Competing for Affection


By sdfsdf2

Zerin couldn’t believe that Caden was asleep next to him and yet be emotionally so far away. The weekend had given Caden to him almost and now he just slept there a foot away thinking he was perfectly safe in the blankets. Not being able to resist himself, Zerin scooted closer and caressed Caden’s hair. It felt so good that he became aroused the moment he touched it but quickly removed his hand when Caden mumbled and turned to the side. He looks so good sitting there, thought Zerin, just one lick can’t be bad…he’ll never know and maybe in tastes like his smell of incense. Scooting even closer, Zerin lifted himself on to his arm and sticking out his tongue got closer for a playful lick then stopped. If he woke up then all hell could break loose. About to turn around, Zerin suddenly got the taste he wanted by mistake. Right when he was turning Caden moved again and his keep brushed for a good two seconds on Zerin’s tongue.

It was like pure ecstasy and Zerin couldn’t stop shivering in pleasure. Losing control, he grabbed on to Caden and held him close, playing twirling his hair as he slept, if I can do this and have him not wake- NO stop! I can’t do this yet but I can do just one more thing… Bending down, Zerin kissed him lightly on mouth and sliding off squeezed his shoulder, you’ll be all mine soon. ******** Caden woke up the next morning feeling oddly horny and saw Zerin next to him, it has to be this house. Trying to cool off he through on clothes and went outside and felt himself quickly calm down. Not wanting to embarrass himself he went back inside and grabbed a glass of milk from the fridge. A couple minutes later, Zerin came down stairs in a muscle T and boxers, “You couldn’t put clothes on?

Zerin looked at him and burst out laughing, “You’ve walked in on me screwing another guy and that’s all you care about?” Caden couldn’t help but blush and burst out laughing.

“You know I’ve been here since Friday? This is the first time I’ve ever done that,” Caden smiled and put his arm behind his head and sat down, “It feels good having friends you know?”

Zerin seemed to pause a little too long before answering, “Yah, tell you the truth I’m not really used to it.”

Caden just smiled and finished his milk and set the glass in the sink, “Well like I told Daren, if you guys want to hang out just let me know. My parents don’t mind and actually they aren’t really home much cause of their job and all.”

“Sounds great,” answered Zerin with a smile that came a little to close to playful. The rest of the day went pretty easily and waving goodbye Caden left around eight. *********

Zerin had grown a lot on Sunday as he looked into the mirror of the locked boy’s bathroom. He stood close to six foot four and he now had a cut eight pack and large pectorals to go with it. His arms reached nineteen with matching good legs and his dick came close to twelve inches of course Daren was as big as he was now and that meant he had even bigger competition, I need practice.

Zerin felt himself become erect and realized he was hornier than usual, good thing the swim team’s just getting out of practice for lunch. *******

Daren was extremely horny and had just finished up the last defensive lineman when the ball rang, “Sorry guys I don’t know what’s gotten me turned on so much today.” They just moaned happily back as he left the room. From the way the swim team was just barely getting dressed he guess Zerin had just finished his fun too. ********

Caden looked from Daren to Zerin frowning as he sat down on the opposite side of them; seeing that they were waiting for him to go first he burst out annoyed, “Okay, I don’t mind you screwing people cause we’re just friends but come on! The football teams still running into walls and the swim team can barely stand for a minute. It looks like Zerin, you also hit the soccer team cause they can’t sit down and Daren, you had to of hit basketball cause they can’t decide which hurts more sitting or standing. Looks like you shared the drum line and both of you fucked the lacrosse team cause none of them want to get within a hundred meters of this table. What is going on with you two?!”

Daren just blushed but Zerin managed an impish grin because in one day he’d topped his record of twenty-six people. The glare from Caden shut him up quickly though.

Caden waited but neither seemed to be able to explain themselves and that just made him more angry than before, “I have practice but you’d better have a good excuse when I get back cause this is messing up our teams so they can’t see straight!” With that he stormed off towards the locker room without eating. *********

Daren watched Caden play on the field in those slightly short lacrosse shorts and it just turned him on more, the binding isn’t going to hold much longer. Sighing he turned and headed for the locker-room to wait for Caden which wasn’t long as the team came inside. He couldn’t help but smile as the rest of the team quickly ran to the other side but gave him wanting and lustful looks, “Hey Caden, I’m sorry I just-” He felt a snap inside and new time had run out, Caden had broken unknowingly the rest of the seal.

“Just what? Why are you staring at me like that?” asked Caden taking a step back from him and looking for a closer exit.

“You look so hot in that union but ya’d look better naked,” grinned Daren stepping forward and locking his eyes hard onto Caden’s.

Caden froze and tried to move but couldn’t and it aroused Daren a little more, “Daren you aren’t making sense. Just listen to yourse-” He couldn’t finish when Daren lunged forward and hugged him hard with a heavy kiss to his face. Caden seemed to turn to jelly in his arms and he just seemed to stand into him before struggling again, “Don’t do this, its not right!”

Daren wasn’t listening as he felt himself getting taller and widening to match. Flexing his arms, they destroyed his shirt and made Caden appear to be even smaller in comparison. An odd moan came from Caden’s mouth as his pecs expanded and his abs became more cut destroying his shirt as he passed seven feet. His dick felt like it would explode as the zipper broke and the button flew off as his cock rammed up between them to stand proud and aching around twelve inches. In seconds his pants finished ripping off for his round ass and defined leg muscles, “Just say you want me and I’ll give pleasure you never dreamed you could have.” He could feel Caden’s resolve weakening and his hits turning to caressed when a bell rang and he felt a leg connect with his cock making him roar in pain while doubling over. ********

“You need help!” shouted Caden as he ran out the room and into to the now empty hallways trying to find anyone who could help him, what’s go on!? Running down yet another hallway he saw Zerin putting away his book bag and grabbing some supplies, “Zerin I need your help! Daren gone literally insane!” He ran up and slammed into Zerin’s chest trying to find anything he could use for a buffer between him and Daren.

That’s when he felt it, that odd shiver that had gone through Daren before he’d gone nuts. Looking up he saw Zerin looking at him oddly, “When did your eyes turn gold?” He began to slowly caress Caden’s hair and it made him shiver in a way he didn’t understand, “Or get dirty blonde hair? What happened?” The caressing became a bit harder and Caden felt himself being pushed farther into Zerin’s chest.

“Zerin what are you doing?” asked Caden trying to push away but finding Zerin a lot stronger than him, “I came for help not therapy and I haven’t looked in a mirror since Daren thought it would be fun to squeeze me hard.”

Zerin’s face turned to a cold furry and Caden could almost see the innocence slipping from his face, “He didn’t touch you in personal places right?” He began rubbing Caden down his back and getting to friendly for him.

“No but that doesn’t mean you should!” snapped Caden as he tried to struggle harder to no avail, “Come on let me go!”

Zerin looked down sadly at him, “I’m sorry Caden you’re…you’re out of time.” His hands seemed to caress his hair harder and he seemed to Caden to sniffing his hair when he felt a tongue began to lick across his neck and he tried to silence the moan that came out with only half success, “Just say you pick me and I’ll try to have some mercy on you.” He was getting taller and his voice was a bit more forceful than before, “You better hurry because I can’t hold like this much longer.” At that Caden felt his abs grow bigger and the eight pack push towards him followed by two larger pecs that managed to rip Zerin’s shirt off.

“Zerin, don’t do this,” murmured Caden into his chest as he looked up and saw a darker more controlling face quickly replacing the innocent one from before. The bulge in the pants he was forcefully being shoved against was now obscenely huge and like Daren felt it rip open and stand erect between them at thirteen inches. Zerin’s now completely aroused and naked as his legs finished growing was kissing him hard and ripping off Caden’s shirt.

“One last chance, pick me or you’ll have a lot more pain before pleasure,” growled Zerin as he reached down and began rubbing Caden’s abs which were nowhere near like his, “Damn, I just can’t resist you!” Reaching for Caden’s belt, he was about to rip if off to Caden’s protest when he felt a powerful arm knock him over. Getting back up he glared at Caden, “Get away, do you know how hard it was to break free of that seal and become myself! That innocent side of me was killing me inside, good riddens!”

Daren just punched again only to have Zerin easily deflect, “Let him go Zerin! You aren’t the same person he liked; he’ll want me over you!”

Caden finally regaining some since got up to watch to huge guys, once his friends, fight for dominance over him. Seeking a way out he considered his options, after all, he had been starting to fall for them over the last few weeks but he couldn’t figure out why. He’d looked into them carefully and saw what truly saw inside but he’d never been able to sense this. Who what exactly are they was one of many thoughts rushing through his mind. Meanwhile they continued to fight like children over a toy tell Caden got up and walked between them, “Enough already! You’re both acting like children…” It was getting harder to focus, all that energy in the forms of lust, power, and want were getting to him and was beginning to drain his strength to do much of anything. Losing his footing, he shoved, or at least tried, to get them away but was pushed closer to them as they collided to help him up, they feel so good and warm…wait focus come on. They did look hot he realized and try as he might he was getting a strong wanting for them and from that came his solution, “I choose…both.” With that he collapsed into them and fell asleep not sure of the outcome of this words. ********

Zerin looked down at what almost looked like a mere child in his arms, “Okay, we both know he can’t handle two of us. We already strained him and look at how his physical appearance changed.” He began stroking the dirty blonde hair and chuckled, “But it does make him look even hotter.”

Daren looked over and sat next to them and placed an arm on Caden’s shoulder who was now laying down in Zerin’s lap fast asleep, “What do we do then? Besides reseal ourselves tell he’s ready to handle us?”

“That’s simple,” answered a woman walking towards them in an outfit to revealing to be school appropriate. She flicked blonde hair out of hair eyes and looked at them, “Wow, you all did a number on each other.” She paused and checked Caden’s pulse and Zerin moved him closer with a glare. “Oh relax,” she laughed and wrote something down, “You are the one who gets him.”

Daren gave her a look so dark it could have killed someone by looking at him, “What are you talking about? He said both and I’m supposed to be getting someone that goes here remember?”

She tsked and tried to look apologetic but it failed, “You had already found your partner and been screwing him for weeks. Shawn? Hello, you two have been into each other for ever!”

Zerin looked up and smiled, “Daren every time you wanted Caden it was after you fucked Shawn, come on, how dumb can you be!?” He glared over at Daren after he said this, you almost screwed my chances of getting the one I wanted. I’m not through pounding you yet!

Daren looked at her then blushed in embarrassment, “So now what happens?”

“You and Shawn are moving to a town close by so you’ll still have contact but it’ll make things easier for everyone. Zerin take Caden home and get resealed, after what you two did to him, he won’t remember anything but choosing the person he fell on which was luckily you.” Taking no more than a second to get things memorized, he grabbed Caden and ran outside. He’d gotten what he wanted and now he could do with him whatever he wanted but looking down at Caden he stopped that thought. It looked like Caden wasn’t the only who’d changed. While it may have been physical for him; Caden had brought out a part of Zerin that he’d locked away because of pain. Getting into the car and barely fitting, he pulled out of the parking lot and drove Caden home; he had a lot to do before Caden woke up again. •

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