Extreme Makover: Jock Edition



By beard_ed

As Nate goes looking for clothes for Jeff. He gets up and walks around getting used to his new body and height. He passes by a mirror and remembers that he’s seen his body but not his face. So he walks up to the mirror and stares at the new face, his face, in the mirror. He looks at the new haircut and find that it makes him look strong and masculine. He sees his piercing hazel eyes almost getting lost in them. Then he looks at his lower face and see the thick dense mustache covering his upper lip and the sides. He brings he new large hands up to his face and starts to touch it. As his fingers brush against the thick dense coarse hairs his dick starts to respond. Jeff tries to ignore the sensation so he can really know what it feels like to touch a real mustache and know that it’s his. So he continues to feel the mustache and look in the mirror . As he’s stroking the mustache he realizes that he had thought he would want a beard but finds that the mustache suits his face more and looks hot on his especially with the thick dense stubble that’s covering the rest of his face. “So I see you like your new hirsuteness.” Nate comments as he comes back in the room with the clothes. “Unfortunately in order to keep your new look you know you’ll have to bring me back a new client”

“Yeah I know, though what is this other stipulation you are talking about?”

“Can’t tell you that tell after the other client changes” Nate hands Jeff a shirt and jeans and baseball cap.

“Thanks doc” Jeff starts to get dress by putting on the shirt and finds that it shows off his incredible toned and muscular body and shows off a tuft of chest hair. He puts on the jeans and they show off his bubble butt and his amazing muscular legs and calves. He finishes it off by putting on a basic cap on backwards.

“I didn’t know it could be possible but I think you look even hotter with clothes on.”

“Really? I’m not giving up this new body so make sure you have time for your new client. Bye doc!”

Jeff waves to the doctor and walks out the door with one thing on his mind. Find Blake

Blake was on the couch at home playing his Xbox when he hears a hard knock at the door. He thinks “Must be Jeff, don’t know who else it could be.” He walks to the door and opens it and just stares.

“Dude didn’t your mom tell you it’s rude to stare”

“Uh….sorry can I help you sir?” Blake says nervously.

“Yeah you can get your scrawny ass in my car and we can go change your life man!!”

“Sorry but I don’t know you and I ain’t going nowhere with you.”

“Oh really now?” Jeff says as he strokes his mustache. “Well I can’t have that now.”

“Whatever man. I don’t know what you want but I’m not leaving.”

“We’ll see about that.” Jeff walks right up to Blake and picks him up kicking and screaming and tosses him in the trunk of his car. “Sorry bud, but I’m not giving up this bod.” Jeff speeds off to the building and calls Nate ahead of time to get everything ready as he pulls into the parking lot. Jeff opens the trunk and covers Blake’s mouth before he can scream and tells him. “Don’t worry you’ll thank me for this trust me.” He walks into the building and hands Blake over to Nate and he starts on filling out the form for the new Blake. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Section 1: Personal Information

Full Name: Blake Aaron Crawford Would you like this be your name changed after procedure ?: ()Yes (x)No

Current Age: 16 If under 18 do you have your parent's permission?: (x)Yes ()No Would you like your age changed after procedure?: (x)Yes ()No

Current Height: 5'6 Would you like your height altered after procedure?: (x)Yes ()No

Current Weight: 155 lbs Would you like your weight altered after procedure?: (x)Yes ()No

Current shoe size: 7 Would you like your shoe size altered after procedure? (x)Yes ()No

Current Eye Color: Blue Would you like your eye color altered after procedure?: (x) Yes () No

Current Hair Color and Style : Short Blonde Would you like your hair color and style altered after procedure?: (x) Yes () No

Current Body Hair Status: Light Would you like your body hair altered after procedure?: (x) Yes () No

Do you have facial hair? () Yes (x) No Would you like facial hair after the procedure? (x) Yes () No

Penis Size: 7 inches Would you like your penis size altered after the procedure? (x) Yes () No

Section 2: Personal Habits

Do you smoke?: () Yes (x) No

Do you drink?: () Yes (x) No

Do you like tattoos?: (x) Yes () No

Do you like piercing?: (x) Yes () No

Section 3: Athletic Career (This pertains to life after procedure)

Sport of choice: Major League Baseball

Choose Field Position: (x)Infield () Outfield

Choose Infield Position: (x)Pitcher ()Catcher ()First Base ()Second Base () Third Base ()Shortstop

Team of choice: Houston Astros

Team No.: 14

Please state a few of your favorite players for reference:

1. Brad Lidge 2. Mike Mussina 3. Jarrod Washburn 4. Mark Buehrle ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jeff finishes the form up and transfers it to Nate’s computer and quickly rushes into the room. As he walks in he sees Blake strapped to the bed so he won’t be able to escape.

“You piece of shit! Who the hell are you and what the hell are you freaks doing to me!”

“Nothing you wouldn’t want bud.” Jeff smiles and nods to Nate. Nate starts the procedure and inserts the IV bag into Blake.

“It should be starting anytime now” Nate says as he passes a chair to Jeff.

Jeff grabs the chair as he sits and watches as the same changes that happen to him start to happen to his best friend. Blake starts to squirm as the blushing feeling starts to overtake him. Jeff notices this and waits for the next part of the changes to start as suddenly Blake starts to screams as his toes start to grow and his feet start to sear in pain as they grow from a size 7 to a size 10. As the pain in his feet subside the pain goes to his legs and they stretch . As they stretch the muscles tighten and become slender legs, perfect for starting a pitch. As the pain subsides in his legs a tingling and prickling sensation overcome both his legs and shafts of sandy brown hairs start to poke through the skin on his legs. They start from his ankles and go up to the hind of his legs. The hair covers his legs densely but enough to see skin. Jeff looks as Blake’s penis hardens as the please he’s starting to feel gets to him. Just like Jeff’s it starts to grow even longer and thicker as his pubic hair starts to thicker and darken. His penis stops at a 12 inches hard. Blake’s gluteus start to harden and form into a nice round bubble butt.

“Whoa this is almost as hot as when it was happening to me !!

Blake feels an intense pain in his stomach. He tries to look down at his stomach but it starts to lengthen and form a rock hard 8-pack. His chest starts to bulge out as it becomes a pair of pecks. He starts to feel the same tingling and prickling sensation come over his chest and stomach as shafts of sandy brown hairs break through his skin and cover his chest and abs in a dense coating. Jeff walks over to Blake and looks at his newly formed hairy arms and notices that his fingers are growling longer and his hand is becoming bigger. Blake’s changes continue up his arm as they grow slightly longer and become more muscular. Biceps start to form and his back starts to tighten and strengthen. The sandy brown hair shafts start to break through his forearms but don’t go up his biceps or on his back. His neck changes making his voice deep and husky. His face ages slightly and his chin becomes more angular and square and his cheekbones rise. His vision starts to blur for a second as his eyes change color from his blue to a swimming ocean blue. Blake blinks trying to focus his vision. His changes continue going up as his hair starts to lengthen. Forming a short shaggy cut of sandy blonde hair

“Cool his hair got shaggier.” Jeff says as he notices his friend’s changes.

Blake starts to feel the prickling sensation over his lower face as shafts of thick dense sandy brown hair break through the skin of his face covering his jaw and making their way up his cheek and across his top and lower lip and connecting with his hairline. The shafts continue to thicken as they continue covering up his face till no skin can be shown. Although the shafts don’t show any skin they are but a weeks worth of him not shaving. Blake moans with intense pleasure not knowing that it still isn’t over yet. The hairs are starting to lengthen and as they lengthen they become even more denser and thicker as they start to cover his upper lip, sides and chin forming a thick dense sandy blonde goatee and completely hide any skin that was visible.

“Whoa Blake nice goatee!!” Jeff tries to hide his growing erection at the site of his new friend’s

“Still mad at me Blake?

“Mad at you! Hell I don‘t even know who you are!!” Blake screams in his new husky voice

“It’s me your best friend Jeff.”

“What that can’t be, wait what am I saying I just went through something that shouldn’t be possible. Blake tries to rise up and feels the straps but using his new bulk to break through them.

“Why did you do this man?”

“Well I’m sorry bud but I didn’t have much of a choice because the doc here says that a breached his contract by lying about my age and that if I didn’t find another client he would reverse what happened to me.

“Well you could have told me who you were instead of kidnapping me and throwing me in a trunk.

“Sorry bud, I guess it was the mix of all the adrenaline and testosterone.”

“Speaking of that….” Nate interrupts

“Oh yeah. So I got your client here. Who I must say turned out great thanks to all the stuff I filled out for him.

“Well yes, you did complete our arrangement so it‘s my turn to finish your changes. So please step into the next room.” The doctor open the doors to reveal a new machine. It’s cylinder and has rings attached to it.

“You must get in here to complete your mental and life changes”

“Ok doc.” Jeff steps into the cylinder machine and the door closes behind him. Blake stands beside Nate complete naked intent on seeing what is going to happen to his best friend.

Nate starts the machine and inside the cylinder a helmet comes down from the top and is placed on Jeff’s head . A pulsing sound starts to thrum through his head as new memories are added. He starts to know baseball stats he didn’t know, how to ride a motorcycle and how to smoke cigars. As the memories are continually being added the rings outside the cylinder start to spin as Jeff’s life changes occur.

This is when Nate starts to add his stipulation. As the rings spin a black tribal tattoo starts to appear on Jeff left bicep and a gold ring appears in his left ear. His new clothes change into a motorcycle jacket, jeans and boots. A bag appears beside him with a baseball bat and gloves inside and a Houston Astros uniform.

The rings send out a wave encompassing the entire lab and moving outward tell it covers the entire globe altering everyone to remember Jeff as who he is now. The pulsing stops and the rings slow down as the come to a complete stop and the door opens.

“Damn, that was one hell of a ride.” Jeff comes out and looks over his new look. “I like this and look at this I’m a catcher for the ‘stros.. So what was the stipulation doc?”

“Oh nothing really just that you find young hot hairy men with facial hair uncontrollably hot and you can’t stop thinking about them. Which will make you want to find me more clients. Your friend here will get the same treatment if he finds another client for me. Cause you see that is the price of the treatment. “

“Really? Well I don’t care as long as I can keep this new life.” Jeff pull a cigar out of his leather jacket and light it up as he gives bedroom eyes to Blake in his new body.

“So Blake buddy, you know anybody we can turn into a hot hairy stud? Of course that’s after I fuck your hot ass. •

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