Competing for Affection


By sdfsdf2

One look said it all; City Kid. He must be knew, thought Daren to himself as he looked the kid over discreetly. The boy must have just entered Freshman year but he looked extremely innocent and that always turned him on. He didn’t have a muscular build but he did have an athletic build which he regrettably hid under his slightly baggy clothes. Pity, he thought. Remembering the announcement he finally caught the name in his mind again, Caden. Caden was at least five ten and had black hair that had those slight curls to it that just made you want to run your hand through it. Damn he turning me on, thought Daren as he adjusted himself under the table. The dark green eyes were a bonus in his mind and the paler skin would look good wrapped in his arms in his opinion. Catching that he was staring he looked away. I’ll get him after next period, he thought as he flexed and grinned to himself. As the bell rang he walked off. *************** Caden looked around the hall brushing hair from his eyes and inwardly sighing, the middle of nowhere. That’s where he felt he was in this small community town in the country. Looking to the left he spotted a guy staring at him, What is something in my teeth or have you never seen a T-shirt? The guy he noticed had slightly long blonde hair that curled up in the end with bright blue eyes. He was wearing slightly tight blue jeans and a checkered shirt that he always associated with cowboys; this guy apparently like wearing the top three buttons undone to show off his chest and he had one. His biceps were nice and thick and his abs looked to be hard under the shirt and his pecs pushed through on it as well. His legs were strong and his tanned skin had many staring. Lastly, he was tall and well proportioned. Caden though was oblivious to most of this; in fact after that one glance he forgot him almost as just the shallow quarterback. With that, he walked on to his next class. **************

Daren watched Caden from the back of the class and resisted the urge to just grab him and start making out then. He didn’t know why, what am I waiting for? Usually I just take whoever I want whenever….what makes him different? It was beginning to piss him of as he watched him rub his back as if he was sore. Finally, as the bell rang he grabbed his stuff and caught up to Caden, “Hey, I heard you’re new.”

Caden just looked him before saying, “Yah, I thought my different clothing would be a big hint.”

Daren smiled, so he liked to fight back; well that would make things more interesting, “I need help in math and ya look like you know what you’re doing so can ya help me?”

Caden paused to think before smiling, “Sure if you pay twenty bucks for it.”

Damn that smiles cute, thought Daren looking down slightly at him, “Deal, can we start at my house?”

“No, we’ll do it at my house because I don’t know you at all,” answered Caden flatly shooting him down.

Daren looked at him puzzled then recovered, “Fine, I’m Daren and just give me your address and I’ll be there.” He then found an excuse and flexed his arms yawning then reached over Caden’s body to open his locker as planned. Daren grinned as he bumped into Caden; he felt nice and wanted to touch a lot more. “I have to get my books before practice.”

“Whatever,” answered Caden ducking under his body and sliding away down the hall.

Daren couldn’t help but gawk, how could he do it? Already people in the hall were swooning over his body and winking; it had never been this hard before. When puberty hit he was suddenly getting touched by people more and soon he was able to get whoever he wanted, I was having sex at thirteen and this kid is just shrugging me off! How the hell can he do it!? Turning he watched Caden go down the hall and couldn’t help but adjust himself, “Hey wait! Just meet me in the locker-room and we’ll head over to the library. I’ll ask the janitor to open it for us.”

Caden stopped and looked over his shoulder and with a nod, said, “Sure.”

Smiling to himself he walked out to practice much happier, I’m sure it won’t take long for him to…like me. ********** Caden looked over his shoulder, “Sure” Looking back he continued down the hall. It’s not that I like being mean but everyone here just seems to friendly, he thought as he walked down the hall and to his locker, “Great, now I’m stuck here another hour.” Laughing to himself he went to find the library and thought back on Daren reaching over him, He could have just asked me to move…I wonder why he just didn’t ask? If Caden had one big flaw, it was that he was extremely naïve about people and how they expressed wants and hidden goals. Shrugging it off he explored the library in detail trying to get familiar with it. He’d never really had any partner romantically but it seemed that people had hit on him in the past but yet again he never saw why. Finally finding out where everything was he looked at his watch and saw that it was time and began walking to the locker-room. *************** Daren got into the shower and smiled as he washed the dirt off his body being relaxed allowed his eyes to wander over the other players bodies. He liked being bigger than the others and having his dick erect at nine inches made it sure they wouldn’t make fun of him that and he pound then and had fucked most of them already.

A pair or strong arms wrapped around him and he felt an erect cock rub against his round ass, “Hey Daren, do ya have time for a quickie? I’m really really horny right now.”

Daren turned to look at Shawn and grinned at him, “With I body like yours? I’m always ready to fuck it.”

Shawn grinned at him and pulling him in for a kiss, pulled him along and into the locker-room. Now Daren was bigger, but Shawn was only a little smaller and knew how to make every second last. Rubbing his hands across Daren’s ass he began sucking his neck and moved down to his dark nipple which he soon made erect. He couldn’t help but moan pleasure. Seeking to make Shawn moan as well, he grabbed Shawn’s abs and rubbed them up and down before slowly jerking off Shawn’s cock which had to be at least eight inches. He heard the moan and continued when Shawn began fingering him and he shivered in pleasure making Shawn grin lustily. Daren not wanting to be topped began suck off his nipples and still jerking him with the right hand, began fingering him with the left. Shawn moaned louder and leaned into him getting a rhythm and began humping his cock into Daren’s which almost made him came there but Shawn had other ideas. Flipping him against the wall he slid his dick in and began slowly fucking him. Daren enjoying it began moaning yes and getting into the rhythm when Shawn orgasmed four times into his ass. Pulling out Shawn put himself against the wall. Daren not wasting a second, slid in and began fucking him hard showing him who was the dominator in that moment. Every time he came close to blowing his load, he’d stop and change the rhythm and growled deep in pleasure as he saw Shawn going into complete ecstasy. Finally not being able to hold back longer, he bucked back and shot load after load into Shawn. He counted eight before being down and landing softly on Shawn who was out cold from pleasure; not to mention they were powerful shots seeing as he didn’t hold back either. He’d had a lot of sexual tension he’d wanted to let out. Finally pulling out, he enjoyed stroking Shawn’s body and rubbing his knuckles through his long shaggy brown hair and over all the crevices in his muscular body.

“When your done we can go and began studying,” a voice near the door said in a tone which said they weren’t happy.

Looking up Daren saw that it was Caden, “Damn I’m sorry I forgot that you were tutoring me today. Just wait a sec for me to get dressed will ya? Sorry, if this disturbed you.”

Caden just looked at him with eyes of indifference, “I could care less who you screw with, it’s none of my concern. What bothers me is waiting outside ten minutes later than said time and coming in on you screwing someone.” With an annoyed exhalation of air, he blew the hair from his eyes and left to wait for him.

Damn that turned him on and he felt his cock become erect again in Shawn’s ass making him stir slightly before falling asleep again, “Sorry buddy but I can’t have another round. I have tutoring. Maybe later…” It sounded good to him, but so did Caden at that moment. It shocked him that Caden was still resisting him so easily, usually his sexual energy made him irresistible to people. This might actually be a challenge. That thought turned him on and he had a hard time shoving his dick into his pants. Finally managing to get his clothes on he went outside. I might need new ones, he thought, I’d already had my growth spurt for this year I thought. Shrugging it off he walked over to Caden. Little did he know that to win Caden he’d not only have to work harder than he ever had but he’d also have competition because already someone else had been caught under the same lust for Caden’s affection and he didn’t care about playing dirty to get what he wanted. •

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