Fat Camp



By mlp1983

Davey saw the tape measure on my dresser that Don used on me earlier that day. He grabbed it and bulled it around his muscular chest ---

“Shit! Look at this Mikey! 44 inches! My chest feels soooo hot, man. My Waist is down to 34! Damn! This place is great! Now, let’s see yours.

He slipped the tape around my chest --- 37 inches! Two inches more than when Don measured me earlier that day. Then he measured my biceps – up to 11 inches --- it felt so good to have him slip his arms all over me and measure me. My cock was getting hard at his touch, but also at the idea that we were both growing.

Davey grabbed be by the back o f my head and pulled me back down to his cock. I swallowed it again and it wasn’t long before he pumped yet another load of hot cum into me.

This time, it felt more like a powerful drug entering me. I swallowed more and when he was done… he looked at me with amazement—

“Mikey! My cum is making you bigger again! It’s got to be the stuff they give us ---It’s working on you through my cum!”

Funny, Doc told me it wouldn’t work on me because I didn’t have the right body fat composition, but it worked because it came through Davey!

“You want to get bigger like the rest of us Mikey?”

It took a moment ot sink into my head that I COULD get bigger, and when Mikey measured me again , this time with a 38 inch chest, there was no doubt.


Mikey ran back to his cabin and I walked into my bathroom. I could not believe what I saw. I had not grown taller, but the additional three inches of muscle on my frame suddenly made me look like a stud. I looked down at my cock, still hard as ever and it, too, looked bigger. I began stroking it, feeling my newly-enhanced muscles on my frame, and I started cumming---but this time, I caught my cum in my had and ate as much as I could of my own juice. More warmth followed, and more growth--- I could fuel my own growth!

Soon there was a knock at my door, and I ran naked to answer it, hoping it would be Davey again.

Don stood there with a concerned look on his face, followed by a surpised look. “Davey are you OK - thought I heard – oh –um – wow, this is embarrassing.”

But I was not embarrassed. “It’s OK Don…. Come on in…”

“No, no, I really shouldn’t.”

I grabbed his huge bicep and pulled him in.

“Don , look at me--- no need to be embarrassed yourself… “

He looked at me and saw the new muscular form of me… not huge, but noticeably larger.

“Wow, Mikey, you didn’t look like that earlier..”

“I know, Don,” I said, “But I found a way to help me grow a little faster. You take the enzyme formula, too, right?”

“Yes--- but what has that got to do with…?”

Before he could finish, I pushed Don down on my bed and pulled down his shorts--- his beautiful cock stood erect as I thought it might--- and I wend down on it…. Using my throat muscles to milk him and letting him fuck my mouth. His surprise was short-lived as I felt him relax and I gave him an oral massage he would not forget. Feeling his cock throb, I knew he would give me more of his juice. Suddenly he erupted a volcano of hot cum into my mouth…. And I swallowed every drop that I could----feeling its warmth spread in me, filling every cell in my body… making me feel more alive with every breath…feeling the pump in my muscles and knowing that I could grow more….

An dwehn I pulled off Don’s cock, he grabbed me and kissed me! Then he went for my cock --- by instinct he sucked my dick and the hot man I spent the last week with was soon drinking my cum as well ---

And growing .... •

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