Competing for Affection


By sdfsdf2

Zerin bit his lip hard as the tattoo was etched onto his back but in a different pattern, it hurt but until Caden could handle him he’d have to do it. He already felt himself shrinking down to the same build he’d had when he had met Caden that first day. Trying to muffle a groan he glared at the old man, “How much longer!?”

“You’re lucky we got you before the fangs and horns became more visible, now sit back down,” ordered the old whacking him on the arm, “I’m almost…there…Ah, done! Looks like you still have time to get back to that house too. You’re lucky, most human parents tend to live at home with their children all the time.”

“Yah Yah, but how do I break it to him that I’m a demon? Try giving me help on that one,” shot Zerin in annoyance as he got up and walked to the door, “Ah oh yeah…thanks.” With that he walked out the door and left quickly as could.


Caden woke with an odd feeling in his chest and bolted up, ‘What? How’d I get home…where is everyone?’ Getting up he almost fell down as he looked in the mirror to see blonde hair with streaks of brown, “WHAT!?” Running closer, he looked at his eyes to see a color closer to gold, “No, how, when, what…ugh!” It was just to confusing to him as he anger he stamped down the stair to see Zerin looking at him and suddenly couldn’t help but blush.

******** It wasn’t hard for Zerin to tell he was awake after the screaming and the sudden stomping of feet on the stair. It was a pleasant surprise to see Caden blush when he stopped him, “Jeez Caden, could you be any louder.” He smiled at the joke and watched as Caden came closer, looking hotter to him than ever. It took a lot of control to not just reach out and kiss him passionately.

“I thought I told you walking around in only boxers was a bit odd,” Caden grinned back, “But I like the view.” Now this made Zerin blush and was able to quickly hide it to his relief.

Flexing his arms and going into a pose, he watched as Caden tried to act cool but could see the arousal beginning in his pants, “You can also touch the exhibit if you’d like.” Grinning playfully, he walked over and enveloped him in a powerful hug. It felt good feeling every part of Caden’s body and he felt his own dick begin to stir but tried to control it.

“Zerin, I never realized just how hard you actually were; even when I bumped into you,” joked Caden as he hugged him back and began rubbing Zerin’s back. Zerin enjoying the attention flexed hard and was reward by a soft moan from Caden who was still rubbing his back.

“You know, I have a spot I’d like you to rub for me. It’d make me feel better,” Zerin grinned playfully as he rubbed his now semi-hard dick against Caden’s chest and enjoying being six foot two to Caden’s five foot ten.

“Well, if it’d make you feel better- wait,” Caden paused realizing what he was doing and Zerin knew he was losing him.

“Caden look at me,” spoke Zerin deeply as he tilted Caden’s face up at him, “Why do you always resist? Can’t you tell I want you badly? I know you want me, now come on! How can you want me and be okay with me screwing other and not be jealous of it!?” He was horny and confused and didn’t want Caden to walk out on him; so he gripped his arms tightly on to Caden’s body in the hug.

“I…hurt those I love…you-you can’t handle me Zerin. Let’s just leave it at friends before it gets worse,” Caden shot out as he hugged Zerin harder.

Zerin almost burst out laugh, “You can never hurt me Caden. You can try but believe me; it’d be me that would be hurting you.” With that, he bent down and kissed Caden deeply and felt him almost fall into his arms, ‘How could you think you could hurt me?’

Breaking the kiss, Caden looked up at him and smiled, “By the way, just caused I didn’t have a problem with you screwing over guys didn’t mean I wasn’t jealous.” With that he kissed Zerin powerfully and he felt Caden’s tongue go into his mouth.

He was enjoying the kiss when he felt the most powerfully of ecstasy in his life. Within seconds he felt himself lose control and orgasm six times on to Caden’s clothes and almost lost balance. What shocked him was the fact that Caden was the one who’d caused it through the kiss and what scared him was that Caden had been holding back and he’d felt that, “Caden…how’d you…do that?” He was still trying to catch his breath as he spoke and sat with his back against the fridge on the ground.

“I told you I always lose control of my emotions…so I just live in my mind. I’m sorry if it was too much,” answered Caden who looked embarrassed and tried to turn away when Zerin grabbed him and pulled him into his lap.

Letting out a small growl, Zerin began rubbing Caden’s stomach playfully, “Caden,” he nuzzled his hair, “I enjoyed every second of it and I hope to feel that soon.” He was already getting horny again and tried to adjust his position discreetly, ‘I can’t help it if I have a healthy libido.’ Happy that he was for now in control of the relationship, he began sucking on the back of Caden’s neck and was reward with a sigh of pleasure, “I’ll never leave your side Caden. I’m going to be your fortress forever and you can count on that.” A few thoughts went through his mind at the moment like, who exactly is Caden and how could he do that; but at the moment his libido when first thought.

Reaching lower, he found the bulge in Caden’s pants and began rubbing it and enjoyed the sudden movement that came from it, “Nice of you to give me a surprise present. Guess I better unwrap it.” With an evil grin, he began fondling Caden though his jeans and felt it grow longer. His own arousal got harder as he heard Caden moan and unbuttoned Caden’s pants and slid them lower followed quickly by his boxers. The sight he saw made his dick go rock hard; Caden’s dick stood naturally at nine inches, “Whoa and it’s not even my birthday yet!” Chuckling he begin jacking him off with the right hand while fondling him with the left. Hornier than before, he began humping Caden’s ass through his pants when he saw Caden blow his load with satisfied moan and got blasted by Zerin’s powerful load as he was pushed over the edge. Laying on the ground, he hugged Caden on top of him as he licked cum off of his fingers, “You taste good.” He couldn’t really think of anything else to say because of the calm he was suddenly feeling.

Caden flipped over and laid down, eyes facing him with a gentle smile, “I’ve never felt that good before. If you really want me that badly then…okay I’ll be yours.” He leaned forward and kissed Zerin who growled his approval deep within his throat. “You sure are a vocal person,” laughed Caden as he laid back on to Zerin’s chest with a sigh of pleasure.

“You haven’t heard anything yet,” answered Zerin with a cocky voice as he shifted his position as he became horny yet again, ‘Okay this is becoming insane! What’s going on?’

Caden had to of felt it when he smiled up at him and said nonchalantly, “So are you ever not horny or is that your natural state?” Laughed, he playfully rubbed him up and down with his body.

“Caden, you don’t want to play games with me,” Zerin almost ordered as he hugged him to a stop, “I have a…darker side, that should be a good word, and if you push me enough it will take over and I won’t be gentle and I won’t take no as an answer to anything. So until you can handle that be careful just how much of my sexual yearning you try to take on because I will dominate you Caden. It’s just who I am. I like being in control and I’ll make sure I am no matter what.” With that, Zerin paused and worried he might have pushed Caden away already but he was just trying to protect him from himself. ******

Caden shivered after hearing what Zerin said and tried to relax a little but the voice Zerin had used was dark and controlling and proved just how true the statement was. At that moment Caden realized that Zerin need him as much as Caden needed Zerin to be something stable in his life. Trying to lighten the mood, he reached up and ruffled Zerin’s hair, “Don’t worry, I’ll stick with you; even if you can be a bit full of yourself.” Smiling he kissed Zerin on lips and he slid himself forward, “You taste like…black licorice.” ***** Zerin sighed in relief and kissed him back, “That’s good to hear and I’m sure the sports teams will be too now that I’m only with you.” It was hard to resist having fucking Caden there on the ground or tasting that body more but at the moment this was enough, ‘How can I tell what I am? Who could ever accept that? I can’t lose you now; you’re my Caden and no one else will ever take you away.’ Feeling a little more secure, he fell asleep exhausted with Caden still in his arms. ***** Caden smiled at the now sleeping Zerin, “I hope you open up to me but I guess that’d mean I’d have to tell you everything too. At least I’ll have some time with you…” Now that Zerin was asleep, Caden was able to move his arms and get up, ‘You even look hot sleeping.’ Bending down, he kissed him one more time before going out on the front porch to think things through; he still wasn’t sure how it was going to work out. He’d have to call Daren and he what he thought; he’d probably know. •

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