By joenyc

“Fuck yeah! I’m gonna be a fuckin’ monster! GGGGGGRRRRRRRR,” Kyle roared while flexing both of his biceps. “Nothing and nobody will be able to stop me!” This was all too much for me to take! My cock was in excrutiating pain. If I didn’t relieve myself soon, I would probably pass out! “It’s time for you to worship me, Ben! Show me what you can do! Worship this muscle hunk standing before you! Worship this amazing body of mine the way it deserves to be worshipped!” Finally! I had Kyle’s permission to do anything I wanted! I knew exactly where I would head to first! My lips attracted towards Kyle’s right bicep as if they were a magnet inches away from a refrigerator. I was immediately hit with the powerful scent of Kyle’s rancid pit. I inhaled as much of his masculine scent as I could before proceeding to kiss every inch of his incredibly peaked bicep aggressively. “That’s it…kiss that fuckin’ huge gun! Worship it!” I continued to abide by Kyle’s wishes. His bicep was pulsating with power as he flexed it harder and harder. I couldn’t kiss every inch of it fast enough. It was burning hot! It felt as if Kyle had a fever, though he was in perfect health. All of that flexing Kyle had been doing must have raised the temperature of the skin of his upper arms significantly! I slowly began licking all around his bicep with my tongue, trying to fully savor the magnificent taste of it. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.” Kyle was clearly enjoying my worship! Perhaps, he was even enjoying this more than his own, self worship sessions! The sight of Kyle’s thick, dark pit hair and the masculine odor that his pit was releasing proved to be far too inviting for me to decline! I forcefully buried my entire face in his pit, greedily breathing in the smell of his sweat. Before I knew it, I had stuck out my tongue and proceeded to lick up every tiny bit of sweat I could find in his pit. I must have licked every square inch of his pit. My tongue glided up, down and all around in desperate search of more sweat. He tasted divine…though I can see how it may be too salty for some, but not for me! Soon, I was chewing and sucking on his pit hair as well. I even found myself ripping out a few strands with my teeth and swallowing them! Kyle, meanwhile, was in his glory! He continued to let out moans and growls of approval. I remember hearing him say “oh yeah” or “fuck yeah” over and over again. Suddenly, Kyle grabbed a patch of hair on the back of my head and pulled me out of his right pit before ramming my head right into his flexed left bicep. My face slammed into his bicep with such force that I was sure my nose was going to be broken. I couldn’t breathe! I soon realized that was because Kyle was pressing my head so hard into his bicep that I was suffocating. I distinctly remember hearing Kyle chuckle as I began jerking my whole body around, desperate to escape his clutches and breathe in some air. It was no use…Kyle was just too much stronger than me! I gave up. I began seeing stars…and then…..he released his grip! Without missing a beat, I dove right back into worshipping Kyle. In between kissing and licking Kyle’s left bicep with more passion than ever, I tried to breathe in huge gulps of air, in an attempt to restore the flow of oxygen to my brain. “Fuck yeah! Worship that huge gun,” Kyle ordered, “Bam!” And worship it, I did! Kyle even bounced his bicep up and down for me, while I licked it. “Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom,” Kyle uttered with each bounce. I noticed through the corner of my eye that Kyle never took his eyes off his bicep. Once Kyle was completely satisfied with my worship of his bicep, he grabbed the back of my head and sent it plunging into his left pit. Yummm…fresh sweat! Again, the smell was very overpowering, but I loved it! I moved my head around in a circular motion, completely covering my face with his pit sweat. It was then I realized that I had officially become a “pig!” I licked up the remaining sweat with my tongue and swallowed every drop. “Fuck yeah! Drink up all my pit sweat! It tastes good, huh?” “It tastes amazing, Kyle,” I replied in between licks. “Good, cuz you’re gonna be cleaning my pits with your tongue every day after I lift, you got that?” “Yes, Kyle! Of course, it would be an honor!” “That’s a good slave!” Had Kyle just call me his slave? “And you’re gonna be worshipping my biceps all the time too! Whenever I say so!” “Yes, sir!” Wow! Kyle was really getting into this! But then again, so was I! I had been doing things today that I had never before imagined doing to, with, or for any other man! “Yeah, you’re gonna worship them good!” With that, Kyle put his hands behind his head and stretched. His biceps seemed to bulge out more prominently than ever in that position. He turned his head from side to side and admired each bicep. I took this opportunity to place a hand on each one of Kyle’s biceps to grab them. I squeezed them as hard as I could, making Kyle flex even harder. He sure loved to show off! My God…his biceps felt like granite! Nothing could ever dent those guns! “You love those rock hard biceps, don’t you Ben?” “I love them, Kyle!” “You’d do anything for them, wouldn’t you? You’d do anything and everything you could to make them bigger…to make me bigger…wouldn’t you?” “Oh God, yes! I’d do anything!” “I need tons of supplements and protein shakes and food. Will you buy me all that stuff on top of the gym you’re installing for me downstairs?” “Of course I will, Kyle! I’ll buy you anything you need to help you get big!” Staring at Kyle’s big biceps and hairy pits, it was impossible to deny him anything…not that I would ever want to! Kyle removed his hands from behind his head and lowered his arms. “It’s time for you to worship these pecs, slave,” Kyle ordered. He then began bouncing his pecs up and down, which sent me into overdrive. I immediately cupped each of his pecs with my hands and grabbed them. They were rock solid already, but when Kyle began flexing them, they felt like steel! I let go of his pecs and began to cover every square inch of them with my kisses. I then, sensually, licked all around each of his hard nipples. I slowly began to kiss each nipple, before passionately sucking on them. Kyle’s approving grunts let me know I was doing a good job. Kyle, then, grabbed hold of my hand and placed it on his abs. I lowered myself to be able to properly worship them. I ran my hands up and down his abs, slowly. This was definitely an eight pack if I ever saw one! This was clearly a guy who must do hundreds of situps and crunches every day! He probably wouldn’t even feel anything if I had begun punching him in the stomach right then and there! Kyle lifted up his arms and placed his hands behind his head so that he could properly flex his abs for me. The definition was startling! Kyle’s razor sharp abs were begging for me to worship them. I stuck out my tongue and licked each ab with devotion, starting from his lower abs and working my way back up to his chest. Kyle then pushed me back slightly and looked into my eyes. “You’re going to worship my big, sweaty feet now,” Kyle announced. Kyle kicked off both of his shoes and I was immediately hit with the powerful odor coming from his feet. Once Kyle removed his socks, the smell only intensified. Kyle ordered me to drop down on my knees and I obeyed. It was then that I saw for the first time just how big his feet were. I had been distracted by Kyle’s other body parts throughout the day, so I had failed to take notice of his feet. “Shit Kyle! Your feet are huge!” “Yeah, I know!” Kyle smirked as he glanced down at them. Not only were his feet very long, but they were also extremely wide. “How big are they anyway,” I asked. “Size 15 wide.” “Wow!” Kyle then began playfully wiggling his toes. Each movement only seemed to release more and more foul odor in the air. “You like these huge feet, don’t you?” “I love them, Kyle!” I sure did! I loved the length and width of them, I loved how meticulously cut his toenails were. I loved the small patch of hair on each foot and the 2 or 3 strands on each toe. I loved that they stunk to high heaven because Kyle had worked out so hard earlier in the day! “Kiss these big, manly feet!” He didn’t have to tell me twice! Though I had never done it before, I kiss, licked and worshipped Kyle’s feet as if I were a pro at it! Judging by Kyle’s moans, he definitly approved! “Lick in between my toes, slave!” I obeyed Kyle and slid my tongue in between each of Kyle’s toes. When I had completed my orders, I looked up at Kyle and saw him flexing his right bicep. This dude never got tired of flexing, I thought to myself. I loved how in love with himself Kyle was. The truth is…he had every right to! Once Kyle realized that I was staring up at him in complete awe, he lifted up his big foot and began rubbing it all over my face. “You love this massive foot, don’t you?” “I do, Kyle…very much so!” “You love their smell, don’t you Ben?” “They smell amazing, sir!” “Fuck yeah…like a real fuckin’ man.” Once Kyle grew bored with rubbing his foot in my face, he placed his foot on my shoulder. “I hope they keep growing, Ben….longer, wider, bigger.” “I hope so too…I really do!” Kyle began increasing the amount of weight and strength he was applying to my shoulder. I was much too weak to sustain all that pressure and soon found myself collapsing backwards onto the floor. The sound of Kyle’s laugher filled the room. He then actually placed both of his feet on my chest and stomach and actually stood on me while hitting a double bicep pose. “GGGGGGGGRRRRRRRR! FUCK YEAH! POWER, BABY,” Kyle roared. I grimaced and cried out in pain. If it was this painful worshipping Kyle now, what would it be like when he started growing? Somehow, I thought to myself, I’d enjoy finding out! Kyle must have realized the extent of the pain he was inflicting upon me and seemed to snap out of his trance. He quickly hopped off of me and extended his hand to help me up. “Ben, I’m so sorry. I go overboard sometimes. Damn it! I’m so sorry dude. Did I hurt you?” I regained my composure, took Kyle’s hand and he helped me onto my feet. “No, Kyle. I’m fine! Really! I loved it! Tonight’s been incredible!” I noticed that Kyle’s eyes exuded genuine concern and worry. The intense look in his eyes was gone. The nice, friendly Kyle was back! Damn it! I hadn’t gotten to see his legs and most importantly, his cock! I looked down at his crotch and was devastated to see that he was now flaccid. Fuck me! “Are you sure, dude? You looked and sounded like you were in pain.” I was in pain, but I was not going to admit that to Kyle! I wanted our worship session to continue! I wanted to feel his muscular legs and suck on his monster cock! “I’ve never felt better in my life, Kyle!” Seeing the concern in Kyle’s eyes, I realized I had to think quick. “Kyle, please flex for me! I gotta worship those huge biceps again. I gotta feel how hard they are. I need them! I need to taste their power! Kyle, you’re the hottest stud in the world! You’re the ultimate man! Show me how you put every other guy to shame! Show me who’s got the hottest guns in the world!” I was desperately hoping I had pushed all the right buttons. I got my answer! “FUCK YEAH! I’m the ultimate fuckin’ man! The hottest guy to ever live! BOOM!” With that, Kyle performed a terrifying double bicep pose. I noticed the intense look in his eyes was back. I was pretty proud of myself! “All man, baby!” Kyle flexed his left bicep and grabbed his crotch with his right hand! Damn, he had gotten hard fast! I don’t think my hard on had ever softened once throughout the night! I went to work on worshipping Kyle’s biceps and pits once again, though I was desperate to see his cock. I decided this was it! “Kyle, I have to see how huge your cock is! It looks massive! Please let me see what a real man looks like!” I hoped that I had not gone too far this time! Kyle looked me right in the eyes. “Dude, once you go there, there’s no goin’ back! I just wanna warn you.” I didn’t even have to think about it! “I know, Kyle…I understand!” The truth is…I didn’t, but I was more than willing to find out! “You wanna see a real man? You want to see what every man wishes he had?” “Yes, yes, Kyle…please!” “Good! Hopefully, your eyes and mind will be able to handle it!” Good God, was it that huge? I mean, it sure looked it…but the way Kyle was talking… Before I knew it, Kyle had lowered his sweatpants and kicked them off of his feet. He crossed his arms and a cocky smirk appeared on his face. Kyle just stood there in all of his magnificent glory. “HOLY SHIT,” I screamed out as my eyes practically popped out of their sockets and my jaw practically hit the floor! “IT’S FUCKIN’ ENORMOUS!” “Fuck yeah,” Kyle growled. “It can’t be that big! How is it so big,” I asked out loud. Kyle continued to smile from ear to ear. My mind struggled to comprehend how Kyle’s cock could be this huge. It wasn’t only that his cock was super long, but it was also unbelievably thick. The fact that Kyle was uncut only seemed to increase it’s size. “This is unreal!” With each statement that left my mouth, Kyle’s monster appeared to harden more and more. He apparently loved hearing how big he was and got turned on by how amazed I was at the size of his cock. Amazed…that was an understatement! I had to know how big it was! “Kyle, have you measured it?” What was I asking…of course, he had measured it! If I possessed that massive meat, I’d be measuring it every day! “Sure, I have! But, I want you to measure it for yourself. I want to see the look on your face! You got a tape measure?” My eyes darted from right to left as I struggled to remember where I had put that damn tape measure. I believed it was in a drawer in the kitchen. “I’ll be right back,” I promised Kyle as I bolted out of the room. I ran down the stairs and darted for the kitchen. I rummaged through a couple of drawers before finally finding the right one. I quickly raced back up the stairs with the tape measure and into Kyle’s bedroom to find him flexing in the mirror, of course. “I’M A FUCKIN’ GOD,” Kyle roared as he hit a double bicep flex, his favorite pose. Thank goodness Kyle was still in self lust mode! It meant his dick would still be hard and I’d be able to properly measure it. My reemergence in the room did not break Kyle’s concentration one bit. I walked over to Kyle and kneeled down before him, in silent worship. “Can I measure it, Kyle?” “No! Not yet! You haven’t worshipped my legs yet!” Oh my gosh! I was so distracted by Kyle’s monster that I didn’t even pay any attention to his legs! I placed the tape measure on the floor next to me. Damn, his legs were hot! So masculine, so powerful, so hairy, so defined! They were everything I knew they’d be! This just confirmed that every single inch of Kyle truly was perfect! Kyle began flexing his upper legs for me. I put my hands on each side of his right upper leg and squeezed. My God, were they powerful! I didn’t know that legs could feel that solid! I loved the feeling of his leg hair on my hands. The hair just added to his masculinity! I slowly ran my hands up and down his leg, pretty much feeling it up. Kyle loved it! “Yeah, I got big, powerful fuckin’ legs, don’t I?” “Oh God yes! Kyle, you have the hottest legs I’ve ever seen!” Kyle grabbed the back of my head and rammed my face into his rock hard upper leg. I immediately licked and kissed every inch as fast as I could. The sound of Kyle grunting only made me worship his legs even more! Kyle suddenly turned around, so I could worship his backside. Needless to say, his ass was amazing! Kyle began flexing it, so I reached out and grabbed a cheek in each hand. It felt firm and muscular. I squeezed harder and then proceeded to kiss and lick it. I even, playfully, bit into his right butt cheek. I couldn’t help myself! I then noticed that Kyle had begun flexing his calves, so I worked my hands down to grab hold of them. Just like every other body part of Kyle’s, his calves were extremely hard and defined. The more he pumped them up, the more they seemed to pop out and feel harder in my hands! Of course, I just had to lick, kiss and carress them…so, I did! Suddenly, Kyle lifted up his foot, placed it on my shoulder and pushed me away from him. “It’s time for you to measure my massive cock now, slave! I want to see your reaction when you find out just how much of a man I am!” Finally! This was it! I quickly grabbed the tape measure! •

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