Extreme Makover: Jock Edition



By beard_ed

Today started out as any ordinary day for Jeff. He woke up with the alarm as it started ringing telling him it was another start to a school day. He crawled out of bed and turned off the alarm and switched on the radio. As the radio played the usual chart topper, Jeff walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower. He got undressed and got in the shower. He lathered up as usual and started washing his chest. Jeff was a 16 yr old who had hit puberty last year but you couldn't tell it. He was 5'8, 150 lbs. and had brown hair and green eyes. The only hair on his body was his head hair ,which was in a shaggy cut, his armpit hair and his pubic hair. He had absolutely no facial hair and no chest hair to show either. His body shape was average, no fat or muscle to speak of. Of course that was the one of the many reasons he never was able to get on his high school's baseball team. Baseball was Jeff's biggest passion and he would just about give anything to be a baseball player. As he continued dream and to wash up an ad came over the radio.

"Have a passion for a sport, but just can't cut it in the athletic department. Well we at Extreme Makeover: Jock Edition can make your dream a reality. Stop buy our new location downtown. You won't be disappointed!"

Jeff listened intently to the address they gave and even the other legal stuff about how they weren't affiliated with the ABC show but bought the rights to it this particular name. Also that they could only take males right now. Jeff decided he would give this a try but had to skip school to do so. So he quickly got dressed and grab a piece of toast as he rushed out the door before his parents could say anything. He was on cloud 9 on his walk to downtown but also in the back of his mind was skeptical if this would really work.

As he walked onto the company's property Jeff was a mix of excitement and cautiousness. He pushed the double doors open and was greeted buy a young muscular raven haired man with a heavy shadow across his face with a thick dense soul patch under his lower lip and piercing blue eyes.

"Welcome to Extreme Makeover: Jock Edition's main headquarters. Are you here to apply for a procedure?

Jeff just stares at the young man not knowing what to say, but finally comes out with a mumbled "....Y...es"

"Okay then. Here is the form to fill out." He shows Jeff to a computer. "Please make sure you fill it out completely and accurately. When you finish please wait here and I'll let you know when the doctor will be ready for you."

Jeff nods and takes a seat at the computer. He looks at the form and it's has very personal questions. Jeff decides it's all or nothing and starts to fill out the form. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Section 1: Personal Information

Full Name: Jeffrey Cameron Hawkins Would you like this be your name changed after procedure ?: ()Yes (x)No

Current Age: 16 If under 18 do you have your parent's permission?: (x)Yes ()No Would you like your age changed after procedure?: (x)Yes ()No

Current Height: 5'8 Would you like your height altered after procedure?: (x)Yes ()No

Current Weight: 150 lbs Would you like your weight altered after procedure?: (x)Yes ()No

Current shoe size: 8 Would you like your shoe size altered after procedure? (x)Yes ()No

Current Eye Color: Green Would you like your eye color altered after procedure?: (x) Yes () No

Current Hair Color and Style: Shaggy Brown Would you like your hair color and style altered after procedure?: (x) Yes () No

Current Body Hair Status: Light Would you like your body hair altered after procedure?: (x) Yes () No

Do you have facial hair? () Yes (x) No Would you like facial hair after the procedure? (x) Yes () No

Penis Size: 6 inches Would you like your penis size altered after the procedure? (x) Yes () No

Section 2: Personal Habits

Do you smoke?: () Yes (x) No

Do you drink?: () Yes (x) No

Do you like tattoos?: (x) Yes () No

Do you like piercings?: (x) Yes () No

Section 3: Athletic Career (This pertains to life after procedure)

Sport of choice: Major League Baseball

Choose Field Position: (x)Infield () Outfield

Choose Infield Position: ()Pitcher (x)Catcher ()First Base ()Second Base () Third Base ()Shortstop

Team of choice: Houston Astros

Team No.: 7

Please state a few of your favorite players for reference:

1. Brad Ausmus 2. David Wright 3. Jeff Franceour 4. Gabe Kapler ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After he types the last letter he hits enter and a new window pops up with the word Transferred. Jeff watches as the computer shuts itself down. After a few minutes he hears a buzzer sound and the receptionist tells him the doctor is ready for him.

Jeff anxiously gets up and walks through the door to the clean and sterile room. He sits waiting as butterflies start to overwhelm his stomach. As he’s about to reconsider this whole weird concept and gets up, the doctor walks in.

“Hello Mr. Hawkins. I’m Dr. Alders. May I call you Jeff?

“Yeah that’ll be fine Doctor.” Jeff nervously scratches the back of his neck as he gives the doctor a once over. The doctor looks around 30 with short blonde curly hair. He has warm brown eyes and his face is covered in a thick dense blonde beard. Tufts of blonde curly hair can be seen poking out the top of his t-shirt, which Jeff finds out since most doctors wear a button down shirt and tie. Jeff decides it must just be the look that TV shows give off and continues to look over the doctor. He decides he’s probably around 5’10 and muscular as his t-shirt doesn’t hide the contours of his abs.

“So Jeff” The doctor says as he looks at the information on the computer that was transferred, stroking his beard while he looks it over. “I see you like to be a pro baseball player”

“Yes sir.” Jeff agrees as he continues to sneak glances at the young muscular doctor.”

“Call me Nate, Sir is what you would call my dad” He smiles and shows off a great set of teeth. “Ok sir…Nate. Not to be rude but how does this work cause it kind of sounds like a scam.”

“Ah I was waiting when you would ask this question. No it’s not a scam. Basically I get a sample of your DNA and send it through this computer and it adds traits from the form you filled out to your DNA. I then mix it with a special universal DNA strand I created and put it in an IV bag and hook it up to you. That’s about it.”

“Really? That’s sounds unreal!” Jeff’s butterflies start to subside as his excitement rises.

“So are you ready?

“Yeah let get this whatever you do going”

“Ok get undressed please.” The doctor gets a cotton swab and asks Jeff to open his mouth and swabs his mouth . He then takes the swap and put it in a machine next to the computer so it can read the DNA strands. The machine then grabs the universal DNA strand and sends it through the computer and it combines them. The computer processes for a few minutes and then beeps signaling it’s done. Nate walks over to the machine and takes the IV bag with the newly created DNA and walks over to Jeff and hooks it up to him.

“The DNA should start interacting with your current DNA and start evolving it. As it does this you will probably feel an overwhelming hot flash.

“Yeah I think it’s starting Nate.” Jeff starts to feel like he’s blushing all over.

“After it totally evolves your DNA you will start to feel the changes. Some of the changes will hurt. Such as when your bones grow and rearrange.”

Jeff nods his head in acknowledgement as he starts to feel a slight tingling in his toes.

“If you would like I can leave while your change occurs…..”

“NO Nate please stay!!” Jeff almost shouts the words as his toes start to sear with pain as the toes grow more slender and larger. “I’m sorry for shouting but I think it’s starting”

“It’s ok Jeff I’ll stay.”

“Thanks Nate.” Jeff’s feet start to sear in pain as they grow from a size 8 to a size 12. As the pain in his feet subside the pain goes to his legs and they stretch . As they stretch the muscles tighten and become amazing runner legs. As the pain subsides in his legs a tingling and prickling sensation overcome both his legs and shafts of dark brown hair start to poke through the skin on his legs. They start from his ankles and go up to the hind of his legs. The hair covers his legs densely but enough to see skin. Jeff looks and the changes and start to run the palm of his hands against the top of the shafts of hair and it sends an instant sensation to his penis and it hardens. As the penis hardens it’s start to grow even longer and thicker as his pubic hair starts to thicker and darken. His penis stops at a 10 inches hard. His gluteus start to harden and form into a nice round bubble butt. Jeff grins and is tempted to play with his new package but decides to put it off till he’s alone. “Dude this is amazing !! Jeff is overjoyed but it’s soon over as he feels an intense pain in his stomach. He looks down at his stomach and it starts to lengthen and to form a rock hard 8-pack. His chest starts to bulge out as it becomes a pair of pecks. He starts to feel the same tingling and prickling sensation come over his chest and stomach as shafts of dark brown hairs break through his skin and cover his chest and abs in a dense coating. He rubs his newly formed hairy arms and notices that his fingers are growling longer and his hand is becoming bigger. The palms of his hand become rough from gripping bats all his life. The changes continue up his arm as they grow lightly longer and become more muscular. Biceps start to form and his back starts to tighten and strengthen. The same dark brown hair shafts start to break through his forearms but don’t go up his biceps or on his back. The changes continue to past his neck making his voice deep and sexy and up to his face as his face ages slightly and his chin becomes more angular and square and his cheekbones sharpen. His vision starts to blur for a second as his eyes change color from his green to a piercing hazel. His vision restores but is even more clearer than before. His changes continue going up as his hair starts to fall out.

“What the hell? What’s going on with my hair” Why is it falling out?”

“Don’t worry Jeff your new hair is pushing your old hair out.” Nate says as he strokes his beard as he watches his new patient’s changes. He tries to hide pushing his hard dick into a more comfortable position from Jeff.

“Oh is that all?” Jeff smirks nervously as he hold clumps of his old hair in his new hands. The old hair falls completely out as the new short shafts of dark brown hair start to push through. They stop only giving Jeff the appearance of a close buzz cut almost a complete shaven head. Jeff thinks the changes are over as he feels the new bristles of his new hairstyle, but he starts to feel the prickling sensation over his lower face as shafts of thick dense dark brown hair break through the skin of his face covering his jaw and making their way up his cheek and across his top and lower lip and connecting with his hairline. The shafts continue to thicken as they continue covering up his face till no skin can be shown. Although the shafts don’t show any skin they are but a weeks worth of him not shaving. He feels the coarse thick dense shafts and starts to pre-cum at the touch. He start to become overwhelmed with intense pleasure not knowing that it still isn’t over yet. As he’s moving his fingers over his upper lip he starts to feel the hairs push against them. The hairs are starting to lengthen and as they lengthen they become even more denser and thicker as they start to cover his upper lip and completely hide any skin that was visible. Jeff’s new mustache is not done as it starts to grow down the sides of his lips and end at the bottom of his chin. Creating an amazing fu mustache that send shivers down to Jeff’s penis when he even slightly touches it and makes him cum.

“Oh god, Nate I can’t believe it!!

“Believe what Jeff? Is something wrong?

“Hell No Nate it’s everything I could have wished for. The stature, the muscles, the voice, the hair and this beautiful stache. Dude I could kiss you right now!!”

“Uh…thanks Jeff but that won’t be necessary. Trust me I would like you to right now but it would be unethical. Now I’m sure you are wondering about how we do payment….”

“Oh crap I forgot all about that. Maybe I can get some money out of my college fund, but I can’t get that out till I’m 18. I know they would kill me if I told them what I did” Jeff starts to run through his head how to get the money so he won’t loose his new body.

“Wait…you’re not 18. It clearly says you must have your parent’s signature before you can do this procedure. Jeff I’m afraid I might have to reverse your change.” Nate frowns at the prospect of losing the new hunk he created.

“NO please don’t. I’ll do anything to stay like this.” Jeff starts to tear up. “Well I guess since your mental and life changes haven’t happened yet I can have you recruit another male for me. If you get me another male I’ll continue your other changes and make your change permanent. Though there will be another stipulation that I will add later if you agree.”

“Hell yeah I agree! I got just the guy in mind too. Hush…do you happen to have any clothes that will fit me?

“Sure I’ll be right back.” •

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