God Created in Seven Days, A

The Beginning


By Clarence591

Don walked with some effort to his usual bench along the edge of the beach. He slowly lowered his bulk onto the weathered wood and carefully set down the bag he carried with him. He rubbed his sweaty face with an already damp handkerchief and tired to catch his breath. His seventy extra pounds of fat and overall poor physical condition made walking the two blocks from the coffee shop feel like a marathon. Still breathing deeply through an open mouth, he removed his grande sized caramel latte and huge cinnamon bun from the bag. The image of his doctor’s disapproving face appeared briefly in his mind as he took the first bite of the pastry and gulp of the overly sweet coffee. Don was a diabetic and was supposedly on a strict diet to loose weight and control his sugar levels. He had already lost two toes from the disease. But he didn’t care; he knew his place in world. He had given up on himself.

Don looked around for a moment then rolled down the top of the bag to hold in the heat of the remaining coffee and snack inside. After taking another bite of the sticky bun and swig of his drink, Don looked around again. He wondered where Jose was, it wasn’t like him to be late. After all he was unemployed and homeless; he didn’t have a lot of demands on his time. Don knew if he didn’t have to work, he would be sitting on this bench every day of the week. But he had to settle for just weekend mornings. It was a Saturday morning almost 8 months ago that he first met Jose. Don sat down on this same bench to rest and enjoy the view when Jose approached him for some “spare” change. The two men started to talk and soon found they had many things in common. Both men were in their forties and both were leading lives that either had planned or wanted. The two men had an instant connection and the conversations came easy. Don noticed Jose was easily distracted whenever a handsome man walked along the beach in front of them. That was something else they had in common. So every Saturday morning at 10am, Don would bring coffee and snacks to their bench and the two would rate the man parading before them and discuss life.

Their bench was ideal for it also overlooked a lifeguard station about 30 yards away. It was the station where Marco usually worked. Marco was an extremely handsome lifeguard with an incredibly fit body. The two voyeurs spent many hours staring at the Mediterranean hunk sharing their erotic fantasies about him. Marco knew he was an exceptionally fine specimen of masculinity. He let his physically inferior coworkers keep an eye on the swimmers while he spent most of his shift flirting with men and women he deemed worthy of his time. At least once a day, he would coax a partner into the tiny, elevated lifeguard shack for a little afternoon delight.

Don saw Marco approach the shack with a bikini clad beauty in each arm. Marco was wearing his sheer white micro-bikini with a red cross and the word lifeguard printed on the overly stuffed pouch. Don looked around again for Jose. Don knew that was Jose’s favorite of all Marco’s bathing suits. Jose considered Marco a perfect ten, his ideal man. Marco did look amazing. The bright white suit matched his perfect teeth and contrasted against his dark olive, flawlessly smooth skin. The tight suit hung very low on his hips, just barely covering his ass crack. Even Don, who was more partial to the blue eyed, blond, massively muscular bodybuilder type; could appreciate Marco’s beauty. It was no wonder he was able to get two admirers for today’s quickie in the shack. Don watched Marco escort the two teen-aged girls up the wooden ramp of the guard station. His huge hands almost covered each the girl’s petite asses as he gently directed their progress. The women returned his attention by running their hands over Marco’s hard chest while taking turns kissing him. Don imagined he was the one caressing Marco’s muscles and kissing his soft lips.

Once the ménage-a-trios disappeared in to the tiny structure, Don broke his gaze away to search for Jose again. Where could he be? Don was getting worried now. But soon his attention was drawn back to the beach when an official looking jeep pulled up to the shack. The vehicle had yellow lights on top and the county seal on the door along with the words CountyCoordinator. The door opened and out stepped what could have been Marco’s twin brother, right down to the barely there bikini. Don’s mouth dropped open and he thought, “Jose’s not going to believe there are two of them”. The coordinator greeted the other lifeguard on duty, before walking to the ramp of the shack. He seemed to be experiencing some pain as he walked. As he reached the foot of the ramp, he stopped for a moment then turned to look directly at Don. He smiled and waved as to say hello. Don started to choke on his latte and looked behind him to see if someone was there. Don couldn’t understand why someone like that would bother to wave at him.

The hunk just chuckled and continued up the ramp. Before the coordinator got to the stand’s door, it quickly opened and the two girls hurried past him adjusting the tops of their bathing suits. Marco appeared at the door next adjusting his own suit trying to cover his somewhat swollen cock. Marco was talking quickly; Don assumed he was trying to explain the situation to his boss. With the two men side by side, Don realized that they weren’t exactly identical. The new comer was like a morphed version of Marco. He was a slightly taller, more muscular and better looking. The coordinator also filled out his bikini better, even with Marco in his is partially aroused condition. If Jose thought Marco was the perfect man, this new guy would be a god to him. The coordinator folded his arms over his powerful chest making his thick biceps appear larger and gave Marco a suspicious look. The shack was too far way for Don to hear what was being said, but Marco was making grand gestures as he spoke. Marco’s body language became more playful with each passing moment, as if he was flirting with the larger man. Soon both men where smiling and laughing; Marco continued to speak as he put his hands on the coordinator’s broad shoulders. The coordinator looked at Marco’s hands and let his own arms drop to his sides. He became uncomfortable and started to back away from Marco. The boss seemed afraid of Marco, as if he was the more powerful of the two. Marco moved forward getting even closer to his target. Marco put his hands back onto his boss’s arms; gently massaging his large, defined biceps. Then he ran his hands further down until their fingers were intertwined. Marco pulled the coordinator toward the door of the shack with a sly smile. The official seemed reluctant to enter the room with his subordinate and used his more powerful body to stop their progress. But that didn’t last. With a few more pleas from Marco, both men disappeared into the dark space and shut the door behind them.

Don sighed knowing he would never have a man like Marco beg him for attention, not the way he looked. “It doesn’t really matter”, Don mumbled as he brushed the crumbs away which accumulated on his bloated, pot belly. “If Jose was here, he’d tell me that’s the way things are supposed to be” he thought. Jose and Don had created a theory together over the past several months. They proposed that there was only so much true beauty in the universe and only a lucky few were chosen to possess it. The fact that they weren’t chosen to be beautiful meant someone else was, making them feel almost noble for their sacrifice. Everyone had their role to play in the universe’s grand scheme. Somehow the theory comforted the two friends; making their uneventful lives more bearable.

Don’s melancholy made him want to eat Jose’s food. Eating always made him feel better, momentarily anyway. But he was distracted when the door of the shack was torn open with a loud thud. The coordinator ran down the ramp toward the boardwalk passing a few feet in front of Don. The man seemed to be changing as he ran. He no longer looked as perfect as when he entered the shack with Marco. Somehow he looked more familiar to Don. Don looked back in the direction of the shack and saw Marco outside the doorway looking confused and frustrated. He was still wearing his bikini, but had to use both hands to cover his engorged cock. Don looked back in the direction of the coordinator and saw him disappear down an alley.

Don stood to better see where the boss man was going. Don picked up the bag with Jose’s food. He hesitated for a moment but then decided he would try to follow him to see where he was going. Don walked as quickly as he could, tracing the route of his quarry. He was surprised by the maze of storage sheds and small warehouses that stood behind the boardwalk’s storefronts. Don knew that many of them were rarely used or abandoned. Jose and his peers used them to sleep at night. He would stay until either the building’s owner or the cops would throw him out. Don searched for about ten minutes, but soon his curiosity was overtaken by his weak body. Tired and out of breath, he decided to give up his quest and return to the beach. Along the way back, he heard a faint voice, it sounded like Jose. Don had a difficult time locating the voice, but soon he found an open doorway that was blocked from view by a large dumpster.

Don entered the dimly lit space. The only light came from the open door and the dirty, opaque glass of one window. The room was filled with what looked like old video games that you would find in an arcade. Don followed Jose’s voice through the maze of machinery. Don had a hard time squeezing his large girth past the narrow spaces. He tried to push back the games to widen the path but wasn’t strong enough. He was too short to see over the machines and was becoming claustrophobic. Don’s anxiety finally ended when he came upon his friend in a small clearing near the back of the warehouse. Jose did not hear Don’s clumsy approach; his attention was solely on one machine. It was not a video game, it appeared much older. Don watched for a moment as Jose, who was wearing only a ill fitting bikini, was putting penny after penny into the machine. As fast as Jose put the coins in, they fell out of the return slot. Before returning the coin, the machine made a low “ding” noise and a small window lit up that had the words “transaction voided” printed on it. Jose was begging with the machine to give him one more chance between hysterical apologies. When Don stood directly behind his friend he called out his name. Jose turned to look at Don; his tear soaked face had a strange expression. Jose started to scream at Don to get out. Don didn’t know what to do. He had never seen Jose look so angry and desperate before. Maybe Jose was high on drugs. Don became frightened. He slowly put down the coffee bag and backed away, as you would when dealing with a vicious animal. Don turned and frantically made his way out of the storeroom, hitting his hips, legs and arms on the machines as he left. He didn’t stop moving until he reached the beach. After sitting a few moments on his bench, he walked back to his car. He thought it was best just to go home.

Don spent the rest of the day and night thinking about Jose. He couldn’t get the image of Jose’s tormented face out of his mind. That madman wasn’t the person who had become his friend. He decided he would try to talk to Jose again in the morning. The next day Don returned to the same building he last saw his friend. The door was closed this time, but not locked. Don entered and called for Jose. There was no reply. Don made his way to the clearing in the back. Jose was not there. But it was obvious he had been using the space as his home for some time. There was a makeshift bed on the floor and several tattered fitness magazines and food wrappers scattered about. At the foot of Jose’s bed was the machine that so enthralled him yesterday.

The antique machine seemed out of place among all the video games that surrounded it. Despite its age, the slim machine looked in mint condition. The six foot tall structure, made mostly of stained wood, glowed despite the room’s dim light. The top half of the front had three panels made of milk glass and mirror inlayed within the intricately craved oak framework. Letters of various sizes in an old fashioned font were carefully stenciled in black on the white glass. The most ornate and largest letters were in the top panel. It read Gentlemen Of Distinction. The first letter of each word highlighted in gold leaf. The middle panel contained the mirror with a whimsical painted border and the outline of a hand in the lower left corner. The border contained numerous phallic symbols incorporated into its design. The bottom panel was a narrow strip of glass divided into smaller two inch painted squares. Each square had a different phrase which described the stages of the machines function. That function was still unclear to Don. The square that read, “Transaction Voided” was still light from behind as it was yesterday. Don got closer to the machine and saw his reflection in the center panel. He let out a small sigh at the sight of himself, how he hated mirrors. Then he heard a soft “ding” and noticed the first square of the bottom panel was now lit. It read “Deposit Coin”. Below the bottom glass panel were two openings made of brass. One was a coin slot and coin return combination. In the middle of the machine was a round hole about two inches in diameter. The hole had a brass ring framing it along with two smaller round indentations, side by side, at the bottom of the ring.

Don picked-up one of the many pennies on the floor surrounding the machine and deposited it into the coin slot. The “Deposit Coin” square went dark, then there was another “ding”. The next square in the row lit up. It read “Begin Transaction” and the hand outline in the large center panel illuminated from behind. Don pressed his hand into the larger outline. The center of the mirror started to darken and then images started to appear through the glass. Don was startled. He didn’t realize they had two way mirrors back when this antique was built. Don focused on the images. They were nude photos of men; men of every race, age, and physical condition. The photos did not look dated, but contemporary. Don could feel the glass under his hand becoming warmer. The photos were changing very quickly. Don’s hand was getting warmer, the heat becoming uncomfortable. But he didn’t want to move his hand, he was enjoying the slide show too much. The warmth was spreading throughout his body. The photos kept changing, but the images were becoming more similar. Don’s breathing became rapid, sweat formed on his face. The images were only of white men now. Then only those with blue eyes, then just blue eyed blondes. Don’s hand felt like it was on fire, his cock started to twitch. Being a diabetic, his doctor told him he could become impotent. Don hadn’t been erect in months; it felt so good as his cock was coursing back to life. The physiques of the men were becoming more and more muscular. Don always fantasized about being a hugely muscular blonde hunk with an enormous dick and unbeatable strength, just like the men that were flashing before his eyes. Don’s cock was now achingly hard. Suddenly the mirror went dark again.

Don removed his hand not sure what had just happened. He reached down and rubbed his throbbing rod through his pants. There was another “ding” and the next square lit up. It read “Make Your Deposit”. Don didn’t understand, “deposit what” he thought. Something else started to appear in the mirror. This time not still photographs but moving images. Don couldn’t believe what he was seeing. What type of machine was this? The video was of DaveDraper, the first man Don had ever jerked off to while looking at a muscle magazine. The blonde hunk was on the beach doing a posing routine. Then MattMendenhall joined Dave posing on the beach. Don’s cock ached more. The camera then panned to the right and there was GaryStrydom posing next to Matt. Each man was in his prime. All looked exactly as they did in the magazines Don used to pleasure himself over and over again. Photos he still kept hidden away in his bedroom. Soon the beach was filled with all the golden men Don had worshipped over the years. Each man was completely nude and going through their posing routine. Don unzipped his pants and pulled out his four inch cock. He started to stroke his meat, having difficulty due to the roll of fat hanging over his groin. It felt so good to feel like a man again. He had forgotten what it was like to feel erotic pleasure. Don stared into the mirror watching his idols as he stroked himself. Then all the men stopped and turned to the crashing surf. From out of the deep a figure appeared. More and more of the man was exposed as he rose out of the water getting closer to the muscle hunks on the beach. But this was no ordinary man. Though he never got a clear view of the man’s face, he knew who he was. He was Don’s ultimate man, an accumulation of each of his idols’ best features rolled into one perfect male specimen. He was more than an elite athlete or fitness model, a super human, a flawless golden god of masculinity. The type of man Don fantasized of being.

As the god reached the beach the other lesser musclemen surrounded him. He was more handsome than Draper, younger than Mendenhall, more symmetrical than Strydom, more masculine than Francois, taller than Schlierkamp more cut than Maddron, more massive than Cutler, and better hung than Titus. The god started his own posing routine; all the other muscle men began to beat themselves off. Soon their strokes were in sync with Don’s own. Don began to thrust his hips, the tip of his penis getting closer to the round hole in the center of the machine. Suddenly his cock was sucked into the machine, the suction so powerful that Don couldn’t free himself. Don understood the kind of deposit the machine was asking from him. His soft, bloated stomach was smashed against the front of the machine. He was forced to stand on his toes as the machine pulled him in tighter. His position was becoming more and more painful. He titled his pelvis the best he could. The machine started to massage Don’s cock. His balls were forced into the brass indentations below the opening. He felt a tingling sensation in his nuts as they touched the metal. It felt like small electrical shocks. The tingling spread from his balls to the rest of his body. Don was near climax. The machine had him in a state of erotic euphoria he had never experienced before. He watched as his idols started to shoot their huge loads onto the god’s superior physique. His entire torso covered with muscle cum. Draper was the last to release his seed. Simultaneously, so did Don. The small amount his atrophied balls made was the first ejaculate he produced in months. The mirror went dark again. The machine’s stimulation stopped. Don’s cock was released. He fell back, shuffling away from the machine. His face dripping and his clothes damp from sweat. Don fell to his knees in exhaustion, his body sore and bruised. There was another “ding” from the machine and the “Transaction in Progress” square lit. Slowly the following words appeared within the mirror where the images had been.

“Over the next week, you will become the man you have always wanted to be. In exactly seven days you must return here to complete the transaction with another deposit. You are not permitted to make a deposit alone or with someone else until that time. If you do, the transaction will be voided and all changes withdrawn. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to become a true Gentleman Of Distinction.”

Don read the paragraph, mouthing the words as he went along. When he finished, there was another ding and the machine went dark. The mirror became a mirror once more. After several minutes of recovery, Don stumbled to his feet. He zipped up his pants and adjusted his clothes the best he could. He went over to the machine to investigate, trying to understand what had happened. Nothing seemed strange until he looked in the back and saw the machine wasn’t plugged in. Don became frightened. What was this thing and what did it do to him. He decided to leave right away and not wait for Jose, making sure to take the sandwich he had brought with him as a peace offering. Food always made everything better. He walked out of the building not sure of what to do next. Maybe it was just dream. Maybe somehow he ingested some of Jose’s drugs while in the building. “That’s it, a drug induced hallucination”, he said out loud. “I but it was marijuana fumes, cocaine, or that ecstasy stuff they always talk about in the cop shows. When I see Jose next week, I’m going to give him a piece of my mind.”

Don got home and enjoyed Jose’s sandwich in front of the television. He spent the rest of the night eating junk food trying to forget what had happened to him earlier. By 9pm he was getting tired. He went to the bathroom to relieve his full bladder. As he touched his ball sack he felt a slight electrical jolt shoot through his body and the image of the god on the beach flashed in his mind. The moment of erotic pleasure quickly passed. Don was slightly disoriented; he ran his hands over his face trying to steady himself. He went to the sink to splash some cool water on his face. He laughed as he saw he had spread orange cheese puff dust all over himself from his stained hands. Even his shirt had a cheese coating from the snack fall out. He took off his shirt and washed his face and hands. As he dried his face he saw the reflection of a fat, old man in the mirror. How did he become this pathetic creature? His body covered in a thick layer of soft fat, large rolls of saggy skin hung over the waist band of his worn boxers. His pasty skin dotted with tufts of dark course hair and moles. His tired face made him look years older than he was. His eyes were surrounded by dark, deep wrinkles. Loose jowls pulled his face down. The long hair in his ears, nostrils and untamed eyebrows seemed to be compensating for his mostly bald head. Don was getting more and more depressed as he continued to scan his reflection. He took a deep breath and said, “It doesn’t matter anyway, this is what I’m supposed to be.” trying to convince himself. He knew his place in the world and didn’t like it. He crawled into his unmade bed and soon fell asleep.

Monday – Day 1 Don woke up two minutes before his alarm was scheduled to go off as usual. He sat on the edge of bed waiting for the clock to change to 7am. He felt some unusual pressure between his legs and adjusted his normally loose boxers. But he couldn’t get comfortable so he stood up and shook his right leg like a dog. He walked into the bathroom to take his morning leak. As he grabbed his penis, it felt different; thicker, longer. He went to the sink, being only 5’ 5”, the counter came up to his waist. He took a few steps back to see his crotch. He lowered his underwear and held up his spare tire to reveal his cock. It looked different too, strange. His cock was at least twice its regular size. His balls were much larger too. It was as if his package was swollen. But it didn’t look bad, in fact his equipment looked great, even perfect. All the things he hated about his manhood were gone. The skin was now smooth and tan, like that of a much younger man. His balls no longer sagged low in a wrinkled skin sack, but were held high and up away from his from body in a taut pouch. And both balls were now the same large size achieving perfect symmetry. His cock hung straight down, no longer twisting to the right. He ran his hands over his cock following the thick vein that ran the length of his impressive shaft. Don thought, this is the only part of my body without a layer of fat. He rubbed his thumb over the sensitive tip noticing he was uncut. He thought that was strange. He always remembered being circumcised, which was the norm for boys born in the early sixties. He then cupped his huge balls feeling the short, silky blonde hair coating his huge sack. He didn’t feel any pain, only pleasure and pride. The more he looked at his package, the less concerned he became. “Everything feels okay. I’ll wait until tomorrow before deciding to see a doctor or not”. With one last grope of his prized appendage he started his normal morning routine to get ready for work. He took a little more time washing, enjoying the way his meat felt in his soapy hands. After his shower, he went to his dresser and pulled out a pair of boxer briefs. “Where did these come from? I always wear boxers” Don said to himself. But after a second or two he remembered he couldn’t wear boxers, he needed the extra support the briefs offered. As Don adjusted himself in his underwear, a trophy on top of the dresser got his attention. It was an adult entertainment award. He picked it up and read the inscription; “Best Male Performance in a Supporting Role 1983”. Don stared at the trophy trying to recall where it came from. After a moment, he remembered that he did an adult movie while in college to earn some extra money. The more he stared at the trophy the more he remembered about the film. He set the trophy down and continued to get dressed.

Don drove more aggressively to work than his norm. He walked with a little more confidence on his way to his cubicle, making eye contact with everyone he passed. He usually avoided eye contact, but today he felt better, stronger. When he got to his cubby, he noticed a colleague sitting in his space. After exchanging an awkward greeting, Don remembered that wasn’t his cubicle. His was the biggest cubicle at the end of the row, the supervisor’s position. After settling in, Don attended the usual Monday morning meeting with the department heads. Don surprised himself with how comfortable he was in the company of his coworkers. Normally he sat in the back and never spoke unless asked a specific question. But now he volunteered information and challenged anyone who disagreed with his point of view. The day went by quickly and Don found himself in front of the TV eating his usual Hungry Man frozen dinner. Several more hours passed. Don’s hand seemed to find itself holding onto his dick as he watched television. Throughout the day Don was constantly rubbing and pulling at his crotch. Holding onto his package made him feel content and proud. His large endowment was his little secret that made him feel superior to the other men around him. By ten o’clockDon was having difficulty keeping his eyes open. He stumbled to his bed removing all his clothes as he walked. Tonight he would sleep in the nude to give his source of masculine pride total freedom.

Tuesday – Day 2 Don woke up at 6:58 in the morning as usual. He stretched his body after looking at the clock. His body felt different. He was lighter and less achy. He ran his hands over his torso and immediately sat up. He pulled his sheet off him and gasped. He walked quickly to the bathroom and looked into the mirror. He didn’t recognize his own reflection. He was thin. No, he was skinny. He could actually see all his rib bones through his pale skin. He didn’t have a single ounce of fat on his frail body. He had never been skinny before, even as a child he was chubby. His face was basically the same only thinner and he had only one chin now. His remaining hair was neatly cut and his eyebrows trimmed. The tufts of course hair peering out of his ears and nose were gone. He looked like a man who took some pride in his appearance. He ran his hands over his small frame until he hit his crotch. With his bloated belly gone, he could now see his package just by looking down. The huge amount of meat stuck out from his body obscenely. Don took a step back to check his lower body in the mirror. His cock and balls still didn’t seem to belong on his body; it was much too big, too tan, and too young for him. He massaged his jewels noticing for the first time how heavy they were. It looked like his equipment was transplanted from another man, a perfect man. A man like he saw in that strange arcade machine two days ago. The more he explored his package the more aroused he became. The more aroused, the better he felt. Then he became light headed and grabbed on to the sink for support. His monstrous cock demanded so much blood; his 100 pound frame could barely supply it. Don stumbled to his bed holding onto his engorged rod. He continued to stroke his pole. He couldn’t stop himself, it felt so big and powerful. Don’s thoughts went to the machine again and what happened two days ago. Maybe it wasn’t a hallucination. He then recalled the words it displayed. It was the machine that was changing him. He was becoming a Gentlemen Of Distinction, whatever that was. He couldn’t masturbate or he would loose everything. Don released his grip on his meat and tried to clear his mind of any erotic thoughts. He started to do times tables in his head. Math was always his best subject in school. That’s why he became an accountant. His cock started to deflate and his heart beat slowed. Don laughed at himself. He must be insane to think a machine was doing this to him.

Don took his focus off his cock and looked past his crotch to his feet for the first time. He had all his toes. Didn’t he loose a couple of toes to Diabetes? He looked at the tips of his fingers where he would check his sugar levels several times a day. He couldn’t find any pin holes. In fact his fingers weren’t even sore. Maybe he wasn’t diabetic after all? He was becoming confused. His life was a jumble in his mind. He wasn’t sure of whom he was anymore. Maybe he was actually being changed by the machine, some how, some way. He walked out of the bedroom and headed to the kitchen. The swinging motion of his huge appendage caused him to become aroused again. He stopped walking, closed his eyes and did some times tables in his head again. After a few moments, he opened his eyes and looked around his apartment. It had changed too. It was cleaner and brighter. It appeared this version of Don took care of his home as much as his body. Don took smaller steps as he entered the kitchen. He opened the refrigerator and didn’t find any insulin in the door shelf. In fact the refrigerator was full of fruit and vegetables. Don opened the freezer door. All his frozen dinners had been replaced with chicken breasts and fish filets. “Now I know why I’m so thin. In this life I eat healthy. My doctor would be so happy. If I needed a doctor”, Don remarked out loud. Don made himself a fruit smoothie, astonished he knew how to do it. He couldn’t believe how good it tasted and it completely satisfied his hunger. He went to take a shower, but felt he had to do something first. He went back into his bedroom and saw a stationary bike. He was drawn to it; he had a real need to get on it. His subconscious took over. He pulled out a jock from his dresser drawer and pair of gym shorts. It was as if the clothing had always been there, but it hadn’t, right? He did a challenging 20 minute workout on the bike. Don felt great after his exercise routine. He showered and went to get dressed. This time he found three adult movie awards on his dresser. He quickly remembered he had made seven soft porn movies during his college days. He also found as many jocks as briefs in his underwear drawer. He slipped a tight jock on, the soft material holding his huge equipment securely to his body. Something about the tightness of the jock was comforting to Don. He then pulled on a pair of underwear over the jock. He smiled when he saw the 28 waist on his suit pants. The pants were tailored with extra material in the crotch to minimize the appearance of a bulge between his legs. All his clothes had been modified to fit his new body. But even his custom clothing couldn’t completely conceal the huge lump of flesh at his crotch. Don buttoned his jacket to cover the bulge.

Don left his apartment, as he was walking down the long hall an attractive man around ten years his junior was walking toward him. He was wearing shorts and a tank top, and appeared as if he had just come from a run. He looked at him and smiled, “You promised to call me last week and never did, big boy”. Don stopped in his tracks as the taller man came closer, Don mumbled “sorry”. The fit man walked up to Don and put his index finger on Don’s lips, “Words are cheap I want to see some action”. The man leaned into Don and bent his knee slightly pushing his thigh into Don’s crotch. “Come over to my place tonight and make it up to me.” The man rubbed his entire hard body against Don as he continued on his way pass Don. Don turned to see him enter an apartment a few doors down from his own. Don couldn’t believe what had just happened. Since when did men come on to him like that? It was as if his whole world had changed to accommodate his improved physical appearance. He knew things were different than before, but somehow it felt as if they were how they should be. It was as if he was living in two alternate realities, parallel universes; one belonging to the old fat, stubby Don and one of the new skinny, well-hung Don.

When he arrived at work Don found his name on the door of the department manager’s office. He spent the entire day answering phone calls and attending meetings. He noticed people were friendlier toward him. And he was much more outgoing too. Don concentrated on work trying to ignore the heavy weight between his legs. But every move he made, especially when seated, reminded him of its presence. By the end of the day, he noticed he was leaning back slightly when he walked, like a pregnant woman. He was trying to counter balance the heavy weight of his package. Once home, Don quickly undressed freeing his manhood from the confines of the jock. He massaged his balls, they felt so good in his hand. Once again, he felt his cock start to swell. He concentrated on multiplication tables again. He put on a pair of gym shorts with a liner and an XS tank top. When he looked in the mirror, he thought about the man from the hall this morning. How he wanted to go to his apartment right now, but knew if he did he would loose everything. He went to the kitchen and made dinner; a salad and marinated chicken breast. Don was surprised he even knew how to cook. The flavor of the food exploded in his mouth. Everything was so delicious. After doing the dishes, he sat down to watch TV. He tried to concentrate on the programs but images of his perfect cock kept creeping into his mind. He decided some wine would help him relax. Before he knew it, an empty wine bottle sat on the coffee table in front of him. Don never made it to his bed that night. He passed out on the couch before the ten o’clock news. •

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