Revenge of the Son


By Josef Howard

Jacob pushed open his apartment door and invited his new friend to enter ahead of him.

“I apologize for the mess. It’s my art studio as well as a studio apartment. It’s small but it has great light,” he said.

“I’ll bet it’s the only thing small about you,” his friend (was his name Terry?) said. Terry plopped down on the bed, the only piece of furniture in the room, and put his hands behind his neck.

“Strip for me,” Terry said. He rubbed his crotch and licked his lips.

Jacob slowly unbuttoned the top button of his dress shirt and exposed a tuft of thick blond hair. He unbuttoned another and Terry could see the start of his muscular cleavage. Jacob slid his fingers between buttons just below his pecs and tore the shirt wide open, exposing his thickly muscled hairy pecs and two tightly stacked columns of abdominal muscle.

“Holy shit!” Terry said. “I knew something good was under that shirt but I had no idea it was THAT good! If I looked like you I’d never wear clothes again!”

Jacob swayed his hips lasciviously and danced toward Terry, then backed away as he unbuttoned his dress slacks. He turned away. Terry heard the zip of his fly. When Jacob faced him again a python-sized dick that coiled downward almost to Jacob’s knees wagged in the air between them.

Terry gasped.

“Don’t worry, I promise I won’t hurt you,” Jacob said.

Terry wasn’t worried. He’d been a size queen all his life and the chance to test his skills with the largest cock he was sure any one had ever seen had him practically salivating. He was so sexually distracted he hardly noticed the redwood thick thighs Jacob unveiled as he wiggled out of his slacks and kicked them off his feet.

Jacob stood at the side of the bed. He helped Terry out of his clothes. Although he wasn’t bulky, Terry was tight and well defined. Terry raised Jacob’s rapidly thickening penis with both hands and stretched his lips around the head. He sucked enthusiastically as Jacob’s broad hairy hand pulled his head closer. “That’s right. Show me how much of it you can handle.”

Terry had already engulfed eight inches and was slowly working his way further down, but they both knew he’d fail to take the whole thing. It was just too big for him or anyone.

Terry bottomed out at a foot and jiggled his hand over the six inches that were left as he sucked hard.

“Oh! Hold on! Here comes the first load!”

Jacob braced himself on Terry’s bobbing head. His nuclear charged body tingled like he’d stuck a finger in an electrical socket and hot cum gushed down Terry’s gullet. It moistened Terry’s lips and dribbled down his chin.

After burying himself in Terry’s throat as long as Terry could hold his breath, savoring the hot flesh around his throbbing organ, Jacob pulled himself out. His still stiff member bounced up towards his stomach. Jacob pushed Terry back down on the bed and lifted his legs to his shoulders. Terry’s dick stood straight up and glistened with pre-cum. Jacob backed his hips away far enough to make room for his cock to reach Terry’s ass. Then he shoved the head through the tight ring of Terry’s sphincter. Terry flailed his head. Jacob slid slowly deeper. As the ridge of his cock head rubbed against Terry’s prostate Terry’s dick erupted. Terry grabbed it and jerked as Jacob gently poked him inside. Every muscle under Terry’s tender skin bulged and quivered.

When it ceased, Jacob continued his slow ascent up Terry’s tightly stretched guts, relishing the hot, silky smooth sheath around his prick. Sweat beaded on Terry’s forehead and upper lip. When it was plain he could take no more of it, Jacob sighed and began slow, short, fucking. His first orgasm had only whet his voracious appetite. Jacob hoped Terry would be up to what it took to satisfy him.

Jacob slid his arms around Terry’s back and lifted him from the bed, suspended and impaled on his fuck tool. He rocked his hips and savored the feelings. They were enough to make him lose himself in the moment and forget about the death of his lover and the subsequent, sudden change in his fortunes. His whole body tingled again. His toes curled and the balls of his feet left the floor as his three hundred pound body began to hover in the air.

Terry might have noticed if he hadn’t been supported in his embrace, if his senses hadn’t been overwhelmed by the feeling of Jacob’s steel hard body around him and the enormous pole of flesh that stretched and massaged his insides. But even without leaving the ground, Terry felt like he was flying. His cock was hard again and straining to squirt juice his balls no longer had. The warm liquid of two more of Jacob’s loads sloshed around inside him and Terry never wanted these feelings to end.

An hour later Terry lay languid on the bed next to Jacob.

“Is that one of your paintings?” Terry nodded toward a stylistic painting across the room of a hulkish man making love to a more slender but still muscular young man.

Jacob nodded.

“Is it you?”

“Yes, but not the one you think. I’m the small guy. The big guy is my lover. That’s the way we looked when we first started living together.”

Terry was quiet. Another trick who already has a lover, he thought. They should lock them all up to keep them from hurting single guys. Isn’t anyone faithful anymore?

“He’s gone now,” Jacob continued. “He died last month.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

“It’s alright. Or it’s not alright, but I’m doing okay. It’s a little worse because he didn’t have a will and he has an adult son who lived with us. He kicked me out of the home we made together. My name wasn’t on the title.”

“So he got everything?”

Jacob grimaced. “Almost.”

It wasn’t quite that simple. His lover, Isaac, like his father before him, and his grandfather before him, had been the super powered adventurer, Super Novae. Their bodies had been charged with the energy of an ancient, extinguished sun. That energy had been passed from father to son for three generations. But on Isaac’s death bed, Isaac had confused Jacob for his son and given the power, and the fantastically exaggerated physique that came with it, to Jacob. When Esau found out what happened, his latent dislike of his father’s homosexual lover, flared into hatred almost as hot as the novae that had given birth to the super-powered lineage.

“Listen. I have to get up early tomorrow. Do you mind not spending the night?”

Terry sighed again. “I’m not expecting a relationship from you, Jacob. But if it’s okay, I would like to see you again.”

“I’d like to see you again, too.” Jacob smiled.

After Terry had left, Jacob stood in his shorts gazing out the wall of windows at the city lights. He had hoped that sex would take enough of the edge off his anxiety to allow him to sleep deeply tonight, but thinking about Isaac and Esau had disturbed the calm he’d felt.

Since he’d become Super Novae, though the sex was intense beyond his wildest imaginings, the feeling of satiety was short. Maybe he ought to have kept Terry over night. He was young. He might have been able to keep up or at least help him achieve a few more moments of peace. Luckily he no longer needed to sleep.

Jacob opened the glass door to his rooftop deck and stepped into the night air. He closed his eyes, imagined his costume and he felt it, tight as second skin. Before anyone could have been sure they had seen him standing there, he had accelerated into the night sky and was traveling too fast to be seen.

An instant later and he was above the house he had shared so many years with Isaac. No matter how well he realized it was no longer his home, it was hard to fight the urge to go in.

Suddenly there was a blinding flash of light. Jacob felt a blow to his mid section and he was unconscious.

When Jacob awoke he lay on a cold steel table, his wrists and ankles restrained by manacles.

“Struggle if you like. You’ll find you’re not strong enough to break free.”

“Esau?” Jacob could barely see straight. He felt groggy.

“Who else? I live here, remember?”

Jacob’s eyes began to focus. Esau, lit by the glow of a basement full of strange equipment, stood beside the table he was splayed out upon. He was striped to the waist. The black hair that used to cover his muscular chest was shaved, and there was a deep red scar between his pecs.

“Did you knock me out?”

“With a little help from a new friend.”

Jacob noticed a powerful form behind Esau. He recognized him from the newspapers. It was one of his lover’s super-powered foes, the Nuclear Man.

“Him?! He tried to kill your dad!”

“More than once,” the dark figure agreed.

“For every door that closes, another opens, Jacob,” Esau said. “When you denied me my father’s power, I found someone to help me get what is owed me. See this scar on my chest? He’s given me a nuclear heart like his. It may not have made me as strong as I would have been if you hadn’t stolen my birthright, but it’s made me strong enough to take it back.”

Although Esau’s musculature was no larger than it had been when he had last seen him, Jacob could almost see the extra strength flowing through his body in the way that his veins pulsed and writhed.

“If he knew how to take away the novae energy, he’d have taken it from your father years ago.”

“Not take it away. But we will be borrowing some of it,” Esau said. “He’s found a way to augment our nuclear hearts, to jump-start them if you will. This table you are on has already started draining energy from your body. The energy is being stored in that plasma tube over there. And when I connect myself to these conduits the energy will be discharged into me. The combination of the solar energy from your body and my nuclear heart could make me even stronger than you.”

“It’s time to begin.” Nuclear Man’s voice was as deep as it was soulless. He had been the most dangerous man Super Novae had faced because he imposed no limits on himself. He cared for no one and nothing but power.

Esau stood on a dais ringed by blue lights. He connected the conduits to the steel belt around his waist. The plasma tube dimmed slightly. Esau screamed. Every sinew of his ample musculature tightened like rock. Veins popped out under Esau’s skin that Jacob had never known humans had. And then slowly his muscles began to swell. Esau’s already sturdy musculature began to thicken and grow harder.

“Oh, my god! It’s incredible! ” Esau gasped. “I knew I would feel stronger, but I never knew my muscles would grow!”

Esau’s full, round deltoids divided into convex sections and each section began crowding the other. His traps bulged up toward his ears. His chest thickened. His biceps and triceps pushed out like expanding balloons. The separation between his abdominals deepened until they began to look like separate steel plates. His thighs seemed to grow as wide as his waist.

“My whole body is humming! It’s like getting a full body erection! Is this what it felt like when you tricked my father into giving you his power? The strength, the energy rushing into my muscles! I feel so strong – like I want to tear this whole place apart! It’s like cumming a thousand times over!”

As drained as he felt, Jacob couldn’t help but be aroused by the sight of his dead lover’s son turning into a muscle god larger even than him. His dick ballooned with blood, straightened out, down his tight white spandex pant legs, pulled itself away from his leg as the pressure inside it increased, distended the fabric and tore itself free.

“Fucking faggot is getting turned on at the sight of me!” Esau exclaimed. “Do you want me to fuck you, faggot? Do you want me to fuck you the way you fucked me the night my father died?”

Esau was drunk with power and enraged with hatred. He no longer cared about stealing power from Jacob. He no longer needed it. He tore the conduits from the belt around his waist. He tore away his leather pants like tissue. His anger had enflamed his passion. His dick was as stiff as a board, formidable, though no larger than it had been before.

Esau’s fingers tore the manacles loose from around Jacob’s ankles. He lifted the studly hero’s thickly muscled legs up over his shoulders and shoved his cock up Jacob’s ass through the hole Jacob’s cock had torn in his pants. Though still excited, Jacob’s arms and legs were limp from loss of energy.

“Is this what you like, faggot? Is this what my father did to you?”

The Nuclear Man connected the loose power conduits to the belt around his armored body. His eyes rolled back into his head as the remaining plasma flowed into him. Veins in his neck, the only part of his flesh that wasn’t covered in steel, bulged. His arms raised involuntarily straight out from his sides, and he moaned. His expanding muscles stretched the fittings that held the plates of his armor together. And then in a single explosive burst the steel plates burst loose and shot like projectiles in all directions. The deep scars from his battles with Esau’s father and Esau’s father’s father were exposed.

Esau pounded into Jacob’s limp body. Jacob felt helpless, violated, but without will to resist. Everything Esau said about him was true. The night his father died, Jacob had taken the gift Esau’s father had intended for him. And when Esau discovered him over his dead father, Jacob had taken advantage of Esau.

“What’s the matter with you, you slimy faggot?! Why aren’t you struggling? Do you like getting raped? Aren’t I hurting you enough?” Esau pounded him harder. Jacob’s wrists yanked against the manacles that held his arms out to his sides. “I’ll hurt you! I’ll tear you apart! I’ll fuck you until to scream!” The manacles tore free and the two of them fell to the floor.

Without Jacob’s direct contact with the table that drained energy from him, the Nuclear Man’s transformation slowed. As the surge of power abated, he could finally open his eyes, and his chest heaved as he gasped to regain his breath. Under skin tinged blue-green with radiation burns and battle scars, his still expanding muscles looked as solid as the steel plates they had broken free of.

“Fight me, you faggot!” Esau slapped Jacob with the back of his hand. Jacob’s head spun sideways. It might have been enough force to break a normal man’s neck, but Jacob’s strength was returning. As humiliated as he felt, the sight of this young man he had often lusted after, now engorged with muscle, tensing and flexing as he fucked him, kept Jacob hard. Jacob’s ass muscles flexed involuntarily around Esau’s dick. Esau moaned in ecstasy.

Jacob almost smiled. He squeezed again and Esau slowed his thrusting and closed his eyes. He forgot about causing Jacob pain and thought only about making his own pleasure. He leaned hard into Jacob’s legs, jackknifing them against Jacob’s shoulders as he struggled to bury himself deeper inside Jacob’s ass in slow, but deliberate thrusts.

Esau’s eyes clenched so tightly in pleasure that he didn’t see the grin spread across Jacob’s face. Jacob milked the big man’s dick with his ass muscles until the pressure at the base of Esau’s dick became too much for Esau to resist. Esau screamed and unloaded up Jacob’s ass as he trembled, limp with ecstasy. Jacob let Esau finish before he pushed him from the top of him.

“You stupid fuck!” the Nuclear Man shouted as he tore the conduits from his body.

Jacob turned in his direction and unleashed a searing blast of heat from his eyes. Equipment all around him exploded. A chunk of it fell on Nuclear Man as he lunged toward them and pinned him to the ground.

Esau’s eyes widened. Jacob’s reinvigorated arms grasped Esau’s thick, wide ribcage and lifted him to his feet. Though still enormously muscular, Esau’s limbs had barely enough strength to hold himself upright.

“You’re right. Whether I intended to or not, I stole your birthright. I have the power your father intended to give you, but you don’t deserve it. I don’t give a fuck what you think about me, but when I think of the disgrace you’ve become to your father and your whole legacy I just want to…” Jacob raised his arm to backhand him. Esau went white, then Jacob let his arm drop. “No. You’re still your father’s son – my husband’s son – my step-son, even if you won’t accept that.” Jacob stepped back. He turned and walked away.

“Don’t you dare walk away! If you don’t fight me now, I’ll kill you! I swear! You’re dead!”

Jacob faced him one last time from across the room, stared at him, then exploded up through the ceiling, the house above them and into the night sky. •

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