By joenyc

Was this actually happening to me? Staring at this incredibly ripped and muscular 18 year old jock standing in front of me in his sleeveless blue shirt, I had to pinch myself to make sure that this wasn’t all just a dream! Ouch! Nope, not a dream…all real! I felt like the luckiest man alive! In all of my 25 years on this earth, I had never thought that I’d ever be given the opportunity to get this close to such a beautiful male specimen. I was about to receive my very own private flexing show from a guy who looked like he jumped right out of my ultimate fantasy! But this wasn’t a fantasy, this was reality! Not only would I get the pleasure of seeing Kyle flex for me whenever I wanted, but he was my friend and even better, I would be sharing my home with him! Could life get any better? Yes, it could…and would! My cock sprang to life with anticipation of what was to come. “You want to see me flex my guns for you, don’t you?” “Yes, Kyle…more than I’ve ever wanted anything before!” “How bad do you want to see me flex?” “Real bad, Kyle! I need to see you flex…please!!!!” Come on Kyle, flex already, I thought to myself! This suspense was killing me…not to mention the rock hard dick in my pants! Kyle hadn’t even flexed an arm yet and I was already fully aroused! Kyle seemed to be enjoying teasing me, but I was starting to get impatient! “Ok, I guess you’re worthy enough to see these!” And with that, Kyle brought both of him arms up to his shoulders and performed an amazing double bicep flex. He let out a deep grunt as he turned his head to the right to admire his left bicep. Once he had finished admiring the definition of his right bicep, he turned his head to the left to admire his left bicep. He then slowly lowered his arms as he turned his head in my direction. He raised his chin up slightly and gave me a cocky grin. “You like what you see so far?” “Oh God, yes! Kyle, please flex for me some more,” I begged. Kyle raised up his right arm and flexed it fiercely, while letting out a terrifying roar. He stared at it intently. This is when I first noticed how the look in his eyes had changed drastically. Gone were the kindness and friendliness they reflected only minutes earlier. In their place were fire, intensity, lust, passion…even rage. It still amazes me how quick his whole demeanor had changed! As Kyle lowered his tight fist halfway and brought it back up towards his shoulder as if doing bicep curls, I managed to pull my eyes away from his arm to take note of the expression on his face. He almost looked as if he were extremely angry. His eyebrows were lowered, his face was turning a deeper shade of red every second, his forehead was scrunched up, creating wrinkles and his teeth were clenched. If I hadn’t been so turned on, I would probably have been very scared of Kyle right about now. “Look at this fuckin’ arm,” Kyle ordered as he continued to pump up his right arm before finally raising it up to a fully flexed position. “Look how fuckin’ hot that is, Ben! Boom!” With that, Kyle hit another double bicep flex. All I could do was stand there wide eyed, completely motionless, unable to move as I stared in amazement at Kyle’s incredible biceps. The bulge in my pants must have been very noticeable to Kyle! I know he enjoyed the power he had over me at being able to turn me on simply by flexing. That same, cocky grin came over his face once more as he took 2 steps towards me. At this point, Kyle was standing so close to me that I could feel his breath and body heat on my skin. Others would have had a serious issue with Kyle over personal space violation…but not me. I was in heaven! Besides, I don’t think I would have been able to bring myself to take a few steps back even if I tried! Kyle stared down at me, directly into my eyes. They appeared to be a deeper and more vibrant shade of blue than they were earlier. Being this close to him, I was able to fully appreciate just how beautiful and flawless Kyle’s skin and complexion were. I noticed beads of sweat all across his forehead and above his lip before I stared back into his eyes. I have to admit that his constant staring made me feel very uncomfortable. I felt completely inferior to him in every way, so it was very difficult keeping eye contact with him. Kyle was relentless and never broke away. After a little while, I realized that Kyle would not back down and so, I tried my best to keep staring into Kyle’s eyes and succeeded as it became less and less of a struggle. I noticed him raise his arms in a double bicep pose through the corner of my eyes, but our eyes never tore apart from each other. I inhaled a powerful, masculine odor coming from Kyle’s underarms. It was obvious that Kyle had not showered after his workout at the gym. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way! It’s very difficult to fully describe or even understand what exactly occurred at that intimate, seemingly uneventful, moment between the two of us. On the surface it appeared to simply be Kyle and I staring into eachother’s eyes, but in reality, it was so much more! It felt as if Kyle was staring deep into my soul and actually snatching it away from me. Looking back now on that significant moment we shared, I wasn’t too far from the truth! After what seemed like an eternity, Kyle finally broke away from my eyes to stare at his left bicep. “Yeah! Look at that,” he muttered under his breathe as he focused on every inch of his bicep. Kyle them shifted his gaze down to his crotch, so I followed suit. Holy shit! Kyle was packing some serious meat down there! I was able to fully appreciate the size of his package from this angle. I remained fixated on Kyle’s packed crotch as it continued to tent out further and further. I wound up determining that Kyle was not wearing any underwear. Oh boy! What I would have given to see Kyle’s cock growing without those stupid sweat pants covering it up. Damn! Just how big is that monster anyway? I would soon find out! Suddenly, Kyle turned around and walked towards his suitcase on the floor. He whipped back around and ordered me to close my eyes. I quickly did what I was told! Just what did Kyle have in store for me now, I wondered! “Ok, open them,” he commanded. I’ll never forget the sight I was treated to when I opened my eyes. Standing in front of me in all his glory, with that trademark cocky smile plastered on his face, was Kyle wearing the tightest, short sleeved, black button down shirt I had ever seen anyone wear before! The tight sleeves only reached about halfway down his biceps. The shirt itself only reached down to his mid abs. This was the first glimpse I had of Kyle’s stomach and it left me dying to see more! He had a thin patch of hair on what I saw of his incredibly ripped abs and a treasure trail that left me silently pleading to head down it’s path. “How do I look?” “How do you think you look, I answered back, playfully! “I think I look like the hottest fuckin’ stud you’ve ever laid eyes on,” Kyle confidently replied. He was right! “You ready to see what these babies can do,” Kyle asked as he shifted his glance from his right arm to his left arm. “Hell yeah,” was my response. It was then that I realized that Kyle had a lot more in store for me that night! He seemed to be pacing himself all this time, knowing full well that he couldn’t let himself get too out of control with his flexing before he had done all of the things he wanted to do that night with me. As much as I was on cloud nine, I know that Kyle was just as enthusiastic as I was about his showing off for me. He had never before met anyone who would worship him the way I would and the possibilities must have been endless in his mind! He knew I would give him anything he wanted, do whatever he wanted me to do. What Kyle wanted the most in this world was to grow! And grow he would…and grow…and grow…and grow…and grow…and I would be the one to help make his dream come true! “Watch this,” Kyle ordered. I, obediently, agreed! Kyle began to flex his right bicep with incredible force and held it in that position. He stared at his bicep intensely. “Come on,” he growled. “Rip, RIP!” The sleeves of Kyle’s shirt struggled to contain his bulging biceps while he continued to stare at his flexed right bicep with determination in his eyes. The veins that covered his entire arm popped out prominently. “COME ON! RIP THROUGH THAT FUCKIN’ SLEEVE,” Kyle shouted. “COME ON! FUCKIN’ RIP!” His arm began to shake violently. All kinds of animalistic grunts and growls exited from deep within Kyle’s body. Just how much longer could Kyle possibly hold that flex for? Kyle’s pumped biceps were begging to be released from the confinements of those impossibly tight sleeves. He continued to flex and flex and flex until… RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIPP PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!! As Kyle’s perfectly peaked bicep proudly burst through the helpless sleeve of his shirt and the sound of fabric tearing echoed throughout the room, Kyle let out a thunderous roar that could probably have been heard from 2 blocks away! Kyle continued flexing his bare bicep in celebration of his victory. “Fuck! That shit always gets me so fuckin’ horny,” Kyle exclaimed as he grabbed his crotch. Wow! He was right! That beast had to be standing at full attention now. It looked massive! I’d never seen a bulge stretch that far out in sweat pants before. “I feel so fuckin’ big, bro! I’m fuckin’ superman! I gotta bust out of this shirt! Where’s a mirror? I don’t see any mirrors in here!” Kyle had a worried look on his face as he spun his whole body around and back again, desperately searching for a mirror. “There’s a full length mirror right on the door! Here, I’ll close the door so you can see,” I promised, as I quickly ran towards it. “And I promise you…I’ll have huge mirrors put in all over the walls of your room,” I added as I shut the door, revealing the huge mirror attached to it. Kyle’s entire face lit up. A huge smile appeared on his face that went from ear to ear. “Sweet,” was his reply. Kyle walked over to the mirror, stopping only two feet in front of it. I quickly followed and stood just behind him, slightly to the left so that I could take in the full view of Kyle’s reflection in the mirror. All of the doorways in my house were unusually wide, which meant that the mirror was also just as wide. That cocky smirk of his reappeared on Kyle’s face as he gazed at himself in the mirror. “This sleeve is history,” Kyle promised as he stared at his left arm and began to perform a most muscular pose that only seemed to increase in intensity with each passing second. “GGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR” And with that, Kyle’s left bicep exploded out of the restraints of it’s shirt sleeve! I had no choice but to rub my crotch in excitement. I figured that Kyle was so busy lusting over his exposed biceps, that he would not even notice me trying to get some sort of relief from the awful pain I was experiencing in my pants. “FUCK YEAH,” Kyle roared, as he continued his most muscular pose. My God, were his arms defined! Huge veins covered the majority of his incredible arms. His peaked biceps bulged out proudly. “FUCKIN SHREDDED,” Kyle boasted as he continued to flex. “Come stand in front of me!” I immediately did as I was told. Suddenly, Kyle placed his hands on my shoulders and forced me down on my knees. He grabbed the collar of what remained of his button down shirt with both hands and let out a terrifying roar. With one quick pull of both hands, Kyle ripped off his shirt. Each of the buttons of the shirt began to fly off one by one. One of the buttons actually flew right off and hit me directly in the eye with incredible force. Oh God! Of all the luck in the world! Here I was, kneeling before the hottest guy in the world, finally shirtless, but I wouldn’t be able to actually see him because I was blind! Thankfully, my vision returned and all I had to suffer through was a little bit of pain and not being able to open up my right eye for a few minutes. Through my left eye, I looked up and was able to witness the amazing sight of Kyle hitting a double bicep pose as he towered over me. My God, he looked amazing without a shirt. It was everything I had imagined… rock solid pecs that popped out, eightpack abs, an “inny” belly button, a thin patch of hair on his stomach which formed a treasure trail. It took all of the strength I had in me to restrain myself from licking every inch of Kyle’s incredible body. I wanted to get up off of my knees and feel Kyle’s big biceps. I wanted to go back down on my knees, lower Kyle’s jogging pants and suck on his massive cock as if my life depended on it. It took all the willpower I had, but I managed to keep myself from succumbing to any of my desires. I wasn’t completely sure if Kyle was ready for me to worship him yet or how he would react if I did. I remained on my knees and continued to stare up in awe at Kyle’s muscles as he continued to flex. Kyle brought his right bicep up to his face and stared at it wide eyed. He then began to kiss and caress it sensually. His bicep remained tightly flexed as he started to lick every inch of his bicep, tasting it’s power. I watched as his tongue slowly moved up and down and all around the peak. Damn, how I wished that was my tongue! My focus shifted to Kyle’s packed crotch as he rubbed it with his left hand. I did the same to mine. Now only a mere couple of inches away from my face, Kyle’s cock was now bigger and harder than before! It had to be fully erect! When would he finally give in and lower his pants to stroke his cock? The answer was…not yet. I watched with lust as Kyle began flexing his left arm, while kissing and licking it. The only sounds that filled the room were Kyle’s soft, sensual moans of pleasure. I found myself rubbing my crotch more and more frequently, regardless of whether Kyle saw me or not. I truly could not help myself! It was a miracle that I hadn’t whipped it out and began jerking off yet, but I was still worried about what Kyle’s reaction would be. I wish I would have known then what I know now! “Who’s the hottest fuckin’ guy in the world,” Kyle demanded to know as he hit a double bicep pose. “You are,” I immediately answered. “Fuck yeah,” Kyle roared as he flexed harder. “Don’t you forget it!” “Who’s got the hottest fuckin’ biceps on this earth?” “You do!” “Who does?” “You!” My God! I wouldn’t be able to contain myself much longer! “It’s about time we kick this up a notch,” Kyle exclaimed. “Get up!” I quickly rose to my feet, anxious to find out just what Kyle had in mind. “You said earlier that you’re into muscle worship and stuff.” I nodded my head enthusiastically. “You think you’re ready to worship this muscle…this body? You think you can handle it,” Kyle asked as he performed his favorite pose, the double bicep flex. “Yes!” I answered, while nodding again. “Kyle, please let me worship you! I’ll do anything and everything you want me to do!” Kyle crossed his arms and raised up his left eyebrow. “I’ll do things to you…for you…that no one else could do! I’ll worship you as the stud that you are! You are the hottest guy in the world! Nobody has a body like yours…nobody! Please let me worship you!” Kyle smirked. I could tell he was loving all of the praise I was bestowing upon him. “Dude, you think I’m hot now? Just wait until you see how big I’m gonna get! Then, I’ll really be a fuckin’ stud! I’ll be the ultimate man!” “I know you will and I’m going to help you!” “I wanna be fuckin’ massive, Ben! MASSIVE! Even huger than that! I need to be a fuckin’ monster! I won’t be happy until then!” “I’m going to do everything I can to make that happen, Kyle! I promise you!” “Yeah, I know you will. You’ve become addicted to my body, Ben. Your addiction is only going to get worse and worse the bigger I get. Your worship will grow more and more as I grow. You’ll do anything for me…anything I want! And what I want more than anything in this world is to grow! That’s what you want too now, isn’t it Ben?” “Yes, Kyle! Oh God…more than anything!” “Yeah, that’s right! You want that as much as I do! You want to see me become a fuckin’ beast, don’t you?” I nodded my head, excitedly. I was very confused as to what was happening to me! It felt as if Kyle was hypnotizing me in a way, but I knew that couldn’t be the case. I was fully awake and coherent. And it wasn’t as if Kyle had waved a pocket watch in my face and started counting backwards from ten. Kyle lifted up his chin and smirked before announcing, “I think it’s time we take this to the next level!” I had no clue what Kyle had in mind, but I was desperate and eager to find out! •

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