Alpha Dog


By Blackbird

"OK, how bout some pushups," Cooper remarked. Hearing these words, Darek suddenly had the urge to do pushups. He dropped to the floor next to the bench and got into position. Before he could lower himself for the first rep however, he again felt Cooper mounting him like he was a horse or something. This time Cooper slid barechested along his rippling back, wrapping a now-bigger pair of arms around his chest and resting a now-thicker pair of legs on the back of his own. The extra weight was heavy, but bearable. Darek began the first couple reps, feeling the low "mmmmmm" resonating off his back. Not again! By the fourth rep, the weight on his back felt 20 lbs heavier. This time he could clearly feel Cooper's transformation. There was an increasing weight of thigh muscle bearing down on his hamstrings. He felt the lengthening torso becoming harder and denser after each pushup. The abs resting on his lower back were becoming distinct, individual mounds of muscle. The pec muscle was spreading apart so much it was stretching the skin on his back. The biceps wrapped around his chest were bulging larger and turning into hard steel against his ribs. The bulge in Cooper's sweats was also growing larger, pressing against Darek's bare ass.

By the sixth rep, Darek's body trembled as he tried to control the much heavier weight bearing down on him. His stance had become precarious from his own transformation. His shortening legs had forced his toes to lean forward painfully. And his contracting shoulders and shrinking torso made his hand stance too far apart and foward. There was no way he'd get through another rep. "Is that all you got?" He felt the warm breath on his ear and collapsed painfully onto the rubber flooring.

Darek inhaled deeply as Cooper got off of him. He didn't need a mirror this time to know how much he'd shrunk. There was much less pectoral muscle between himself and the floor. The view of his sprawled out arm made it clear he'd just lost a couple more inches and a year's worth of muscle build up. And his quads had shrunk so much, his knees were actually touching the floor. He slowly rolled over and looked up at Cooper, who was caressing himself and and posing in front of the mirror. From this vantage point, he looked huge. Large quadriceps were pressing into each other, and stretching the fabric of the sweats. A prominent bulge was also stretching the fabric at the crotch. Out of the waistband protruded a dense patch of black pubes, which flowed into a thin dark fur across his tanned abs. Further up, a ledge of beefy pec muscle projected proudly off his chest, causing the erect nipples to angle down slightly. Cooper hit a double-bi pose, and the thickness of his triceps was truly impressive from Darek's vantage point. And the thick patch of armpit hair looked totally sexy.

"Let's see my wheels," Cooper boomed. Darek reluctantly sat up and started tugging the sweats down over the large thighs. He let the sweats fall to the floor and stared at the girth of the hairy quads in front of his nose. Cooper shook the large muscle back and forth, then flexed it into an explosive display of striation and power. Darek flinched, feeling a sense of intimidation he hadn't felt in years. A dank, musty scent called his attention to the prominent equipment packed within Cooper's tidy whities. The fabric was stretching to contain the cock, even though it was still soft. Dark thatches of pubes were escaping out the top and sides. Darek felt woozy and his own cock jerked to attention. He was both aroused and disgusted by an overwhelming urge to suck Cooper's dick. He wasn't gay, damnit! So why was this turning him on so much. He instinctively grabbed his own erect unit and began his typical stroke forward. However, his hand, which was used to ten solid inches to play with, came right off the shaft, which was now only five inches at most. Darek's heart sank.

"Patience little buddy. We've got one more set to power thru." Darek intuitively knew what was expected of him. He stood up next to the bulky freshman, who was now a couple inches taller than him, and stumbled over to the chin-up bar. He wasn't used to these shorter legs. Facing the mirrored wall, he got a glimpse of his shrunken dimensions. He looked like an average teenager now, with a slim but athletic build. His face looked even younger, like a 15 year-olds. It was mared by acne and had no masculine traits to speak of. Feeling nauseous, he turned his focus to the bar overhead. Wow, it was a lot higher now. Reluctantly, he jumped up to grab the bar and dangled there, waiting to be mounted.

Sure enough, Cooper sauntered over to the bar and faced Darek. He reached up and put his meaty arms around Darek's neck. Cooper hoisted himself up and wrapped his powerful legs around the fellow teenager's waist. Darek immediately struggled with the weight. It was like being engulfed by a warm marble statue. He gathered up his nerve and tried with all his might to lift them both towards the bar. They got about half way, and his strength gave out, and he lowered back down. He used his remaining strength just to hang onto the bar. Meanwhile, the marble statue was getting heavier by the second. Cooper moaned deeply next to Darek's ear, as his thickening stubble scratched like sandpaper against Darek's softening cheek. Apparently Cooper's chest hair was also getting thicker. The growing hairs felt itchy between their chests. Darek struggled desparately to keep his grip on the bar. The body clinging to his was rapidly growing longer, bulkier and harder. The vice-like grip of the freshman's thickening quads threatened to shatter his shrinking hips. The increasing weight of arm muscle draped around his thinning neck made him feel like he was drowning. His breathing was further hampered by the expanding pecs that were pushing harder into his own shrinking chest.

Just before Darek's grip gave out, Cooper reached up, and grabbed the bar himself. "What a whimp," he commented in a deep, manly voice. Relieved, Darek flopped his spindly arms down over the massive traps next to him, unable to escape the vice lock around his waist. Cooper began doing chin-ups himself, maintaining enough distance for both their heads to clear the bar. He smoothly and rhythmically pounded out rep after rep, while the muscle exchange continued. Darek's body continued to shrink to the point that his ear was resting against one of the steel pec plates next to him. He stretched his frail arms to their full length as he struggled to maintain his grip around the bull neck above him. Clinging to Cooper's working muscle was like hugging a large industrial machine in motion. Darek could almost feel the blood pumping through the engorged vascular network snaking all over the muscleteen. He felt hot breath pouring over his head with each exhale.

By the fiftieth rep or so, Darek could no longer reach his hands up to the giant neck. So he grasped around the enormous chest, grabbing hold of thick chords of muscle on either side. Even if his arms were double their current length, he would not have been able to fully reach around Coopers titanic back. As he continued to shrink, Darek's ear slid further down the pecs until it was at nipple level. The sweaty, hair covered pecs were protruding so much now that Darek's head was being kinked sideways at a wierd angle. The whole of Darek's pathetic little chest was now pressed firmly against the brick wall of Cooper's abs. Finally after about a hundred reps, the muscle exchanged seemed finished. The canyon walls of quad muscle he was stuck between parted, and he fell painfully to the floor.

Cooper extended his tree trunk sized legs to the floor and stood up straight. His eyes were now at the same level as the 6'-8" high bar and his insanely wide shoulders brushed against the supporting posts on either side. He'd grown into a 350 lb teenage giant. Despite his enormous size, his muscles were a textbook example of perfect propotion and symmetry. Even just standing still, his bulging physique flexed and rippled beneath the flawless, bronze colored skin. Thick vascular cords zigzagged like lightning bolts beneath the thin skin, delivering fuel to the hungry muscles. Darek sat with his rail thin legs sprawled across the floor, peering up at the muscle god before him. He'd never seen anything as erotic before. His boney fingers tugged vigourously at his little 3" prick.

Then the musclegod leaned forward and peered down at him from a great distance above. Darek instantly shot his little wad. He was gazing into the face of male perfection. Cooper would put the world's sexiest centerfold to shame. Every sharp, angular facial feature culminated in a masculine composition that was dripping with sex appeal. His shimmering black hair was now spiked on top with gel, and buzzed short around the sides with three thin parallel lines shaved bare over his ears. The fierce look of his emerald eyes, the triibal tattoos snaking around his 24" arms and the various body piercings gave him a raw, bad-boy edge that lifted his sex appeal into the stratosphere. His scent of aftershave and sweat was intoxicating. His supple lips curled seductively into a smirk, and then parted revealing a dazzling white smile that made Darek's chest hurt. "Like what you see?" The booming bass voice resonated straight to Darek's crank. He shot a second, smaller wad. Cooper smiled wider, looking into the mirrored wall, "Yeah, it's my exotic Brazilian heritage. Guys dig it." And it was true. Darek had never been the least bit attracted to another guy, but no woman had ever turned him on this much. He continued fingering his little prick.

Cooper turned to look at Nate and Trevor. They'd been standing nearby, terror stricken, observing the unbelievable muscle theft that had just happened. Despite the fear gripping them, they were both hard and stroking themselves beneath their shorts. Cooper sauntered over to them, his quads rolling around each other as he walked. Trevor let out a whimper and started stroking faster. The floorboards creaked and shook as Cooper crossed over to them and stopped His deep voice filled the room, "Looks like there's a new alpha dog on campus." Their stroking intensified. "If you behave, bro's, you can start worshiping me, instead of that little runt over there." Nate moaned and shot his load in his shorts. "In fact," Cooper continued with a mischievous look on his face, "let's make you my bro's for real." Trevor jerked hard and shot his wad too.

Breathing heavily, Nate and Trevor glanced nervously at each other, shocked by what they felt next. Their fully erect members were getting even longer and thicker in their hands. Nate's helmet head began protruding from his waistband, turning a deeper shade of tan. Trevor's cut member also poked higher, turning the same bronze color and sprouting the same mushroom head as Nate's. Their nutsacks grew bigger and heavier.

Next, Trevor winced as he jerked taller by about an inch, then grit his teeth has he jerked another inch taller. He was now at about 6' tall like Nate. Then the two of them continued these growth spurts in unison until they were both nearly 6'-6" tall, all in the span of a minute. Their gym shirts were stretched to the point of bursting, with the hem riding midway up their abs. Their frames began filling out with even more muscle until the shirts ripped at the seams and down the back. Cooper smiled, "We get our size from Dad's side of the family you know...." He winked at Nate, "...and our good looks."

Nate's sandy blond hair quickly turned black and his fair skin tanned to a deep bronze. His round face elongated somewhat, and his features shifted and morphed to the point that he looked like a younger version of Cooper. He stared wide-eyed at Trevor who was undergoing a similar transformation. Trevor's black skin lightened to the same bronze color and his short curly hair straightened to the same spiky style that both Cooper and now Nate were sporting. His eyes became the same brilliant green hue as theirs. His already broad features refined themselves until he looked identical to Nate. They'd become twin brothers! And even though they shared most of the sexy, exotic traits as Cooper, they looked to be a few years younger than their Brazilian brother, and not nearly as big.

"What the....." Nate exclaimed, in a voice a full octave lower than usual. Trevor stepped towards him with a fierce look of lust in his eyes. Nate closed the gap, pressing his tight, muscle packed chest against his identical twins. They groped each others bodies while they exchanged a deep, passionate kiss. Their new matching 11" cocks slid moistly against each other.

"Horny little fuckers," Cooper chuckled, turning his attention back to Darek. The diminutive senior still sat sprawled out on the floor, tears staining his cheeks. He seemed to be drowning in a sea of conflicting emotions. Fear, helplessness, rage, confusion and lust kept washing over him like waves. Amidst the despair at losing the body he'd spent years building up, he struggled with his newfound attraction to the other guys. The transformation of his buddies into ultra sexy hunks was incredibly erotic. He yearned to squeeze his skinny frame in between their writhing muscle. Yet, as strong as that desire was, just looking at Cooper's gargantuan muscle sent electric shocks of lust through his entire body. He continued stroking his spent cock as Cooper lumbered back towards him.

"Time for someone to complete their punishment...' Cooper remarked as he reached down and playfully hefted his bulky manhood towards Darek. Somehow the tidy whities were still entact, since Cooper's waist hadn't expanded much during the transformation. But the fabric was stretched so thin in front, it did little to conceal the large python coiled within. Seeing the pure desire on Darek's face, Cooper added, "....or should I say reward."

Darek crawled on hands and knees over to the muscleteen, and used the oak tree legs to steady his weak frame as he stood up. He'd shrunk so much that he was now eye level with Cooper's crotch. At the moment he didn't care about his new size. He just wanted desparately to get the mammoth python into his mouth. He tugged at the underwear's elastic and struggled to hoist the equipment out of its container. Once he did, the cock unraveled like a fire hose over the orange sized balls and between the canyon of quad muscle. Darek paused, mesmorized. He then start licking up and down the shaft, as it started filling with blood and growing longer and thicker. The beautiful cock head was as big as Darek's little fist, and started to lift out and up. The giant erection grew so fast, it swung up in a graceful arc and slapped into Coopers ab wall with a loud thwack. Darek encircled the wide, veiny shaft with both his hands and began rythmically stroking the full 15 inches. He then pulled the rigid cock forward and stood tiptoe so that he could get his mouth around the helmet head.

It was difficult at first. Darek had to open his jaw wide, and could only swallow a few inches before he felt like gagging. His mind cried out to stop. This was so gay. But the hormones flooding his little body urged him on. He felt a beefy hand grasp the back of his head, pushing him further down the shaft with each thrust. Somehow his throat opened up allowing him to swallow more and more manmeat. He heard a rumbling moan emminating from the giant. Darek swelled with pride knowing he was pleasing his new master. He renewed his effort to suck the muscleteen off to climax, and was rewarded with a hot blast of cum filling his insides. He had to pull off quickly as the torrent continued, splashing him in the face. The shotgunlike blasts of cum lasted a good thirty seconds before slowing to a trickle.

Darek proceeded to lick Cooper's sweaty cum-covered muscle clean then proceeded to suck off both the twins. All the while, he contemplated what the future held for him now. He'd gratefully accept his new role as a sexslave, as long as he could service his new musclemaster and the twin brothers like this on a regular basis. He considered himself lucky actually. •

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