Competing for Affection


By sdfsdf2

Caden tried not to slam his head on to the desk as he looked over at Daren. Teaching him is like talking to a wall but at least the wall doesn’t give cocky responses, he thought going over the same problem again for the fourth time. Thinking hard he tried to find out what it was that he couldn’t communicate. Scooting closer he looked over at the problem, “Here think of it this way. The plus is a game of yards but he you have to divide it into 8 equal steps on the field so about five yards.” That sounded somewhat complicated to him but he was in marching band and eight, eight by five steps did equal five yards on the field…

Daren looked at him and Caden hoped he didn’t make it worse before he looked down again at the paper, “Actually, it does make more sense…how did you know the field was-oh you’re in marching band.”

“Yah I play marching baritone and I’m doing the solo for our ballad Depression, it’s a sad song about person lost in finding who or what they want from themselves but then its like the sun comes out and all makes sense. Sadly, the feeling goes away but there’s still the hope that the feeling will come back and that all will be good.” Caden paused then laughed putting his hand behind his head, “Sorry I’m babbling but this is usually my time for doing what I- well never mind back to tutoring.” He smiled but inside he was confused that he almost told something openly like that to a stranger, only my friends know about my hobbies… ***********

Daren looked at him and tried not to get aroused at him, He’s just so innocent without knowing it. What is it that he likes to do? Maybe that’s how I can get in. Is it music? Know that could only be a part…what is it? The thoughts wouldn’t stop and the fact that he had gotten closer didn’t help. Finishing the rest of his problems that he finally understood he got up, “Thanks for helping me Caden. See you next week?”

Caden seemed to almost be somewhere else, “Yeah no problem.” He got up as well and stretched. Daren had a hard time not staring at him as his body arced and then relaxed.

“Ah hey, do ya like any sports,” asked Daren trying to remove the silence; he never was a big fan of silence and it wasn’t going to start now.

Caden looked at him then smiled almost making Daren go hard right there, “Yeah, I love lacrosse. Ever since I was six I have enjoyed doing it.”

“Cool,” answered Daren actually able to hold this conversation, “Any teams in particular?” They had reached the parking lot by now and he really didn’t want to see him go yet.

“Of course, I like the San Jose Stealth for indoor and the San Francisco Dragons for outdoor,” Caden answered with a slight smile. He obviously liked this subject but before it could go longer he paused to look at his watch as it beeped, “Well I’m sorry to cut this short but I have to go home before it’s too late. See you tomorrow!” With that he waved goodbye and took off at a quick run down the street.

“Damn he’s hot,” Daren said aloud watching him run and turn the corner at the end of the street.

“Aw, and innocent too. No wonder we’re always so attracted to them,” laughed a boy as he jumped down and stepping over, wrapped his arms around him seductively.

“Why would you want him Zerin?” asked Daren with a glare, even though he was getting aroused by him.

Zerin laughed at him and faked a pout, “Oh come on Daren, and you know full well bad boys can’t resist the good ones like him. So”-he licked his lips-“good.” Zerin had the build that was a little better than just athletic but he made up it in his seductive voice and actions he so easily pulled off. The slightly long black hair and light grey eyes made him even more attractive to people and that leather jacket and black pants complemented him too. Daren felt himself get stiff as he looked at Zerin, damn he’s not wearing his shirt, his abs just look so good…wait focus! It was hard not grabbing that tanned body and caressing it but he somehow managed.

Turning away he snapped, “Stay away, I found him first.”

Laughing Zerin walked over to him and hugging his back, slid his arms over Daren’s pecs feeling them over, “Sorry doesn’t work that way. He hasn’t committed to anyone; though I’m impressed he actually managed to resist this body of yours so easily. It does feel good you know.”

“I’m warning you to stay back. I’m getting him whether you like it or not,” Daren shot back.

“I don’t think he’d like you talking about him like a trophy. Have you kissed him? Tasted him?” asked Zerin moving on it his abs.


“How about hugged him? Or even a quick embrace?”

“No,” answered Daren with a moan as he felt Zerin rub his cock up and down.

“Have you confessed love or has he?”

“No,” answered Daren back finding it harder to concentrate being on the verge of a huge orgasm.

“Then I still have a chance,” whispered Zerin nibbling his ear as Daren blew his load and felt his pant’s zipper and button brake, “You’ve gotten bigger Daren and you have no idea how much you make me want to fuck you but like I said, He’s one step up from us and as great as you are…I want the best. So don’t get my way.” Slapping Daren’s ass he began to walk off but Daren spun him back and kissed him hard making Zerin’s dick become obviously aroused. Rubbing his chest he used the other finger and pushed into Zerin’s pants fingering his ass. Moaning Zerin leaned into and breather harder as Daren’s front hands moved over his abs and down to his cock which was around the same length as Daren’s. Rubbing it harder and fingering him with three fingers he heard Zerin’s breathing get more ragged. He was close and it was fun bringing him to the edge. Finally, Zerin’s body shivered and arcing his back he fired his load into his pants and heard the all to fire break of his zipper and button.

“Looks like you’ve grown too,” grinned Daren mischievously, “But seriously, don’t get in my way or you’ll be moaning for a whole other reason.”

Both getting their strength back, they got out and sized each other up and now knowing the competition, walked away. They knew where things stood and neither was going to let the other get the upper hand. Little did Caden know that a competition for his affection was going on and that it would also push him to the limit of his abilities to survive. •

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