Bottoms Up

By Nightwolf285

Aaron stood just outside his stepbrother's room, not sure if he should knock or not. He wanted to get in, but he didn't know if he wanted to pester his brother. Even as a ten year old, he understood that his eighteen year old brother valued his privacy. Aaron could never quite figure out why his brother's door was locked all the time or why, sometimes he would hear strange sounds coming from his room late at night.

Although Aaron was on the verge of making those kinds of revelations, he wasn't there yet. He just assumed the door was locked to keep him out and the sounds were probably the huge television he had in his room.

He decided to do it, he knocked on the door and anxiously awaited a response. Soon after he had finished his soft knocks, he heard the deep voice of his brother sound from within. “Just a sec,” he bellowed.

Aaron was feeling terrible, in more than one way. His stomach felt like it was in knots, and since their parents weren't home, he had no one else to tell. It was starting to hurt and he needed to fix it. Aaron just hoped that Eric would have the answer.

Finally, he could hear a click come from the other side of the door and it soon swung open. Starring up at Eric, he could already tell that he didn't look pleased. Eric may have not been that intimidating to people his own size, but Aaron was always intimidated a little just because he was so much taller than he was. When Eric finally looked down, he looked even more unhappy. “What do ya want,” Eric asked impatiently, staring down at his brother sharply.

“My tummy hurts,” he replied, twisting a leg in on himself, “Can I come in?”

Softly hitting the door with his hand, making it swing open, Eric huffed out, “Suuure, come on in.”

Eric wasn't a bad stepbrother, and Aaron knew that. It was just that he was so much older than he was. They didn't have anything in common, and the only reason they saw one another was because they lived in the same house. However, despite Eric's ease to frustrate, Aaron never wanted to cross him because he cared about him, just like a brother should. Aaron believed that if he tried hard enough, just maybe age wouldn't matter so much anymore.

Plopping down in a very comfortable looking roll-y chair, Eric looked at his little brother. “What can I do for ya,” he asked, getting straight to the point.

“I already said, my tummy hurts,” Aaron complained again, gripping his stomach.

“So, I'll get you some aspirin. Ten year olds can take aspirin right?” he asked rhetorically.

“I don't know,” Aaron wheezed out, sounding even more concerned.

Eric finally picked up on the fact that his little stepbrother wasn't kidding. The frustration and impatience that had been on his face before quickly changed to one of concern. “You're not kidding are ya?”

Aaron could only shake his head, wincing in pain.

“I'm going to call mom,” Eric said, getting up out of his chair.

Tugging on some of Eric's long fingers, Aaron said, “No, don't. She'll be mad.”

Looking down at his brother, he could not only hear the fear in his voice, but see it on his face. Squatting down next to him, he asked, “Why? What would she be mad about?”

Aaron still hadn't let go of his hand, but Eric didn't pull it away. He let him hold it; maybe it was a comfort thing. Aaron looked at Eric with tears welling up in his eye. Eric wasn't sure if his brother was just that sad or if the pain was just getting to be that unbearable. “I drank the last of the milk.”

Instantly, a wave of mixed emotions strung through Eric like a river. “You-- did what?” he asked, getting really concerned.

“I was thirsty,” he said, twisting his body with an obvious spike of pain, “and when I looked in the fridge, there was a jar of milk just sitting there.”

Eric couldn't believe what he was hearing, he just couldn't. “Aaron, that was mine. You were not supposed to have it.”

Aaron could hear Eric's voice getting louder and more upset. “Oh! I'm sorry. I didn't know.”

“Well, it's too late now, isn't it?!” Eric's voice resonated.

Before Eric could stand back up, Aaron's hand clutched his harder, forcing him to stay put. It was then that he felt something a little odd. Looking down at Aaron's hand, he noticed that it was getting bigger. His little brother's hand was growing. Moving his eyes along Aaron's arm, he could see that his brother's whole body was growing along with it.

“What's-- happening to me?!” Aaron asked through gritted teeth.

“I don't know.”

Aaron's body was getting taller. Not only that, but his face was changing. It was as if his little brother was getting older. Eric finally managed to slip his hand out of Aaron's grip and stood up. He could only watch as his brother's body got larger, aging by the second. His head was now up to Eric's chest and still getting higher. Aaron called out in pain as he grew, but there was nothing either of them could do.

“It-- hurts!” Aaron's voice cracked, sounding deeper than it had a moment ago.

His body kept inching taller, widening out as it aged. When his body looked to be about fifteen, Aaron started growing even faster. The clothes that had been so graciously holding onto Aaron's growing frame were finally giving out. His pajama pants were riding up his legs, almost up to his calves. His shirt couldn't cover his stomach anymore, it had gotten so short.

Eric instead focused on his face and saw it getting more defined. His cheek bones popped out, his jaw squared off; his whole face was maturing along with his body. Even Eric had to admit, Aaron was getting pretty handsome for his age, but knew it would soon change like everything else.

The top of Aaron's head inched past Eric's chin, and this got Eric a little nervous. There was no sign of his growth stopping, and he had no idea just how big his stepbrother was going to get.

“Make it stop!” Aaron called out, his voice now almost as deep as Eric's.

Aaron was now face to face with his “older” brother, and slowly grew right past him. His eyes slid up, past Eric's as his body kept getting larger; kept getting older. Aaron's body must have been seventeen by now, and Eric was getting scared. His little brother was about to be not only bigger, but older than him.

Finally, Aaron's growth began to slow, his body creeped to a halt, just as it stripped his clothes right off. The little threads couldn't hold on any longer, and all of them ripped right off, exposing Aaron's new, smooth, eighteen year old body to Eric.

Aaron looked down and yelped. “My clothes!”

“You're body,” Eric whispered.

Aaron looked up some and noticed for the first time that his older brother was now smaller than him. However, since he was still concerned about having just lost all of his clothes and having just grown at all, he didn't really even think about that one. “Eric?” he asked with his new tenor voice, “What was in that milk?”

Eric tried to answer, but was interrupted by the most incredible sight. “Aaron, what do you feel?” he asked with an air of concern.

“Nothing, why?”

“Look,” he pointed in awe.

Aaron looked at his body once again and noticed that his chest was beginning to swell. His flat chest was forming pecs, and fast. Not only that, all of his other muscles were growing too. Aaron could now feel all of them heating up as each of them swelled with size. His thin arms began to thicken, as his abs began to form small bricks.

“This,” Aaron began, “feels good.”

The biggest smile was streaking across his face as he felt his muscles continue to grow. Unlike his height, this didn't hurt. It felt great. Aaron could feel his legs swell, pushing each other part. Wiggling his elogated feet, he could feel them being forced to slowly slide across the carpet as his legs continued to grow. His pecs also kept inflating, and growing, rippling with more and more muscle. He could feel his nipples getting hard as they were pushed further out away from his body. He could even feel his butt growing, as if each of his cheeks were just trying to fight the other one for space behind him.

Eric was in utter shock. Only minutes ago did he have a little brother, and now he was looking up to a muscle bound older brother. He could only watch as Aaron's body continued to grow. Eric could hear him moaning as his muscle inflated. All of them were rippling with strength, making him far bigger than Eric would ever hope to be... at least now.

The biggest grin was still hanging across Aaron's face. He could feel his neck swelling out, his traps thickening and pushing up. Aaron's arms were being forced away from his body because his lats were growing thick with new muscle. Their size rippled as they continued to force his growing arms further and further away. All of it felt so good, and Aaron almost didn't want it to stop.

But it did. Aaron's body finally slowed to a halt, leaving a nude, muscle bound teen standing in the middle of Eric's room. Aaron couldn't believe what had happened; there weren't words for it. But as he looked over his new body, he couldn't help but smile again and feel himself up. Every crack was so well defined; every muscle bulged and popped with the slightest movement.

“Is it over?” Aaron asked excitedly.

“I-- I don't know,” Eric said, “I wasn't supposed to drink that until tomorrow.”

Aaron wanted to look up to see his brother, but forced his chizzled face down, since he was not much taller than Eric. “So, this was you?” he asked in awe.

Eric nodded furiously with a closed smile. He didn't know whether to cry, be mad, happy-- anything. He just didn't know exactly how to feel.

However, Aaron was more concerned with the fact that he now had no clothes on. More to the point, he became very interested in what was attached to his hips. “That's-- mine?”

Eric instinctively looked to where Aaron was talking about and realized he was talking about his very large endowment.

Though Eric quickly looked away, obviously embarrassed at what he had done, Aaron's eyes didn't move. He continued to stare and noticed the strangest thing happening. “What is that?”

Eric didn't even have to look to know what he was asking about. He had turned around to avoid gawking over his brother's appearance any more than he had. Though his long face was red as a cherry, he answered, “It's probably getting hard.”

“No kidding,” Aaron said in amazement, “It's getting bigger. Am I growing again?”

“No, but it's growing,” he muttered sarcastically.

“What?” Aaron asked, having not really heard what Eric said.

Eric decided to just swallow his pride and turn around. “I said, that it is growing, not you.”

Aaron was obviously confused. Eric tried to think of a better way to explain, but couldn't help but realize the irony to all of this. Laughing to himself, he thought, “I'm trying to explain to a ten year old, what an eighteen year old's body does. Just great!”

As Eric tried to think of what to say, Aaron continued to star at his growing penis. He wasn't sure if he should be concerened that it was getting so big. The head was sliding up his rippling stomach, heading for his pecs and it just kept getting harder. "It's so hard," he said, still in amazment, "And it won't stop growing."

This broke Eric's trance. He couldn't help but look at it again. Aaron's dick was so huge, slowly throbbing there, growing to its full height. Though Aaron didn't notice, Eric kept staring at his growing member. After a another few moments, Eric finally said with an air of envy in his voice, “Your dick is going to grow whenever you are aroused.”

Aaron looked up, at Eric, forcing their eyes to meet. He was confused again. “Aroused?”

“God, you really are sheltered aren't you,” he blurted out.

Eric hadn't meant to say that, but it had just slipped out. Aaron was a little hurt by what his stepbrother had just said, and lowered his head some. It was an interesting sight for Eric to see someone so large look so gloomy from a simple little comment.

“I didn't mean to say that,” Eric said sincerely, “I'm sorry Aaron.”

His apology immediately perked Aaron's mood up, putting a big smile on his face. Eric tried to try an explain it some more. “Aroused is when you find something physically attractive. If you think that it's hot, or looks really good, that thing is going to get hard. Understand?”

Aaron nodded. After watching his cock get a hell of a lot bigger than he had ever seen it before Aaron added, “There's something else too. I feel something-- something good, but like its hot.”

“That would be the wonderful world of sexual frustration,” Eric said, “It will happen when you get hard. You are feeling the urge to please yourself.”

Aaron obviously didn't quite understand, but for some reason unknown to Eric, Aaron seemed to be preoccupied with something else. “You said that whenever you are-- aroused, your penis gets hard, right?”

Eric nodded.

“So does that mean that you are aroused?” Aaron asked innocently, pointing straight down at Eric's extremely hard dick.

Eric's eyes went wider than saucers. He looked down and sure enough, his dick was harder than wood. “Oh my god,” he breathed out with serious embarrassment.

“What's wrong?” Aaron asked.

Eric was speechless, and tried to cover it up with his hands. Although Eric was not all that big in body, he made up for it with his dick, and it was posing a serious problem for him to cover up. “It's just--” Eric tried to start, “Never mind.”

“What?” Aaron asked again, taking a few steps closer to him.

“It's just, I didn't think this was how I was going to tell you I was gay,” Eric spilled out, “In fact, I didn't think I was going to have to really tell you at all.”

“Gay-- I heard some people at school say that a lot, but I don't really know what it means.”

“Well, they were probably saying it to dis on someone. Actually, it means that, well,” Eric sighed, preparing to say it, “you like guys, rather than girls.”

His words lingered in the air for a moment. Then Eric saw a reaction from Aaron that he did not expect. “Then I'm gay!”

Aaron seemed so happy by this revelation. He was smiling ear to ear. “I've always known it wasn't something to be ashamed of, but to see someone so happy about it is-- different. How do you know that?”

“In class sometimes, i would think about some of the other guys, and it would just make me, i don't know, happy.”

“Them making you happy is different than being gay, you know.”

“I don't know,” Aaron said, smiling with a certain slyness, “You're making me happy and its making my penis grow.”

Eric was not expecting that at all. He hadn't expected all of this. However, Aaron's body was very hot. All those muscles were turning Eric on in every way he knew how to be turned on, and that huge member of his really went a long way too.

Aaron got a few steps closer to Eric, bringing them really close. Eric could feel Aaron's dick rubbing against his shirt as it stood there throbbing. Eric soaked in Aaron's body with his eyes. Every bulging muscle called to him as it sat there, begging to be touched. Aaron's pecs were only inches from his own. Eric could feel himself being pulled in by them. The need to touch them over road all other needs. His hulking teenage body needed to be embraced, not shied away from.

As Eric gazed upon his muscles, Aaron found that he was getting really turned on by it. He couldn't explain it, but something within him told him to grab his brother and push his lips against his own. So he did. At first, Aaron didn't know what to do, but in moments, Eric took over. Eric embraced Aaron's lips, kissing them passionately. It only took Aaron a few moments to follow Eric's lead, and he did so very well. They continued to kiss and soon Eric found his hands stroking Aaron's new, huge body. They couldn't grab each muscle fast enough. He wanted to feel them all; Aaron wanted him to feel them all. Tingles were running though his body as Eric's hand moved across him. Though his muscles were tough, and only moved when he wanted them too, Eric's hands felt so good.

Soon, Eric's tongue had penetrated Aaron's lips and both began to entangle themselves together. The sensations were incredible. Both of them could feel Aaron's dick throbbing, as if it were begging for more. Eric was more than willing to oblige and continued his onslaught.

Aaron found that he too wanted to feel Eric up, but his clothes were getting in the way. Rather than asking him to take them off, he merely pulled at them. It didn't take much for Aaron to rip his shirt right off. Rather than stopping to take a breath, Eric just kept kissing him. That gave Aaron time to pull at the waist of Eric's jeans, and soon, they too had ripped right off. Aaron was far stronger than he knew. As what was left of Eric's clothes fell to the ground, exposing a thin, but toned body, Eric gripped on of his legs around Aaron and began rubbing up and down his leg.

Taking Eric's cue, he easily lifted up his brother and took a few steps back to the bed. Falling onto it, they could hear it creek, but it held firm. Now that Eric was laying on top of Aaron, he decided to start kissing on his neck. Aaron immediately moaned. “Ahh!” he kept moaning.

Eric caressed Aaron's large pecs and flicked at his nipples until his lips could make it down there. All Aaron could do was keep moaning, louder and louder. As Eric's lips moved down one of Aaron's huge pecs, he finaly started to suck on one of his nipples. Like his muscles, it was hard as a rock and Eric kept furiously playing with it with his tongue and teeth. Aaron's senses were being overwhelmed. Eric could feel Aaron's whole body tighten, making each muscle bulge even further.

Continuing down his torso, Eric licked every crease that Aaron's abs had to offer. He had to move Aaron's dick to the side, because its thick shaft covered the middle of his abdomen. Eric knew he would get to that in a moment. As he kept worshiping Aaron's body, he even bit at one, sucking on the huge brick, but it was solid. Not even his biting could make it budge. That was just how ripped Aaron's body had become.

Finally, Eric had arrived at what he wanted most of all, Aaron's huge dick. It was throbbing furiously, and was nearly as thick as Eric's wrist. He mearly had to lick the tip of the head to send Aaron into wild sensual frenzy. “OH--- Ah!” and other sounds like it were all he could say. Eric had complete control of this beast and loved it. Looking at Aaron's huge dick, he licked the shaft, savoring every moment. As his lips continued to work on his cock, one of his hands gently caressed his balls. “Ooooh, WHAA,” Aaron moaned.

After only a few minutes of this, Aaron finally spoke. “Eric! Something is happening!” he screamed.

“I know, let it happen.”

Aaron's head fell back on the bed as every muscle in his body tensed up even tighter than they had before. Eric quickly moved his head to that he may put his mouth around Aaron's thick mushroom head. One seconds later, Aaron screamed in ecstasy. “AHHHH!”

Aaron's dick was flowing with cum. Eric could feel his mouth filling up with his sweet juice. The whole shaft vibrated as it forced more and more of his cum out. Aaron continued to moan as his cock continued to erupt. The sensation was overwhelming.

As soon as his dick slowed and stopped filling Eric's mouth with cum, Eric lifted his head up, but kept his mouth tightly shut. Letting some of the cum out of his mouth, he covered Aaron's still shaking cock with some of his cum. Once he finished covering Aaron's dick, he quickly rose up and set his smooth butt right on top. Aaron was still in too much of a daze to really know what was going on, but Eric had slowly began to push Aaron's huge dick up his butt.

“Oh, whoa!” he moaned as he forced it to slid further in.

After only about half of Aaron's dick was tightly rested into Eric's wanting ass, he knew he couldn't get any lower. Aaron's dick was just to big. So, he began to pull it up and down, sliding his firm but along the shaft. It didn't take too long for Eric's rather large endowment to start shaking too. The sensation of having such a huge dick in his ass was beyond anything he had ever expected. Even that pain was pleasurable, feeling his skin tightly form around the shaft.

In moments, Eric screamed, “OH, here it come!”

His dick began to spray its cum all over Aaron's meaty pecs, catching every drop. Eric still slowly grinded his ass against ass up and down, making every last drop come out. As soon as he had finally gotten it all out, he merely sighed the loudest sigh of satisfaction.

Aaron couldn't believe what had just happened. Looking ahead, he could still see his enormous dick half way up Eric's butt. This sight amused him and it even made him laugh. Eric was confused and asked, “What's so funny?”

“My penis is in your butt,” he giggled.

“Yeah, and it felt really good,” Eric grinned, “I guess I'm glad you found that bottle.”

Aaron took that as an invitation to flex his dick a little bit. It made Eric's entire body move. In this moment, Aaron knew that he had all the power, and he liked it. What's more, it was not only the power that he liked, but it was his stepbrother. In that moment, he had achieved everything he had ever wanted and more. Aaron couldn't have been happier. He just wasn't sure what they were going to tell mom and dad when they got home. •

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