Competing for Affection


By sdfsdf2

“Damn I’m late,” yelled Caden to himself running down the almost empty hall. This was only his second day and already it was getting him in trouble. I thought I’d only be there a few minutes more in sleep, He though cursing that he’d been so foolish. Jumping over the janitor’s floor cleaner, he slipped on the wax floor and slammed into something slightly hard. Not a wall but definitely not soft.

“Hey you okay?” asked a slightly deep voice making Caden look up. He was wearing a leather jacket and had an interesting color silver eyes.

“Oh I’m sorry I was just late and leaping that floor waxer wasn’t exactly smart,” apologized Caden laughing with one arm to the back of his head, “I’m Caden.” ********

“Heh, no problem,” answered Zerin smoothly and now for the you fall for me. Zerin grinned at him then said in slightly deeper more seductive voice, “I’m Zerin and I’m sort of new. You care to show me around?”

Caden looked at him blankly then finally replied, “Huh? Oh sorry I just remembered that I didn’t leave my math homework at home after all. Lucky me! Oh yeah, sorry I’m already late for class but lets see who you have.”

What the hell!? How did he-what did he? Did he just go through that unfazed? Questioned Zerin to himself before handing him the paper, I better not have to play innocent to long or a lot of these kids will be walking bow legged for a day. He laughed inwardly at this and looked at Caden.

“Well,” answered Caden looking at it, “You have English with me this period so I’ll show you to it and use you as an excuse to not be late. Thanks.”

Zerin just stared at him. How could he not fall for that like everyone else, he thought as he walked with him. Getting close behind him he breathed in deeply. He quickly became aroused and hid it behind his notebook; Caden smelled like incense and nothing turned him on more than that. He had no idea why he smelled like it but he knew it was natural. Seeing his locker he reached forward with an arm and pinned Caden to it, “Sorry just need to grab something from here, guess my arm got caught on your pack.” Reaching in he brushed past Caden’s hair and shivered inwardly, it’s so soft and thick. Remembering what he was doing he grabbed it and walked on with him.

Stepping into class he saw Daren and gave him a wave; the look on his face just priceless. As Caden sat down he waited for the teacher to give him the only other seat left; the other side of Caden. It was just to good; if looks could kill, Daren would have killed him before he even reached his new seat, “Thanks for the help.” His voice was seductive and quite a few people looked as he removed his arm from patting Caden’s shoulder and he winked at Daren playfully, what’s wrong? No much competition for you already?

Caden just looked up and smiled, “Oh no problem.” He then went back to reading his book and was engrossed in what it had to say. The rest of the period he was oblivious to Daren and Zerin trying to size him up and get better looks. Finally, the bell rang and seemed to almost force himself to leave his reading. *******

Caden spent the rest of the school day doing his usual work but during gym he began to wonder why Daren kept trying to get him to workout with him. “You know I don’t bench press,” laughed Caden as he stood there watching Daren pump his arms up and down, “You can look at me and tell that.”

“Then how are you in that good of shape,” asked Daren pausing to look at him, “Don’t tell me you just wished on a star.”

Caden actually blushed a light red for a second making Daren smile, “I have a high metabolism and I play Long pole midie and Defense for lacrosse. I’m trying out tomorrow.”

Daren seemed to look at him for a second before seeming to remember that he could speak, “That’s cool. I didn’t think you actually played I thought you looked more like a swimmer.”

Caden laughed and the blush disappeared, “Nah I love the water but I like lacrosse more.”

At that moment Zerin walked up and waved before jogging the rest of the way, “Hey guys I didn’t know you’d be the weight lifting guy Caden but I guess that might explain the build you have.”

Caden blushed again and turned slightly away, “Nah like I said, metabolism and lacrosse.” He looked down and tried to remove his blush, Wow this is embarrassing, why does everyone want to hang with me? Trying to figure it out he looked back at them but couldn’t figure it out. Shrugging it off he looked over at Daren, “Hey about tutoring you tonight…can it be later? I have…something else I want to do at that time.”

“Ah sure,” answered Daren but he looked confused and taken aback a little so Caden just smiled hoping he had made a new friend mad.

“Hey Caden, seeing as I’m new here I was wondering if you wanted to hang this weekend,” he looked almost afraid he’d say no so what else could Caden say.

“Sure I don’t see why not,” Caden answered not wanting to hurt his feelings. ****** “Thanks!” exclaimed Zerin who exploded with triumph inside, now who’s ahead Daren?

Clasping his arm with Caden he slammed into his right side and patted his back like he’d seen so many jocks do, this place has weird customs. That’s when he felt it, like an odd spark but nice and he couldn’t help but want more but not wanting to look odd he let go quickly.

Caden seemed taken by surprise but let it go and shrugged, “No problem.”

The feeling was really bothering Zerin’s neck and he couldn’t resist scratching it but it still burned and he had an odd hunger feeling inside.

Daren gave him the cruelest look ever but he couldn’t find the energy suddenly to wink or do any other torturous things to him. What’s happening? Feeling the tingle reach his back, was glad the bell rang

Running to the bathroom he locked the door and threw off his shirt and jacket, “NO!” The part of his tattoo had become visible on his back which meant that Caden had somehow managed to crack part of the spell he’d been put under to inhibit growth. Already his arms swell slightly and his abs became slightly bigger and more defined. His pecs grew a little and his ass rounded itself out a bit better. The final things that caused him moan in pleasure was that he grew two inches to keep that sexy athletic looks people liked and his dick swelled harder and at least grew an inch making it harder to keep down the urge to just rip his clothes off and fuck the nearest person in sight. Calming down he got a closer look and damn did he look good. With each breath his shirt rose a good inch revealing his now improved abs and his pants left a little less to the imagination. But if this happened to me then it can happen to him, thought Zerin making his hands ball into a fist, “We’ll see who wins him first yet!” With that he unlocked the door and marched outside grinning at the looks the girls gave him in the halls; he always did love attention. ********* Daren looked yet again at his new math problems, it made more since but he couldn’t help staring at Caden’s hair and soft face. It was so gentle and kind looking he had to resist the urge to reach out and touch him. Looking down he focused once more on the problems and ten minutes later let out a sigh of contentment when he finished them; Caden’s new formula for them had worked again and math was getting easier.

“Hey Caden, can you check these for me?” Daren waited for a response and saw that Caden wasn’t moving, in fact nothing but his breath was moving, “Ah Caden?” He waved his hands but nothing happened. Finally, he just reached over and shook his shoulders and relished in how good it felt.

Caden snapped back and looked at him with wild eyes, “What are you doing in this place? You’ve just put yourself in danger! Leave while still…can? Wait, what the hell? Where exactly am I?”

Daren stared at him, “Ah, you okay? I hope that was a joke because he just went off the deep end.”

Caden looked down and blushed a dark and hid his face by turning around, “I’m sorry, when I zone off I visit my own world but its big and powerful and full of so many amazing things I forget which reality I want to be in, in fact usually I have to will myself to come back. How did you do it?” He looked amazed and also depressed as he turned around.

“I just shook you like this,” answered Caden who suddenly felt an odd tickle but it faded just as fast, “Why would rather live there?”

“When I listen to music or stare at a blank wall I can create images so real you could touch them in my find and the stories are so great and the people so real you just wouldn’t believe it. Imagine being in a place where everything you ever dreamed came true and you didn’t control the characters; they controlled themselves and reacted to you,” Caden seemed so excited and happy as he spoke this that Daren couldn’t help but be swept up in his happiness.

“Well, I’m glad you came back because have a friend whose never here when you’re talking to them would suck ya know?” laughed Daren as he got up and grabbed Caden’s books, “let me help ya with this.”

“Oh thanks,” laughed Caden the blush fading, “At least I finally told somebody, you have know idea how hard it is feeling like you’re stuck with half your emotions in one reality and the rest in another!”

Daren laughed and walked to the door with him, I think I might understand a little bit more Caden if you’d just let me a little more into your world than Zerin. Shrugging it off Daren waved goodbye to Caden and handed back his bag. Then smiling to himself, he walked off towards home. He’d win him over yet and nothing Zerin could do would stop him from achieving his goal. •

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