God Created in Seven Days, A

Mid Week


By Clarence591

Wednesday – Day 3 Don opened his eyes slowly, enjoying the warmth of his large bed. He didn’t remember making it to the bedroom last night. He did remember some wine but that was about it. He sat up in bed expecting a dull headache of a hangover, but his head was clear. Clear as he could be when he first woke up. He pulled the sheets off his body to see if there were any changes. He was still thin and his cock was still as perfect as ever. Accept it looked smaller; still very impressive, just not obscenely huge. Don checked the time on the clock by his night stand. The clock was different, he looked around the room; in fact the entire room was different. Panic set in for a moment as he didn’t know where he was. Then he remembered it was his bedroom. Wasn’t it? He got out of bed and noticed everything appeared smaller to him, even the ceiling seemed lower. He walked through a dressing area that led to his master bathroom. He some how knew the layout of this place. As he approached the sink, he noticed how low it was. The counter hit him mid thigh; he was used to bathroom vanities being higher than his belly button. The toilet was much lower too. Don soon realized everything wasn’t smaller or shorter, but he was taller. He went to the doorway and stood against the jam. There was only a few inches between the top of his head and the top of the opening. He estimated he was about 6’ 5”. That meant he had grown almost a foot over night. Wait, he had been this tall since his junior year in high school. “Right?”, Don asked himself looking back into the mirror. He rubbed his head trying to keep his thoughts straight.

He walked back into the bedroom before heading to the kitchen. He surveyed his home thinking how beautiful everything was. The ultra modern décor seem to fit perfectly in his high rise condominium. After finishing his breakfast of shredded wheat cereal, juice and fruit; he went back to the bedroom to get into his running clothes. He went to the den he used as a workout room. He pulled out a top of the line treadmill from a custom made armoire. He got on the machine. His stride was very comfortable to him, despite the constantly jostling of his cock. Soon he was in a good rhythm. He faintly remembered being on the cross-country team in school. With his blood pumping from the workout, he could feel a stirring in his shorts. He concentrated on his workout even more, pushing himself harder trying to exhaust his body. He ran hard for an hour before his legs failed. He gasped for air as he stretched out his long limbs before returning to the bathroom to shower and shave.

Once he dried his lanky body, he dressed finding beautiful Italian made suits, custom tailored for his 32 inch waist and 40 inch inseam. He arrived at work in his late model BMW. As he walked to his office, everyone he passed made an effort to acknowledge him with a smile or “good morning” many ending the greeting with “sir”. Don found himself walking to the vice president of accounting’s office. He was caught off guard for a moment when a secretary greeted him with a cup of coffee just the way he liked it and a smile. As he entered the stylish room, he noticed he name of the door. This was his office, this was his life.

Don spent most of the day in meetings. Everyone seemed to accept him in his role and he was knowledgeable about the subject matter as if he had the job for years. He spent the evening at a cocktail party with some clients. Everyone that approached Don ran their eyes over his long, lean physique, stopping momentarily on the ever present bulge at his crotch. Even the fine material of his expensive suits, puckered slightly as it tried to cover his impressive endowment. All the party guests were very cordial and one or two a little flirtatious. Several of the women made an effort to get his attention. Don just kept thinking how short everyone else was compared to him. Don was the last one to leave the party. He thought it would be better to be in public than go home. He knew if he was alone he would be tempted to jerk off. When he finally got home past midnight, he went right to bed. But he couldn’t fall asleep; his hand kept going to his cock. It felt so good to touch and it responded very quickly. His larger body had no trouble accommodating the blood demands of his king sized tool. Don couldn’t take it anymore, he got out of bed and put on a pair of gym shorts arranging his hard cock into the most comfortable position possible. He went back into the workout room and started running, doing time tables through his mind over and over again. After almost two hour he was exhausted. He collapsed into bed still dressed in his sweaty clothes and fell asleep quickly.

Thursday-Day 4 Don awoke in a small cluttered room. He looked around for a moment before checking out his body. His cock was at full attention. Don couldn’t remember the last time he had morning wood. Everything looked the same, perhaps his skin looked different somehow. He yawned as he stretched out his long body. He felt great and totally refreshed with none of his usual body aches and pains. He put his hands over his face wiping the sleep from his eyes. He vigorously ran his fingers through his thick hair trying to stimulate his brain instead of his cock. “Wait, I have hair”, Don said as he got out of bed and went to the mirror over the steel and laminate dresser across the room. Don stared for a moment at the image. It was him, only younger, much younger. He looked about twenty years old. His skin was taut, moist and supple. His head was covered with the thick, dark and kinky hair of his youth. But all his body hair was gone, just a few wisps of dark hair under his arms and the same patch of fine, silky blond hair covering his balls. Don couldn’t believe how light and energetic he felt. His cock was getting even harder now, sticking straight up against his flat stomach. “Damn, I’ve forgotten what it is like to be a horny kid” Don said as he turned away from the mirror. He looked around the sparsely decorated room; he saw a stack of text books on the institutional looking desk opposite the matching dresser. “This is my dorm room. I’m back at college”, Don said out loud, “I mean I’m in college”. Don sat on the edge of his bed, “Hell, I don’t know what I mean anymore”.

To take his mind of his cock, Don read a chapter in a text book. Once soft, he put on a robe and went to the communal bathroom to take a shower. No one paid him any attention. “At least I’m not the short, fat kid everyone picks on this time”, Don thought as he entered the showers. Seeing the other young, firm bodies in various states of undress was causing him to get hard again. He closed his eyes and ran through his times tables again. He quickly showered and returned to his room. He dressed, pulling on a pair of faded jeans over his tight boxer briefs. The well-worn pants seem to mold to his body, hugging his package snuggly showcasing its impressive size. The stiffer denim material didn’t hide his equipment as well as is wool suits. He threw on a t-shirt to cover his long, lean torso. The bottom of the shirt barely met the waist band of his jeans. He pulled it down trying to cover his crotch bulge, but the material just crept back up to it original position. That old trick won’t work if he got a woody while in class. Don took a deep breath and thought. He grabbed his book bag and held it in front of him, “This will have to do”. He left the dorm and walked onto the campus. Everyone he passed smiled and said hello calling him by various nicknames: Slim, Stilts, Daddy Long Legs. Don thought these names were better than what he was called the first time he went to school. Luckily for him, Thursdays had a heavy class load. Don went from class to class trying to stay focused on the material. Whenever his mind wondered he could feel his cock start to expand. And with a cock the size of his, even his books couldn’t camouflage it.

Lunch time finally arrived and Don was starving. He got his tray of questionable cafeteria food and looked for an empty seat. He walked by what he perceived as the jock’s table; the loud group of muscular boys paid him no attention as he passed. He found an empty table nearby and set his tray down. As he stood to remove his backpack he saw one of the jocks staring at him, or more precisely staring at his crotch. The handsome athlete finally raised his eyes to meet Don’s and gave him a wink and a sly smile before turning his attention to his table’s conversation. Don sat down quickly as the blood raced to his third leg. He put his head down and started to eat his food. Soon other students joined him at the table. They all seemed to know Don and after a second or two, Don realized he knew them too. The people at his table were definitely not jocks, but the geek and nerd crowd. But Don seemed to be their leader, he was the head geek.

Don decided to spend the night in the library writing an economics paper. It wasn’t due for another week, but he thought it best to be in public instead alone in his room. As he sat at a small table, throughout the night people sat down next to him to talk. Most of the visitors just wanted to say hello, but some wanted more. Don felt several hands on his thighs under the table. Even geeks have sex drives Don thought. Don politely turned down every invitation saying he had to get his report done tonight. One girl offered him some speed to help him stay awake. Don joked that wasn’t his problem and said he was more in need of sleep. Later the same girl returned with a bag from the school store. Inside was a box of sleeping pills. Don thanked her and she leaned into him and put her hand on his crotch and whispered, “you can thank me another night, H.D. I know another way to get a man to fall asleep”. Don smiled and pushed her hand away as he asked what HD meant since that was a nickname he hadn’t heard before. The girl said matter-of-factly, “hot dog”. She saw the confused look on Don’s face. “You know for that twelve inch tube steak you’re packing”. Don was shocked, when did women become so sexually aggressive. The girl stood and walked away looking back once to make sure Don was watching her leave. After the girl left the building, Don ripped open the bag and swallowed twice the recommended dose. After another hour he felt himself unable to keep his eyes open. He walked back to the dorm and fell asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.

Friday – Day 5 Don opened his eyes and saw the clock on the night stand. He sat up with a quick jerk, “Shit, I’m late for work, I mean class” he said out loud. Then he remembered it was Friday, “I don’t think I have any classes on Friday”. Don fell back onto his bed with a sigh of relief. His right hand found its way to his hard cock. He moved his large hand down the thick shaft until he was able to cup his balls. A sharp pain ran through his body causing he muscles to tense. He experienced a new rush of power as his muscles flexed. “What the fuck?”, he thought as he threw off his blanket. A smile came over his face as he saw his body. Large, defined muscles now covered his lean frame. Don went to the mirror hanging over his dresser to get a better look. He had the physique of a jock. He flexed his muscles, enjoying how the rolled and bunched under his tight, smooth skin. Finally looking at his face, he was disappointed that it hadn’t changed along with his body. He was still plain with droopy eyes, a large misshapen nose, and a weak chin. The coarse, dark hair on his head still did not match his golden pubic hair. But it was the color of his balls that caught his attention; they looked as if they were bruised. He squeezed his huge nut sack again and felt a jolt of pain again. Don had heard the expression blue balls before, but didn’t know it could actually happen. Don knew a way to relieve the pain and he wanted to jerk off so badly. He could imagine the euphoria of cumming with a body like this. His cock started to ache more. He went back to his bed, closing his eyes trying to recall his time tables. But he was struggling to remember. Math was always his best subject in school, why was he having such difficulty.

He opened his eyes and looked around his latest sleeping quarters. This wasn’t a dorm. It looked more like a regular bedroom than an institutional cell. The antique bureau in the corner was covered with trophies. He went to the bureau and saw high school trophies for soccer, wrestling, baseball, and football. And there was a large trophy for last year’s college football divisional championship in the center. On his desk was an encased football covered with autographs. Staring at the ball, he remembered it was signed by all the members of his team. He was picked as the MVP last year. Next to the football were playbooks. He was the team’s quarterback. Under the playbooks were his school books, not accounting text books, but marketing. He was a marketing major? Being a gifted athlete, he didn’t have to study hard in high school. Nobody expected him to excel in academics as well as athletics. Without that pressure, he never pursued mathematics, so accounting didn’t make sense anymore. That’s why he couldn’t remember his time tables.

Don heard voices outside the window and saw other jocks tossing a football around the front lawn. Don remembered this was his frat house. He was in the jock fraternity, the alpha betas. The men saw him looking out his window and motioned for him to join them as the screamed his nickname, “Bagger”. Don waved back with a broad smile. He pulled on a pair of baggy shorts; the elastic waist was loose around his sculpted waist. The oversized shorts hung low on his hips exposing the upper portion of his flat pelvis. The shorts were held up by his large, round, powerful ass more than the waist band. He tired to flatten the thin nylon fabric over his crotch, but the outline of his overly abundant manhood couldn’t be concealed. He searched for the least smelly shirt from the clothes strewn about the floor. As he caught his reflection in the mirror he decided he didn’t need to wear a shirt anymore, not with a body like his. He left his room, ran down the stairs and jumped off the porch catching the ball in mid air thrown to him by one of his frat brothers. He couldn’t believe how strong he felt as he played against the other men. His throwing arm was powerful and deadly accurate. After tossing around the ball for a short time, the guys headed to the field for the team’s afternoon practice and workout. Again, Don was amazed by his brilliance on the field and how easy it was for him. After practice, the guys hit the gym. Don was the star attraction in the weight room too. He easily out lifted every other man on the team; even the linemen, who outweighed him by almost fifty pounds, couldn’t best him in the bench press. Don couldn’t help but notice that he was the best built guy on the team. He kept running his calloused hands over his pumped-up arms, pecs, abs and quads relishing the power they gave him. He spent most of the time in a semi-hard state that afternoon. But he didn’t care; he enjoyed intimidating the other jocks with his unsurpassed strength and physique. After the workout, the team headed to the showers. Don kept himself covered with a towel, conscious of his blond pubic hairs. He didn’t want the team to think he bleached his bush. As he entered the common shower area he tried to keep his back to the other men. He noticed that one team mate was constantly looking at him, checking out his buff body. It was Brock, the running back and easily the most handsome guy on the team.

Don had hoped that all that exercise would wear him out, but it just seemed to engergize him. His athletic conditioning, peak physical shape, and youth gave him unbelievable stamina. After he finished his shower he decided to sit in the sauna to help him relax. To his surprise, Brock soon joined him. They talked about the team and the upcoming game. Then after a few minutes of silence, Brock moved closer to Don. Without saying a word, Brock started to caress Don’s thigh under the towel he wore around his waist. Brock just stared into Don’s eyes as his hand went higher up his thigh until he reached Don’s growing cock. Don loved the feel of Brock’s strong hand on his body, but knew he couldn’t allow this to go any further no matter how handsome Brock was. While parts of his former life were becoming more and more elusive with each passing day, he clearly remembered the machine and its rules. Don stood up and said “It’s about dinner time, we better get over to the cafeteria”. He quickly got dressed in a pair of jeans he found in his locker. The jeans fit him like a glove. He felt the heavy material squeeze his body as every movement caused his muscles to flex and bulge. The tightness was increased in the crotch as his muscular ass pulled the fabric tighter from behind. His prominent package was pushed from side to side by his powerful thighs with each step. He pulled on a fitted polo shirt and felt a similar squeeze across his chest, shoulders and upper arms. He left the gym without Brock trying to block out the sensation he felt from his tight clothes.

When Don arrived most of his team mates were already eating. They saved his usual seat in the center of the jock’s table. Everyone looked at him and smiled as he approached, most giving an envious glance at his crotch. By the time Brock arrived at the table, Don was done with his meal and just sat there enjoying being the center of attention. Brock sat directly across from Don and barely looked at him as he ate his meal. But after a few minutes, Don felt something pushing against his crotch. He looked down and saw a bare foot nestled between his thighs, the toes gently kneading his package through his tight jeans. The angle of the leg indicated it had to be Brock’s. Don looked up at Brock, who continued to eat his meal without looking up. Don stood up and said his goodbyes. Most of the table left with Don as they headed back to the frat house. The guys talked loudly, drank and watched TV in the common room for a couple of hours. After a few beers, Don had to see a man about a horse. Don headed upstairs to the bathroom.

Don was pissing when Brock entered the bathroom. “Hey there stud”, Brock said as he ran his hand over Don’s firm ass. Don jumped and piss went on to the floor, on his shirt and down Don’s leg, wetting his jeans. “Damn it, Brock”, Don said as he left the bathroom and went in to his bedroom. Brock followed him, “What’s wrong with you, bro? You’re so jumpy and nervous”. Don looked at his visitor, “Brock get out of my room. I’m not in the mood to deal with you tonight”. Brock ignored Don’s order and closed the door behind him, “I have something that may take the edge off”. Brock pulled two joints out from his shirt pocket. Don smoked some weed before and it always made him sleepy. He thought maybe this was a way to get through the rest of this night. Brock sat down on Don’s bed and lit one of the sticks, “Dude, you better get out of those clothes. You smell like a fucking hobo”. Don hesitated and gave Brock a concerned look. “Don’t worry man. You haven’t got anything I haven’t seen before. I promise to behave myself”. Don took a step back and peeled off his shirt revealing his muscular upper body. Brock felt his cock twitch at the sight. Don then removed his soiled pants. He stood there in only a pair of black bikini briefs. Don looked around for something else to wear. Brock let out a deep breath and said “Don’t bother, dude. Take a hit from this before I finish it.” Don was getting light headed just by the smoke filling his room. He sat down on the bed as far away as Brock as possible and took the offered joint. Don took several hits off the first joint before Brock lit up the second.

After the two athletes finished the second stick, Don laid back on his bed enjoying the calming effect of the drug. All the tension left his body. Brock turned to look at the exquisite form of his team mate. “Are you feeling better, Bagger?” Brock asked. “Don’t call me that”, Don said. He didn’t like his nickname. The popular girls in his high school gave him that name. They told him it was because every girl wished he would bag them, but he learned later that it was really because they wished he would wear a bag over his head to cover his ugly face. Unfortunately the named followed him to college. “Sorry” Brock said as he leaned back on the bed to lie next to Don, who still had his eyes closed. Brock reached over and ran his hand over Don’s powerful throwing arm. Brock was always envious of Don’s strength and natural athletic prowess. Don didn’t react so Brock continued his exploration of Don’s superior body. Brock caressed Don’s hard chest and traced the lines that divided his sculpted six pack. Brock lightly touched the enormous bulge covered by Don’s cotton briefs before his hand settled on his strong thigh. Don just gave a slight moan enjoying the high induced euphoria. Brock ran his curled fingers up the top of Don’s thigh before gingerly cupping his package. Brock couldn’t believe his large hand was unable to contain all of Don’s endowment, “Your body is no fucking hot, I can’t stop thinking about you”, Brock whispered before squeezing Don’s equipment. The pain from his backed-up balls made Don open his eyes. “Stop it, Brock”, Don slurred without moving. “How about a quick blow job? I guarantee that will really relax you. I’ve been told I have a very talented mouth”, Brock said with another slight squeeze of Don’s meat. Don raised his body off the bed supporting his upper body with a bent elbow. He looked at his admirer’s handsome face and wanted to feel his pretty mouth wrapped around his cock, but knew it couldn’t happen tonight. . “I can’t”, Don said as he grabbed Brock by the wrist removing his hand from his crotch. “Please Don. I beg of you. No one ever has to know. And you can do anything you want to me. Anything”, Brock pleaded. Brock could feel the power in Don’s grip increasing as he said, “Get out of my room”. Don let go of Brock’s arm and rolled over onto his stomach. Brock stood up and rubbed the white imprint of Don’s fingers on his forearm. He stared down surveying Don’s broad shoulders, contoured back, narrow hips and round ass encased in the tight black briefs. He fantasized about tapping that perfect ass so many nights. Brock hoped that Don had fallen asleep. Brock reached down and massaged Don’s muscular globes with both hands. Don reached for a pillow and threw it at Brock, “Get out now before I kill you, Brock”. Brock knew Don was much stronger than he was even stoned. He left Don’s bedroom closing the door after him. Don opened his eyes to make sure Brock had really left. He turned over onto his back giving his rock hard cock relief from being crushed by his own bodyweight. “I don’t know if I can do this for two more days”, Don said to himself. He put a pillow over his face and screamed in frustration. The marijuana proved more powerful than his angst and soon he was in a deep sleep.

Saturday – Day 6 The high pitched alarm woke Don. He fumbled for the snooze bar in the dark. He opened his eyes and released an annoyed sigh to acknowledge the early hour “Five o’clock, fuck the sun’s not even up”. His hands found their way to his steel hard rod and he let out another sigh, “Damn, does this thing ever go soft”. He let go of his manhood and traced the muscles of his thighs and upper body. He thought he felt even more muscular then yesterday. He sat up in bed and turned on the lamp next to the alarm clock. After giving his eyes a chance to adjust to the light, he pulled off the silk sheets that covered his body. Don was relieved he didn’t look all that different from yesterday, maybe his muscles were a little thicker. He felt the fullness of his pecs that partially blocked his view of his cock, noticing the larger bulge of his bicep as he moved his arm. His eyes finally went down to his aching cock, somehow it looked less freakish. He finally realized because his thighs were thicker it made his cock look smaller, even if it was still immense. It wasn’t only the size of his thighs that made his cock look more appropriate for his body, It was the color too. The rest of his body was now the same golden bronze color as his cock had been for the past five days. “I must have gotten a tan from practicing in the sun yesterday”, Don thought. But he had no tan lines and every inch of him was the same shade as if it was his natural skin color. He noticed his balls were a darker shade of bluish purple. He touched them and felt a jolt of pain. He fell back onto the bed and ran his hand through his hair. Don felt silky soft tresses instead of the expected kinky, steel wool he expected. “Now what?”, he said as he rested his hands on his face, letting out another sigh. His face felt different too. His large nose was gone. He raced out of bed and went into the adjacent bathroom. He instinctively knew the layout of the room, turning on the light and standing in front of the large mirror over the sink. Startled at first, he moved past his shock. “Shit”, he said as he leaned closer to his reflection.

His face, the last remaining vestige of the old Don, was gone. The man looking back at him in the mirror was a stranger, but somehow familiar. Don ran his fingers through his thick, golden blonde mane again before tracing his perfectly arched eyebrows, his stare darting back and forth between each of his large, almond shaped, ice blue eyes. He took his index finger and ran it down his narrow, straight nose, then over his full lips. He ran the finger into the groove of his slightly cleft chin and along the tight skin that hugged his square, muscular jaw line as he turned his head slightly. He caressed the concave skin of his cheeks below his prominent cheek bones savoring the flawless skin that matched the rest of his tanned very muscular physique. “I’m drop-dead gorgeous”, Don said in a deep baritone voice that took him by surprise. A smile took over his face. The brightness of his perfect smile made him appear even more handsome. “Fuck”, Don said as he felt his already hard cock twitch. His swollen balls spasmed painfully. He fought back the natural instinct to cum at such a beautiful sight. He turned away from the mirror and headed back to his bedroom, “Shit, how much more am I suppose to take?”. Don said as e fell onto the bed staring up at the ceiling. After a few moments of deep breathing, he realized he was no longer in the frat house.

The room was large and decorated in the mission style. He got to his feet, and walked to the center of a wall of drapes. He pulled the drapes apart and saw the lights of LA before him. I must be in the Hollywood hills he thought. He turned and walked from the bedroom down a hall passing several dark rooms his still rigid cock hitting his wash board abs with each step. He could feel the increased power of his larger muscles with each little movement. The hall emptied into the cavernous living room. The room was decorated like the bedroom and also contained a wall of windows, but they were not covered. A large pool deck was accessible through several sets of sliding glass doors along its entire length. Don saw a stylish gourmet kitchen off the dining area. He went back toward the bedroom, this time stopping to look into the other rooms he passed. There was another bedroom, a small, but well equipped exercise room, and an office. Don walked into the office to get a closer look at the opposite wall. It was covered with framed photos, articles, and magazine covers of him. He saw a long shelve in the center of the wall with various awards. Most were from soap opera magazines, but there were also two daytime Emmy awards. Don noticed that the articles and awards had the name Arick on them, Arick was his mother’s maiden name and his middle name. He always liked the name but thought it was too exotic for such a plain looking guy. “I guess I don’t look like a Donald any longer”, he said to himself. “I’m an actor?” Don then remembered he signed a modeling contract right out of high school and a year later was offered a role on daytime television’s top rated soap opera. He starred on the soap for two years and did a couple TV movies and quests spots on several prime time series during that time. But his contract was up last month and he didn’t renew much to the producers chagrin. He was currently filming his first theatrical movie. “Shit, I’m supposed to be on set by 6:30”, Don said he went back to his bathroom. He turned off the light so he wouldn’t see himself in the mirror. He quickly showered using only cold water. He also used a back brush to wash his entire body so he didn’t have to touch himself. Feeling the hard grooves and ridges of his muscular body would’ve made him cum instantly. He dressed in a pair of cargo shorts and a form-fitting short sleeve button down shirt without drying off his body. The moisture left on his skin was absorbed by the thin material of his shirt making it cling to his muscular torso. He got into his Porsche and drove off to the studio with the top down to dry his long hair and toned body.

Don went right to his trailer on the sound stage. He found his script notes for today’s shoot, one of the many love scenes in the movie. “Why today?”, he thought before he heard a knock on is trailer door. It was a wardrobe person with his “costume”. “What is this?” asked Don holding a small flesh color piece of cloth. “It’s a modesty pouch for the love scene”, the middle-aged wardrobe person answered. “It makes it look like you’re completely nude on screen without you having to be really naked. The director wants to get some bare ass shoots of you today. No frontal nudity of course. We’ve got to keep that R rating”, the man laughed. Don’s annoyed expression did not change. The man continued, “Most actors find wearing it more comfortable for themselves and their co-stars.”

“How do you wear it?” Don asked holding the strangely shaped garment. The wardrobe guy grabbed the cloth and used his fist to explain, “The elastic goes behind your scrotum, your bits and pieces our held in the pouch. Then we tape the front flap to your pelvis below your belly button. That way there’s no straps around your waist and you appear to be naked from the back.” Don watched intently then asked, “It’s kind of small isn’t it?” The haggard studio employee gave him an annoyed look this time, “I’ve worked with the biggest”, he said putting emphasis on the word biggest, “stars in Hollywood and have never had a problem before. It stretches.” Don took the garment and went to the far end of the trailer to change while the wardrobe guy waited for him. After a few minutes Don returned wearing only the modesty pouch, “The tape isn’t sticking”. Don looked up and saw the other man staring at the garment with his mouth agape. Don gave a slight cough but couldn’t pull the guy’s stare off his crotch. Finally Don asked, “Do you have any stronger tape to hold this up?” The older man answered without moving his gaze, “I don’t think any tape is strong enough to hold up that load. You’re got the thing so stretched out”.

Don asked, “Do you have a larger size for me? It’s kind of tight and uncomfortable”. The man finally looked up at Don’s face, “It only comes in one size. It’s supposed to be a one-size-fits-all”. Don could see the amazed look on the studio employee’s face and the lust in his eyes. The man groped his growing hard-on through his baggy pants before adding “Maybe I could make it fit. Let me try to adjust it”. He reached for Don’s package as drool fell from his mouth but Don backed away quickly, “No that’s okay. Just go ask the director if it would be okay for me to do the scene in the nude, without the garment”. The costumer stopped and looked at Don, “Are you sure? I really want to help you make it fit”. Don shook his head yes and flexed his muscles slightly to look more threatening. The man’s expression changed quickly, from one of all-consuming lust to utter frustration. The man left the trailer after one last sorrowful look at Don’s awe inspiring physique.

Don got word that the director and the female lead were okay with him shooting the scene in the nude. The director had cleared the set of all nonessential personnel before Don arrived wearing a bathrobe. When Don removed his robe the entire set fell silent and Don could see all eyes staring at him. He quickly got into the set’s bed and pulled the sheets over his lower body, he didn’t want anyone to see his blue balls. After a few moments his costar arrived and stared at the bulge in the sheets created by his most impressive body part before looking at Don’s handsome face with a flirty smile. The director described the scene in detail and soon they were filming. Don was having a difficult time not getting aroused while pretending to make love to his beautiful costar. She wasn’t making is easy either with passionate moans and whispering how big, hard and strong Don was. Don also had to constantly protect his cock and sore balls from her curious hands under the sheets.

After several hours of shooting the director needed to talk to the lighting crew about some changes he wanted. Don took the opportunity to talk to his leading lady, “Scarlett, I know this is my first movie and you are already a big star, but do you think you can stick to the script during this scene?” The sexy burnet who was having her make-up and hair touched-up by several people, asked “Script? There isn’t any dialogue in this scene”. Don put his hand behind his head rubbing his neck and said, “Exactly”. The actress looked directly at Don and asked, “Are you telling me to be quiet?” Don could see she was insulted by his request, “It’s just you are such a beautiful woman and I am a man”. Scarlett leaned closer to Don and purred “You certainly are”. She ran her fingers from his exposed arm pit and down is flared lats. Don ignored her compliment as he continued in a whisper, “A man who’s an actor. An actor trying to be professional in a love scene and, and” Don hesitated for a moment before looking down at his crotch and then back to the actress, “relaxed. Having you say certain things and touch me in certain places makes it difficult for me to stay relaxed. If you know what I mean?” Scarlett blushed and pulled away from Don with a coy smile. She turned and whispered something to her assistant who handed her a small brown container. She then waived away all the people fusing over her. She turned back to Don and moved closer to him kneeling beside him in the big bed. “I think these will help you to stay relaxed during the scene”, Scarlett said as she emptied two small pills into the palm of her left hand. “What are they?” Don asked. “Just some Valium, they help calm me while I’m on the set. You weren’t the only one nervous about staying in control shooting this scene. My agent gave me these to help me” she said with a slight laugh before continuing, “I only took one, but since you’re twice my size, I think two would be okay for you.” She put the pills in Don’s open mouth and handed him a bottle of water. “Thank you” Don said after swallowing the medication. Within a few moments Don could feel the effects of the medication. Don did find it easier to stay in control during the remainder of the working day. But as he was getting dressed his drug induced mellowness was waning. He felt the tension returning to his body as he tried to control his eager cock from getting aroused as he showered in his trailer. He left the studio dodging his costar and found several members of the crew waiting near his car to get one last look at their idol.

Don knew he still had to get through the rest of the night and the impulse to pleasure himself was getting more difficult to deny, it was all he could think about anymore. He needed more medication to aid his willpower. He decided to stop at a drug store on his way home to pick up some sleeping pills, they helped him before. He saw one up ahead and looked for a parking spot. The busy street caused him to park about four blocks away from the store. Before getting out of his car, he adjusted his semi-hard cock in an attempt to make it less noticeable, letting his extra long shirt tail hang loose in front of him. His blue balls were becoming more painful with each passing hour. As he slowly walked down the street toward the store he noticed everyone staring at him. Soon there was a small crowd following him. He stopped at a crosswalk waiting for the light to change, the store was just on the over side of the street. A young woman approached him and asked for an autograph. Don was surprised at first; he had forgotten he was a celebrity. Don smiled and signed the woman’s scrap of paper. Before he could finish someone else asked him for another autograph, then another and another. Soon Don could feel hands rubbing his back and arms. The crowd was getting larger. The light changed and Don tried to walk away, but found himself surrounded, unable to move. People started calling his name and the name of his character on the soap saying how much they loved him and how handsome he was. One woman grabbed his neck and pulled him down to kiss him on the lips. Then another person kissed him, Don could feel people groping his thighs and ass, pulling at the buttons on his shirt trying to touch his chiseled chest and abs. There was a ripping sound as his shirt was torn off his body, then the frenzy started as people tugged at the waistband of his shorts trying to remove them too. They wanted to find out if the tabloid stories about him were true. Don forced his way through the maddening swarm running back to his car; his long powerful legs making it easy for him to get ahead of the crowd. He got inside his car and pulled away just as the mass reached him pounding on the outside of his vehicle.

Don tried to catch his breath not believing what had just happened. He looked down at his bare chest covered with scratches and knew he couldn’t stop at another store now. He arrived home and scoured his place for something to help him get through the night. He didn’t find any drugs, but he did find an unopened bottle of scotch. He unscrewed the top and took a large swig, and then another. Don spent the rest of the night without the bottle leaving his hand. The sound of breaking glass jarred him awake as he was slowly slipping deeper into the hot tub. He gasped for air as he quickly sat up raising his head above the soothing water. Don looked around and saw the nearly empty bottle of scotch in pieces along side the spa. He didn’t remember getting into the tub and thought it wise to remove himself before he passed out again and drowned. He stumbled out of the tub and made his way to the bedroom, holding onto the walls to help keep himself from falling. He made it to his bed and said, “This will be all over tomorrow” before he fell asleep. •

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