Eye to Eye

By KettleCharlie

For Jerry, Windy and DCO

I still don't know how this works, or why it works for me, or why there are not many men it works for. And there aren't-in over six years it has happened only four times - and one of those was a repeat performance as you could say.

The first time? Well, that was at Ronnie's wedding. He was 26 and marrying a nice Chinese girl. I was 14 and at that age when older step-brothers just don't want to know. I was too old to be the delight of aunties and too young to be part of the ceremony. So I was, well, I suppose you could call it sulking, just to show my annoyance at circumstance. I was half ashamed even then sitting by myself at the back of the church looking at the people, easily recognized, on our side of the congregation. And looking at the strangers on the bride's family side. I was thinking how oriental everyone appeared when my attention was caught by a man who was not. His golden copper hair, moustache and beard gave him away-big man too, but I just couldn't see his face.

I found myself thinking about him, stripping him naked in my mind. I was enjoying discovering the delights of being with a man and although the total sum of my sexual encounters was not much, I was delighted that there had been something and I knew there would be more to come.

At the end of the ceremony, when I saw Ronnie, his bride, respective parents and the minister line up for handshakes and congratulations, I said to myself; That's it, and quietly snuck out of a side door and wandered slowly across the lawn, along the tree lined path and finished up at her parent's choice for the reception, a well known local hotel.

It was an hour later and the twilight was fast fading. I was sitting by a door leading to the car park, watching everyone being carefully happy when a voice said, Hi we haven't met. I'm Jerry. I said, I'm Michael, Michael Chin and looked up into his eyes.

In maybe one or at the most two seconds, I recognised the copper hair and thought that the smile that went with it was the sexiest I had ever seen. I knew I wanted to make love with him and knew too, that I was too young. Wrong place, wrong time. Not only that, but I was suddenly afflicted by a violent tingling feeling over all my body.

I saw his smile change to slight apprehension. Then it became one of acceptance and he put out his hand to pull me to my feet. As he helped me I could see the muscles of his chest moving, even growing beneath that white shirt. It seemed quite normal at the time although later, I realised how unusual it was.

Where are your parents? he asked quietly. I pointed them out and he said, Be right back. Tell them its not alcohol, I said as he left me. He turned back and smiled, then walked to my parents and spoke to them. They must have asked whether I had been drinking, because he smiled and shook his head. I noticed he swiped some thick paper napkins on his way back.

Catching me by the arm and murmuring something about my being overcome by the heat and excitement of the wedding to those around, Jerry guided me through the door leading outside, across one of the parking lots, along the entrance lane and then, seeing a path leading into the trees, took it until we were out of sight of anyone in the hotel.

He stopped us both and asked, Want to know what's happening? I nodded. Yes I did. Do you know you are gay? In an instant, I thought of the No! Who, Me? Approach and immediately threw coyness out the window. I've thought so for the last 18 months, I answered. Had much experience?, he asked. The usual - jerk offs, I told him, and Oh, I had a sort of fumbling kiss-two 14 year olds experimenting.

Sensible lad, he murmured and quickly told me about this gift; that eye to eye contact between a few, a very few gay men, meant that our genes would go into overdrive, building muscle, changing our shape slightly. Perhaps it was an old primitive reaction, recognition of what the other guy would enjoy. Whatever the reason, I would go on changing and growing until I next ejaculated, and so would he. After that the growing would stop and my body would revert to almost what it was before, but with a small accumulation of muscle. He touched my chest, and lats. He felt my ass and quads. Hey, he said, with real appreciation in his voice; you got the beginnings of a fine body. Nice going for a 15 year old, he said. 14 year old, I corrected him.

OK, he smiled; a suggestion. When you reach 15, join a gym. I don't mean a health club. They're fine, but you want a gym. Look around. Choose the best. Get a personal trainer for guidance and GROW!

Now we better do something about you cumming. Take out your cock and wrap this napkin around the top. I did that and he took me in his arms. I could feel a real man's body against mine. I could feel his nipples against my pecs and my cock was straight and hard. Jerry put his lips against mine and pushed his tongue into my mouth. I groaned. I know I groaned and orgasmed as though I had to break all records for the amount ejaculated at any one time.

Now when I cum, he told me, we better not look at each other again or we might spend the night here cumming and growing, he chuckled. He took out a beautiful cock and after a few swift strokes blew a load that scattered over the leaves on the ground. And then we made our way back to the hotel door. On the way I said, Thank you, to him and promised I would search for the correct gym. He wished me luck and hoped I would have another encounter soon. He strode ahead of me and when I reached the door I could just see the copper hair disappearing out of the main exit. What an evening! What a man! Would I ever see him or another man like him some time in the future? It was an intriguing thought. •

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