God Created in Seven Days, A

Week End


By Clarence591

Sunday – Day 7 The sound of crashing waves gently woke Don from his slumber. The room was still mostly dark, the sun having just made its appearance. Don raised his arm to rub the sleep from his eyes. His arm felt different, heavier, tighter. He struggled to bend his arm to make his hand reach his tired eyes. He dropped his hand to his chest and realized how much higher his chest rose above his face. He ran his ran over his chest feeling the deep crevice between each hard pec. Don raised his head to look at his chest and couldn’t see anything past the expansive plateau of muscle. He continued to run his hand down his body feeling his cobblestoned abdominals forcing his fingers under the hard throbbing cock that laid at full attention down his stomach’s deep center groove. “No, No, No. Don’t do this to me”, he shouted into the dark in frustration. He sat up on the edge of the bed. His entire body felt heavy, but powerful as he commanded his muscles to move. Pain jolted through his body as he felt his balls being crushed. He stood up and pulled his balls out from between his enormous thighs. He sat back down on the bed resting his hands on his thighs. His eyes started to adjust to the increasing light in the room. He looked down and could only see the tips of his knees past his shelve like chest. He lightly ran his fingers over his thighs, feeling each of the defined corded muscles. He could actually feel the blood coursing through the thick veins that covered his immense legs like a web. He could feel the shape of his thighs as they ballooned out massively from his narrow hips before tapering down to his knees. He then raised both arms into a double bicep pose and turned his head to take in their towering peaks. Don felt his cock straining to grow larger as he became more aroused, “Fuck it all. I can’t take anymore.” Don fell back onto the bed and started to slam his fists into the mattress at his sides, screaming “fuck” over and over again. After a few moments he stopped working out his frustration. Don looked at his stinging hands for the first time. They looked so large, also crisscrossed with veins and sinew like every other part of his body. His long thick fingers dotted with calluses on their underside. Calluses gotten he imagined from spending hours in the gym building his massive physique.

Don stood and explored his latest home skipping the master bathroom. While he desperately wanted to see what he looked like, he decided to avoid the mirrors. He didn’t want to test his willpower on this, his final day. He thought it was ironic that mirrors were his enemy once more. He walked into a gallery hallway, feeling his leg and ass muscles flex to attention with every heavy stride. Each small movement of his huge arms caused his pecs to bounce; every breath forced his washboard abs to tighten. The power in his massive physique sent waves of pleasure to his brain keeping his cock numbingly rigid. Don entered the living room facing a wall of glass. He found the source of the crashing waves that woke him; the Pacific Ocean was laid out before him. The pale sunlight just made the beach visible as he stood on his deck. After several deep breaths, Don realized he was still nude and went back inside before anyone could see him. He wandered into another room that seemed to be a small, but very well equipped gym. One wall was covered with numerous awards and trophies laid out neatly on long shelves. Don scanned the statues, most from strong man and bodybuilding competitions. In the center were the largest trophies, two World’s Strongest Man awards. “No fucking way!” Don said out loud. Between those two trophies was an open space with a note that read “Mr.Olympia here” in Don’s handwriting. He looked above the shelves and saw numerous framed magazine covers and articles. Many featured the headline “Awesome Arick”, Don remembered that was his nickname. One photo was of him next to MariusPuzianowski. Don was always in awe of the sexy strong man. But standing next to the powerful Pole, Don actually made him look small. Don couldn’t look at the photo any longer; it was making his cock throb. A newspaper headline caught his eye: “Awesome Arick passes tenth drug test in six months proofing he’s all natural”. Don turned his head to another wall and saw a handful of different looking awards between two large movie posters. One poster was for a move titled “D-Man” and had a photo of him looking like a spy in a pair of tuxedo pants. His sleeveless white dress shirt ripped open to expose his well muscled chest and waist. Two scattily clad women at his feet clutched his thighs. The other was for the movie “Seven Days to Freedom”, with Don pictured only in a pair of skin tight camouflage pants and a machine gun in each hand, explosions going off behind him. An assortment of acting awards, many from foreign countries were on display between the oversized movie artwork.

Don’s cock continued to throb as he saw the images of himself on display. He turned to leave the room when he noticed a weight bench with a 250 lb. bar on the rack. He thought maybe some exercise would help him release the tension he felt. He curled the weight, shocked at how light it felt to him. He did another and then another, soon he had completed a set. But instead of relaxing him, the blood rushing into his muscles was causing him to become more aroused. The pump made him feel stronger and more masculine. His energy level surged and he felt more alive than he had ever felt before. After several sets, he put the weight back into the rack and stood there flexing his arms forcing the blood through his growing biceps. “Fuck, that feels so good”, he growled between deep breaths. Don looked at his sweat covered arms and chest. His smooth, tan skin glistened in the morning light entering the room from the large windows; Don’s cock shuddered at the site. Don grabbed at the base of his cock, encircling it with his thumb and forefinger. He squeezed tightly trying to stop his rod from exploding. Don walked to the bathroom, once again, keeping the lights off and entered the shower. He turned on only the cold water and embraced the shock of the water as it hit his hot skin. He just stood in the shower leaning up against the wall for more than ten minutes, letting the water cascade over him. Don felt the throbbing pain from his balls increase as they tried to recede within him in response to the chilly water. But they were unable to shrink completely due to the heavy load of backed-up cum they carried. Don wanted so desperately to touch them to relieve their pain. But he was afraid to. An extremely virile, young athlete like him should be jerking off several times a day, but he couldn’t. He was defying all natural instincts. The pain in his balls increased. In frustration he slammed his fist into the marble covered wall of the large shower stall. Then again and again until he heard a cracking sound, the marble had surrendered to his strength. Don looked at his hand as blood seeped from his knuckles. Tears formed in his eyes as he slid down the wall lying in a near fetal position at the shower floor. Don watched the red stained water get swallowed by the drain. The cold water was numbing his body and pain. Finally his cock started to soften as his muscles stiffened, his body shivering from the icy water’s onslaught. He slowly got to his feet and put on a thick terry cloth robe he found hanging on the back of his bathroom door.

He left the bathroom, each step sending a jolt of pain from his discolored twins. As he entered the living room wincing from the pain, he found a strange man standing there. He gave the appearance of being young and fit but it didn’t come naturally. His hair was bleached blonde, his tan looked sprayed-on, the drawn-up little wrinkles around his eyes were the tell-tale sign of a face lift, he wore boots with heels to make him taller and a padded jacket to make his shoulders broader. “I knocked. When you didn’t answer the door I let myself in”, the stranger said with a smile. Don thought even his teeth were capped. This man had spent a fortune to try to look like Don who had it all and so much more naturally. Don just looked at him blanked face. “Rick are you okay? It’s me, Alan, your agent”.

“My name is Don”, Don said as he passed the orange tinted man. “What do you want?”

“What do I want? I’m here to take you to the photo shoot”, Alan asked slightly annoyed. “And since when do you want to be called by your middle name. I always thought you hated Donald, you said it was so plain and boring”.

“I’m not going anywhere this morning. I have a very important appointment at 10am near VeniceBeach. I’m not going to miss it no matter what” Don said as he circled the room like a caged animal before going back out onto the deck.

Alan followed behind. “Oh no you don’t. I’ve pushed back your next three movies because you had to enter this damn Mr.Olympia contest. You’re the one you had to win both the World’s Strongest Man and Olympia by the time you were 22. I agreed to allow you to do this”, Don turned and gave Alan a like-you-could-stop-me look. Don paused then continued, “We agreed if you were going to do this I got to control the publicity. I have all the entertainment shows and E! coming to this photo shoot.”

“I said no”, Don answered as he started to pull at the steel pipe railing at encircled the expansive deck. Alan stared as Don’s muscular forearms as the bulged with strength.

“Arick, Ricky, Rick, I mean Don, please don’t make me beg. All the other competitors are going to be there, as if they have a chance against you. Plus the shoot is right at MuscleBeach, so you can make your appointment with no problem.” Alan said trying to reason with the muscle giant. Don ignored him as he squeezed the railing tighter causing his knuckles to turn white. Getting no response, Alan continued, “Think of your fans. This year’s contest has already become the best selling pay-per-view event of the year. Everyone is talking about how easy it’s going to be for you to win. Not only will you be the official strongest man in the world, you will also be the best built man in the world.” Don tried to block out the other man’s words, he tried to do his times tables in his head. ”This is what you have always wanted; no one can deny you are super human.”

“Stop talking. I’m not one of your scared, insecure clients. I don’t need you to blow smoke up my ass right now, Alan. I’m under a lot of stress and I just want to be left alone” Don shouted without taking his eyes off the ocean. “Eight times eight is 64, eight times nine is…” Don stopped. “What’s eight times nine?”

“Uhm…..72, I think” Alan said slightly confused.

“Of course, 72. What kind of accountant am I if I don’t know my times tables?” Don asked continuing to take out his frustration on the railing. The twisting and pulling was causing the whole deck to shake.

“Accountant? You don’t look like any accountant I’ve ever met” Alan said with laugh.

“Yeah you’re right. I’m not an accountant, I’m a departmental manager. No I’m a student, a marketing major not accounting” Don said as his voice cracked and the steel railing started to bend under his grip. “No wait I never went to college. I modeled out of high school and got a job on a soap.” Don’s faced turned red and his breathing became labored, “Or am I a strong man, bodybuilder who’s a movie actor? I don’t know who I am anymore. I don’t know anything anymore. I can’t take the pressure building up inside me”.

Alan reached for Don putting his hand on his broad back in an attempt to comfort him. “Let me take away your stress. That’s why you pay me.” Alan’s hand slid down to Don’s ass. “So you don’t want me to blow smoke up your ass. Just tell me what you want me to blow. Or for that matter what you want me to put up your ass”. Don reacted quickly to Alan’s poorly timed come-on and pushed him away, “Don’t touch me!” he yelled. Alan went sailing across the deck landing in a potted palm. Don realized what he had done and ran to Alan’s side helping him to his feet. The material of Alan’s shirt as bunched up forming large gaps around the buttons. The gaps exposed his abdomen and the girdle he wore to flatten his stomach. Both men stared at the undergarment, then Alan’s eyes went to Don’s body. Don’s robe had come open as he reached for Alan, exposing his massively muscular physique. Alan sighed, “Life is so fucking unfair”. Don ignored his agent’s comment and pulled him out of the palm. Don closed his robe before saying, “I’m sorry Alan. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I just want to be left alone right now.”

Alan adjusted his clothes and smoothed his hair, a little embarrassed about what had just happened. No man likes to feel so inferior to another. Alan buttoned his jacket to hide the bulge of his swelling cock. “It’s okay Arick. I know this competition means a lot to you. Tomorrow it will all be over and you can relax for a week before you start shooting your next movie.” Don shook his head and moved back to the other side of the deck resting his hands back on the railing. He kept his head down trying to calm himself. Alan could see his client was really upset. “Arick, you want to know who you are. I can tell you. You are one of the biggest action stars in the world. You are an actor whose last two movies grossed more than half a billion dollars worldwide. You are a man admired by millions of people. After you win the Olympia title your salary per film will double. I guarantee that. Children already look up to you, men want to be you, and women want to be with you. In Asia you are considered a god, with your amazing height, blond good looks, incredibly muscular physique and huge endowment. You are…”.

There was a loud crunching sound. “Stop, you are not helping”, Don screamed. Alan looked down at the piece of railing in his clients hands. Don had ripped it loose from the concrete columns.

“Tell me then how can I help you? I’m an agent, all I know is how to boost a person ego”, Alan asked a little frightened.

Don hesitated for a moment thinking about yesterday. “Drugs”, Don said as he casually tossed the eight foot piece of steel onto the beach below. “You’re an agent; you must have some drugs, like Valium right?”

“Yeah I have some Valium in my briefcase for my other clients. But I’ve never known you to take as much as an aspirin before. Why do you want drugs now?” Alan asked with some concern.

“I just need them to get through the next couple of hours. Give me the pills and I’ll go to the photo shoot as long as I’m out of there before 10am”. Don said as he felt his mind clearing slightly. Alan agreed to the terms as if he had a choice. Don went to his bedroom and put on a pair of spandex shorts over some posers. He found a custom tailored zippered fleece jacket for his upper body. He strapped on a sports watch and set the alarm for 10am so he wouldn’t be late for his appointment. After sliding into his size 16 sandals he left his beach house with Alan to the waiting limousine. Don could see the awe in the driver’s eyes as he held the door open for the two men. Alan gave Don the pills from his briefcase as they sat in the back seat. Don found a large bottle of water in the limo’s mini-fridge. He immediately swallowed four of the pills and poured the remaining pills into his water bottle after taking a swig. Don closed his eyes trying to relax. After a few moments he opened his eyes and found Alan staring at him, or more exactly staring at the bulge at his crotch. Don sighed and looked straight ahead. He noticed the driver was staring at him in the rear view mirror. The driver winked and Don just turned his head away. He stared out the car’s side window for the remainder of the trip.

The limo arrived at MuscleBeach about an hour late. Don took a deep breath and followed Alan out of the car. Don tried his best to smile and be cordial as people grabbed at him as he passed by the crowd. Alan talked briefly with the event coordinator. He then motioned for Don to follow him to a large concrete pad in front of the weight pit where the other bodybuilders were being photographed. When Don arrived the other bodybuilders moved away. The photographer talked briefly to Alan and Don, before Don went to the center of the temporary stage. Don handed Alan his water bottle after drinking about half of the tainted liquid. Alan moved in front of Don as he started to remove his shorts. Don handed his sandals and shorts to Alan. Don than started to unzip his jacket, the crowd erupted into cat calls and whistles. Don pulled his jacket off exposing his body to the bright sunlight. Alan moved away after taking Don’s jacket. Don just stood there dressed only in a pair of tightly packed, low-rise posers. Everyone could see how perfectly formed his body was. The crowd went completely silent for a moment. Then Don heard the camera shutters as hundreds of photos were taken by the large crowd before him. Don started to flex and the crowd cheered, getting louder with each new pose. He went through an entire routine that he didn’t remember ever learning, his body seemed to be on auto pilot. The crowd started to chant “Awe-some A-rick, awe-some A-rick” over and over again. Don knew what they wanted, his signature pose. He put his right hand behind his head and turned his head to the right. He could feel the huge swollen muscle of his right arm pressing against the side of his face. He then raised he left arm in the classic bicep pose and moved his left leg forward tilting his narrow hips slightly. Then he flexed every muscle in his body. The crowd roared their approval.

After holding the pose for a few seconds, Don relaxed and gave a slight bow. As he tried to leave the stage, he was stopped by the coordinator and told he wanted a couple of group shots. The other bodybuilders approached Don. The all looked so small to Don. He had become accustomed to being taller and bigger than the ordinary people around him, but these were the world’s top bodybuilders. Men he knew and worshipped for years. The photographer instructed everyone where to stand, Don being the tallest was put in the center. On his right was JayCutler, the current title holder, and on his left, GunterSchlierkamp, the second tallest competitor. Don couldn’t believe he was looking down on two of his idols. Both men looked up at Don briefly before averting their eyes as if they were intimidated by him. Don felt a twinge in his cock. The photographer started to take photos. He instructed Don to due a most muscular pose and everyone else a double bicep pose. Then he told everyone to relax and stand closer to one another. While Don was looking at the camera, he felt a hand on his left ass cheek and then another on his right. Don looked quickly at Jay and Gunter on each side of him, both just continued to stare at the camera. Don’s ass continued to get massaged, then one hand went under the back panel of his posers. Strong fingers invading his deep ass crack. Don could feel his cock reacting to the erotic touch of the strong, thick fingers. He stepped forward and told the photography he needed a break. Don walked up to Alan and grabbed his water bottle before heading for the nearby restroom.

Don entered the dingy room. He paced back and forth in front of the urinals finishing off the contents of his water bottle. He wondered if he had to relieve himself. He felt so much pain he couldn’t tell what was causing the discomfort anymore. He walked up to a urinal and pushed his posers behind his discolored sack. After the pain passed he tried to relax, suddenly a powerful stream of dark yellow urine erupted from his long tube. It felt good and Don gave out a loud sigh. He leaned forward so he could put his forearms against the wall above the urinal. He closed his eyes after resting his forehead on his arms. The urine continued to flow and Don felt some of his tension dissipate. When his bladder was empty, his gently shook his manhood and carefully squeezed it back inside his posers. Don turned around to leave and saw three men watching him. It was Jay, Gunter and LeePriest. Jay and Gunter each went to one side of Don’s hulking body. Don watched them approach without saying a word. Both men started to caress Don’s arms. Don looked at each of them then looked at Lee. “Don’t worry about him. He’s here to guard the door so we don’t get disturbed. He gets off watching us big boys have some fun” Jay said finally taking his gaze off of Don’s massive arm to look into his eyes. “The size of your arm is amazing. Now I understand why you are the strongest man in the world.”

“Not since puberty has any man made me feel small”, Gunter said in a thick accent, “unitl now” Gunter ran one hand over Don’s massive chest and the other over his wide back. Don was in shock. He couldn’t believe the men he fantasized about worshipping hundreds of times were now worshipping him. Their rough hands felt better on his smooth skin than he ever imagined.

“I can’t believe how beautiful you are. People called me perfect, but you have set a whole new standard for masculine perfection. Fuck, you’re the male trifecta; gorgeous face, flawless body, and a huge cock” Jay added as he moved his hand to Don’s chest, down his abs, finally cupping Don’s sensitive package. Don knees buckled slightly as the pain spread throughout his body from his balls bringing him out of his trance. He moved toward the door. Lee who was busy playing with his own dick, moved out of the giant’s way. Don grabbed the handle of the door and accidentally pulled it off its hinges as he hastily opened it. Don dropped the door and ran out of the bathroom, heading down the beach in the opposite direction of the photo shoot.

Don ran a few hundred yards but the pain from his balls was too much for him to withstand any longer. He slowed down to a quick gait until his legs became too heavy for him to lift. The multiple pills he consumed were finally taking their full effect on the giant. He was having trouble controlling his huge muscles and focusing his eyes. Temporarily blinded, he stopped dead in his tracks and tried to take control of his body again. Someone approached him, by the sound of the person’s voice it was a woman. She asked for an autograph but Don didn’t have time to respond before someone else started to caress his arm and asked him to flex. And then there was another and another grabbing at him. Soon Don was surrounded by a crowd, many feeling up his near paralyzed body. Don felt the many hands groping at every part of him, their squeals of pleasure were deafening. The heavy dose of medication had made him helpless to defend himself from the mob. Then Don heard a loud, deep voice break through the clatter, commanding the crowd to back away. A strong hand grabbed onto Don’s forearm and led him away.

Don stumbled along following the blurry form that guided him for what seemed like miles. He felt himself walking up a rough, wooden ramp before entering a small dark room. Don fell against a wall, his heavy weight causing the entire structure to shift slightly. The wall was the only thing keeping Don on his feet. His thickly muscled limbs were too heavy for Don to move. He stood there motionless. Don felt strong hands kneading his pecs and a wet tongue licking his nipples. Don closed his eyes enjoying the sensation. When he reopened his eyes and blinked several times, he was able to focus for a moment. He looked down and saw a familiar face, it was Marco and they were in the life guard station. “You are even more beautiful in person than in your movies, Arick”, Marco said between licks. Marco’s talented tongue traced the deep groove between Don’s pecs and sculpted abs. He continued his wet trail to the expanding bulge in Don’s posers. Marco ran his hands along the back of Don’s titanic legs and over his glorious ass before grabbing the thin waist band of the posers and pulling them down to Don’s ankles. Don used all his concentration to step out of the briefs so he could widen his stance to give his swollen balls more room. Marco looked at Don’s huge equipment and remarked, “You have the worst case of blue balls I’ve ever seen. You must believe in the old adage about not having sex before the big competition.” Marco gently licked the neglected twins before continuing, “Don’t you know that only applies to mere mortals. A god like you needs to be serviced several times a day. It’s your duty to spread your seed as often as possible. Let me help you. Let me ease your pain”. Don mumbled in his drug induced stupor “Yes, please. Make the pain go away. I can’t take it anymore”. Marco put Don’s meat into his mouth until it became too thick to hold comfortably. “That’s my Nordic god, let me see how big and powerful you really are”, he then playfully nibbled at the monstrous mushroom head of Don’s cock. Don was the verge of release. He needed this torture to stop; he had to liberate his immense load of cum. And Marco was an expert of making a man cum. Don fantasized so many nights alone in his bed thinking of Marco giving him a blow job and it was finally a reality. Don felt his balls filling even larger with more cum, the pain increasing. Marco continued to work his oral magic on the muscle man’s rod and massage his mighty ass. Don’s breathing became rapid as he neared the point of no return. Suddenly an alarm rang out from his wristwatch.

Marco and Don both froze in place. Don remembered what he had to do. He had endured too much to give in to his urges now. He took a deep breath and pulled himself from the edge of ultimate pleasure, taking control of his body. He pushed Marco aside and headed toward the door, he grabbed the county flag from the wall to cover himself as he left the shack. As he ran he held the flag at his crotch covering his rock hard cock and battered balls. His exposed body caused everyone to turn and stare at him as he passed; all enjoying the unobstructed view of his perfect ass. He ran nonstop from the beach to the boardwalk to the storehouse. It took ounce of his remaining strength and will power to keep his hulking frame moving forward. Don entered the building that Jose had used as his temporary home. He now could see over all the video games and spotted the old-fashioned machine. The path was too narrow for his broad shoulders to pass, so he easily pushed his way through the other games as if they were empty cardboard boxes. He dropped the flag he took from the lifeguard station. He stood in front of the Gentleman Of Distinction machine completely nude and breathing deeply. It looked much smaller than he remembered. Don placed his hand over the outline on the glass, this time his hand almost covering the entire mirror. The machine came to life with lights blinking and bells ringing. Don took a step back as the machine became quiet. With a “ding”, a small panel lit that said “Make final deposit”. Don’s taller body meant he had to squat to maneuver his rigid rod into the opening. The increased thickness of his cock made it painful to squeeze his member into the machine’s small opening too. Don felt the machine start to suck and massage his joystick. He wanted to cum but couldn’t. He tired to thrust his hips to stimulate his release, but his awkward position made it uncomfortable. Don put his arms around the machine, hugging it against his body. He straightened his legs lifting the machine off the ground with his cock still inside. Don rocked his hips back and forth harder but still couldn’t cum. When ever he was on the verge of ejaculating, his balls seized up in pain. He had denied them for so long they wouldn’t do it now when he willed it to happen. Don started to cry in frustration.

The mirror began to darken and then flicker. The image of the perfect man he saw a week ago appeared again. Just like he last saw him, he was covered in cum from Don’s bodybuilding idols. The other bodybuilders started to massage their seed into the superior man’s body making him get erect. All the other men started to stroke the god’s perfect cock fighting for position. The view on the screen slowly pulled back showing more and more of the man being worshipped; his muscular waist, his thick pecs, bull like neck and then his handsome face. For the first time Don could really see the man who was the center of his idols’ attention. It was Don, the new improved Don, he was the one they were worshipping. The image of Don gave a sly smile and a knowing wink. The real Don felt his nuts spasm painfully. The image then thrusted his head back and released his large load, stream after stream of love juice poured out of him. Don screamed as his balls finally contracted forcing out his salty seed. Load after load, each becoming less and less painful. Finally the pleasure of cumming returned to Don’s body. He opened his eyes again and looked at the machine. All he saw now was his own reflection in the machine’s mirrored front panel. For the first time the mirror was no longer his enemy. Don bent his knees to set down the machine and tried to pull himself out. But he couldn’t his cock was so swollen with blood it was stuck inside. The small brass opening was acting like a cock ring preventing the blood from draining. Suddenly he felt an electrical jolt surge through his balls where they touched the machine. In a flash he cock came loose and he fell on his ass at the foot of Jose’s makeshift bed. Don was exhausted as he tried to catch his breath from his massive jerk off session. All the tension and pain was gone, his entire body was limp. The next square lit that read “Transaction voided”. Don screamed “no” as he collapsed onto the floor crying. Then he heard a soft “ding” and the square darkened and the final one lit that read “Deposit accepted, you are now a G.O.D. Enjoy your new life.” Don laughed softly before rolling onto his back into Jose’s bed. The machine went completely dark as Don fell asleep.

Arick woke up completely refreshed and energized. He noticed someone was playing with his cock. That wasn’t so unusual, but he didn’t recognize the place but the person seemed familiar. He raised himself onto his elbows after looking at his watch. The other man was so enthralled with his toy he didn’t notice the man attached to his play thing was awake. “Where are we?” Arick asked calmly scratching his head. The startled middle-aged man scampered several feet away. “It’s okay, I’m not going to hurt you”, Arick said with no real expression.

The unkempt man moved a little closer, “This is where I sleep at night. It’s an old warehouse at VeniceBeach”.

“VeniceBeach?” Arick responded running his hand over his face. “That’s right, I had a photo shoot nearby and came in here to escape some fans. I think”. Arick ran his hand down his chest and washboard abs. “I must’ve fallen asleep. I’ve been training so hard for Olympia, I haven’t gotten a good night’s sleep in over a week”. Arick returned his gaze to his companion, “Sorry I crashed at your place without asking, uhm”. Jose said his name softly. “Jose, do I know you from somewhere?”

“No, but I know you Awesome Arick”, he said excitedly moving a little closer. He gestured to a pile of old magazines near his bed. Arick looked over and saw stained pictures of himself among the pile.

“You’re a fan I see” Arick commented. Jose nodded with a huge smile. “It’s always nice to meet a fan of mine. Would you like me to autograph something for you? It’s the least I can do since I invaded your, uhm, home”. Jose glanced momentarily at the giant’s semi-hard rod and then back at Arick’s face. Arick didn’t usually allow such a loser to suck him, but for some reason he felt sorry for Jose. “Of course”, Arick said running his hand along his pelvis near the base of his thick shaft causing it to pulse back to life. “Be my guest”. Jose moved closer and sheepishly started to stroke Arick’s manhood and large tanned balls. With a smile from Arick for encouragement, he put his mouth back onto the power rod and started to suck with everything he had. Arick took the time to look around the room. He noticed that there was a large empty space by his feet. The dust and dirt showed something had been removed recently. Arick thought something was there when he arrived, but couldn’t remember what it was. After a few moments he decided to concentrate on the matter at hand. Jose didn’t have the looks or talent to get Arick off, he had to do it himself. Arick laid back down and started to rub his sculpted torso with his strong hands, squeezing his large sensitive nipples. Imagining it was a handsome hunk giving him a blow job instead of Jose. Soon he released a large volley into Jose’s hungry mouth. Jose started to choke surprised by the force and volume of Arick’s cum. “Sorry dude, I should have warned you that my big boys put out quite a load”. Jose coughed several more times but gave Arick the thumb’s up sign. Arick smiled and got onto his feet. Jose stared in awe as the golden god stood before him. Arick squeezed the last of his thick crème from his deflating rod, the sticky substance coating his fingers. “Do you have a towel or something” he asked casually. Jose didn’t respond he just crawled over to Arick and licked his hand clean and then did the same to his cock head. Arick wiped his wet hand on the shirt of his admirer. “Do you know where my clothes are?”

Jose finished licking Arick clean and stood in front of him; the top of his head was below the god’s chin. “No, sir. The only thing that wasn’t here before, besides you, was this flag. I think it came from the lifeguard station”. Jose picked up the flag from the floor and handed it to Arick.

“Yeah, I think I remember a lifeguard trying to help me. Maybe he has my clothes?” Arick held up the flag and thought for a moment. He wrapped the heavily hemmed edge around his tight waist; its 30” length almost completely encircled him. After another moment of thought, he picked up two large nails lying on top of one of the video games. He easily bent the forged steel into a C shape. Jose let out a soft moan before whispering, “You are the world’s strongest man”. Arick laughed softly then bounced his massive pecs, before saying, “for two consecutive years“. Jose came in his already soiled pants as he fell to his knees. Arick ignored Jose as he folded the flag into thirds along the shorter length before wrapping it around his waist once more. Then he put one of his C rings in each end’s grommet and then hooked them around each other. “This will have to due for now” Arick said aloud as he adjusted his impromptu skirt checking out his reflection in the glass panel of a video game. Arick ran his hands through his wavy, blonde hair before moving his face slightly side to side to check out his chiseled features. He ran his hands over his sculpted torso then flexed his muscles quickly. He smiled in approval of the way he looked. How he loved seeing his own reflection. Jose thought the flag garment made Arick look as if he had just stepped down from MountOlympus. “I was beautiful once” Jose said softly his face showing onlyt regret. “I’m sure you were”. Arick said without looking at Jose. Arick tore his gaze away from his reflection and walked out of the warehouse and headed to the beach. He smiled and waved to the people who stared, their mouths agape, as he passed.

When he got to the beach it was almost deserted. Marco was closing the lifeguard station for the day when he approached. “Hey, I think I have something of yours” Arick said with a smile putting his hands on his narrow hips. Marco gasped as he saw the most perfect vision of male muscle. The setting sun’s last rays reflected off Arick’s flawless skin and white skirt, giving him a golden aura. He looked even more like a god than usual. Marco stared for a few moments, his cock at full attention, before he could answer. He pulled Arick’s posers out of his shoulder bag, “And I have ssssomething of yours”, he stuttered as his voice cracked.

Arick moved confidently up the ramp and stood very close to the aroused life guard, “Maybe we can negotiate a trade?” he asked coyly as he cupped the smaller man’s package. Unlike with Jose, Arick wouldn’t have to use his imagination when fucking Marco. “When you ran off last time, I thought maybe you didn’t find me attractive”, Marco said softly. Arick reached behind Marco, putting his hand at the center of lifeguard’s firm ass. Arick pulled Marco up against his larger frame and slid the smaller man up his hard body until they were nearly eye to eye. “Don’t play games with me. We both know that’s not possible” Arick said his mouth only inches from Marco’s. Marco was near the verge of cumming. Arick pulled Marco even closer and kissed him long and hard. Marco could feel Arick’s hand squeezing his ass, his middle finger pressing deep into his ass crack. Arick set Marco down and gestured to the station’s door. Marco unlocked the door and Arick followed him in. Arick undid the catch on his skirt and hung the flag back on the wall where it was originally. He knew Marco was watching so he purposely exaggerated very move to make his muscles flex and bulge more. Arick turned and to see Marco removing all his clothes. Both men faced each other completely nude. “Well, handsome, what are your terms?” Marco didn’t say a word he just fell to his knees and started to suck Arick’s meat. Arick ran his strong fingers through Marco’s thick, curly hair enjoying his second blow job in less than ten minutes. Arick looked out through the slots of the wooden shutters that covered the window openings of the station. He saw the people of the boardwalk going about their ordinary lives. He saw Jose on a nearby bench staring at the shack. Arick knew he wished it was him who was on his knees before him instead of the lifeguard. But unlike Marco and himself, Jose wasn’t one of the chosen few, one of the beautiful people. This was how things were meant to be. Arick knew his place in the world and liked it. •

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