Circus of Freaks


By Josef Howard

The ADD kid here, starting another series without finishing the others I've left in the middle. This one was inspired by a series of Tom of Finland pictures.

Billy unfastened the tent wall from the floor and burrowed his head between them, wiggling through the opening as fast as he could before someone came around to the back of the tent and saw him. He knew sneaking in the exhibition tent was like stealing, but he didn't have any money and he had to see the show.

When the circus had set up on the vacant farm land next to Billy's family farm, Billy had never seen so many big muscular men in his life before. All of them shirtless some wearing jeans, some wearing overalls, all with enormous work boots, hauling the heavy tents and tools like they were weightless and pounding the two foot stakes into the hard earth in one strike of the hammer.

Billy wacked off three times that night thinking about them and he was desperate to get in to see whatever type of circus they were setting up. Billy had no allowance, no savings, and his mother wouldn't give him the price of admission, so he'd had to sneak in under the chain link fence. He thought for sure he'd be caught, in fact one of the big guys walking back to his trailer drenched in summer sweat, did see him getting up after crawling through the hole he'd dug in the dirt. But he hadn't said a word. He just smiled at him and nodded. Perhaps he realized how poor Billy was from his clothes. Or maybe he just remembered what the excitement of the circus could motivate a young boy to do.

The big tent was packed inside with so many spectators standing watching the stage in the center that no one even noticed him sneaking in. All eyes were riveted on the stage, jaws slack, some of them drooling. When Billy succeeded in squeezing his way through the sea of legs to the front where he could see, he understood why.

On the stage were two of the enormously muscular men, one of them sporting a two foot long cock, stiffer than steel, and the other one devouring it deep into his throat like a sword shallower, as effortlessly as if it were a hot dog. Billy was boned in a second, in awe not only at the beauty of the two men and the spectacularly large dick, but also at the thought of being able to suck it or to be so completely consumed inside another man's mouth. Although he'd been hot for men from the age of three, he'd never before realized two men could do such a thing with each other, although now it seemed obvious.

Billy was surprised though at how rapt the men in the audience were as they watched. He'd never known other men who enjoyed looking at naked men like he did. He'd thought he was the only one and had learned early on to hide his arousal at seeing his classmates or his brothers naked.

He was even more surprised when he noticed some of them were his neighbors, men with wives and kids, or older boys in high school who acted like they only thought about girls and who sometimes beat him up or called him faggot. Yet here they were, some of them with their flies open, fingering their dicks as they stared rapt at the sight. Seeing the open flies gave Billy courage to unzip and free his throbbing dick, dribbling pre-cum inside his jeans.

Billy startled when he felt a hand on it, looked down and saw the young neighbor who owned the farm a few miles down the road kneeling in front of him, looking up at his boyish face. Billy had seen this man working before while out riding his bike, shirtless. He wasn't anywhere near as large as the members of the circus, but he was still muscular and well-toned for a man whose only exercise was farm work and whose diet consisted of ordinary farm food. Billy especially loved seeing his arms and chest, covered with dense dark hair.

Before Billy knew what was happening the man opened his mouth and took Billy's boner deep into his throat. Billy gasped and grabbed at the man's head, instinctively holding his mouth tightly to his groin. The man sucked hard along Billy's stiff prick, sending hot, tingling sensations all through Billy's body.

Billy looked up at the stage. The fantastically talented performer was drawing his amazingly endowed partner deeper and more forcefully into his chest, spewing trails of saliva and coating the enormous member with glistening spit.

Suddenly the enormously endowed member began to convulse and fire gism, at first deep inside, then in his partner's mouth and finally on his face, shoulders, back and even the stage. At the same time the dick swallower began to cum himself, his cock drawing back and firing load after load, and Billy and his neighbor started to cum too, like most of the crowd around them, as they looked around them at their fellow spectators, grinning.

When the show was over, Billy walked out of the tent enlightened, aware of a previously hidden world apparently all around him in which men lived out his previously unimagined fantasies. His steps were lighter. He felt more athletic, more animal.

As Billy crawled into bed that night and welcomed his evening boner for the first time he luxuriated in pleasuring himself as he fantasized about the men all around him. No longer did he feel frightened and ashamed of his feelings.

The next morning he rode his rusty old bike down the gravel road to his young neighbor's farm. The handsome young man was shirtless in the barnyard, tools and tractor parts spread around him, repairing his tractor. Billy stopped a few yards from him and admired the lyric movement of muscle under his skin as he moved. As he remembered the man's mouth on his cock he started to harden inside his pants. He adjusted himself to make room for it to stretch. He rode up to where the young man knelt at work, and said hi.

For a minute it seemed the man would ignore him, but finally he turned and looked blankly in Billy's direction.

"Remember me from the circus?" Billy asked.

"You're from the circus?" the young man replied.

"No. We uh we were watching the show next to each other."

"I'm sorry. I don't remember. Aren't you Frank's boy?"

Billy nodded. Was he ashamed? Was he pretending? Billy softened inside his pants. He stood a few more minutes watching the man work, then mounted his bicycle seat and coasted slowly back to the road.

The circus was packed again when Billy crawled under the fence. And although men, women and children all wandered the grounds, only men went into the show tent.

"Looking for something?" Billy heard a voice behind and above him. It was so deep and gravely he was almost unable to understand it. He turned and looked up. The most muscular man Billy had ever seen towered over him, silhouetted by the noon sun. He put a powerful paw on Billy's frail shoulder.

His touch aroused him, but Billy burst into tears.

"What is it, little man?" He dropped to his knees and engulfed Billy's slender frame in his beefy arms. Billy shook with sorrow he hadn't even realized was inside him.

When his tears slowed, the strong man wiped the wet from his cheeks and kissed his head. Billy told him he had been at the show. He told him how he felt, what had happened with his neighbor in the audience and how his neighbor had treated him today.

The strong man stood. He took Billy's hand in his and led him to the front of the show tent. He pointed to the huge canvas signs draped down the front. Most of them featured buxom women minimally draped in wisps of sheer fabric. A few included muscular men the likes of which Billy had seen at the circus, but those were less prominently displayed.

The tent was at the edge of the circus, away from the midway and the rides where the same men who crowded the entrance of the tent escorted their wives, girl friends and children, where they left them for an hour or two to slake the thirsts they barely admitted to their families they had.

"You see why the men go inside the tent? What they see when they're inside is not what they are expecting. One might expect they would be disappointed, but even the most skittish are overcome by performance. Even men who would never look that way at their neighbor can be excited by the spectacular, and my men and I are no ordinary men. They leave satisfied, but unable to understand what they've experienced. A few hours later I doubt they even remember what they saw."

Billy felt the strong man's powerful, thick forearm on his neck and the tickling hair that surrounded it like an aura of masculinity. He wanted to bury his face in the man's chest. He wanted to feel the man's generous curves and firm musculature with his hands, against his entire small body.

"But some men in the audience are much more than pleasantly surprised. Those men come back again and again. A few of them even follow the circus when it leaves town. And the most seduced among them eventually join us."

Billy's heart raced. To be surrounded by men like these, to be one of them, was a wish so powerful he was barely able to breathe.

"Is that what you want to do, little man?"

That night Billy climbed out the window of his second story bedroom and shimmied down the pole that supported the porch roof. He left behind everything he owned. On his bed was a note to his parents, but the note didn't say where he was going. •

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