mark thought.

As Mark’s tearless sobs subsided, he could feel something stirring in his gut. It was getting more intense. He could feel his insides twist, like they were caving in on themselves.


Mark’s stomach spasmed, causing him to lurch in on himself, sending his head flying toward Josh. Josh jerked back, just missing Mark’s head from going into his gut, while another spasm of pain hit Mark’s gut dead on. GGGRROOWWLL! If his regret and mortification hadn’t been enough, Mark now had shearing pain to add onto it.

Josh lifted Mark’s head up, and could see it twist with each growl of his stomach. Though the bus was loud, even its squeaks couldn’t cover this up. Bending around Mark, he reached into his gym bag again. From it, he pulled out a whole box of granola bars. Acting as quickly as he could, Josh unwrapped them and began feeding them to Mark. Mark was still clutching his stomach with both hands in pain, but lifted his head up enough to eat. Mark inhaled each one in only a few bites, making Josh have to quickly open another.

Josh would strip a bar and feed it to Mark, one after the other. Ten bars later, there were no more. All that was left was the hope in both of them that this was enough. Mark’s stomach was no longer growling, but neither of them was sure if it was over. Mark slumped back into his seat again, drenched in sweat from the ordeal. He still held his stomach, but not in pain. Mark’s appetite seemed to be appeased for the moment.

Josh continued to stare at his friend. Shock and bewilderment couldn’t begin to describe his reaction to all of this. He would have asked what just happened, but he figured out why. He knew it must have something to do with the growth and shrinking that Mark just did. Then again, he was still more confused than ever about a lot of other stuff. Putting the empty wrappers and box away, he tried to sort some of it out with no luck.

With a jolt, the bus suddenly came to a halt, shaking all of the people inside once again. As if this had been a sign from above, Mark quickly grabbed up his bags. Standing up and strapping them on, he didn’t give Josh time to move before he was sliding past him out into the long walkway.

Rushing down the aisle, Mark quickly swooped past everyone, racing for the front. All he knew was that he had to get off that bus as fast as he could. As he rounded the metal divider, Gary had already begun to open the squeaking metal doors. He took one step down and froze for a moment. Mark looked back, through the heads of every other guy to only see Josh’s thick curls facing back at him. With a whimpered sigh, saddened that Josh couldn’t even bear to look at him, he quickly stepped off the bus.

Walking away from the embarrassment behind him, he voyaged into the oblivion of his school. He could feel his clothes sticking to him from all the sweat. His hair strung down in front of his face, annoying his nose and further irritating his eyes. Pushing a few strands of hair out of the way, he fought back waterless sobs. Mark was so confused and frustrated, but he didn’t know what to do. Instead, he quickly scurried from the circle driveway, heading onto one of the many stone paths that led all around the school. Flat grass and the occasional falling leaves surrounded him as he headed off to the administration building.

Mark couldn’t believe what had just happened. He had thought this gift would be a blessing and something to be shared with his best friend. Instead it turned into a feast of sorrow and embarrassment, probably alienating the one person that had ever noticed him. This thing had turned the one person that actually liked him away and for what? A ten second show of strength followed by ten more of absolute horrification that—

“The cum!” Mark shouted out to himself.

Though there were a few people walking all around, no one seemed to notice his small outburst. Coming to a large concrete clearing in front of the administration building, he took a seat on one of the many benches surrounding the area. More softly, he repeated to himself, “I left all that cum on the bus! Oh my God, how am I going to explain that,” he huffed. “How is Gary going to explain that?”

Mark was exasperated. Dropping his gym bag beside him on the finely finished wooden bench, all he could do was huff and puff again. Staring out onto the concrete, his eyes gazed at the great seal between him and the building far ahead, bearing the Academy’s coat of arms. As he stared, his contacts had not only dried out but had begun to hurt. Mark tried to blink water back onto them but it was no use. So, he lifted up his head and clumsily popped both of them out. Irritated by the pain they had caused, he threw them to the ground, letting one of the few long cracks dividing the smooth blocks catch it.

His eyes instantly began to feel much better, but now the whole semi-circular courtyard of stone and fountains had become blurry. The building was nothing more than a blob. The two small fountains next to its borders were flowing shimmers of blue sparkles. Remembering where he had put his glasses, he opened up his pack and pulled them out. Placing the thin frames on his eyes, everything came back into focus. The people, the partly cloudy skies, all of it.

To Mark, it was another thing to be frustrated about. It didn’t help that his clothes no longer fit right. Looking down at himself, he could tell that everything had been stretched a little bit. The lion drooped a little to one side, his pants had mysterious wrinkles aside from the neatly pressed crease he always had.

“Perfect,” Mark sighed agitatedly, “First my eyes, then my friend, and now my clothes.”

Looking out upon the curved stone brick building ahead he asked, “What am I going to do?”

Only a moment was given to Mark for pause before his stomach began to quietly growl at him again. Through his red polo, his thin framed black glasses and his long locks of dark hair, he stared at his gut in amazement. It had digested ten bars in a matter of minutes and like little Oliver was already begging for more. “I won’t make it to lunch like this,” Mark sighed, hunched in on himself, “but what am I to do?”

There was just no end to it all. What’s worse is that Mark would have to make it through the next few hours with no food and a growing hunger that nearly paralyzed him earlier. Hanging his head, and putting his hands on his lap in front of him, he just blankly stared at his lap. Mark felt utterly alone. He was isolated, alienated and above all, a freak. I can’t see Josh like this; he can’t see me, Mark thought.

The thought of Josh made Mark stand straight back up in a start. Regaining his balance and some of his composure, he looked around and didn’t see him. There was a group of lower schooler’s walking past him, but that was it. Mark didn’t want to talk to Josh right now; he couldn’t. Grabbing his bags, he headed off. The upper school was just a little further ahead, and he had to hurry before classes started.

Hiding behind his glasses and hair, he kept his head down as he quickly scurried off past one of the flowing fountains. Rounding away from the water and the administration building, all Mark could think about was one thing: I’ll never get answers like this. I’ll never figure this out, and I'll never be able to share it with anyone. … I’m alone. •

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